Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair

Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair


🇺🇸Meet Joe Carbon. Joe is the Owner of Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair and, along with his rockstar wife, Terri Scott Carbon, they are icons of the Lake Norman area!

While Joe did not serve in the military, he is truly one of THE MOST patriotic and supportive patriots we've met. Joe actively demonstrates his support in many ways. The most noticeable being his weekly rotation of wearing a different hat to represent one of the Service branches!

Most importantly, Joe is a true warrior. As a cancer survivor, he knows what it means to face a challenge and offers guidance to those veterans diagnosed with cancer or other obstacles associated with serious illnesses and injuries. Whether it's meeting a group of veterans for a cup of coffee at Richard's Coffee Shop or stopping by to visit a home-bound veteran for one-on-one support, Joe wants to reach out and be there for our veterans.

Joe, we love your patriotism and greatly appreciate your support. THANK YOU--we salute you! 🇺🇸

Good Old Fashioned Auto Repair Our service is all about you; the client. We get to know you and your needs, evaluate your vehicle, and make service recommendations based on both.

We pick up and deliver from home or office within a 20 mile radius of Lake Norman and provide complete automotive services from your basic oil change, major mechanical repair, to collision, paint & body.

Operating as usual


This is not only how we feel, but how our family members truly feel as well! Don't believe us? Read their testimonials on our website!


“I cannot say enough good things about Joe and Terri Carbon with GOFAR. They truly treat you like family and always look out for your best interest in going out of their way in providing the BEST service possible.

I was heading on a trip, 4 hours away from home, when my check engine light came on. Immediately I called Joe and he suggested I drive my car to a Volvo dealership, which luckily was only 8 miles away. He stayed on the phone with me the whole way until I got to my destination. After an hour and half waiting for Volvo’s service tech to diagnose the problem, they came to the conclusion my spark plug was broken and that I needed a new cylinder head. This was going to take a few days to get and quoted me $7,000. Joe continued to be involved throughout this whole process in speaking with their tech, his tech and keeping me informed all along the way. Because Joe didn’t agree with what Volvo’s tech was telling him, he put a game plan together for me to continue with my trip, by renting a car, coming to retrieve my car and take it back to his shop to inspect.

Once the car was back in good hands with GOFAR, the problem was solved and the car was back up and running with no problems to this day. Their time spent and the warranty that GOFAR covers with their service is beyond priceless. Instead of a $7,000 invoice from Volvo, it was under $1,000 with GOFAR. I cannot thank them enough for helping me in a very stressful situation and what could have been a very costly experience. They stand behind their work and word, which is very hard to come by these days. Thank you, Joe and Terri! You truly care about your customers and I’m grateful to call you friends.”


Are you not the only one "sluggish" in the morning?


Happy Wednesday! Happy tires will "watch over you"!


Let your vehicle breathe clean air!


Everyone have a "bright" day!


Happy hump day friends and family! We are starting something new. A weekly automotive tip we call "Watching Over You Wednesday". Hope you enjoy it!

Photos from Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair's post 06/16/2021

Hello Facebook family and LKN friends/fellow business associates. To say it's been a while is a huge understatement.

Our goal for the rest of this year and beyond is to stay more engaged with everyone-post COVID.

How about by us sharing two of our special interest project vehicles. These vehicles are about as "good old-fashioned" as you can get.

We helped a customer get back into driving his 1974 VW beetle and the other looked forward to special family times with his 1962 Jeep CJ6.

Here's what they had to say about their experiences.

"Very professional, They did an awesome job on my '74 Volkswagon Beetle. I highly recommend them.
Google: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value."

"I have had a few guys make repairs on my jeep over the years and to cut a long story short, it has never run properly. The work that GOFAR has completed has it running like a champ and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help."

Great vehicles, great people! Part of our family!


This is why we do what we do.

When we delivered our customer's car this morning, we found this note on the outside envelope containing their check.

We love our GOFAR family members!


We made a decision to "shelter in place" for a period of 8 weeks in order to protect our customer family from any potential COVID-19 related contamination.

As of Monday May 11th, we're excited to be back open again to service our customer's needs. We feel that the time is right to do so. However, the safety and continued good health of our customers is our number one priority.

Therefore, we have put certain sanitizing practices in place to ensure those safety measures are met. These practices are performed both at time of pickup as well as upon final delivery of your vehicle back to you.

We are including some photos of the step-by-step processes we are following.

We hope these added safety measures give you a sense of ease and protection should you have an immediate service need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We are here for you!

