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[email protected] "This is us. This is who loves me." As a photographer and a parent, that is what I want your children to feel when they look at your images.

Long after our session (which will be fun), long after you've received your order (which will be beautiful) and long after they've outgrown the clothes they wore (which will be fast), they will be told the stories of that time, that year, that day. And they will know. I've served the greater Charlotte area for more than 13 years, and my clients have the life of their families in their homes. In moving pictures.

Experience, creativity and attentive service lead to a fun, relaxed shoot and gorgeous portraits with your family as the stars.

13 years and counting. Based in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. Candy Howard is sweet

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Operating as usual


LNHS Prom 2019


More soon, but here's a few favorites so far. So happy to know this young man.


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

The Summer Day by Mary Oliver


It is officially fall! AKA Senior Season!


When we visited the memorial with several dozen high schoolers in tow, I wondered how they would act and react. They are in a strange limbo where 9/11 is concerned. It is a ghost memory. It has permeated their lives and will continue to do so, but they have no memory of it. The images, the videos, the stories are not their own. They were all so small; some were newborns like my own 6 week old.

I was immensely proud of these students, these citizens. They were quiet, pensive and patient. They knew where we were and showed the utmost respect. Because these ARE their stories. They are all of ours.

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I 💗 seniors!

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Let's see how many #lake tags I can rack up 😂

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Your year, your time, your pictures

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When you're glad you didn't wait until Spring to schedule your senior shoot. 😄


Do you feel that (slight and temporary) chill in the air?? It's senior season!! Time to book your senior shoot!


Editing my favorite senior's shoot is bittersweet... Celebration continues this week with more special visitors!


What a wonderful time celebrating this guy! #luckiestmomever #classof2018 #lnhs #myfavoritesenior #thisyear #mymilcaughtonewalkingandoneplaying

[06/09/18]   LNHS seniors/WHE kinders, class images are ready and in the gallery! Will work on the group image tomorrow or Monday. Time to celebrate! Congrats, Lake Norman High School graduates!!!

[06/08/18]   Okay, 2005-2006 Woodland Heights Elementary Kinder parents, your Lake Norman High School seniors are such a wonderful group!!!


When you're a photographer and your kid waits until 2 days before graduation for his actual senior shoot


These handsome gents placated me, and I could have shot all night, but they had somewhere to be.

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Soooo, typically, senior girls book early, while senior guys wait a bit. If your senior son has waited, pull the Mother's Day card and ask him to book as your Mother's Day present! Even better, it's a gift that he doesn't pay for!

[05/09/18]   Please note, changes made.*

Are you a LNHS 2018 senior or parent of a senior who was a kindergartner at Woodland Heights in 2006-2006? We are recreating kindergarten class pictures in honor of WHE's very first kindergartners to graduate! Mails coming soon, but mark calendars for June 8th right after grad practice. We'll get your seniors home soon afterward!

*Due to June 8 being a school day and the need to sign all non-LNHS students in and out, this particular event is for LNHS seniors. Please let me know if you are interested in a gathering at a neutral location. I am working on details now. 704-502-1463 [email protected]


Happy Only Five Weeks of School Left!

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[05/05/18]   Parents of and 2018 seniors who were kindergarteners at Woodland Heights: A fun announcement is coming soon!


Happy Friday! It's a good day to book your senior shoot! 😉


@aldiuk's ad game is strong. @aldiusa, call me. This is my entire wheelhouse. #all #day #long


Senioritis? I got you!


Seniors! It's not too late! Book your session now!


They were so fun to photograph together!

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And just as sweet was his lovely sister!

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Met a new family! This dapper gent was so sweet!

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[12/03/17]   Just had a wonderful shoot in this wonderful weather! Thanks, Ashley Rehorn, for referring such wonderful new clients!


Photos from Candy Howard Photography's post


I am loving Colin's senior shoot! More to come...
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Candy Howard Photography's cover photo


Candy Howard Photography's cover photo


Class of 2018


Class of 2018



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