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Race City Speed Factory


After watching the guys on Monday nights in Super Late Models... this one's for yall
Great group of racers, enjoyed my first time racing here last night. Thanks to everyone for helping me out!
We are traveling to Dobson NC on April 1st. We will be there for 7 days. I see that racing is scheduled for Monday April 4th. I have a 1RC Midget, sprint and EDM car. Would I be able to run any of these that night?
Anybody ever wondered what pit areas look like during wrench sessions? Here you go. Getting some work done at the home track. In final preparation mode for the April Fool’s Shootout this weekend. We’re in the home stretch. Short week of work. Rolling out Friday morning early to see if I can be the first one in the parking lot Friday morning. 😎

David Holland Lawn Care
Wings Etc.
Elmore's Custom Cabinets and More, LLC
HART Tools
1 RC Racing, LLC
Turn 4 Studios
Race City Speed Factory
In Mooresville at Race City Speed Factory to get some track time in before next weekend’s 1 RC Racing, LLC April Fool’s Shootout.

David Holland Lawn Care
Wings Etc.
Elmore's Custom Cabinets and More, LLC
HART Tools
Turn 4 Studios
Made it to Race City Speed Factory for some 1 RC Racing, LLC Friday night racing. Getting some wheel time with the Super Late Model and 410 Sprint car for the April Fool’s Shootout coming up in a few weeks.

David Holland Lawn Care
Wings Etc.
Elmore's Custom Cabinets and More, LLC
HART Tools
Turn 4 Studios
Getting started on prep for the Race City Speed Factory 1 RC Racing, LLC April Fool’s Shootout. The Elmore's Custom Cabinets and More, LLC sprint car is getting a full once over and loosing a little weight. The 6v Hobbywing regulator is coming out. She’s gonna be a 410 Sprint Car. Stepping up to run some modified classes for the big race. Heading in with an open mind and just plan on doing the best I can. Hopefully get up the road for some testing in the next few weeks. So here’s to some fun tinkering on toy cars with fat fingers 🤣

David Holland Lawn Care
Wings Etc.
Turn 4 Studios
Race number 9 and the Cherokee Winter Series is in the books.

🏎 Elmore's Custom Cabinets and More, LLC Sprint Car - qualified P1, finished P1.

Class Champion

First week of the series was one to forget. After having a terrible run and felt like I was in the way, I picked the car up at the halfway point and took a 5th place finish. What a turn around it was. The rest of the series, I never finished outside the top 2. 7 wins and a second place finish. Awesome run. Awesome car. Very pleased.

🏎 Wings Etc. Limited Late Model - qualified P3, finished P2.

Class Champion

Two wins to open the series, only finished off the podium once (5th). A great series with this car as well. Consistency and attendance played a big role in holding on to the points lead. Didn’t they used to say consistency wins championships?

Thank you to Steven Belue for putting on the series and giving us a place to race in Gaffney!

Focus for me now shifts to weekly club racing and also preparing for the Race City Speed Factory April Fool’s 1RC Shootout April 1st and 2nd. I have decided it’s time to step up to the plate and run some mod racing. I will be converting the Elmore’s Sprint over to a “410 Sprint Car” and continue working on the Super Late Model as well. I may or may not have a new design for the Super 👀 We shall see 😏

Stay tuned folks. And thanks to everyone, sponsors and “fans” aka my friends and family. Appreciate all of your support.

David Holland Lawn Care
HART Tools
1 RC Racing, LLC
Turn 4 Studios
Here’s the footage from Saturday’s Focus Midget A-Main at Race City Speed Factory. A battle all the way down to the final lap.
Unloaded and setup at Race City Speed Factory for the final round of the Winter Series. Trying to notch a championship with the David Holland Lawn Care Focus Midget and a top 3 in the Wings Etc. Crate Late Model. Also, the guys twisted my arm and I’m going to make my Super Late Model debut. Let’s see what we can do!
The new MOD BOD’s
Gremlin winner of the Colorado chili cup are on sale $20 plus $5 shipping let’s give a hand to Matt "The MurfDogg" Murphy & Race City Speed Factory on his win over the weekend
Race number 8 in the Cherokee Winter Series is in the books.

🏎 Elmore's Custom Cabinets and More, LLC Sprint Car - qualified P1, finished P1.

Sprint car ran awesome today. Quick time in qualifying, heat race win, feature win, and bumped the track record down to 3.08. So far in the winter series, this car was only off the podium one time, the first week of the series.

🏎 Wings Etc. Limited Late Model - qualified P2, finished P1.

Car was perfect today. Best it’s been in a while. Quick time in qualifying, heat race win, but ran second in the feature. Fell to 5th early after a little misfortune, but was able to recover for another top 2 finish.

I’ll be back at Cherokee Wednesday night for club practice. Then, Saturday, I’ll hit the road to Mooresville to wrap up the Winter Series at Race City Speed Factory. Followed up with club racing on Sunday at Cherokee.

