Back in Time Auto Upholstery

Back in Time Auto Upholstery


The phone number listed here tried to call me twice recently; I did in fact get into a car accident yesterday, but I live in Maryland, not New Jersey. Not sure if you guys were calling the wrong person?
Just got my seats back from Jay, they look fantastic and the price was very good.Do not hesitate to call him for your upholstery work!!
New 60/40 seats in my 1981 El Camino great job, great guys. Thank you Jay and Tom.

Back in Time is Owner Operated and loves to work on all types vehicles including antiques. We specialize in custome interiors for all vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, busses, campers, fire trucks, ambulances, boats, trains, atv's, ect.

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It’s easy to only think about the number of miles on a classic car, but with all of those miles comes a lot of wear and tear on the upholstery. Fortunately, an auto upholstery expert can not only repair the upholstery, but they can also customize it to fit your style.


If you have darkly colored upholstery, it can be a lot dirtier than you think it is. To test, spray a small area with the cleaner of your choice, blot it up with a soft, white cloth, and look at how dirty it is.


A tonneau cover can be made to cover as little or as much of your car as you like. A small cover can protect just the convertible top when stowed, and a larger cover will fit over the entire passenger area.


The type of upholstery you have in your car will determine how you should clean it. Leather is the most difficult to clean, as it not only has to be cleaned but conditioned as well. Fabric upholstery demands a good vacuuming prior to a shampooing. Vinyl is by far the easiest to clean, as it only requires a vacuuming and a soft damp cloth.


Fabrics used in auto upholstery are some of the sturdiest in the world. They need to withstand exposure to blazing dessert sun, below-zero temperatures, and tolerate the moisture of humid climates.


In what kind of shape is your car’s sun visor? If the mirror has fallen out, the fabric is all smudged and dirty along the edges, or it just sort of hangs there, let us restore it to its fully functioning capabilities.


When it comes to cloth car upholstery, you actually have several products to choose from. One of the most popular fabrics that falls into this category is nylon, which is both durable and highly stain resistant, as well as coming in a range of colors.


Did you inadvertently leave your car windows down during a rain, and now you have that musty mold smell? Not only is there no getting it out of your upholstery, but it can also create health issues for some people. Replace the moldy upholstery.


It’s important to remember that you won’t always need to reupholster your vehicle’s seats to keep them in good condition. Depending on the nature of the issues you’re having with them, we may be able to make basic repairs to the upholstery.


If you’re going to have us replace the upholstery on your vehicle’s seats, it’s also a great time to consider replacing your old, worn-out seating. Seat cushions can wear down over time along with upholstery, so sometimes, it’s worth it to replace everything in one go.


If your car’s leather interior has faded from age and exposure to UV radiation, you can restore the upholstery by having it dyed. Choose colors that suit your taste and that provide a nice complement to the rest of your ride.


If you’re missing the new car smell or feel like your vehicle has lost its magic, it may be time for some new upholstery. Bring it in to us—we can restore it to its former glory with a custom interior, and bring back the new car smell no matter its age.


If you have a small grease stain or grime on the fabric upholstery in your vehicle, you can use a number of natural solutions before resorting to chemical cleaners. Baby powder and cornstarch are both effective at absorbing oils.


Looking to make your upholstery truly unique? A great way to do this is by having a custom image or graphic added to the fabric. For example, you can have a favorite character added, initials, numbers, or any of a large variety of images.


Does it ever seem like your vehicle’s cracked leather seats are out to destroy your wardrobe? Since continued sun exposure will only make it worse, it’s smart to have your seats reupholstered at the first signs of a problem.


We recognize that transporting young children or pets in your vehicle can lead to some unusual upholstery stains in places you wouldn’t always expect. When you’re ready to get rid of the unsightly stains, our team is always happy to help.


While custom upholstery is common on classic cars, that doesn’t mean they’re the only cars that can have it. In fact, adding custom upholstery to your new car is a great way to give it that extra flair that differentiates it from the rest of the cars on the road.


We recognize that covering or reupholstering your seats isn’t just about aesthetic reasons. If your car’s leather seats have started to crack with age, you may find that they’re scratching your legs or snagging your clothes every time you drive.


One benefit of replacing your old and worn-out interior for a fresh, new resto-kit is the fact that you get more than just a new-car look inside your ride—you get a new car smell again!


If you use your car for business purposes, why risk losing a contract or clients because of a shoddy car interior? Having your car’s upholstery replaced with clean materials and restoring the foam cushion will send a strong message of competence to your clients.


Giving your car a custom paint job is a great way to make it uniquely yours, but having the standard interior can ruin the effect. An auto upholstery expert can work with you to figure out upholstery that will perfectly fit your paint job.


We have years of experience in auto upholstery, and some people are surprised to find out we can customize just about any surface, whether it be a motorcycle seat, door panels, or headrests.


You’ve spent a lot of time choosing the perfect motorcycle to fit you, so why not make it truly yours? An auto upholstery expert can customize the saddle upholstery on your bike to give it an eye-catching style that’s unique to your bike.


Caring for certain types of auto upholstery – like leather – can be more of a challenge than some vehicle owners are prepared to tackle. When you’ve inherited a car with a problem interior, remember that having the upholstery changed is often a fast process.


Just because you drive a classic car doesn’t mean you have to go with a classic interior. In fact, it’s very popular to customize classic car upholstery with new materials that have been styled to be similar to the era, such as unique art deco designs on '50s and '60s cars.


Try to avoid parking in direct sunlight if at all possible. The sun can damage more than just the paint on the outside of your car. It can do some serious damage to you car’s interior as well.


You may have a bargain on your hands if you look closely. The car you are thinking about buying may have everything going for it except for the crummy interior. Let us look at it to give you an idea of the cost of new upholstery, and use that figure as a negotiating tool for an even better deal; then have it reupholstered.


If you’re recently had your car’s exterior painted a new color, you may be surprised by how out of place the upholstery looks against it now. Since some upholstery colors look better with certain exterior paint shades, let’s talk about which would be the best option to switch your interior to.


People don’t realize how quick an upholstery job for their vehicle can be; we offer same-day service for a number of our services. Don’t get hung up thinking your upholstery job will take months to complete.


When you think of auto upholstery, it’s easy to only think about the interior of cars, but that’s not all that upholstery experts can do. They can also do custom convertible tops, motorcycle upholstery, custom helmet covers, and more.


Just because you choose a neutral color like ivory, tan, or beige doesn’t mean your upholstery can’t be eye-catching. An auto upholstery expert can give your interior polished lines and flawless curves that look great without distracting from the rest of the car.


It’s ideal if your vehicle's interior has a single theme, or complementary colors and patterns, if you want it to look its best. We can help by matching all of the surfaces of your car’s interior to give it a single, unified look.


Do you ever worry that your cracked leather seats will damage the clothing of the people riding with you? Since rough, cracked leather has a tendency to snag certain fabrics, it’s wise to either have your seat reupholstered or install a seat cover.


We recognize that it can be tempting to trade in your existing vehicle for a new one when its interior is in rough condition. Let’s talk about how we can help you choose the right upholstery for your vehicle to keep it attractive and comfortable.


If you are considering replacing only one part of your car’s upholstery, there is one thing to keep in mind. Even if you use the same material, over time upholstery colors tend to fade and textures to change, and it may be near impossible to achieve a perfect match.



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