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Thank you Eddie for all your help today. I love the new gear!
Shout out to you from my collection of beautiful Florida oceanic sunset pictures
I enjoyed the new updated video Kristen!! Will be sharing with fellow riders!
Bohn Body Armor for the win‼️ Makes it a breeze to ride in this South Louisiana heat! GET YOU SOME!
Keeping Safe and Cool in the Texas 100 degree heat. #BohnBodyArmor
Got bew Bohn Armor shirt in today. So far so good. Nice air flow but with protection
Check out this brand new CE Level 2 rated armor from Bohn Body Armor
Love, love, love this mesh women's jacket! Great protection with lots of air flow. The BEST in warm weather!!!
Kingsport Miniway Race May 1st, 2021 recap. Everett had the best battle yet in a race. He qualified 2nd and was keeping up with 1st, trying several times for a pass. On lap 10 he made his move in turns 1 and 2 and passed for 1st with some drafting help from his best friend Colin. They kept 1st and 2nd for a couple more laps and got into lapped traffic. Everett was pinched down a little and passed on the inside and lost his line getting forced up high in turns 1 and 2 and Colin pulled into 2nd. Next lap around Colin got into lapped traffic and Everett passed for 2nd and held onto it for a P2 finish. Absolutely awesome racing between, Everett, Colin and Karston. They ran a good clean race against each other. He ran his fastest lap time ever. He is learning and will hopefully learn more from this race. We are so fortunate to have the Kingsport Miniway, Karen Tunnell, Ervin Stiltner and Jerry Lane give Everett and these other young guns a place to start and learn. Want to also give a shout out to Randall Lark at Randall's Speed Shop for building this awesome Lark Racing Engine.

Hey Corey LaJoie, he just keeps Stacking those Pennies.
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Come out & join all of us TOMORROW to support our fight against child abuse! Lots of fun, great food & drink, music and holy WOW at the prizes! Many thanks to all of those who have worked hard on planning this event as well as those who sponsored the fabulous prizes that will be won at the end of the ride! Plus, a special shout out to the businesses hosting our stops along the ride!! This event wouldn't be possible without all of your support!! WE THANK YOU ALL & LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU TOMORROW!

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I wear my armored shirt everywhere I go!

Bohn Body Armor offers Top-Quality Armored Motorcycle Shirts, Pants and Shorts to Motorcycle Enthusiasts All Over the World. Our Highly Rated Body Armor and Cool, Comfortable Fabrics Offer Customers a Safer, Cooler, More Comfortable Ride in Any Weather.

Operating as usual


Have you called in recently to order? If so, you might have talked to this lovely lady.

Meet Lauren–the newest member of our team here at Bohn!

Lauren is a whizz at just about everything! In fact, she jokingly calls herself "Girl Friday". She's helping in our sales, customer service and marketing departments and doing fabulously!

Welcome, Lauren! We're so excited for you to be with us and we look forward to having fun in the months and years ahead.

Photos from Bohn Body Armor's post 05/13/2022

We've all done it....looked down for a minute only to realize you have taken your eyes off the road.

Kierestin was doing about 55, looked down at a red light on her bike for a split second and when she looked up and ❌ BAM ❌ hit a car and got off her bike. Thankfully she was ok.

LUCKILY Kierestin was wearing her Airtex Armored Riding shirt and her Adventure Armored Riding Pants to help protect her limbs. She came in yesterday to replace her fabric shell (shown in pics - it held up beautifully) with a new Pink and Black Fabric shell.

Thank you Kierestin for your continued business and for trusting Bohn for your riding protection!

Photos from Bohn Body Armor's post 05/05/2022

Comin' in for #7!!! YES, you read that right, her 7th shirt! 💥

"#7! New Bike! New Gear! Adding to my already 6 Bohn armor shirts. Light/ Durable and comfortable! Love my Shirts! More to add to my collection." ~ Leslie

Thank you Leslie for your continued business. We appreciate you more than you know! We'll get this new black Airtex out to you right away!

