Rhonda's Fresh Produce

Fresh local produce grown in Morgan County. I have 3 greenhouses where I grow tomatoes, peppers, cuc


🥚🥚Farm Fresh, free range chicken eggs for sale @ Rhonda’s Fresh Produce!
Oh, and I still have some beautiful tomatoes 🍅 potatoes 🥔 onions 🧅 2245 N Morgan Vly Dr


I have bushels of tomatoes for sale inside “Produce Shed!”
$35 per bushel.
Questions ? call or text me @ 801-940-7534


At the Scotsman Center today til 1
I have bushels of tomatoes for sale
🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅 $35 per bushel
Peppers 🫑 🌶
Potatoes 🥔 onions 🧅
Cucumbers 🥒


U-Pick is open all week 10-5. I have lots of nice tomatoes still! $30 per bushel. Pm or text me for the address. 801-940-7534


U-Pick is open today til 5:00!!
Lots of tomatoes 🍅
Lots of peppers 🌶🫑

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I still have some nice tomatoes 🍅 in the field!! Let me know if you’d like to come pick some or I can pick for you!!
U-Pick is open daily from 10-5.


U-Pick is open!!
$30 per bushel
Pm for address
10 am - 5 pm


Anyone still need tomatoes 🍅
Or peppers 🫑 🌶

Photos from Rhonda's Fresh Produce's post 09/18/2022

Last call for sweet corn!

Photos from Rhonda's Fresh Produce's post 09/17/2022

Come on out to the “farmers market” at the Scotsman center today September 17th til 1:00 p.m. Lots of fresh produce!


We are starting to pick this week
1-9 dozen @ $6 per dozen
10-19 dozen @ $5.50 per dozen
20 + dozen @ $5 per dozen
Please text to order.


Jason and I are at the “Farmers Market” at the Scotsman Center til 1 today! We have sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, red potatoes, zucchini and onions. Stop by and say hi!! We’ll get the sweet corn restocked at my shed this afternoon 🍅🥒🫑🌶🌽
We also have some Diamond D Beef available if you need a ribeye steak or roast for dinner! 🥩🍔


Sweet corn will be back in stock Labor Day weekend. Thanks 😊


Come on down to the Scotsman Center today, Aug 20th from 8-1
Pick up some fresh tomatoes 🍅
Corn 🌽 peppers 🌶 🫑 cucumbers 🥒 potatoes. We also have some “Diamond D Beef” on hand if you need a ribeye steak 🥩 T-bone steak 🥩
hamburger 🍔 roast or ground beef


Produce stand is stocked with tomatoes 🍅
🌽 corn
Cucumbers 🥒
Beef 🥩
Burgers 🍔
Self serve, honor system
2245 N. Morgan Vly Dr
***follow my FB page for updates on the U Pick! Looking like I can open around the first of September!!
I’m so excited!!
😆 😆😆😆🍅🍅🍅🍅


Tomatoes 🍅
Corn 🌽
Re stocked inside produce shed!
2245 N. MVD
Self serve
Honor system


Rhonda's Fresh Produce will be at the Farmer’s Market at the Scotsman Center tomorrow 8/13 from 8-1.
I will have corn 🌽 tomatoes 🍅
Peppers🌶 onions🧅 cucumbers🥒
**Plus an assortment of cuts from
“Diamond D Beef”


🌽 🌽🌽🍅🍅🍅🥒🥒🥒
Inside Rhonda's Fresh Produce
Self serve
Honor system
Prices are listed inside shed


Fresh picked tomatoes 🍅 🍅inside Rhonda's Fresh Produce stand!
2245 N. MVD
Self serve/honor system


Just put some tomatoes 🍅 inside produce stand!!
Self serve, honor system prices posted inside shed 2245 N MVD

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Things are looking good for the “U-Pick” this year!!
Stay tuned for updates!!


