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Computer Maintenance, Repair, Service, Network Installation, Network Maintenance, Custom Computer Systems, Desktops, Laptops, Servers.

Building and maintaining personal computers, network workstations, Servers, laptops and associated peripherals & components. We do onsite service, bench service, anti-malware and rebuilds/restore service. Partners with; Microsoft, Acer, Epson, AMD, NetGear and Intel. If we don't fix it you do not pay . . .


For all who follow my personal profile and/or Sound Trax Technologies . . . my Facebook account(s) have been hacked . . . . Please do not respond to any requests for anything, money, goods, help, etc. made through any Facebook service, messenger, etc, any request made online claiming to be from me is Faked . . . . Thanks for your patience . . .


Remote Service is Back - We are once again able to offer remote service to our clients. We have renewed our license with Team Viewer and are happy to be back online doing remote service again. Thanks to all who worked with us through the downtime and we look forward to hearing from you soon . . .


During this time while the world is dealing with Covid-19 outbreak, we are offering maintenance, updates, repairs, whatever is needed for any medical personal, first responders, firefighters, police officers at parts cost only. Labor is being provided by us at No Cost. . .. We will observe the 6 foot separation, set you device on the front counter and tell me what the problem is and we will fix, repair, update, whatever and return it with the same 6 foot separation and no charge for labor . . . .stay safe, and thank you for all you folks do . . .


Hartman's Corn Maze Looking for Zombies and Chainsaw operators for this season . . . .See for applications

FBI warns about Russia-linked threat to home routers 06/01/2018

FBI warns about Russia-linked threat to home routers

Been telling folks for years, ALWAYS change the defaults to something only you know, NEVER run your gear with factory default credentials. Make it the first thing you do when you install or change your router, go to the administrative page and change the network name, the administrator password, (many of the routers do not allow you to change the administrative username, but always change the default password), and set the WiFi access to something other than the default. Make you enter the info in your devices and set up your router's "Guest Access" you can give it to the folks you wan to be able to use your internet access while they visit, but they do not need access to your local computer network. As always, if you have any questions or need help with any of this, give us a call, text or email is a message . . . .

FBI warns about Russia-linked threat to home routers More than half a million devices have already been compromised — with more likely to be targeted over the next few weeks.


Information on Services: Saturday morning, May 26, 2018, at approx. 1 am, our live server, (Web sites, Mail server, & DNS Server) was shut down by what we suspect was a failed hack attempt. When the hackers could not access and control the server it was driven into a meltdown situation. Fortunately, I was working logged into the server at the time and was able to prevent even more catastrophic issues. We are currently building a new server and re-installing all the software and will be restoring as much data as we can from our daily backups. Please bear with us as we work through the process.

Major Intel, Arm chip security flaw puts your PCs, phones at risk 01/04/2018

Major Intel, Arm chip security flaw puts your PCs, phones at risk

This is a major problem for Intel, the fix will deplete 30%+ of your computer's processing ability. The best solution is, as we have been advising for years, to avoid Intel processors. When you buy a system look for the AMD logo. Or simply call us and we will help you find a suitable system that is safe and performs up to your specifications. . . .

Major Intel, Arm chip security flaw puts your PCs, phones at risk Security researchers say a common processor design used by Intel and mobile chip tech designer Arm may leave the door open to exposing sensitive system data.


Greetings all, Enjoy your Labor Day holiday with family and friends as the summer weather fades away and fall approaches. Be safe, have fun, and watch for bike riders out for one of their last rides of the summer season.


Greetings all,
Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July! Be dilligent with any Fireworks you may have, hopefully you bought them from the Fire Department, but also remember to be very aware of any folks dealing with PTSD and any pets who may be freaked out by firecrackers. Have a great Holiday, enjoy time with family and friends and if possible take a your children to see a professional fireworks display. The awe and amazement on their faces makes the day worthwhile.

Judy Android malware unleashes massive attack on Google Play Store 06/27/2017

Judy Android malware unleashes massive attack on Google Play Store

All you folks with android phones - you need to be aware of this, and if you are infested, either clean the malware yourself or give us a call and we will do our best to help.

Judy Android malware unleashes massive attack on Google Play Store Judy Android malware somehow bypassed Google’s antivirus system to offer a large amount of apps that were ultimately downloaded by unsuspecting users.


Greetings all, Spring is just around the corner, now is a good time to have your comouter tuned up, and cleaned. Give us a call or and see what we can do to help you get your system either cleaned and tuned here in our shop or possibly even a remote service tune-up . . .


2017 Klondike Derby Sled Race

We had a blast at the Klondike Derby . . .


Greetings all, Only a couple of weeks left to get your computers upgraded to Windows 10 during the Free Upgrade. If you want to try Windows 10, do not miss the opportunity to do so during the Free Upgrade. If you find you do not like it you have 30 days in which you can revert back to your original version as it was the day you upgraded. As always, if you have any issues, questions or problems, give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to help . . .
Have a Great Day . . .


Greetings all, Hope everyone has a safe, happy Fourth of July holiday. Enjoy the time with family and friends. . .Remember those who are no longer among us and please be mindful of pets and those vets among us who may be shellshocked and have issues with fireworks.. . . we wouldn't want to be responsible for freaking out any of either group, we have several friends and pets of our own that stay spooked whenever they hear fireworks . . . . Have a great holiday . . .


Greetings all, Today we have another recall from HP - this one concerns laptop batteries. The full detail page is available here . . . We had a link to the HP Document, however about 5 minutes after we posted it the link went dead. So I have replaced it with a copy of the printed version I have in my office from this morning, the pdf file is here . . . .