Photos from Bohn Body Armor's post 05/04/2022

Are you local or visiting the Lake Norman area soon? We would love for you to stop in and see us! We offer special pricing and clearance items are available to our in-store customers. Take a ride on over and enjoy this beautiful weather...we look forward to meeting you!


Special thank you to Van Grainge all the way from Rio Vista, CA. Van is making a cross-country trip TESTING our NEW ADV/Moto armored base layer pants for us.

These new pants are a carbon copy of our popular armored pants but with a shorter knee (6x9) to accommodate taller boots.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your trip to visit us at the shop, Van. Wishing you the most fun and great riding weather as you travel the country and visit friends and places across the way.

These new pants will debut in a few weeks. If you are interested in a pair for yourself, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 704-663-0351.


"This armored riding shirt is AMAZING! The minute I put it on I knew it was going to be my go-to jacket for blazing hot Texas spring/summer riding! The fabric is thin, stretchy and super soft – the armor feels very substantial. I’m so impressed! A big THANK YOU to Ed who helped me get this jacket right in time for a big event. Not only a quality product but above and beyond friendly customer service!"

We love hearing this, Amy!! Glad you are riding cool and comfy in the Texas heat!! 🌞


Another happy customer! Coming in HOT 🔥 from New York.

Aneysis just purchased an Orange Hi-Vis shirt today and here's what she has to say:

"Bought from you guys in January and loved my armored shirt. Now need a different color to look like a real Power Ranger matching my bike ;)"

We'll need a follow-up picture for sure! The orange is going to look incredible on you. Thank you for your second order Aneysis. Ride Safe!

Photos from Bohn Body Armor's post 04/25/2022

"Really protective, literally saved my skin!"

Testimonial below coming at us from Sterling, VA! Thank you Lori for the review of our Airtex Armored Riding Shirt in Hot Pink. Thank goodness you are ok!

"I had a very sudden wipeout the other day due to a tire blowout, wearing this Bohn armored shirt, and regular jeans. My upper body is totally fine, not even really sore, my legs are a swollen bloody mess. I’m very thankful I was wearing this armored shirt.
I just ordered the Bohn riding pants."


Got passengers?

It's riding season and sometimes we like to take passengers with us. You're a safe driver, but are you protecting your passengers (just in case)? We can help!

Don't know their size, no problem, we can help. Just give us a call or email us with their measurements and we'd be happy to help size them.

Riding with littles? We can often fit children aged 11+ give us a call, we'll help you with that too! | 704-663-0351 | [email protected]



We sure are lucky to have the best customers in the world! Thank you to Tommy and Jody Shawley (#PurpleonThree) from PA for stopping by the shop and visiting us yesterday on their way down to Florida.

Donning their favorite armored riding shirts (our Airtex Mesh Shirts - purple for Jody and blue and white for Tommy), they came through on a beautiful 75-degree day and stopped at the shop and then the famous Eddies on Lake Norman for a late lunch. They've been wearing our shirts and pants for 3 years now and love them so much they travel and tell the world.

You might recognize Jody from her growing YouTube channel where the two of them goof around, take rides, review products for Jody's Spyder and just have a whole lotta married fun!

Safe travels to you both. See you again soon!

To visit their YouTube channel go to:


I spy #MemphisMike in our Cool and Comfortable Hi-Vis Armored Riding Shirt.

CE-Level 2 Armor, Lightweight, Breathable - Perfect for summer riding!


We love hearing about our customer's real-life experiences with our gear. Thanks, Steve!

"Nice 135 smile ryde today. Absolutely love my new Bohn Body Armor cool-air mesh armored riding shirt. 92 degrees never felt so good." ~ Steve S.



Glad he finally found what he was looking for. Thanks for the shout-out, Tommy!

"I took a chance and purchased this shirt just before a 3 day ride this July. I got a “test ride” the day before we left and I was blown away!!

This is what I have been looking for since 2008!
I have so many mesh jackets in my closet that are simply too hot for the Texas summers.

This article puts me on my bike with the protection I want in the hottest days! Thank you, Bonn Armor!!!" - Tommy B


"The Ultimate Riding Shirt" | Versatile + Comfortable Motorcycle Riding Shirt | CE-Level 2 Armor 04/04/2022

"The Ultimate Riding Shirt" | Versatile + Comfortable Motorcycle Riding Shirt | CE-Level 2 Armor

Over the past few years, our armored motorcycle shirts have absolutely taken off! Rivaling our best-selling motorcycle pants.

