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This brand-new Porsche 911 Turbo just came in for our full Ceramic Tint!

62% heat rejection ✅️
85% infrared rejection ✅️
99% UV protection ✅️
Lifetime warranty ✅️
Skin cancer foundation approved ✅️

At Tint World, we believe music is an essential part of the driving experience! We offer a wide range of custom Audio Upgrades so you can enjoy a ride that sounds as good as it looks. Stop by and end your day off on a high note! 🎵

This 2018 Range Rover has a showroom look that will last for years thanks to our Nano Ceramic Coating – plus, its owner will Never Wax Again! Call or Stop By today to give your vehicle a finish that will be sure to turn heads! 🚀

Check out the installation process of this aggressive Carbon Fiber Body Kit on a BMW M3 Competition! What do you think of this new look? 💯

# carbonfiber
Our textile protection service formula is designed to create an invisible shield around the fibers, repelling any liquid or stain that comes into contact with it. This means you can rest easy knowing that any spills, whether it's coffee, soda, or even oil, will be quickly and easily wiped away, without leaving a trace behind. It's quick, So why wait? Protect your vehicle's interior today with Tint World's Textile Protection - Call or Stop By today! 💧🛡️

Tint World got you covered! Super Supra Protection ✨🛡️

We don't cut corners when it comes to nano ceramic coating. Our team takes the time to carefully prepare your vehicle, removing any blemishes and ensuring that the surface is perfectly clean and smooth. Then, using advanced techniques and equipment, we apply the coating with precision and care, providing unbeatable protection and a flawless finish. Come see us and you will never need to wax it again 😎 🧼✨

Whether you want your entire vehicle protected, or only the high-impact areas, Tint World® has you covered! This nearly-invisible, paint-protective film is designed to protect against environmental damage from everyday hazards such as gravel, road salt, and insects. 🛡️🚘

Looking for a distinctive way to upgrade your vehicle's look? Well, look no further! Our experienced technicians will help you find the perfect aftermarket styling enhancements to meet your needs! Stop by and see us today!

We take our Nano Ceramic Coatings seriously. Considered an artform, careful attention goes into every step of our application process. Performed by trained technicians, the end-result is a protective, mirror-like finish that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Plus, you’ll Never Wax Again! 💪🎨

Looking to shield your car's interior from the damaging effects of the sun? Look no further than our Nano Ceramic Tint!
This 2-ply film offers the Ultimate benefits, rejecting the sun’s heat and blocking out UV rays. How cool is that? 🌞😎🚗

This Mercedes G-Wagon AMG just came in for our Ultimate Ceramic Tint Package! 🖤
Offering more than just enhanced style – our Ultimate Ceramic Tint also rejects the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays. With approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation and backed by Tint World’s Lifetime Warranty, our Ultimate Ceramic Tint Package offers plenty of benefits inside and out!

Monthly Reminder: Life’s too short to drive boring cars! Come see us and add some excitement to your ride! ❤️😎

Did You Know? Our Ceramic Window Tint not only enhances privacy and rejects the sun’s heat, it also helps protect your vehicle’s interior from fading and cracking! ✨

This Bronco just received our Ultimate Nano Ceramic Coating and Ultimate Tint Packages, for a showroom-look that’s sure to turn heads! Interested in transforming your ride? Call or Stop By today! 🌟

Window Tint is one of the easiest and most-impactful ways to improve the look of your vehicle. Plus, as you drive, you'll find your driving experience is much cooler and more comfortable. ✅

Call Us Today! (980) 444-3144
Tint World Mooresville is a Service Disabled/Retired Veteran owned and

Tint World is Americas largest and fastest growing automotive styling franchise. Since 1982, our clients have trusted us for all their Automotive styling needs. We specialize in Auto Window Tinting, Auto Protection Film, Vehicle Wraps and Graphics, Nano Ceramic Coating, Marine & Power Sports, Automotive Lighting, Car Audio & Video, Auto Security, Auto Detailing, and much more!


