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Things have been quiet over here, BUT we've been chipping away at it! Sipple’s Speed & Performance Project Tigger is moving along!
Bent up/fit main hoop, rear bars, main hoop cross bar, and supports!
And that's a wrap! Project Hellkitty is done!

We turned the existing RPM Roll Bar into a NHRA certified 8.50 chassis. We reused the main hoop and cut off all the old bars and used our own. Slight bend to the door bars to clear the door handles. Added a Joe's Performance quick release window net mount and a custom set of frame ties!

Sipple’s Speed & Performance, We can't thank you guys enough for letting us step on board and help upgrade your safety program. We appreciate it so much!
Little update for ya! Made a good bit of progress on Sipple’s Speed & Performance Hellkitty! "A" Pillar bars bent and tacked✔ Windshield bar bent and tacked✔ Rear bars tacked✔ A couple more bars and this cage will be complete. Stay tuned!
Merry Christmas 🤶🎅🎄
Make sure to check out the insane Trackhawk Adelaide Auto Expo tonight and tomorrow!

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Sipple’s Speed & Performance got hold of a new Ram TRX -- you know, with the 702 horsepower Hellcat engine -- and managed to punch in another hundo on the horsepower. Check it out. This thing sounds glorious on the chassis dyno!
Top fan here....doing great work Jon keep it up!!
Fun day today. Ripping into a Ram TRX with the evil genius Sipple’s Speed & Performance because, obviously, the thing the Hellcat powered truck really needs is ANOTHER 100 horsepower!
So Nice!
Jon Sipple owner of SSP
Doing work on my broken MAGNUM..R/T
NO DOUBT MY BABY will be brought back to #LIFE
AFTER upgrades and few tweaks
and a tune..this 5.7 Hemi will
HERES TO A RE-BIRTH of a Dis-continued BREED..
Cold start up of Tigger
( thanks for letting me hear and feel the MOPAR RUMBLE JESSICA )
Jon Sipple
late Monday night at SSP!
Pure Drivetrain Solutions presents the Driveshaft Shop & Hemituner Performance Modern Street HEMI Shootout

🔹️8 days til THE ROCK🔹️

Hemituner Performance Rockingham MSHS MODERN STREET HEMI SHOOTOUT EVENT and its guaranteed 15k purse with 2k Z Automotive Technologies KING 🤴 OF THE HILL‼️

🔸️🔸️ VanDrake Racing Event party at The Rock Friday May 14th after the High Horse Performance, Inc. track rental🔸️🔸️



🔹️🔹️MSHS Race Classes🔹️🔹️

🔸️HEMI Outlaw (1/8th mile heads up)
🔸️Super Pro 8.50
🔸️Heavyweight (1/4 mile N/T heads up)

🔹️🔹️ Bonus Rockingham Event Classes🔹️🔹️

🔸️THROWBACK 9.50 INDEX (addon ticket)
🔸️2021 Dragpak Showdown (addon ticket)
🔸️Boost n Juice (included)
🔸️HEMI Grudge

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Cooler HP temps

Performance Transmission Shop specializing in MoPar ZF Transmissions and the NAG1
Modern MoPar Performance upgrades

Operating as usual

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 03/09/2022

Hey Y’all! It’s been a while since we have posted due to some illness and personal events going on but we are back! Feels great to be back in the shop! Chris Shawver’s Limecat is getting a new Engine in the off season so we decided it was a good time to look at his Max Effort trans after a full season of severe abuse. This trans is MINT!! Very happy with what I found! I got to say the tuning Tim Barth is doing with my Max Effort 8 speeds is absolutely awesome!!! Chris’s car has been as fast as 8.30s!! Great Job Team! 😎💪🇺🇸


There it is!!!! 8 second Trackhawk! Congrats Tyler!!! We are super proud to have our Max Effort HP95 trans in that beast!!!!! Great Job by everyone involved!! 💪💥🇺🇸😎

Photos from SteffCo Racing & Fabrication's post 02/08/2022

Time for Tigger to get all the safety equipment required to turn up the power! Tigger is in great hands with SteffCo! If your ready to cage your Modern MoPar reach out to these guys! They do great work! 😎💪💥🇺🇸

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 02/07/2022

It’s that time of year again! Refresh and inspection on Danny M’s Max Effort HP90! This trans lives behind 1600 plus wheel HP in Roxy. An entire season of sever abuse! Billet E drum looks great! Some normal wear and tear on the D clutch and some heat in the A clutch. Overall very pleased with the condition of this unit! Barth tuning is spot on with these Max Efforts! 💪🇺🇸💥💥

Photos from SteffCo Racing & Fabrication's post 02/05/2022

SeffCo knocked it out of the park! Now the thrash will be on to make Orlando! Dropping Tigger off with them tomorrow for a full cage and picking Hellkitty up! 😎🇺🇸💥💪


Stroker Hemi!