Peas are re-stocked
Inside shed fridge!
2245 N. MVD




Just put some peas inside shed fridge…..
First come, first served.
Will have more later…


Sooo…… planted just a few tomatoes this year! Going to try the “U Pick” thing again. Pic of tomatoes and peas are from inside greenhouses. I will post updates!
If anyone wants a tour of my “little” garden, let me know!
Please text me if you want to be on my list for tomatoes, 🍅peppers 🌶🫑sweet corn 🌽 potatoes 🥔 cabbage 🥬 beets, carrots 🥕 squash, beans and pumpkins 🎃

“I love gardening from my head tomatoes!” 🍅😉

Thanks to my many helpers!!
Sydney, Gavin-Tiffany Jensen
Eden, Mickaela Moser
Addi, Lisa Clark
Leone, Shana Mafi
Devany, Megan Aileen Rasmussen Barney


Come see some cute baby animals and learn about agriculture! We will have a giant sand box, train ride, pony rides, face painting, wagon rides and lots of fun booths! All rides included in price of admission. Concessions will be available. All the money raised will be used for conservation practices in Morgan County! Hope to see you there!!


May 14th from 10-5 @ Morgan Co Fairgrounds!! Come celebrate spring with food, fun and baby animals!


All remaining squash and potatoes are 1/2 off!!
2245 N. MVD.


Jalapeño jelly is restocked!! Fun snack for New Year’s 🎉
Inside produce stand 2245 N. Morgan Vly Dr.


Jalapeño jelly for sale @ Rhonda’s Fresh Produce. $8 per jar or you can get a gift bag with 2 jars of jelly, 2 sleeves of crackers and cream cheese! All ready to go for gift giving. $25 per gift bag. Text 801-940-7534 to order or stop by shed. *Self serve. *Honor system. 2245 N. Morgan Vly Dr


I still have tomatoes!!! 🍅 🍅🍅🍅
Squash, onions 🧅, potatoes 🥔
2245 N. Morgan Vly Dr
Honor system
Self serve. Inside shed.


I have plenty of tomatoes and peppers still if anyone is interested!
Tomatoes are $15 per box/bucket.
Peppers are 1/2 price and smaller peppers are free!
Produce stand is stocked with onions, squash, pumpkins, Diamond D beef, jalapeño jelly, honey, tomatoes, peppers and eggs!


If you still need tomatoes 🍅
peppers 🌶 🫑
Text 801-940-7534


Anyone still need tomatoes 🍅 🍅🍅🍅🍅 or peppers 🫑 🌶🫑🌶
Call or text 801-940-7534

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Just put some fun corn stalks out on the produce stand!! They are very tall with fun colored cobs 🌽🎃🎃 self serve honor system 2245 N. Morgan Vly Dr


🌶🫑🌶🫑🌶🫑If you need any peppers let me know and I will pick them fresh for you!!
Bell, anaheim, jalapeño, sweet banana,Hungarian wax, chili, Serrano and cayenne.
Plenty of tomatoes 🍅 onions 🧅 peppers 🌶 cucumbers 🥒 eggs 🥚
potatoes 🥔 squash and lots of fun pumpkins 🎃 🎃🎃🎃🎃 and corn stalks 🌽
2245 N. Morgan Vly Dr
Honor system
Self serve

Photos from Rhonda's Fresh Produce's post 09/18/2021

Pumpkins 🎃 gourds and corn stalks!!
Self serve. Honor system. 2245 N. Morgan Vly Dr.


Last call for SWEET CORN 🌽
Let me know if you want some to freeze or if you need some for dinner, stop by the produce stand!!
10+ dozen is $4.50 per dozen
Under 10 is $5 per dozen


Sweet corn 🌽 is on!! Want to fill your freezer?? It’s super easy to freeze corn!! Order 10+ dozen and it’s only $4.50 per dozen!!
Less than 10 is $5 per dozen!
Send me a text if you would like to order some delicious sweet corn!!
Or, if you just want some for dinner, “Produce Stand” is stocked. Thanks 😊 801-940-7534





2245 N. Morgan Valley Drive
Morgan, UT

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