Midnite Auto LLC.

Midnite Auto LLC.


Thanks Midnite Auto for freshening up my 65 model Rochester 4GC carb. Bolted her on, Gave her a sip of fuel and she fired off like it was 1965 again. What a great job! Thank you!
Goodness cannot thank these hole sponsors enough!!!!!! South Sounds LLC Law Office of Jesse A. Granneman, L.L.C. Midnite Auto LLC. Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, Inc. Wi******er Spine & Sport Ductz of West St. Louis Ron Mills State Farm Insurance Agency Cooper Management Training & Consulting, Inc. Eric Hood/Shelter Insurance Parkside Mini Mart Cannon Builders American Family Insurance- Donald Thompson Agency Inc K. Flynn Insurance Agency Troy Furniture Company Sarah Hartmann Burkemper Westbrook Law, Boyers Academy Boyer Painting Landesign Title Partners Agency, LLC Pike-Lincoln Technical Center Integrity Hearing Center Lisa Coose-Burkemper @sierra reed real estate, CMS Homes Sandy Glass - Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance Sandy Turner - Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance Gateway Fiber @rise up probation, Michael Flynn - Shelter Insurance
Can't say enough about scott and his crew 5 out of 5 so happy to have my ride back thanks guys your great

Specializing in classic vehicles that are driven! From basic maintenance, repairs and modern upgrades to complete custom builds. If its old, we can do it!

Operating as usual

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 01/26/2022

Folks, we are now booking ‘check in first’ appointments into April, which means we HOPE we can find a spot by then! Exciting yet stressful, as I fear it is becoming increasingly difficult to get to everyone in a timely manner. Our top notch workmanship and customer service will never change, its just going to take longer than it used to.
We appreciate our customers and their incredible patience while we do our best to get their baby’s back in their own home! Hang in there folks, and thank you all so much for helping make Midnite one of the top choices when it comes to your classic needs!!

Midnite Auto LLC Mooresville NC 01/05/2022

Midnite Auto LLC Mooresville NC

Happy 2022- we are alive and well heading into the new year, with big changes coming, starting with FINALLY getting admin duties and messenger straightened out! Expect more regular updates here, and dont forget to check out our website as well- www.midnite-auto.com

Midnite Auto LLC Mooresville NC 704-363-8709 cell 704-664-1404 alt.


Folks, it has not slowed down here at Midnite! Current small jobs are on a 3-6 week waiting list. Large projects are booking into 2022!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 07/12/2021

Folks, Midnite is busier than ever and the team is thrashing! Appointments are now 2-4+ weeks out, and between the sheer amount of work and continued backordered/delayed parts and shipping issues, it is becoming more and more difficult to provide the quick turnaround and ‘constant contact’ customer service we are so well known for. Rest assured, one thing that will NEVER change is the quality of work you receive, backed by our ‘no questions asked’ guarantee on our workmanship, period!
Hang in there folks- things may be taking longer than usual, I may miss sending an update or a call back, but you are in good hands, and your classic will be right when it leaves!
Thank you all so much for your continued support, patience and understanding!


Congrats Dave E and ‘Ellie’ the NASTY injected 555ci 70 El Camino on your ‘best Chevy’ trophy this past weekend!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 04/21/2021

Random shop photos time.
We are WIDE OPEN here at Midnite!
A reminder folks: Call or text the contact number, DO NOT leave messages here, facebook STILL can’t get it right, and I will not get your message!!!
Thank you all for your continued support!!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 03/10/2021

We love ‘different’ at Midnite! Luke Ws 95 Buick Roadmaster- now powered by a 383ci LT4 corvette engine, ported, cammed, stall converter, and 4.10 posi. Hello sleeper!

Midnite Auto LLC Mooresville NC 02/04/2021

Midnite Auto LLC Mooresville NC

First- Midnite Auto is very much alive, doing well, and very busy! Facebook is having trouble recognizing recent admin/profile changes, which makes posting updates a chore. If you have questions, please call or email- DO NOT message me here, I will likely not receive them! We are slowly moving away from facebook and will concentrate efforts on regular website updates instead.
Visit www.midnite-auto.com and follow along on shop updates, including the 69 mustang ragtop complete sheet metal replacement and LS3 swapped 77 corvette restomod, two of our current ‘big’ builds!
Thank you all for your continued support!!!