Double the fun! These Teslas are receiving Tint World®’s Ultimate Window Tint and Ultimate Detailing Package for a look that’s smart inside and out! Stop by your local Tint World® Automotive Styling Center™ and give your ride the VIP treatment it deserves! 🔥 🫵

Photos from Tint World's post 08/23/2023

Tint World’s Window Tint Packages offer shade options from 5% to 70%. Stop by today to learn more about the benefits of window tint and keep your passengers safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays ☀️


Tint World’s Paint Protect Film will keep this Audi RS5 looking "mean and green" for years to come.
Speak to one of our certified installation technicians today and learn about all the ways Tint World ® can help protect your ride and keep it shining for years to come! ✨🍀


Enhance and protect your vehicle’s exterior with Tint World’s Nano Ceramic Coatings. Our ceramic coatings offer extreme durability, scratch and water resistance, and a super glossy-finish. Speak to one of our certified installation technicians today and learn more about all the benefits our ceramic coatings provide. ✨🧼


Tint World®’s Ultimate Tint and Ultimate Detail Packages gave this 2022 C8 Convertible an aggressive look that’s left gleaming even at night! Stop by your local Tint World let our detailing professionals bring back that showroom look to your ride. 🌟


These Jeeps have a fierce one-of-a-kind appearance with awe-inspiring sound courtesy of audio and electronics upgrades from Tint World® and DS18.

Photos from Tint World's post 08/11/2023

This Japanese import, right hand drive, 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser got a modern update with a state-of-the art infotainment system and high-quality speaker install from Tint World®. Visit your local Tint World and learn more about all our Audio & Electronic offerings. 🔥🔊


This Tesla Model X received an Ultimate Window Tint service from Tint World®. Not only does it look amazing, but it offers enhanced comfort, privacy and UV protection. Visit your local Tint World to learn more about our Window Tint Package options.


Enjoy unmatched quality from Tint World®’s Ceramic Tint. 🖤
Call your local Tint World to request a quote and schedule your appointment today!


Important Announcement! It’s possible to have a work truck AND keep it clean! ✨🧼
Tint World® offers several Paint Protection Film packages to help make it easier to keep your ride protected whether you’re on the road or on the job site. Visit your local Tint World® to learn more about or Paint Protection Film packages.


This Ferrari shines brighter than the sun thanks to our Nano Ceramic Coating! 🌟
Stop by your local Tint World to learn more about our Nano Ceramic Coating Packages.


Choosing the right wheels for your vehicle can make the difference between a mild look – and a wild look! 🔥

Help keep your ride wild, free, and protected on the road with a Nano Ceramic Coating package from !
This industry-leading formula is specifically formulated to protect your wheels and is now available at your local Tint World!

Stop by or call to learn more about our Nano Ceramic Coating packages and keep your whole ride looking clean for years to come!


Your vehicle is an investment, protect it’s exterior with Paint Protection Film from Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™! With options ranging from virtually-invisible to textured, colored, and patterned, the possibilities are endless. Visit your local Tint World® today to learn more about our Paint Protection Film Packages! 🛡️✨

Photos from Tint World's post 07/26/2023

Did you know Tint World®’s Nano Ceramic Window Film is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV Protectant? Stop in today to learn about all the benefits our Ultimate Window Tint Packages offer! 🖤


If you like a clean car, you’ll love Tint World®’s Nano Ceramic Coating. Offering years of protection from outdoor elements like rain and bird droppings, you’ll enjoy washing less and driving more. Plus, you’ll Never Wax Again! Speak to one of our certified installation technicians and learn more about how Tint World® can protect your ride and keep it shining 🌟


If it has a steering wheel, bring it to Tint World® for enhanced style and personalization! This Golf Cart received a custom wheel and tire package that looks great on-and-off the green. Now that’s a hole-in-one! Big or small – Tint World® does it all! Stop by today to explore all your customization possibilities!


Whether it’s Classic American Muscle, Exotic Hypercar, or Imported JDM, Tint World® is your destination for automotive aftermarket styling and accessories. Stop by your local Tint World® Automotive Styling Center™ and let us customize your ride to stand out from the crowd!


Professional auto detailing and auto restoration aren’t just for car dealerships and car show enthusiasts - it’s also a great way to maintain the look of your daily driver for years to come! Stop by your local Tint World® and let their professional team give your ride some TLC inside and out. Be sure to ask about our Annual Package specials! 🌟


Window Tint enhances the look of any vehicle, but did you know it can also reject heat and block out the sun’s harmful UV rays?
Keep cool and stay protected all summer long with an Ultimate Window Tint Package from Tint World®, featuring our industry-leading Nano Ceramic Window Film. Contact us today to request a quote or schedule your appointment! ✅


Whether you have Cloth, Alcantara, Leather, or Synthetic Leather – they all share something in common…they need to be cleaned! Fortunately, Tint World® proudly offers professional detailing and restoration services using GYEON USA full line of cutting-edge products! Enjoy doing your own detailing? We get it! Stop by and pick up one of our Tint World® Detailing Kits and do it yourself just like the pros! 🧼✨


Protect your vehicle’s finish from bugs, light scratches, and fading from the sun’s UV rays! ☀️🛡️

Tint World®’s Paint Protection Film is available in multiple colors – so whether you want something virtually undetectable, or a look that makes a statement, you’ll be sure to make an impression wherever the roads take you! Visit your local Tint World® Automotive Styling Center™ and invest in unrivaled protection today!


