Deb D'Amato: Horse Mumbler, Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Healing for all makes & models. Massage and body work help restore and maintain balanced movement; relaxation is achieved, performance is perfected, injuries heal.

I've been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist for about 30 years, and now work with horses. With trainer Stacey Carter we teach horsemanship clinics showing people how to use simple massage and bodywork techniques as a training tool to create connection and leadership with a horse. My ideal referrals want to actively develop or improve their connection with a horse or their riding abilities

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What a fun find!
Some of what Kathy writes sounds a bit woo-woo, but it’s just her style of writing-much of the content are things we teach in Yin Horsemanship. Like this concept of Nothing. When we clear ourselves of biases, expectations and the busy mind, we can be open to better communication and connection with our horses

Another offering from Teazel's Tales.❤️🙏

This is quite a confusing one to read as Teazel talks of the place of “no-thing” being the place of where “things” can be created.
For me what she is alluding to is when we can step into clarity and let the creation of others fall away, we allow ourselves to find ourselves, to free ourselves and to become creators in our own right.

"The Place of no-thing: No-thing. The Gap 16.11.16

It’s all about the space, the opening, the place between, the no-thing-ness.
Don’t go reaching for the “thing”, look for the “no-thing” because there you’ll find the inspiration, the answer and the way forward.

In the place of “no-thing” there is nothing in your way for forward movement and remember movement is one of the trio needed to be incorporated with balance and clarity/awareness to become your true self.

To find the place of “no-thing” stop and literally look between the vibrations of the atoms, find the space and move into it.

There your own vibration can be free from outside influence, there you will feel the real authentic you – “your-self”. In that space there is no interference from anything else.

In that space there is free access to knowledge and understanding.

“Things” have been created in the place of “no-thing”, the creation is yours

This is the place of powerful creating, nothing gets in the way. You can start your own individual vibration that can reverberate out and start creating.

The place of “no-thing” is the place of creation and power."



Deb's Body Shop, LLC

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Healing for all makes & models


Deb's Body Shop, LLC

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Healing for all makes & models


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Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy


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Every once in a while, I like to remind folks that my learning curve has extended way beyond "The Fuzz Speech," the gist of which is now about 25 years old! And so, it is my hope that the understanding of y'all will evolve right along with me!! So, the quick summary would be, "the fuzz" belongs there! The question is not it's presence, which is an anatomically ubiquitous fact. The question rather regards the quality/state of the tissue: is it slippery? or has it gotten gummy? or worse, brittle? The fuzz is perifascia. In the living, moving, warm, wet slippery body, perifascia constitutes the very anatomy of differential movement. In states of stasis, dehydration and inflammation the perifascial membranes lose some of their slippery, movement-facilitating quality. This in turn lowers our capacity for fine differential movement due to fiber cross-linking, hydrogen bonding and the myriad concomitant impacts of lowered electrical potentials and physiological vibrancy particular to these tissues. These "gummifying" effects can be reversed through movement and touch, which is facilitated movement. So the key is not to "get rid of the fuzz," but to melt the fuzz, and to continually restore and refresh its quality as a slippery movement interface. The sometimes misleading visuals in "The Fuzz Speech" are the result of my lack of more appropriate footage at the time, which is now resolved with the footage in the full length "What's the Fuzz?!" tour talk, or with some shorter clips also available on my website, , see especially "Interstitium? Perifascia aka the fuzz" as well as "Fascia is all around us" Spread the word! One body, many textures, differential movement, without separation!


Deb's Body Shop, LLC

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Healing for all makes & models


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Ha! Thanks Victor. 01/24/2020

K9 bites cow, South Carolina deputy stuns dog, cow kicks deputy; no burglary was solved A sheriff's deputy investigating a burglary in South Carolina had to use a stun gun on his K9 after the dog bit a cow, which then charged at the homeowner

01/22/2020 01/22/2020

Australia bushfires: Scorched animals treated with New Zealand's golden mānuka honey

Manuka Honey! Yay! "Having a supply of it, it's amazing."


They won't let me rename my business page, so I'll be making a new one. I'll post the link so you can all follow along. 01/20/2020

Yin Horsemanship Level 1

Registration is open for Yin Horsemanship 1 in Love Valley (Statesville) North Carolina, Saturday April 4.
If you don't have a horse you can bring with you, you can work with one of ours! April 4, 2020 @ Love Valley Yin Horsemanship is a method of using the Chinese yin principles of slow, yielding and soft to establish a better relationship with your horse. This clinic will show you… 01/16/2020

Diagnosis Offers Eureka Moment, I | Best Horse Practices

Excellent point! Sometimes there’s nothing amiss with your horse, it could be You, the rider! During one of my lessons on Daisy she just wouldn’t go forward, no matter what I did. My usually calm and composed trainer was getting frustrated, and so was I. As soon as I jumped off Daisy, I knew the problem; I desperately needed an adjustment! My lower back was hurting, which made my whole seat very heavy, telling Daisy “Stop!”. She was doing exactly as my body told her! A trip to my chiropractor set me right. As a massage therapist I use my work to help rider’s bodies release the chronic tension patterns leading to many imbalances in the saddle that lead to mis-communication. Many horse problems trace immediately back to the rider, owner, or handler. It may have taken a while, but finally a diagnosis reveals an ongoing concern 01/15/2020

A Suprising Use for Your Lead Rope

Here's a great self-care technique from Mary Debono, Feldenkrais Practitioner and developer of Debono Moves. I’ve worked with a lot of horses that were resistant to touch. Putting something between my hand and the horse can help them get over that. Soon the horses realize how good the movements feel and they’re happy to have my hands on them.