People use them for street riding, off-road, mountain biking, skateboarding, one-wheel and horseback riding. They are cool, comfortable and super versatile.

We offer three fabrics for different weather conditions and 10 colors to suit your style (soon to be 14 colors).

If you already own our pants and don't have our shirts. Give them a try. Link to purchase:

Watch Video:

"The Ultimate Riding Shirt" | Versatile + Comfortable Motorcycle Riding Shirt | CE-Level 2 Armor Tired of buying motorcycle shirts and jackets that don't fit or don't keep the armor in place? Are you limited to one jacket for riding and can't afford to b...


PHEW! Thanks, y'all for your patience while we got the server working again. That was a crazy 42 hrs!

***We have the BEST customers on the planet!***


🏍 *** Protection for Every Kind of Ride*** 🏍

If you enjoy staying cool and comfortable while riding, Bohn has you covered! On-road, off-road or anywhere in between, Bohn has armored shirts, pants and shorts that will protect you on every ride. Go To:
(Thank you to #PurpleonThree for sending us this fantastic picture of her riding her CanAm Spyder the Tail of the Dragon with her Bohn pants and Purple Airtex Armored Riding Shirt. Follow her and her husband Tommy G and their adventures on her YouTube channel -


DID YOU KNOW Bohn is #1 in the US for Summer Riding Gear!

"It's the closest thing to wearing a t-shirt you can get with protection."

Our mesh armored riding shirts offer the maximum amount of airflow possible in an armored shirt while helping protect your back, shoulders, and arms from impact and abrasion.

Also, our arm protection in our shirts is longer than most arm protectors to help protect one of the most vulnerable places on your body–your elbow and forearm.



Another great winter sport testimonial from our friend David P., Kingsport, TN.

"In Feb 2018 I has a very bad ski accident at Beech Mtn, NC that resulted in a "Reverse Total Shoulder replacement". I did not ski again until Feb 2022. Let's say I was a little hesitant. But, if I was going to do it I had to come up with some protection that wouldn't hinder my skiing. After hrs & days of internet research I found Bohn Body Armor. The Armored Shirt designed for Motorcycle riding was the perfect choice.

The Armour is light as a feather and is designed to form to your body. Even though I was skiing at temps below 20 Deg that fit regardless due to their design and shape and how they fit in the shirt.

Thank goodness I never tested the armor but I can guarantee it gave me peace of mind that if I hit the ground I had a degree of protection 99.9% of skiers do not have.

So skiers with any shoulder or arm injuries needing protection this is for you! Thanks Bohn! dp"


Pants praise comin' in from Canada!

"After weeks of using our Bohn Armored Pants my wife and I can confirm the product is higher than our expectations. I am a 30 years plus experience driver and my wife a new one, over the years I almost tried everything on the market, full suit to kevlar pants and everything in between. Those pants are comfortable breathable and stay in place."

Thank you Micheal for your email and praise. Ride safe!


Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!


🇨🇦 "Armour [is] still great and it works. Crashed last summer, paramedics cut the shirt off." 🏍

A customer from beautiful Nova Scotia ordered a replacement shirt fabric shell today. Thankfully he was wearing his shirt when he crashed last summer.

Glad to see you are ok and still out riding. Thanks for the update Peter! Ride Safe 'eh!


#1 Selling Armored Motorcycle Riding Protection System in America

For over 20 years motorcycle riders from all over have worn and loved our versatile, easy to wear armored shirts, shorts and pants.

Bohn Body Armor’s armored shirts, shorts and pants fit comfortably under your clothes in any weather. With three riding season fabric options available, you can mix and match our armored system to suit your riding needs, comfort and style.

Three riding season fabric options for:

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Show us your pictures! We love seeing our Bohn customers wearing our gear!
Pink and Black Bohn Armor Airtex Riding Shirts
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Steve's 70 MPH Unscheduled Dismount



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