Whether you want chrome delete, custom graphics, or a full color-change vinyl wrap, let Tint World® help hit the ‘refresh’ button on your ride! This Tesla Model Y has a whole new look thanks to this satin vinyl wrap!

Stop by today and let our experienced team of installation technicians design a head-turning look for your vehicle! 💫


Whether you want chrome delete, custom graphics, or a full color-change vinyl wrap, let Tint World® help hit the ‘refresh’ button on your ride! This Camaro has a whole new look thanks to this satin vinyl wrap!

Stop by today and let our experienced team of installation technicians design a head-turning look for your vehicle!


Give your ride a lasting shield from the elements! Tint World®’s Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle from the rock chips, bird droppings, and mineral deposits encountered during everyday driving.

Call or stop by your local Tint World® Automotive Styling Center™ and have greater peace of mind while out on the road!


This Corvette C8 has a whole new look thanks to a Wheel & Tire Package upgrade from Tint World®.
Stop by your local Tint World® to learn about all the ways you can refresh your ride’s look!


Using your vehicle to make a statement or promote your business? Tint World® has custom Color Change Vinyl Wraps and Graphics that can dramatically change the look of your ride! Stop by and let us create a unique design that’s sure to drop jaws and turn heads!


When it comes to preserving your vehicle’s look, every detail matters! At Tint World®, we understand this more than anyone – that’s why our professionally-trained technicians ensure every detail is covered when installing our Paint Protection Film. With invisible protection from rock chips and scratches, this Porsche looks great, and its owner can enjoy peace of mind on the open roads!


This brand-new Corvette just got our Ultimate Triple Play Package - Ceramic Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, and Nano Ceramic Coating! With protection from the elements inside and out, it’s safe to say this ride will continue to look great for years to come!


Tired of that stock, factory look? Whether you have a lifted truck or a lowered racer, Tint World® carries all the latest aftermarket wheel and tire brands for a custom upgrade that’s sure to turn heads! Stop by today and let our ASE® Certified technicians install a package for you!


If you’ve ever had a rock chip or spider crack in your windshield, you know how unsafe and distracting they can be. Luckily, Tint World® offers Windshield Protection Film to make it up to 6x more resistant to impacts, while also blocking out the sun’s heat and UV rays – now that’s protection inside and out! Stop by and let us put you on the road to protection today! 🖤


Your vehicle is an investment! No matter what you drive, consider adding discrete, enhanced protection from Tint World®. With virtually invisible Paint Protection Films and Nano Ceramic Coatings, your vehicle will stay protected from the elements, helping to retain its look for years to come. For more on our full line of automotive styling and protection services, visit us today!


Tint World® can add aftermarket styling to any vehicle! These EVs were brought in for our Ultimate Nano Ceramic Coating and Ultimate Ceramic Tint Packages, offering years of protection inside and out, for years to come. Going green has never looked this good! 🔋⚡️🏁💨


Did You Know? Window Tint offers much more than just enhanced looks and privacy. Our Ultimate Ceramic Tint Package rejects the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays while protecting your interior from cracking and fading! Plus, it’s computer-cut for a perfect fit, recommended by the skin cancer foundation, and backed by our nationwide, lifetime warranty! Visit us today to schedule your appointment. ✨


Tint World® can maintain your vehicle’s look for years to come with their professional detailing and restoration services! Our certified technicians use the industry’s latest products and equipment, for a finish that will leave your ride looking like it just came off the showroom floor! Call or stop by to learn more about all our detailing package options.


This Mustang Mach 1 made the competition green with envy thanks to an Ultimate Detailing Package from Tint World®. Stop by and let us give your ride a head-turning makeover! 😶‍🌫️ 🧼


If you're looking for a quick and effective way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, window tinting is definitely worth considering. Not only does it provide a sleek and stylish look, but it also helps keep you cool and comfortable during drives. ✅

# windowtint


Protect your investment! We are here to build your dream ride! 🌟


This beauty came in for a partial chrome delete. These small accents change the entire look of the vehicle. Give us a call or stop by to see how we can customize your vehicle! ✅


Porsche 911 GT3 RS x Ultimate PPF Package - All the details of the process and application make part of the art. Call or Stop by now to get protected 👀💯


Is your engine looking dull and dirty? Let Tint World give it the shine it deserves with our professional engine detailing service! 🚗💨💪

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