Hearing Aids for You

Hearing Aids for You

We have the new "Made for iPhone hearing aids!" 107 Kilson Drive Ste 104
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Over the past 32 years I have thoroughly enjoyed helping my patients hear better, but the time has come for me to explore the benefits of retirement. I would like to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. Your trust in my abilities has been personally and professionally rewarding.

Your ongoing care is very important to me. After my departure, Rob Pinion with Best Value Hearing Care Center will become your new practitioner. I personally chose to merge my practice with Best Value Hearing Care because of their excellent reputation and 40 plus years of experience serving a 12 county area in Western North Carolina, including Mooresville. Plus, I have been personal friends with Jim Young, the owner of Best Value, for over 20 years. I’m confident you will be in good hands.

Nancy will remain in her same position and the phone number, (704) 663-0223, and location will remain the same so you will have no trouble reaching them.


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Hearing Loss And Driving With Audio Books, Music, More - AARP

Here are a few helpful tips for listening to music and audio books in the car.

aarp.org Here's some of the latest technology to help those driving with hearing loss to better enjoy music and audio book features.

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Hearing Loss Treatment for Brain Health, Safety and More - AARP

4 Reasons to treat hearing loss

aarp.org Treating your hearing loss can help you live a healthier, happier life. Here's why.


Don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to your hearing aids. NuEar hearing aids have Surface™ NanoShield to help protect against moisture and ear wax.


edition.cnn.com 07/20/2016

Heading to a concert? Don't forget your earplugs

The summer season is full of outdoor concert opportunities. Before you head out to one, make sure you pack your hearing protection.

edition.cnn.com Pack earplugs for your next concert. A study found that they can prevent temporary hearing loss immediately following loud music exposure.

washingtonpost.com 07/18/2016

We treat hearing loss as an inevitable cost of war. It shouldn’t be.

One of the many unseen injuries of our military members is hearing loss.

washingtonpost.com If there is a single injury that afflicts military personnel more than any other, it would be hearing loss and and tinnitus, a ringing in the ears.

washingtonpost.com 07/15/2016

Uber aims to put more deaf drivers on the roads

We hope other companies take note of this and start following Uber's lead.

washingtonpost.com The company is joining with a nonprofit group to tackle the deaf unemployment ‘crisis.’

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Just Dance: This Deaf Teen Is Chasing Her Dream In The Coolest Way

One should always follow their dreams, and we are happy to see this teen do just that.

huffingtonpost.com.au From the outset, Macy Baez is just like any other fashion-forward teen: ocean blue Rihanna-esque nail

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Hear Brian Johnson Talk Hearing Loss: 'I've Had a Pretty Good Run'

Brian Johnson from AC/DC has announced his retirement due to his hearing loss.

rollingstone.com "I've had such a lucky and great life," singer says. "And I'm just thankful really that I came out of it in one piece"

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Hearing Loss and Travel, What Airlines Can Do - AARP

Here are a few tips for airlines on how they could better help their passengers with hearing loss.

aarp.org Captioned safety announcements and in-flight entertainment are two of several ways that airlines can better accommodate passengers with hearing loss.


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Fireworks Can Lead to Hearing Loss

Happy Independence Day! Make sure you and your family members are wearing hearing protection when you go to watch the fireworks.

boystownhospital.org Whether you are shooting fireworks in your drive-way or watching a public display, you could be at risk of having some hearing damage.

pnj.com 07/01/2016

Hearing aids bring smiles, tears on mission trips

A member of the NuEar hearing network recently helped Starkey Hearing Foundation fit those in need with hearing aids in Zacatecas, Mexico. She started working with Starkey Hearing Foundation in the early 2000s.

pnj.com Patricia Russo, owner of Professional Hearing Aid Center in Pensacola, travels on mission trips to fit those in need with hearing aids

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New Brain Atlas Reveals Where Words Are Stored

This is mind blowing – pun intended

livescience.com A new brain atlas of language can reveal which brain regions process different aspects of language in the brain.

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Forbes Welcome

What a great way to make toys more inclusive for all kids #ToyLikeMe

forbes.com Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.


A Chance At A Better Life

This Father’s Day we want to share this story of how one son was affected by his father’s hearing loss. After watching his father become isolated because he wouldn’t recognize his hearing loss, John takes the leap to get hearing aids for a chance at a better life. Contact us today to learn how we can fit you with these amazing hearing aids.