David Holland Lawn Care
HART Tools
1 RC Racing, LLC
Turn 4 Studios

Race City Speed Factory is an indoor Radio Control Car Race Track and Hobby Shop offering weekly scheduled race events in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Hobby Shop/Pro Shop

Operating as usual

Psycho Nitro Blast 15 :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC 04/10/2022

Psycho Nitro Blast 15 :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC

Anyone wanting to tune in and watch Sammy Stapp in his final qualifying heat from Psycho Nitro Blast can tune in at the link below. He will be up in Race #57. Race #54 is currently up, so he will be up in about 25 minutes.



Psycho Nitro Blast 15 :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC Live and archived results, scoring, and video on LiveRC.com.

Psycho Nitro Blast 15 :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC 04/09/2022

Psycho Nitro Blast 15 :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC

Our Employee of the Year, Sammy Stapp is racing is 8th Scale Nitro Buggy at the Psycho Nitro Blast this weekend.

He is in heat 53, coming up here shortly if you'd like to tune in and cheer him on. I know I'll be watching!



Psycho Nitro Blast 15 :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC Live and archived results, scoring, and video on LiveRC.com.

Photos from Race City Speed Factory's post 04/04/2022

Alright, back to reality. It's 1RC Monday Night Madness tonight at the Speed Factory! Come on down and race with your friends and come celebrate our local racers performances! I am proud of my racers!

Doors open at 4pm with Racing at 715pm.

Here are last Monday Nights podium Photos!

Photos from Race City Speed Factory's post 04/04/2022

I meant to make a post about the April Fools Race yesterday, but I decided that I needed to spend the day with my Girlfriend Ryan after focusing so hard for the past 6 weeks on this one race event. I really haven't been on any form of social media in 3+ days, which is some sort of record for me lately. The race was a welcome distraction. This isn't exactly a full race recap, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences from the weekend.

Putting on an event like this is hard work. Countless hours of planning and preparation will hopefully result in a smooth race weekend. We did our best, and we hope everyone enjoyed it.

For me personally, I believe the event went awesome. Fierce competition, unrivaled camaraderie, and great attitudes really made the event feel special. There was a special vibe in the building that I've never experienced before. But I want to explain some emotions that came over me during this event.

There was a moment about 2/3rds through the Final Round of Heat Races that really made me think. I stood up, and looked around, and took in everything. At first, the noise caught my attention. It was kind of a hum or buzz created by all the various conversations going on in the packed building.
But then the view caught me unprepared for the rush of emotions soon to follow. Looking around the building, I saw Father's and Son's, Friends and Strangers, Old and Young. All there to compete in my race at my facility. At any given moment, I could scan around the place and find my closest family and friends. The ones who support me no matter what. I have never felt so lucky in my life.

But the big picture here, is that it never has been about me. I didn't do this alone, I always had support. But through everything, there is one person specifically who has been by my side for every bit of it. My friend Sammy Stapp helped me turn this place from an empty sh*thole of a building into my dream facility. We have spent so many hours in this building together, that I honestly can't even begin to imagine this place without him. We are polar opposites. Me; the loud and exuberant Extrovert. And Sammy; the reserved and private introvert. I have done my best to teach him everything I can, and he has become an outstanding Racer and Mentor to anyone needing help with their RC Cars. I have watched this kid grow so much as a young adult, and I'm truly blessed to have him as a friend. Sammy, you have been one of my best friends in my entire life, and I truly appreciate you, even if I don't say it as often as I should. You are like a brother to me, and the entire Stapp Family is family to me.

I'd like to share a little more detail about what specifically hit me and made me get so emotional Saturday.

I got the keys to the building on December 31, 2019. I went to the shop (which was an empty, and pretty much destroyed unit) at about 11pm, and spent about 2 hours sitting there in silence. I never saw the place with as much damage and poor conditions as it was when I took it over. That night, I sat there thinking to myself: "Sh*t! What did I get myself into?" I remember how silent those 4 walls were around me. I remember how desolate it felt, and the overwhelming feeling about how much work it would take to make it what I envisioned. The stark contrast between the silence of that first night and the bustle of a packed house Saturday made some tears fall. Looking around at so many people there on Saturday for something that I had only dreamt of before brought me full circle from sitting on the floor alone inside those 4 walls that night. I am going to include some photos of how far we've come.

I don't know how long this place will exist. But I can tell you that for one moment on Saturday, I felt something that many people never get to experience: A Dream Realized.

Most people know me as Matt "The MurfDogg" Murphy the RC Racer. But I hope that some day you can experience my passion as the Matt the Race Director.

Thank you to everyone who made this event one that I will NEVER Forget!!!



A-Main Events from the April Fools Shootout


Pole Shuffles

Race City Speed Factory :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC 04/02/2022

Race City Speed Factory :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC

Follow the April Fools shootout race action live on LiveRC!