[01/13/20]   Every treatment protocol should be dictated by the wisdom of the patient’s own body.
~Dr. John Upledger

As one of my office mates told a client looking for a referral for a massage therapist, "if you want to lay on the table and dictate what she does or doesn't do, go somewhere else. If you want to let her do her job, you will feel better."


ABC News

oh my gosh...he's adorable! And I think his handler is doing a great job on teaching him leadership and boundaries.
Want to learn why I think that? Come to a Yin Horsemanship Clinic! We're doing one in Love Valley on April 4. Space is limited, sign up now if you want to come:

Jethro the Bactrian camel was led to the scales for a weigh-in at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Although the seven month old was underweight at birth, bottle feeding by staff has brought him up to a current weight of 298.7 pounds.


with wheels or legs, love me some Mustangs

A family band of Mustangs on the Wild Side at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary ... they had come over to see the humans in the truck! :-) 01/05/2020

Meet A Rooster Who Can Lunge A Horse

This is odd... Size does not matter.


The Foundation For Homeless Cats



Every manual therapy and personal training practice should have this updated poster about back pain.

Highlight: Back to basics: 10 facts every person should know about back pain

Fact 1: LBP is not a serious life-threatening medical condition.

Fact 2: Most episodes of LBP improve and LBP does not get worse as we age.

Fact 3: A negative mindset, fear-avoidance behaviour, negative recovery expectations, and poor pain coping behaviours are more strongly associated with persistent pain than is tissue damage.

Fact 4: Scans do not determine prognosis of the current episode of LBP, the likelihood of future LBP disability, and do not improve LBP clinical outcomes.

Fact 5: Graduated exercise and movement in all directions is safe and healthy for the spine.

Fact 6: Spine posture during sitting, standing and lifting does not predict LBP or its persistence.

Fact 7: A weak core does not cause LBP, and some people with LBP tend to overtense their ‘core’ muscles. While it is good to keep the trunk muscles strong, it is also helpful to relax them when they aren’t needed.

Fact 8: Spine movement and loading is safe and builds structural resilience when it is graded.

Fact 9: Pain flare-ups are more related to changes in activity, stress and mood rather than structural damage.

Fact 10: Effective care for LBP is relatively cheap and safe. This includes: education that is patient-centred and fosters a positive mindset, and coaching people to optimise their physical and mental health (such as engaging in physical activity and exercise, social activities, healthy sleep habits and body weight, and remaining in employment)

Thank you Dr. Peter O'Sullivan, Dr. Mary O'Keeffe, Dr. Kieran O'Sullivan, and the entire team.


CBS This Morning

Nothing could stop this cat from trying to get a monk's attention during Buddhist prayers for the new year.

After several attempts to repel the cat, the monk finally gave up and started petting the furry intruder.


Horse Mumbling.
It's what I do best.
I help them feel good, & they'll follow me anywhere.

Proud to be an #equestrian!


Happy Birthday, horses! ;)

Happy birthday to all the horses!

[01/01/20]   Happy New Year!
Thankful for all my fabulous clients, friends and of course all the animals who let me do what I love. Looking forward to what 2020 has in store!


Handy Hay Nets

What could possibly go wrong?


not just dogs, but all wildlife, and many people, too

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Fiona! The most indifferent sweet pooch I’ve ever met. She’s like that with everyone, so I took great pride in getting a few releases that coaxed her to laying down & relaxing for a few minutes. Some clients are more challenging than others, but few are any cuter.


The New Yorker Cartoons

A cartoon by Pia Guerra.


Merry Christmas, friends!


The New Yorker

A cartoon by Michael Maslin.


This girl is so much fun to work with, it’s like she understands English and she’s very expressive with telling me what she likes what she doesn’t like and what to do next. The only job I think I could love more would be acting in a movie with horses😉


Harmony Farm Animal Haven

Available for Adoptions!
All of these equines are well-mannered, delightful characters and any one of them would make a loving addition to your homestead. Me? I'd let Max in the house, but you don't have to.

As you can see, they’re not the working type, but a few of our kids are adoptable and we would love to find great forever homes where they can continue their life of chillaxin. If you are interested in a true pasture pal, contact us!

Our Story

Licensed Massage Therapist Since 1991: Florida (MA13197) & North Carolina (2437)
Nationally Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Member International Institute of Reflexology
Professional Member of American Massage Therapy Association

Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork by Jim Masterson
Myofascial Release (JFB & Walt Fritz's Foundations of MFR)
MFR for Neck, Voice and Swallowing Disorders
CranioSacral Therapy

Ecosomatics: Equine CranioSacral Therapy


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Cold laser therapy.Helpful for everyone 😊
a very happy (and relaxed) customer today. Love my job!
When your best girl is a massage therapist...
oh! It's #nationalrelaxationday !What did you do to relax?I got to go to the barn and interact with this great bunch of ...
Working with this group this morning made me very happy. Thank you for having me!But OMG… I just realized I didn’t go ov...
I love it... the ‘why did you stop?’ advance. Mary Ellen gleaning the benefits of CranioSacral Therapy 😊
We got a fun demo of the Bemer blanket today. All the horses loved it! Thank you Peg Casey!
Did you know pigs LOVE to be scratched?This is Albert, from Harmony Farm Animal Haven.Thanks Tracey!
Thank you Stacey Carter! Because of you I am comfortable Ambling through the woods on the back of a horse on this beauti...
Cool video of Stacie practicing the Follow Me connection. When you are connected with a horse, it will follow you of it’...
Cooper letting go of stress
Moon relaxing & releasing tension



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