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I will NEVER buy gas station/drug store lip balms again!! My lips are SO soft, SO moisturized! It’s lasted so much longer on my lips as well! Love you girl and love this product I will for sure continue to buy from you and you alone❣️😚

Luxury Skincare
Handcrafted | Natural | Clean | Non-Toxic | High Performance | Cruelty Free & Vegan


Come see me at Alta Convenience for Indispensable Skincare, Olathe Sweet Corn & Palisade Peaches!! 🤍🙏🏽
Possibly will be having salsas and veggies next week or the week after! I’ll be there almost every day from 7-5 depending on the day of week so just look for my canopy 🤪
Huge thank you to everyone who has stopped to buy peaches so far! 🫶🏽


Rose Facial Serum 😍🌹
Available for purchase tomorrow at 6PM Mountain Time!!

Three Key Ingredients ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
☆ Rose hydrosol may sooth irritated skin, reduce redness, restore pH balance, unclog pores, hydrate & help balance sebum

☆ Aloe Vera has a cooling effect, it moisturizes the skin while also fighting against aging, reducing acne and lightening blemishes.

☆ Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally-occurring molecule in the body. It attracts moisture while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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🌹 Rose Facial Serum 🌹
This hyaluronic acid based serum will be available for purchase on our website Friday May 27th at 6PM Mountain time.
The rose facial serum is amazing for hydration, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. It contains Aloe Vera and Glycerin for added hydration! Infused with Rose Petals and Rose Buds for added color and beneficial properties such as collagen. 🥀❤️‍🔥


What is your biggest skin concern?


Make sure you are shaking your lotion before every use and keeping it in a dry cool place!!
This hot weather WILL melt that lotion and it will need to be mixed 🥰🍍

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Hawaiian Devotion Lotion🍍🧴
The perfect lightweight, quick absorbing lotion! This none sticky, none greasy formula leaves your skin looking so smooth, bright & hydrated while soothing dry, irritated skin! It can be used for the hands, body and face! We recommend shaking well before every use and keeping it in a cool place as the formula can get runny when in stored in a hot place!

The pineapple and sandalwood notes make it a perfect subtle scent for both men and women. 🤍🌿


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas reading this with babies in heaven, the pregnant mommas, the ones with their earth angels and the bonus mommas! We hope you have a high vibrational day full of blessings and are celebrating how you deserve 💗

Our Hawaiian Devotion Lotion is now up on the website! AHHHH I know y’all have been waiting for them & there’s a limited amount right now so go get yours!!! 🌴🍍

Use code “MOMSGIFT” for 10% off site wide! No minimum order required 🥰 🤍🌿 (coupon code applied)



Ladieessss!! 🗣🤍
Don’t forget to buy a ticket for the Mother’s Day gift basket!! We can ship it to the winner!
There are only seven tickets left for basket #1 & eight tickets left for basket #2!!! Pick your vibe and get yourself, your mom or a momma you love this beautiful gift for only $25!

A $100 worth basket for 1/4 of the price! 😍😛🤍🌿✨

Basket #1 is amazing for the mommas who want to hide aging signs, relax with a lit candle & wine 🧖🏽‍♀️🍷✨

Basket #2 is perfect for the mommas who love going on a coffee run in the morning and a relaxing bath or shower in the evening 😴🫧🛁🧼

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Mother’s Day Raffle!! 💗 Lovely Leslie
10 numbers available for each basket! (I will comment under each photo when a number is taken for the basket)
$25 a number!! Shipping available so anyone can enter!

Basket #1 is more señora vibes while basket #2 is more señorita vibes, mommas of all ages get something they like that they will be able to put good use to! 🤪

Cashapp $lesliegsanchez for a number (don’t forget basket # in the note) or dm me for an invoice if you do not have cashapp!!
Please share!! 😇 Sponsored by Indispensable Skincare & Nenas Cosmetics


Getting Mother’s Day baskets ready for another raffle this week!!! I will be adding much more and closing them with a plastic film or something similar! Can’t wait to finish them 😍

Also new products will be dropping this month instead as I am still waiting on our new labels, they’re a bit tricky but our label guy is going to give us his best! 🤍🌿

Edit - the labels are too difficult to work with so we will be needing to keep looking for an affordable label maker! Thank you all for your patience and I’m so sorry for the wait!