Race City Speed Factory :: Live Scoring and Video :: LiveRC Live and archived results, scoring, and video on LiveRC.com.


Parade of Cars at the April Fools Shootout


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an April Fools Joke.

Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, at the worst possible moment.

This is true with just about everything leading up to this event. A covid outbreak in China delayed the shipment of our Voltage Regulators. I had to beg and plead my case, and they did finally ship them.

The good news: They arrived yesterday, just in time for our race.

The bad news: Every single one of them is wired backwards.

There is no time, and I do not have the supplies needed to rewire them for the race. The best solution is to use each racers own Voltage Regulator. We have some available for those who may not have them. We will pre-tech all regulators, and they must read 6.09 volts or lower on our meter for the 6 volt classes. All 5 volt regulators for the Focus Midget Class must read 5.34 volts or lower.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are doing our best to deal with the punches as they come.

Instead of receiving a Handout Battery and a Handout Regulator to all of our Stock Class racers, we will Handout TWO of our new SportSPEC Lipo Batteries that must be used in competition this weekend.

Doors Open at 9am. We will see you soon!

Photos from Race City Speed Factory's post 03/30/2022

Late Night wrench session, finishing up the final Speed Factory Pro-Build for this weekends April Fools Shootout. This car belongs to arguably the fastest Oval Racer in the World. Just waiting for the wrap and this thing will be ready for battle! No doubt this car will be in contention this weekend in the Super Late Model division.



A long days work is completed.

- Entries have been inserted into the scoring system.
- Practice heats have been created.
- 4 Rounds of Randomly Sorted Heat Races have been filled.
- Final Event Schedule will be calculated.

Still so much left to do, but the goal is to provide you with the single best RC Racing experience possible. The effort and planning of the Race Director is directly represented by the quality of a race program. At our drivers meetings, I will explain EXACTLY how everything will work. An event this size requires cooperation from all racers. We need you to be prepared for your races, and unfortunately we CANNOT wait if you are not ready.

Our tech officials will be very thorough and keep racers honest. I have a keen eye for anything that is not correct or illegal, and I will give all A-Main Finishers a thorough inspection to make sure that nobody is working outside the rules.

A few things we will look for that racers TRY to get away with:
- Modifying parts, Adding shims, cutting springs, or any other attempt to change the front end geometry of the Late Model and Modified chassis. We know what to look for. Late Model noses don't belong on the ground.
- Bending front axles to change camber to a more desired angle.
- Running more than "2" O-Rings per shock. Bump stops not allowed.
- Using unapproved tire additives/cleaners/preps. Our tech guys will verify proper tire use for each driver and each car, as well as check tire "Feel" and give tires the "Sniff Test". We CAN tell if you are trying to alter a tire, and this won't be a slap on the wrist. We will disqualify you from the entire event. Water Only means WATER ONLY!
- Charging at a Charge Rate higher than 1.0 amp, and/or discharging at a rate higher than 1.0 amp. We have a massive investment in this facility, please respect our rules and charge batteries SAFELY in accordance to our rules. This will also not be a slap on the wrist sort of thing.
- Running the wrong gear sets are an obvious way of cheating. If you don't have the rear end inspection hole added, be prepared to tear down your rear end in tech with everyone watching.

There are many others ways racers may try to gain an advantage outside the intention of the rulebook. We will do all we can to circumvent that.

We have a very knowledgeable and experienced staff. Our tech crew will inform me of any possible issues, and I will be the FINAL say in any decision made.

Our #1 Objective at the RC Speed Factory is to provide a fun, friendly, fair, and affordable place for racing enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy their passion for racing. I promise you, I will do my best to ensure you have an enjoyable time. We have racers from all over America and even a Canadian coming down to my place to play toy cars with friends for Bowling Trophies.

Bring your best efforts, a good attitude, and let's have a fun weekend!

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Matt Murphy
Owner - Race City Speed Factory


With the help of many of our Speed Factory Racers, we got this facility looking awesome and just about ready for the Big Show this weekend.

Tonight is the LAST CHANCE to get race experience here before the April Fools Shootout, so come on out and try to keep Devin Fleck off the top step of the podium! Lol. (Tuesday Night is open practice from 4pm to 9pm.)

Here is the first peek at the track for the Big Race! 😜


If we have anyone who can help me out with some IT headaches (Internet and WiFi) locally, please contact me.

We pay for the Fastest Business Internet Speeds available in our area (200mbps Down and 20mbps Up). I just received a letter saying "due to substantial investments we've made, we have increased your Internet Speed at no additional cost to you."

On an Wired Ethernet connection, I usually get what I pay for, but nothing special. Averages on Speed tests are between 35mbps down and 200mbps down, and 12mbps to 21mbps Up.

On all wifi devices, I get 30/10. My equipment was supposed to be way better than what's needed to control what I'm supposed to be getting.

I'm no tech genius, so if you can help, pleaseet me know!

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Monday 4pm - 9pm
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