Midnite Auto LLC Mooresville NC 704-664-1404 office 704-363-8709 cell

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 12/02/2020

Long overdue updates:
Despite the current events, we have NINETEEN vehicles in the shop in some stage of completion! Some are going smoothe, some are waiting on backordered parts, and a couple may be further along if I did a better job keeping on top of things. As a team, we are planning and implementing ideas immediately to help get things better organized and moving forward smoother.
This continues to be a very stressful time for many. Between a jam packed shop, parts and delivery issues, and trying to maintain top notch customer service we are stressed as well, but EXTREMELY fortunate to have a full shop and a busy team, and we couldn’t do this without our customers, supporters, and killer group of guys who know what ‘teamwork’ means.
From the entire Midnite team- THANK YOU ALL for such incredible support, patience and understanding during these crazy times!!!! Because of you, we have become highly recommended and known for being one of the best in the business, and we continue to strive daily to stay there and improve upon it!!!!


This sucks, but it has to be done, and will be strictly enforced. Hang in there folks. We are alive and well inside these doors!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 10/26/2020

Two more big projects begin:
1-69 mustang convertible getting complete undercarriage, subframe connectors, a mild cam, EFI and a host of suspension upgrades.
2- 77 corvette getting a full frame off resto, brake and suspension upgrades, and a crate LS3/4L65 swap!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 10/26/2020

Tim R bought this 83 K20 brand new and drove it in his wedding. It received a full resto, LS/5 speed swap, Vintage Air, Dakota gauges, every piece of sheet metal minus cab and bed floor. Levi Shifflett along with help from the team took this from ‘half complete’ to running and driving in a month, so Tim could have it in his daughters wedding this past weekend! Now back for the finishing touches and delivery!


Shop status update: we are packed FULL, the shop is a mess, and we have started a ‘stand by’ waiting list- current hold times for work intake are 2-3 weeks out. Please continue to bear with us as parts availability and delivery continue to be a frustrating issue. Also keep in mind you may see a vehicle come in after and be completed before yours, it all depends on what parts come in.
Despite all the current frustrations, one thing has not changed- the Midnite team continues to give you the best bang for your buck, the best customer service possible, and backs it all with a ‘no questions’ warranty on our work, period! It’s just a bit more confusing and taking a little longer than normal.
Hang in there folks, and thanks always for your continued support!!!


**Despite the current events, the Midnite team is wide open! However, parts availability and shipping delays continue to be a hassle, with the largest issue being communication with many vendors. While we understand limited staff and parts availability make things difficult, a return phone call or email to update is not, even if it is not good news. Lack of communication on the vendors end makes US look bad to our customers. I have a serious problem with this.
Midnite continues to build a reputation and set ourselves apart based on customer service, and while things are hectic and an occasional update may slip through the cracks, it is my personal goal to make sure we do NOT fall into that category that many vendors are currently finding themselves in!
Hang in there folks, our quality of work and goals to give you the best customer service and bang for the buck have not changed, it’s just taking a little longer than normal.
Thank you ALL for your continued support!!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 07/21/2020

Age test: anyone remember the Holley ‘teapot’ carbs, also known as ‘firebowl’?

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 07/14/2020

Folks, Midnite is officially backed up a minimum of two weeks and can not fit any more work in the shop- the best we can currently do is put you on the board and call when there’s an opening.
We are one of the very fortunate small businesses that felt the Covid ‘hit’ for a good month, then things exploded. I am thankful for one helluva team, and we are ALL thankful for one helluva group of understanding, patient customers. Parts supplies and shipping are still sketchy, there are still delays, but we push forward the best we can as a team!
Thank you all!!!!


Top Ps ‘stock’ Buick 455 dyno pull! Didn’t make what we expected, but 480hp/525tq through stock manifolds, stock type intake, factory Qjet and 100% street friendly manners will be more than enough to surprise people. With a torque peak at 3900, this will knock the tires off at 40mph all day long!