In the mean time check out the products we have in stock! 😍 Everything is made fresh, we just stocked more lash & brow serums as well as lip balms! We will have more serums, lotions and scrubs coming soon as well, keep a look out 🥳


I’ve invested so much blood sweat & tears into this business! I will never give up on it 🤍🌿

I know so many people think it’s just “mixing things together” but it is so much more than that. Learning about different compounds and how they work together scientifically to help heal and nurture the skin has been only one of the many many things I have learned over the past year and a half! When I tell you Science used to be my least favorite class you wouldn’t believe me! I’ve always loved science deep down but only the experimental part! In high school it was all just reading and tests I missed the experiments of the middle school and elementary school classes! Growing up and doing these experiments now, on my own as a business has been so fun and fulfilling!! I can’t tell you the amount of videos I’ve watched about anhydrous, aqueous product formulations and other emulsions! I constantly go back to my notebook to note new information down! Sometimes it gets hard, no sales for days or weeks but I’m still here & I will find that balance I need to keep things moving. I’m not rich YET but the dreams I have for this business go beyond just money. To think this all started with one lip balm formulation that ended up healing my overly chapped lips in one use to now creating all kinds of skincare products that are effective & clean of harsh chemicals. Let’s CARE FOR YOUR SKIN & be bougie on a budget together! Link always in bio. 🧴🛒

Comment to tell me about some of your newfound passions!! 🕊❤️


Sometimes life gets so chaotic that we forget to take some time for ourselves to just be present and relax. 🥲
Unwind in a bath with our Citrus Bath soak. It’s natural properties will have your skin feeling soft, energized and smelling so sweet. You deserve that. Infused with rose petals, lavender buds & dried citric fruits such as oranges and grapefruit! Read more with the link in our bio. 🤍🌿
Order online to receive within 3-5 days or get yours in stores @badprinc3ss located at 1009 E Main St. Montrose Colorado. 💗



Happy Easter to everyone celebrating! 🐣✝️
Here are 8 of our products that you need in your skincare routine!
Search “luxury spa head wrap” to swear while you cleanse and/or during a bath!
Search “Citrus Bath Soak” for a relaxing bath in botanicals and dried fruit.
Search “Pure Clarity Shower Steamers” if you want a relaxing aromatherapy shower! Perfect for those who don’t enjoy baths and those who don’t have a bath tub.
Search “Tea Tree Lip Balm” for our best selling lip balm, complete moisture and cold sore fighting benefits!
Search “Jade Roller” for a de puffing, tool that promotes circulation of the face and neck.
Search “CC H**p Delight Facial Oil” for an oil with many benefits such as acne fighting, anti aging and softening agents!
Search “Lash & Brow Serum” for complete eyelash and eyebrow growth! Use consistently 3-6 months for maximum growth results!
Search “Hawaiian Devotion Lotion” for a lightweight non greasy lotion that will hydrate and moisturizer your skin while increasing collagen production.


I absolutely LOVE the soapy and bubbly lather this scrub builds up as you’re washing your hands 😍 It feels so velvety, smooth and refreshing!!
Formulated with poppy seeds for exfoliation, dragon fruit essential oil for a super luscious softening effect & lemon essential oil for many other benefits such as anti inflammatory, antioxidants and antibacterial properties!
Only $35-45 on

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Bottles & Ingredients for our Hawaiian Devotion Lotion were just delivered!! Can’t wait for the labels to be finished, they’re going to look so good!
@middlemanmediallc has been a great help to us in getting our labels done as best as they are able to look at a very affordable price, give them a follow & get your labels/stickers/decals! You won’t be disappointed.
Also sign up for our emails and test messages, be the first to know when new products are available on the website. We have one lotion left for presale, ships next day, dm us to order it today! 🤍🌿

Indispensable Skincare added a View Shop button to their Page. 04/10/2022

Indispensable Skincare added a View Shop button to their Page.

Indispensable Skincare added a View Shop button to their Page.

Indispensable Skincare added a View Shop button to their Page. 04/10/2022

Indispensable Skincare added a View Shop button to their Page.

Indispensable Skincare added a View Shop button to their Page.

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If you’re ever looking to support me but you are not interested in buying my products or simply don’t need any products I have on the website at the moment please feel free to invest and donate to my business and support me in that way!! 🙏🏽🤝🏽

I am so so appreciative of all donations that come through no matter how big or small! Even $2 can make or break a small business 🤍🌿 I can’t wait for all our new products to be uploaded to the website but as a single mother with not much help it is extremely hard for me to just move things along quickly! Thank you for continuing to be so patient with me! I do what I do with all the love in my heart, my products will always be only the best of the best for y’all 💗🥹

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Our Tea Tree Lip Balms are restocked!! So super excited about these they’re my absolute fav, how pretty is that green color!? (The color is not a tint) These balms smell amazing, are sooo buttery & apply so smooth! They are long lasting too; apply once and it will keep your lips moisturized for hours! Our formula is meant to lock in the moisture while healing! They will not give your lips a shine. They are perfect for men & women! If you want the shine please pair it with our lip oils! Only 4.50 on our website!! Link is always in the bio. 🤍🌿

Tea Tree also helps heal and prevent cold sores while also healing chapped or sun damaged lips giving you a beautiful plump pout 🫦

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I absolutely LOVE the soapy and bubbly lather this scrub builds up as you’re washing your hands 😍 It feels so velvety, s...
I have a lot going on financially right now, I've had to put a pause on my rebrand but I know y'all won't be disappointe...
Remember our Rose Cleanser? We're making a super food formula just like it (powder to foam)! We're so excited to try it ...
If you could test any of our products for free, which would you choose? 👀♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡#producttester #productreviews #...



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