----------------- Began HP Notice ----------------------
HP Commercial and Consumer Notebook Computers - Battery Recall and Replacement Program (c05166036)

Products: Laptops and Hybrids

Description: In cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, HP has announced a worldwide voluntary safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook computer batteries. The affected batteries were shipped with specific HP, Compaq, HP ProBook, HP ENVY, Compaq Presario, and HP Pavilion Notebook Computers sold worldwide from March 2013 through August 2015, and/or were sold as accessories or spares, or provided as replacements through HP Support.
----------------- End HP Notice ---------------

Basically check your battery serial Number if it begins with any of these
6BZLU######### | 6CGFQ######### | 6DEMA#####
6DGAL######### | 6CGFK######### | 6CZMB#########
DEMH######### | 6EBVA#########
you may have an issue and need to have HP replace your battery.
If your battery serial number is not in the list above you are fine. The link above also list s the specific model numbers that may be affected, but remember ieven if your model number is in the list you still should check your battery, not all batteries for these models are in the recall. And as always, if you need help give us a call . . .

Microsoft makes one last, extremely deceptive Windows 10 upgrade push 05/21/2016

Microsoft makes one last, extremely deceptive Windows 10 upgrade push

Okay - Microsoft is getting a little aggressive with this upgrade process. I know some of you want to keep and continue to use your Windows 7 or Windows 8 Systems. However now you will need to physically decline or prevent the update from continuing. At the moment, the simplest method is to turn off your updates on windows 7 systems, go to control panel - windows update and change it from whatever it is currently set to, to never check for updates. On windows 8 systems you will need to set yours in the WiFi settings to metered connection and when an update does appear, always select the option to see what other updates are available and make sure you deselect or uncheck the Windows 10 Upgrade. If you have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to call, text or email us with your issue. If possible we will gladly walk you through the situation you may be in.

Microsoft makes one last, extremely deceptive Windows 10 upgrade push Windows 7 and 8 users beware: Microsoft has launched one last aggressive push aimed at getting as many folks to update to Windows 10 as it possibly can, before


Greetings all Wishing all mothers a very happy Mother's Day, may you enjoy the day with your family and may all your childern make your day blessed . . .


Greetings all, Due to a recently discovered flaw in Adobe's Flash Player, all versions of all operating systems are at risk. Please take this time to update your computer, tablet or device to the latest version;
If you have any problems drop us a note or give us a call and we will walk you through the process. Alternatively you could uninstall or disable the flash player altogether . . . . Do it today before the current exploit affects your computer . . .


Happy Easter to all
Hope everyone has a safe happy holiday . . . .


Greetings all, Hope everyone had a good "Pi Day" today, not quite as unique as it was last year, but it was "Pi Day" nonetheless . . . Spring is nearly here and like your home or car it's a good time to bring your computer in for a good cleaning and tune up . . . Stay Safe, see you soon . . .

Photos from Sound Trax Technologies's post 02/28/2016

Greetings all, Saturday February 27 we participated in the Tennessee Environmental Council's 50k Tree Day. We took some Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to Bridge Brurner Park in Mosheim and Replaced some trees that didn't make it from last year's planting or were run over by the lawn maintenance staff . . . We planted 26 trees during the day


Greetings all, Today and tomorrow are this years' 50k Tree Day distribution days. Those of you who have signed upon the TN state TDEC 50k Tree day website or have spoken to me about the trees, you can pick them up today between 1 pm and 6 pm or tomorrow morning from 9am to approx. 10:45 am. Saturday I have to be at the Bridge Burner Park on Pottertown Road at 11 am where our scouts are re-planting the trees that did not survive from last year. We got all the trees we registered for this year, we did not have substitutions . . . See you there . . .


Greetings all, For the next few days, we may or may not receive any email sent to us. we have move our servers from the previous location in Iowa to a locale location to facilitate some enhancements and updated services. During the week to ten days it takes for the internet to catch up to the new location, email may or may not make it to our servers. Some of it may just disappear, it may bounce back to you or you may even get "non-delivery" messages . . . bear with us a little while all the DNS servers throughout the internet catch up to where we are . . . Thanks


Greetings all, As some of you may already know, today was the official launch of a milestone; Microsoft Windows 10 began shipping on devices and downloading to those whom had previously reserved your copy. It is the first time Microsoft is giving totally FREE upgrades to users with valid copies of Windows 7 and/or Windows 8/8.1. Please be sure to verify the programs you have installed on your computer are fully compatible with the new OS. And of course if you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to call or message and we will do our best to answer them all . . .


Greetings all, Have a safe and Happy Independence Day . .Enjoy the festivities with your family and friends . . Be careful when handling any fireworks and please be mindful about pets and any combat veterans who may be nearby. . . . Both can have problems with fireworks . . . .


Greetings all, Well we finally have a firm delivery date for the next version of Microsoft Windows, July 29, 2015 - this version will be Windows 10 and for the first time, it will be a FREE Download for anyone running a valid copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8.1. Do your homework first, run the compatibility tools on your computer to verify that any or all of your programs will be able to run on the new system. If you have any questions, issues or problems - Give us a call, we are happy to help . . .


Greetings all, Happy Memorial Day - enjoy the glorious weather today, your family & friends . . .but sometime during the day take a moment and remember those who gave their life for the freedoms we enjoy today . . .


Greetings all, Wishing all the Mothers a very happy Mothers Day, may you all spend some time with your children today if they are close enough to visit and hear from those too far away to make the trip. The rest of you need to remember your mother everyday, but especially today take the time to visit with your mother, you only have one and she will be gone from here far too early. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, make the effort today . . .




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