Joe and Terri


Good Morning All,

This recollection comes to us as a response from yesterday's post. This young lady is one of our 90 year old GOFAR Family Members that lived during those times I referred to. Her thoughts touched us so much that we felt compelled to share them.

In her own words:

"Good Morning Terri and Joe – thanks so much for your e-mail this morning and also for Joe’s personal call to check on me. This really is a time when we need support and love from all. I am so thankful they’ve shut down most everything to help stop the spread of this terrible virus.

This too reminds me of the early years of my life – being born in 1925, I really didn’t know much about the depression years as I never was hungry, had a good family, a father who grew just about everything we ate including chickens. Having a family of 8 that must have been a necessity. The grapes he harvested made wine which we weren’t allowed but he made root beer for us kids. The canned goods came from our basement storage that my mother worked so hard to make. Nothing was wasted.

We survived WW !!, and polio gave us a scare for many years, and we survived. Other diseases were around too and medical science wasn’t quick to find cures, people didn’t live as long and then the big C – (we never said the word cancer) and we’ve come a long way there and are surviving. And let’s not forget Vietnam!

We can get through this too, together, be patient, listen and support one another. Most of all we need prayers and remember who has the power to give us peace: Our Lord."


GOFAR has gone international!

This past April 2019, we received a request from Dr. Peter Szkup of Saskatchewan, Canada to perform a used car evaluation on a locally owned classic 1991 Mercedes Benz. Peter loves the older models and decided to purchase this one, well aware that work would need to be done to make it road ready for his trip from Lake Norman back to Canada in October. All of this was performed by email and without us ever meeting face-to-face. His trust bestowed on us was simply based on reviewing our testimonials. Our first meeting was this day (see pictures above) when we delivered his new baby, shared a meal together, and sent him off on his long trip home. He emailed us three days later at 1AM to let us know he had arrived safe and without any issues.

Below is his story.

Thanks Joe and Terri for taking care of my new project called a “German Tank”.
It was a challenge to find a good mechanic relying only on Google and some instinct.
Joe is a true professional. He conducted a pre-purchase inspection, sent a detailed report about the condition of the car, and spent several months fixing a few “imperfections”.

The car was ready for a long trip home when I arrived to North Carolina in October 2019. My trip home back to Canada was long (1,870 miles) but the car behaved very well.

Thanks again for making this project a really fun one.


The last thing you want to happen is to get in your car and find that it doesn’t start. To make matters worse, I had just loaded the trunk with newly purchased groceries. And even worse, this happened on a Sunday afternoon where I had to abandon my car in a shopping center parking lot. To complicate matters more, I had recently moved to Cornelius from Maryland and had no idea who to trust with my 2013 BMW.

After making several phone calls, I was referred to Joe Carbon and Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair (GOFAR), a family run business that Justin, a work associate of mine, had been using for over 10 years. I’m so thankful for his recommendation. From that point going forward Joe, his wife Terri, and his team did everything for me including towing, diagnostics, research and much more as well as meeting me at my doctor’s office the next morning to retrieve my keys.

Joe assured me that I was in good hands and that his technician was very experienced with foreign model cars. Joe kept me informed while the analytics were being performed and prepped me for possible bad news. As it turned out, the codes given through the diagnostics confirmed my suspicions that this was serious. In fact, it was very serious. Something you wouldn’t want to hear. The timing chain had broken which meant that the entire engine was shot.

This is where my guardian angel stepped in to help. Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade. Joe’s mechanic made several calls, did some further research and found that BMW North America had issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) on my make and model. The timing chain was a known problem and an extended warranty had been issued. In my case, it meant that BMW would cover the repairs.

In conclusion, BMW replaced the entire engine at absolutely no cost to me and reimbursed me for my out of pocket expenses for towing. Because of the extra effort that the GOFAR team made, which in my opinion went far above and beyond what would be otherwise expected, I wouldn’t have to sell my car for scrap and parts. For this, I am eternally grateful and happily submit this testimonial. Furthermore, if and when I need maintenance there is only one person I will call.


"I'm a bit of a cynic, so it took me a while to believe that Joe and Terri really were as sincere, honest, and caring as they seemed. But after two and a half years of working with them, I can say that "Your Guardian Angels" is not an exaggeration but a perfect description.