After watching his father become isolated from life because he wouldn't recognize his hearing loss, John takes the leap to get hearing aids for a chance at a...


Losing your hearing isn’t the same as breaking a bone, which often can be broken and repaired multiple times. Hearing loss can’t be repaired – it’s permanent. Once you have lost even a fraction of your hearing, there is no going back. Here is a list of helpful tips to continue hearing your best.


americaslibrary.gov 06/14/2016

Flag Day Celebrated

Happy Flag Day! Do you know your Flag Day history?



Requested URL cannot be found

It is important to realize you are not alone if you have hearing loss.

aarp.org We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found. The page has either been removed, renamed or is temporarily unavailable.

healthyhearing.com 06/10/2016

Are your hearing aids ready for fun in the sun?

We have finally made it through those winter months! Here are a few tips on how to take care of your hearing aids during these summer months.

healthyhearing.com Before you go on spring break, make sure your hearing aids are prepared for the onslaught of wind, water and sand.

healthyhearing.com 06/08/2016

Exercise your ears: Apps and games to keep hearing sharp

Exercise is important to living a healthy life, but don’t forget to exercise your ears.

healthyhearing.com In the age of stunning technology, people living with hearing loss have many options - literally ...

upworthy.com 06/06/2016

When his wife developed Alzheimer's, Bill got to return all the love she'd always given him.

A real life prince charming

upworthy.com "I count it a great privilege to care for the woman that I've loved all of these years and continue to love."


Be Like Theo - Listen Carefully

Make sure to always Listen Carefully.

One in eight young Americans has permanent hearing loss from loud sounds. #BeLikeTheo and protect your hearing.


Eating healthy is important to keep your heart healthy. Here are 7 tips on how to shop healthy as a senior.

buzzfeed.com 05/27/2016

Take This Test To See How Well You Can Hear

Watch this video to see what hearing loss is like and how that affects things like your speech, easy tests you can do at home!

buzzfeed.com Get on our frequency.


The TruLink app paired with your iNOW hearing aids will make listening in your car an entirely new experience. Learn more about the TruLink app.


The key to good hearing is having a healthy auditory system. And the key to a healthy auditory system is sufficient blood flow to critical areas, particularly the cochlea.

mashable.com 05/20/2016

For people with hearing loss, these speakers sound loud and clear

A speaker made specifically for people with hearing loss? Finally you can be distracted and still know what’s happening on your favorite TV show!

mashable.com Hypersound Clear uses ultrasound to cut through hearing loss and deliver mid- and high-frequency audio directly to your ears using nothing more than air.


Here are a few things you can expect at a hearing care appointment.


well.blogs.nytimes.com 05/13/2016

What Causes Hearing Loss

Have you ever wondered what causes hearing loss? Or if what you are doing is slowly causing yourself to lose hearing? Here are a few tips on how to protect your hearing and the hearing of others around you.

well.blogs.nytimes.com Tens of millions of Americans, including 12 percent to 15 percent of schoolchildren, have permanent hearing damage caused by everyday noise.


my wife hearing for the first time! its amazing!

Hearing can really bring loved ones together. Watch this touching video of a wife hearing her husband’s voice for the first time.

my wife lost her hearing when she was 2.5 years old doctors told her family she would never be able to talk. she was able to hear for a while with hearing ai...


Tell your teenager to TURN IT DOWN, here’s why:


A new test could detect early hearing loss in cystic fibrosis patients:

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To ensure the fullest quality in hearing aid durability against the elements, our hearing aid technology tests for the r...
Hearing loss impacts more than just our ability to hear and understand others. It can also contribute to other medical c...
Our NuEar iSDS wireless hearing aid technology enhances new media devices! See how the Apple Watch is compatible through...
Hearing is one of the most under-appreciated senses as it relates to our ability to fully enjoy all of life’s precious m...
Ever wonder how an ear impression becomes a custom-made hearing aid shell to fit comfortably in your ear? Watch this sho...
Our NuEar iSDS wireless hearing aid technology doesn't limit using many of the new devices for those with hearing loss, ...
Far too many working professionals struggle with hearing loss on a daily basis. Watch how John made the simple decision ...



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