Aim&Shoot Photography

Aim&Shoot Photography

Hello everyone! My name is Brooke Giguere. I am a natural light photographer with an artsy style and

Operating as usual


Miss them 🥺💛

Miss them 🥺💛


I miss these sweet girls and can’t wait to see them 💛😘🌻

I miss these sweet girls and can’t wait to see them 💛😘🌻


It’s wedding season 💐 this couple just celebrated their first anniversary! Happy anniversary y’all 🌻

It’s wedding season 💐 this couple just celebrated their first anniversary! Happy anniversary y’all 🌻


She was a beautiful bride ☺️💛

She was a beautiful bride ☺️💛


Reminiscing on these photos ☺️💛 I can’t wait to graduate soon and get back into photography here in NC and in VA 💛

Reminiscing on these photos ☺️💛 I can’t wait to graduate soon and get back into photography here in NC and in VA 💛


Woodsy sessions are my favorite 💛


Get to spend the weekend with these two 💛


#FlashbackFriday Hannah Nichole Thompson


Swipe to see the before and another example—I’m editing some photos for free right now to spark my creativity. These photos were taken by @mamaaakc I’ve loved seeing her photography grow. 💛💛💛 permission given to post!


You’re a 🐝; I’m a 🐝. 🌻🍂

Them: “your fall photos are beautiful” “oh my word I love your fall photography” “you capture the fall colors so well!”

Me: “thank you!”
Me internally: I hate fall so much. It’s depressing to me. However, I do enjoy Halloween.


Can’t wait for all the double dates 💛


I may hate fall, but it sure does love the camera with those orange and red tones.

Throwback to this session.


I love back to school, homeschool version sessions 💛


Finished this family’s gallery tonight 💛


Black and white photographs are becoming my favorite once again 💛

I finished this gallery last night. Mary and Wade, congratulations again. It was a beautiful evening.


This photo makes me tear up every time I see it. My beautiful cousin had her best friends stand by her side. Well Hannah bawled when Mary came out in her gown. We did not plan for a “first look” with the bridesmaids. But I’m so glad I caught this. Hannah & Mary, your friendship is beautiful. I’m so glad you have each other.


*sneak peek*
It was so great to meet the Chasse family ☺️ congratulations, I’m so excited for your family to grow!


Throwback to one of my favorite sessions 💛 this was my first newborn session. She’s just so adorable.


The prayer of forever.
Working on these photos today 💛
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It was my first time doing a wedding with my mommy 💛 she made the cake & I photographed. Look how beautiful she is in her element 💛🥺

Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Mary and my new cousin Wade! We love you both!

Shelly's Homemade Bakery


When I got married, I got some of the best in laws I could ever ask for. I’m proud to have Esterline blood and proud to take on the Giguere name. 💛
I’m really hoping we can make the camping trip 🌲

#flashbackfriday #inlaws


Since I’ve improved I decided to do a “now and then” comparison. I’d say my editing has improved. Adam was modeling for me so I could get a “creepy” vibe across. 4.5 years difference. Now —> before.

Maybe next time we are in the same state, I can do a photography difference not just editing. :)


I honestly despise fall. But the leaves do look pretty for outdoor photoshoots. I’m booked most of September-October. However I have a few weeknights open!


Every time we go to VA; I pack my camera. Otherwise I would miss out on high quality sweet moments of Au-ee & Evvie 💛 see you SOON.


Finally able to post some sneaks 💛 I found my editing style tonight. Normally I go with a vibrant style. That’s what I did on these originally. However, this is more of how I want my work branded 💛
Congratulations to the Kees!


Excited to photograph your wedding Saturday 💛

Cake: Shelly's Homemade Bakery

[06/16/20]   Alright everyone!! We are back & ready to photograph for you! Because of this, we will be offering 20 minute minis for $40!

$10 non-refundable deposit up front!

These will include 8-10 digital images with printing rights!

Message me for more details! 💛


I can’t wait to photograph Mike & Lyndsey’s wedding Friday! Even if it is during a pandemic! 😉

[04/12/20]   Happy Easter everyone! 🐇🐣

I hope you’re all having a safe, happy day 💛

I can’t wait for this virus pandemic to be over so we can get to clicking and snapping! 📸


Cutest engaged couple award goes to: Mike & Lyndsey 💛

Thanks so much for asking me to take your photos. I can’t wait to hang out when you visit! Congratulations again! Lyndsey Lehr


We definitely risked these photos to the last second!! Congratulations on your newest member! I can’t wait to meet her 💛 SamandTanya Wadsworth


Just a friendly reminder to be careful! So scary that someone did this.

Please be careful with who you invite into your home! This was shared in a Seattle mommy group. Photo is of the "photographer"

{{I just had a incident happen to a client of mine that I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of.

Thursday night a "photographer" came to take photos of my client's newborn. My client found her through one of those free Facebook groups. The photographer posted looking for newborns to expand her portfolio.
The woman brought dinner and dessert for my client as well as took photos of her newborn. She also took selfies with my clients children.
Shortly after eating a cupcakes that she brought her my client began to feel drowsy. The woman kept asking her if she was sleepy and began to wipe down everything she had touched. Within minutes my client could barely keep her eyes open, talk or move. She panicked and kicked the woman out of her house, not before her keys went "missing".
A couple hours later a man showed up at her house with her keys and said they had somehow made it into the photographer's car.

My client called 911 as she began to vomit so hard she began to pass out.

We have no idea what her intentions were but it wasnt good. Labs have been run but the doctors believe it was GHB that was in the food. She's changed her locks and is on high alert but I wanted to make sure others are aware.}}

Please please please always be careful, clients!! It’s okay to use several photographers, but make sure they’re all sincere! This could have been worse & now that stranger has photos of the child.

Also “free” usually is never free. You get what you pay for...


I can finally post these! This family is a dream to photograph 💛

SamandTanya Wadsworth


Some photos from Makenzie & Billy’s Christmas shoot the other day! It was a very last minute decision and it was a cold - windy - rainy day. But we made it work! They are seriously my favorite couple to photograph. And they’ve become such good friends! 💛

Makenzie Cook & Billy (it wouldn’t let me tag you)


Joy-Anna’s cake smash sneak peeks! I’m a little late posting these, because mama already has these photos!

I’m so excited to photograph this family over the years. I can’t wait to see Joy and their next little girl grow up 💛

SamandTanya Wadsworth

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