We love ‘different’! 95 Buick roadmaster wagon, hopped up 97 corvette LT4, stall converter, 4.10 posi. How’s that for a sleeper? Luke Walling

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 06/16/2020

Stay tuned, this one is going on the dyno! Tom Ps ‘stock’ Stage 1 Buick 455!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 06/08/2020

Apologies for not posting in a while. Midnite is alive, quite busy, and hanging in there despite the recent events, however, to say parts availability, shipping times, ability to contact many vendors is frustrating would be a gross understatement, and it makes us look bad. We are doing the best we can, but you can certainly expect delays that are beyond our control.
Thank you all for your continued support!! We will all get through this!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 04/22/2020

GM LT4 port work. 75% of the gains come from 25% of the labor- ‘bang for the buck’ won’t equal pretty but history, dyno and track testing shows they work, every time! Luke Walling

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 04/11/2020

Brent LS bad ass, blown LSX 427 powered, candy root beer 69 camaro back for more work and some adjustments. Going home today- DRIVEN as they should be.


Very cool monkey mechanic

We’re keeping busy here. Our new guy Matt is doing great! https://youtu.be/HfluMpS4X_c

Very cool and smart animal


BUSINESS UPDATE concerning Covid-19:
In light of the recent statewide ‘stay at home’ order, Midnite will be running on a limited, staggered schedule, and is suspending our ‘open door’ policy for visitors and customers. While we do fall under the governors ‘essential business’ listings, the safety of the team, their families, our customers and their families are priority one.
We have plenty of work in the shop and will continue to move forward, although due to our limited, staggered schedule and vendor closings/delays, you may experience a SLIGHT delay in getting your classic home where she belongs. Again, we are temporarily suspending our open door policy, and will be happy to continue with photos, videos, and even face time, to check in on your projects.
THANK YOU ALL for your continued support and patience, especially during these times! We all must take a step back due to this, but Midnite is alive and well, and will continue to be in the future!!!!


BUSINESS UPDATE concerning Covid-19:
After speaking with the team, Midnite will remain open under normal hours until it is deemed unsafe due to the virus hitting home, or until the state shuts us down. As this progresses, we expect delays and ‘rough times’ for some vendors, delivery services, and customers, however we will do our best to remain ‘business as usual. We are a small team that keeps to ourselves, however we are not immune. We are all taking this very seriously, keeping safe and distanced, and keeping updated through factual information on the CDC and NCDHHS websites. If you have ANY concerns, please contact me.
Thank you all for your continued support! Lay low, stay positive, we WILL prevail!!


Jeff wrapped up the work on Robert Ls 65 fastback mustang, now laying on the poppy red and clear.


REVIEWS!! Wanted to take a minute and throw out a HUGE thank you to all who have given honest reviews of your experience at Midnite! There are other top quality choices in this area when it comes to classics, and the goal that sets us apart continues to be customer service, fair prices, and the best bang for your buck. Our reviews demonstrate that we are accomplishing our goal, and we won’t stop improving! THANK YOU for choosing us!!! 👍


Welcome Midnite’s addition to the team Matt!


Midnite has filled the position for part time work. Our new guy starts Monday! Thank you all for getting the word out!!!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 02/28/2020

69 camaro DZ302. My project this week in between office work.


Spotlight Thursday: cleaning out 2019 files and updating folders to 2020 since the rain has stopped road testing. The circled folder is a half inch thick and is one of the most important ones! Broken/failed/experimental parts that did not work, and yes an ‘oops’ or two on our part at times. This folder hurts, but if you believe in running fair business and value your customers, you better have one.

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 02/06/2020

Midnite spotlight day 3: parts pickups, drop offs, a UPS shipment, welding gas run, and customer contacts in am, then wrapped up nova gauges and wheel, installed new driveshaft in Chevelle. Including the 93 corvette in background, here’s three vehicles ready for road testing and it’s pouring rain yesterday and today. Rain brings a classic car shop to a grinding halt and really makes a mess of the schedule and invoicing!!!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 02/05/2020

Midnite weekly spotlight is on Scott. We will skip Monday- nobody cares about photos of paperwork, parts orders and invoices. Tuesday, in between more of the same, install center section and install Levi’s custom fabbed Ford 9 rear for driveshaft mockup on the big green Buick, and installing a factory style in-dash tach and new steering wheel in a 68 Nova.


One more weekly spotlight for Jeff: stripping and beginning bodywork on a 65 mustang fastback!

Photos from Midnite Auto LLC.'s post 01/31/2020

Spotlight day 4, quarter is on and lined up! Second quarter is buckled from shipment, this is a very common issue, nearly as bad as parts that don’t fit and/or don’t work. Fixable, yes, but being a black car it will be replaced with (hopefully) a quarter that’s not ruined in shipping.

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