Happy Friday Y’all!! It’s been a rough 2 weeks. Jessica and I were sick but we are finally getting better and are back to work. We will do everything we can to get caught back up. I’m the meantime here is a build we just wrapped up! SSP forged stroker Hemi ready for race season! 😎🇺🇸💥💪

Photos from SteffCo Racing & Fabrication's post 01/24/2022

Oh Boy!!!! Major progress on the Hellkitty!!! Looks great Y’all! 😎💪🇺🇸💥


Proud to have a small part in this huge accomplishment!! Great Job Y’all!! 😎💥🇺🇸💪

Photos from Limecat's post 01/20/2022

Limecat!!!! This car runs my Max Effort HP90. Chris beats this car like it owes him money!!! This car does not sit around. Proud to be a part of this sick build! 😎🤣💪💥🇺🇸

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 01/20/2022

Got a couple NAG1s here for the Max Effort Treatment!! 1st one lost an output shaft and smoked some clutches and the 2nd one is stock needing an upgrade for some nitrous passes in a first Gen Charger! 😎💪🇺🇸💥

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 01/18/2022

Congrats to Zdung for taking his Hellcat Charger even further into the 7s!!! This car runs my Billet E drum for the HP90. Honored to have a small part in this huge accomplishment!!! 😎💥💪🇺🇸


Barth Tuning getting it done down in Texas this weekend!!! Proud to have my trans in this car! Congrats Y’all!!! 😎🇺🇸💪💥

Chris & Karen Sargent Shawver went a [email protected] this weekend with Lime Cat!

The car has a ported IHI 2.4 and nitrous behinds a Jon Sipple built a8! That’s a record folks! I’m so proud of their accomplishments with this car!

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 01/14/2022

1300 wheel on a stock A8. Not a happy trans! 😳 I got the cure for that! 😎👌🏻Max Effort Time!


Happy Friday Y’all! We are expecting some winter weather here in the Carolinas this weekend. I got as many cars in the shop as possible to keep these beasts out of the weather! Be safe if your in the area! I will continue to work as long as I have power! 😎🇺🇸💪💥


While everyone is in Texas setting records I am getting my car safer for the 2022 season! Stefco Fab is knocking it out! Tigger is heading there to get a full cage once the Hellkitty is done. Good luck to everyone in Texas! See you at the track soon! 😎🇺🇸💪💥

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 01/10/2022

Hard at it this Monday! Got the Charger all back together and ready for break it! Got an engine diaper on this one as well! Safety first Y’all!! 😎🇺🇸❤️💪💥

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 01/07/2022

Got a refresh in the house from Scott the owner of AMP in Florida. I had upgraded him to a billet E drum last summer. This is the charger that is on the cover page for the shop doing the massive wheel stand. Lol 😂 . 3 passes with the new drum the driveshaft exploded on the trans end. Scott had replaced the driveshaft and kept on racing. Shortly after that he unfortunately lost an Engine in Texas which caused a sever fire and burned the car pretty badly. We decided to take a look at the trans while the rebuild was happening this winter. This unit has 20 passes on it but also survived a driveshaft failure and a massive fire. The tail shaft bearing was damaged from the driveshaft. Other than seals and that bearing it is mint! I am so glad Scott was not hurt. He and I both lost engines and caught on fire in Texas. Safety is now on the forefront of my program. 🇺🇸💪💥😎

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 01/06/2022

Took a little break from all the transmissions to get this engine swap done for a very patient customer. This one spit a rod out. Stock bottom end wasn’t up to the task. The SSP forged stroker will certainly be a great improvement to this Bad Ass Hellcat! 🇺🇸💪💥😎


Happy New Year!!!! We are starting 2022 off strong with a HP95 and Tcase heading to Moscow!! 😎💥💪🇺🇸

Photos from SteffCo Racing & Fabrication's post 01/02/2022

Excited to have SteffCo get our Hellkitty safer for us this upcoming season! We are installing a Gibbons/SSP 419 stroker with all the goodies to make a run at the 8.50 class!! We take safety very seriously and are proud to have these guys make sure we are ready! 😎💥🇺🇸💪


Jessica and I would like to wish all of our customers and fans a Very Merry Christmas!!! We have had a record breaking year with our Max Effort Transmissions! This would not be possible without the support of all the shops and customers that use them! Today will be the last day of operation for 2021. We will be closed until January 3rd so we can spend time with family and friends. We will answer messages and texts today and then resume business as usual on the 3rd. Thanks again for the amazing support! ❤️😎💪💯🇺🇸💥


Holmberg Motorsports FTW!! Thanks for trusting us for your transmission needs!! 😎🇺🇸💥💪

Just another killer SSP transmission going into some crazy HP!

