We Heart REFIT

We Heart REFIT


We got the call we wanted today!! The mass that was removed from Floyd's stomach lining was not cancerous. PTL...and thank you prayer warriors for lifting us in prayer!! Merry CHRISTmas.
Hello ladies of REFIT and Rev+Flow. Thanks so much for ordering wreaths and popcorn from Jerry. We all appreciate your support each year! I picked up the wreaths tonight. You should smell my garage! I will sort tomorrow and bring to class on Thursday if you'll be there. Popcorn comes in on Saturday so I will be bringing that on Monday (or into next week).
Thanks again!!!
Prayer warriors I need YOU!!!
We need prayers (again) and maybe some guidance too. Floyd's dad, also a Floyd, was released from the hospital last Friday after being in for a week and leaving with a diagnosis of cancer, in multiple places. On Tuesday of this week he was not feeling well and very, very weak. On Wednesday he had a teleconference with his doctor which lead the doctor to want him to come into the office. Today he went in and had bloodwork done, which came back bad. He is being taken back into to hospital right now. They think he may be experiencing liver failure. Please raise Floyd in prayer, and his entire family.
Floyd lives in California, the second worst state experiencing COVID-19. Floyd, my husband will be driving down but I need thoughts/prayers on if I should travel with him along with our son Jerry. We have tonight to pray on it.
THANK YOU. Much love for all.
Hope its ok to post this here. I got this from one of my bible study friends.
Awesome Rev+Flow class tonight, Jackie! Loved the mix. Will feel it in the morning!!
Although I couldn't seem to spit out what I was so thankful for on Thursday, I sure was glad we had our pinky prayer time together!!

Is there refit tomorrow?
Feeling STRONGER!!
The song that makes us do an 'X' in the air used to be sooo hard for me-not tonight!! Awesome songlist too...one that kept us moving!!
Just want to share that on sat morning at 10 we are having our tree cut down. Could everyone please park in the church parking lot.Thank you we will have a few no parking signs posted in the street. Thanks so much for parking in the parking lot.
On Easter one of my sisters said I needed to start doing squats because I'm losing my butt (she used another word though). Thankful for every.single.squat tonight, my friends!! At least that is what I'm saying tonight...we will see what tomorrow brings!
I’m here and ready to dance! Then draw and journal! See you at 9:00!
It’s a joyful REFIT® morning! Meet us on the dance floor at 9:00 am.

REFIT® is for everybody and every BODY. You are enough. You belong here.

Operating as usual


REV+FLOW Round 11 Wk 4 Class 7! Starts at 5:30!


REFIT® in the morning at 9:00 am!


Round 11 (Wk 3 Class 6) tonight at 5:30!


REFIT® at 5:30!


Round 11, Week 3 Class #5!

Music starts at 5:30!


Congrats Sheryl! You won the April card drawing.


REFIT® at 9:00 am tomorrow!


Round 11 #4 tonight at 5:30!


REFIT® at 5:30 pm today!


REV+FLOW Round 11, Class #3 tonight at 5:30 pm!


Rise and shine with REFIT® at 9:00 am!


Round 11 Class #2 tonight at 5:30 pm


It’s REFIT® day! See you at 5:30!


Round 11 officially starts tonight at 5:30!


Round 11 launches tomorrow!


Join us in the morning at 9:00 am for REFIT!


Last chance for Round 10 tonight at 5:30!

Launching around 11 on Monday! I’m putting it here so I’m committed to continue practicing thru the weekend and bring it to you Monday! Class starts at 5:30!


It’s REFIT® Tuesday! Join us at 5:30 pm!


See you at 5:30 pm for REV+FLOW!


REFIT® tomorrow at 9:00 am!


REV+FLOW at 5:30 tonight! See you there!


It’s REFIT® day! See you at 5:30!!


REV+FLOW at 5:30! Join us.


I TAKE THAT BACK! STAY HOME! It’s an ice rink on the roads. 🥺

See you there at 9:00!


See you there at 9:00!


We are planning for REFIT® class in the morning at 9:00 am, but Mother Nature might have other plans in store.

Please stay tuned...


REV+FLOW at 5:30! See you there!

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Tonight is the last of our FREE appreciation week classes!

REFIT® starts at 5:30! Then we will end with special heartwork and prizes!

If you missed the challenges, here they are again! There’s still time to get in the drawing for a prize by completing one or more of these!

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Today is class #3 of our appreciation FREE classes and don’t forget the challenges!

REV+FLOW at 5:30!


We’re ready to REFIT®! Join us at 9:00!

Photos from We Heart REFIT's post 02/24/2022

Tonight’s the night we kick off FREE CLASSES! See you for REV+FLOW at 5:30!


As suspected, NO CLASS TODAY!

We will extend our appreciation classes through next Tuesday to make up for yesterday and today's classes!

The TobyMac & Cheese event is STILL ON for Saturday!

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