Recently, my car started acting up--of course at 7:00 PM on a Friday night! I left a message and emailed Terri and the next morning Joe called to schedule an appointment. On his good advice, I couldn't use the car for highway driving but at least I didn't have to fret about it all weekend. That Monday morning, Joe picked it up at 6:30 AM (I live alone and don't have someone who can do drop-off(s) and had it back by early afternoon. Total bill-$72.

A little over a year ago, my much-loved but aging MINI needed a new clutch. Joe went over the whole car to determine what it would take to keep it on the road for a while. It was going to be a few thousand dollars, with no guarantee that other major things wouldn't go wrong at any time. On Joe's best advice, I traded it in instead of getting it fixed. That was money Joe could have made for himself! Nevertheless, he gave me complete information and a detached opinion. That's even more rare than a bill for $72.

All of this would be meaningless if it weren't for the high quality of the work and the fantastic follow-up service given by Terri. But it's both-a great company and lovely people."


Still searching.........


We have a special favor to ask all of our Facebook friends and customers. Please follow us on Twitter at @gofarguardangel and review us on Google as a customer or just someone who can attest to our character! Many Thanks from Terri and I!


Here's a past GOFAR testimonial from good friends and customers-John McHugh and his lovely wife Donna. It's even more special because John was the 2018 recipient of the LNCC "Carbon Ambassador of the Year" award. Instead of being "behind the camera", he was the focus of the picture (yet to be released).

"We have both an SUV and a sedan and Joe has been taking care of them for the past 4 years. We have found the service to be both convenient; Joe picks up and delivers at the house, so no trying to figure out how to get the car into the shop and get back and forth, and the service is first rate. We’ve not had a problem that Joe wasn’t able to correct and get us running quickly. I would highly recommend that your next service should be directed to GOFAR – they are indeed the Guardian Angels of Auto Repair – see Joe we do listen!!!"


This wonderful testimonial comes from good friend and networking buddy, Regis Murphy! He will be the first to sing the praises of what "you" do rather than put the limelight on himself with all the accolades of his accomplishments given at Helen Adams Realty. Great guy!

“AMAZING! By far, the best, most impressive experience I have had with a mechanic my entire life! Incredible service! Joe and Terri gave me regular updates on the progress of my repairs–my car had to be in the shop for little while due to a fender bender–I never had to call or wonder what was going on. They pick up and deliver your vehicle, and every step of the way made me feel like a VIP! They are the real deal, super honest, caring, and friendly. AND my car looks and runs better than ever!


“I have lived in North Carolina just shy of three years and am so glad to have found Joe and Terri. I own a rare 100th anniversary Challenger, less than 2600 made, and literally no one has driven it except myself and my wife. Upon moving to Huntersville, I needed service and brought it to a local well known chain for a simple part replacement. Needless to say, it was not a good experience; I came to find out they took my car for a “joy ride”!! I trust Joe and the GO-FAR family explicitly and never have a worry when Joe comes to pick up my car for any service I need. Saying they are reliable, trustworthy and professional does not even begin to express the peace of mind I have trusting them with the care of one of my prize possessions.
Thank you GO-FAR!"


Awesome testimonial from not only a customer but our very good friend and fellow networker. Many thanks to Paul, Elaine, and Zander Baker. Their business "Bounce Boot Camp" brings smiles to many and challenges physical fitness to countless children and adults in all our surrounding communities!

“When I first had Joe to come out and look at my car, I was driving a Chevy Malibu. While I loved the car, I knew I would have to replace it with something that could haul my trailer. Joe let me know what needed to be done to fix the Malibu and how much it would cost. Then he asked the question no mechanic ever asked me. “What are your plans for the car?” I let him know we needed it temporarily until we could get rid of it in 6 months or so. He said it would last about that long with no repairs and that what I would pay for the repairs would not be recouped upon sale of the car. He handed me back the keys and saved me a couple thousand dollars.

When I bought the new trailer hauler, I discussed what I was looking for and what I was looking at. He quickly helped me cross a few off my list for longevity and what would fit my needs best. When I needed to have it looked at before I bought it, he drove down to south Charlotte to meet the seller and look it over. Joe kept me from making a big mistake in buying a cheaper truck and I have been grateful every time I crank up my SUV.

Joe and Terri at GOFAR are not someone we go to for car repairs, they are friends who do what is best for us with our interests in mind. I will not let anyone else work on my car now that I have been spoiled by GOFAR.”



752 N. Broad St., #7
Mooresville, NC

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 6pm
Tuesday 7am - 6pm
Wednesday 7am - 6pm
Thursday 7am - 6pm
Friday 7am - 6pm

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