We only use the best in the business! And when it comes to these HP90 8spds Jon is the best hands down! We couple this with trans tuning from Barth and watch out! The perfect combination!

Jon Sipple

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 12/10/2021

Little 411 action this morning! Rob is getting things ready for the install! 😎💪🇺🇸💥

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 12/08/2021

Got an extremely noisy and non functioning NV146 T case in for a build. Less than a 1000 miles on the unit.(Customer bought it used) I Couldn’t understand why it was so messed up until I found sand blasting media throughout the unit. 🤦‍♂️ When it comes to rebuilding transmissions and transfer cases it is critical to ensure the parts/case are clean. All the bearings and clutch pack are now junk. Such a shame. I do not media blast my parts and this is why. This stuff hides everywhere.

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 12/08/2021

Stopped by Gibbons Motorsports to pick up the 411 and was pleasantly surprised to see the pistons for my 419 are finally here!!!! I should have the short block for the shop’s Hellkitty in a few weeks! Look for build updates on both the shop cars as we prepare for the 2022 season! 😎🇺🇸💪💥


3 more Max Efforts ready to ship out! Australia, Connecticut, and Los Angles!! 😎🇺🇸💪💥


Another Max Effort HP90 deep in the 8s!! Congrats Mario!

Photos from Sipple’s Speed & Performance's post 12/03/2021

Little teaser of our next Engine. 411 Stroker being done over at Gibbons Motorsports for us. This will make its way in a Hellcat Charger here soon! 😎💥💪🇺🇸


Awesome Pair of Hellcat Powered Beasts ready to go back to Texas! Tim Barth on the keyboard! Excellent job as always from Barth Tuning! 😎🇺🇸💪


If your not on ECMPTS web site ordering parts in your PJs, your doing it wrong!! Epic sale! Don’t miss out! 😎🇺🇸💥💪


We will be closed Thursday 11/25 and Friday 11/26 for Thanksgiving. We hope everyone has a great holiday and we will be back to work Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!! 🦃

Genuine OEM Mopar Parts & Accessories | | EastcoastMoparts 11/20/2021

Genuine OEM Mopar Parts & Accessories | | EastcoastMoparts

Just in time for Christmas Y’all!! This is an incredible sale that I take advantage of every year!

Genuine OEM Mopar Parts & Accessories | | EastcoastMoparts is proud to have an exceptional parts specialists staff that will answer all of your fitment questions. We offer genuine factory direct OEM Mopar parts and accessories to keep your vehicle running smooth.


Our friends from Down Under showing us some love! Jeep looks Killer! Great Job! 😎💪💥

Make sure to check out the insane Trackhawk Adelaide Auto Expo tonight and tomorrow!

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We build transmissions for several shops across the country and a few around the world! Barth Tuning is by far our biggest client when it comes to Max Effort builds. We are honored to provide transmissions to them! Tim took a chance on me over 2 years ago on a trans build which has led to enormous success!! I can’t thank Tim enough for the opportunity! Let’s see what we can do together in 2022!!! SSP Max Effort Transmissions , SunCoast Performance Converters and Clutch Kits and Barth Tuning will continue to push the envelope!

When you need a transmission that will actually last in a high hp car!

We have tested the Jon Sipple transmission all year in some very high horse power cars. All at full weight, extreme torture and high hp. These things just don’t give out.

Couple his transmission with the Suncoast converter and Barth Tcm tuning and you’ll have a setup that won’t ever let you down.

We have spent an entire year tweaking the tcm for this setup to optimize its performance and keep the transmission happy.

Jon tore down a trans for us after 6 months of heavy track abuse with 1600whp, 8.30 et’s and 4640#’s! He said the fluid looked like it had just been put in the car!

I’m very happy to have such a great product to offer that I know won’t let a client down with a failure. I’ve used all the other names in the industry and they don’t even come close to a Sipple transmission for reliability and strength.

Here is a picture of the next lucky high hp car we are assembling now getting this bad boy setup.

Hit me up if you need to step it up to a Sipple transmission.😉


If you know, you know…… 😎 Cam Motion always comes through for SSP!!! 💥💪🇺🇸

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Stroker Hemi!
6.2 SSP Engine!
2.9 Whipple!!
Procharged 6spd Magnum!



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