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Anytime Fitness Monroe, MI

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Here at Anytime Fitness Monroe, we are a results driven gym, with 24/7 access to over 3,500 location


Josh is a certified trainer/ strongman competitor and he will build a program that will get you the results you need! He has worked with many different people with varying goals, but one thing is for certain. HE WILL GET YOU RESULTS! Josh sets up programs for his clients that showcase growth overtime. His approach to programming has never failed and we are proud to have him on TEAM AF!


Gym or Home, Together or Alone, Work Out Anywhere and be


Resistance bands are a great way to target the glutes, and they can be incorporated into many different exercises. Squats, deadlifts, or even your bench press can be optimized to target your glutes! It's not about the movements you do but how they are done, so ask our trainer Regann Strong how to incorporate resistance bands into your B***y Camp routine!


AF Fitness Tip💡Workout Splits

When conducting a fitness program it is most important to choose the split that compliments your goals best. Your muscles need time to recover so hitting the same exercises daily can be counterproductive. In order to build the perfect program you must make time for your muscles to heal from the stress you put on them. The most common split is Push - Pull - Legs and that is because it gives plenty of time for the body to heal and it is a very simple rule to follow. If the exercise is a pulling motion it goes on pull day, if you are pushing weight away from the body it goes on push day, and the last day is a Leg day. Of course there are other muscle groups you need to incorporate into your routine like core or grip training, but they can be implemented on the day of your choosing as long as you are giving yourself enough time to heal before hitting that muscle again.

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself and without it, you are wasting valuable time. We pride ourselves in building the best programs for our members, so give us a call and we will make sure you are reaching your goals 2 - 3 times faster! Working out smarter will give you more free time, and you'll achieve your goals with less effort. Lets comb through your routine together and get you the results you want!


Grab your spouse, best friend, or a stranger and participate in the February Challenge!
The pair that achieves the most results (whether is be strength increase, weight loss, lean body mass increase, etc) will win 4 week free group personal training! 💜🩷❤️




Does anyone else feel like January flew by? 😳 Tell us about your biggest fitness win so far in 2024.


But fitness goals? We know a thing or two about those.
The personalized plan our Coaches create for you will make you feel like you finally found someone who really just...gets you, you know?


Looking to burn fat but you can't seem to find the time to get a long cardio session in? Let us introduce you to HIIT Training!
HIIT Training is a form of cardio that takes much less time and research has shown it burns 25% - 30% more calories than other workouts.
What is HIIT Training?
It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Basically, you would be doing an explosive exercise for around 20 seconds and then resting for about 40 seconds. What this does is create variability in your heart rate and that burns calories! When you do a long duration cardio your heart rate spikes and then stabilizes after a certain amount of time. Long duration cardio is good for cardiovascular health, but if your goal is to trim body fat then HIIT Training is the way to go!
HIIT Training sessions only last between 10-30 minutes.
EVERYONE has 10 minutes!
Our trainers are experts in explosive workouts you can complete in little to no time. Stop on in during staffed hours and ask us about HIIT Training and we will point you in the right direction. Give us a call and we will run you through a workout on us! We will give you a full breakdown, so we can keep you injury free and moving toward the body/strength of your dreams!

Rest (Kinda) Easy with This Active Recovery Workout 01/30/2024

Take it easy (but not *too* easy) with this active recovery workout to reduce soreness and repair your muscles.

Rest (Kinda) Easy with This Active Recovery Workout What active recovery days are and how they help you reach your fitness goals faster, plus a quick full-body active recovery workout routine.

The Ultimate Pre-Workout Guide: What Is Pre-Workout and How to Use It 01/29/2024

Pre-workout isn't just for powerlifters — learn how it can help you work out longer, lift heavier, and see results quicker. 👇

The Ultimate Pre-Workout Guide: What Is Pre-Workout and How to Use It For those days when going to the gym feels harder than usual, pre-workout is a great way to kick your butt into gear.

Couch to 5K: Everything You Need to Know Before Stepping on the Treadmill 01/26/2024

We see you sitting on the couch right now...‍that means you're in the perfect position to start this couch to 5K plan.

Couch to 5K: Everything You Need to Know Before Stepping on the Treadmill Whether you’re a pro runner or just getting started, training will be key to a successful 5K. Here's our tips and training plan to help you crush your next 5k!

Ultimate Flex: Pull Day Workout Routine for Max Muscle Gains 01/24/2024

Want gym selfie-worthy biceps, forearms, and back muscles? Then you need this pull day workout. No clue what we're talking about? Head to the blog to get the deets.

Ultimate Flex: Pull Day Workout Routine for Max Muscle Gains Discover the importance of pull day workouts, plus 6 pulling exercises that are customizable — making them perfect for every body.

5 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight While Working Out 01/23/2024

Gaining weight while working out could actually be a good sign. Find out why on the blog.

5 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight While Working Out You’ve been working out and sticking to a healthy diet — so why is your weight going up? Let's break it down.




Rise and grind! 👏 The morning training clients at Anytime Fitness in Eden Prairie, MN, crushed their workout! Who's making it to the gym today? Let’s do this!


Having a coach is VITAL to your success. Give Regann Strong a try and she will lead you to a healthier lifestyle! Every prominent figure you idolize has a trainer or at least someone who breaks down their workouts. Train SMARTER not HARDER and utilize the tools you are given. Stop in an speak with Regann or call 734-384-3376 to set up a time for her to look over your routine. We all have holes in our training and a second look may just be what you need!


No matter what time you do it, working out is better with a Coach.
Tell us your favorite time to work out in the comments with a ️🌞 or 🌚.


Join Anytime Fitness and learn skills that will actually benefit you in real life (and have nothing to do with trigonometry).


How do you start your morning? We'll go first: ☕ + 💜 + 🍳

🏋️ - Headphones on, straight to the weights
💜 - Group Training on the purple turf
📱 - Anytime Fitness App workout
🍳 - Yummy breakfast and water
☕️ - Coffee. All the coffee...


And with a personalized workout plan made by your Coach, it's almost impossible.
Use to tell us how your 2024 fitness goals are going.


What's your fav: squats or deadlifts?


AF Health Tip💡HABITS
Here are some tips to build strong positive habits as outlined by James Clear in his best selling book "Atomic Habits"

1. Start with an incredibly small habit.
This makes the habit easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Make the habit so simple you can't say no to it. Instead of setting a goal of 50 push ups a day, start with just 5.

2. Increase your habit in very small ways.
Just like strongmen increase weight and intensity pound by pound it's the best approach with any habit. A one percent improvement every day compounds overtime and turns into huge success!

3. As you build up, break habits into chunks.
If your goal was to do 50 pushups a day, then doing 5 sets of 10 throughout the day will make reaching that goal easier. Make sure the habit is reasonable so you can maintain momentum moving forward.

4. When you slip, get back on track quickly.
In the book, James has a rule of never missing your habit twice. Even top performers in every field slip up from time to time, but the reason they sustain their success is their ability get back on track as quickly as possible. Do not expect to fail, but you should plan for failure. What are possible obstacles that can knock you off course, and what can you do to bounce back from them?

5. Be patient. Stick to a pace you can sustain.
We all want to make that decision that changes our life forever, and we will remain on that path for as long as we live. As sweet as it may sound it is not sustainable overtime. It takes a month to build a habit, but it takes 3 months to break one. Take your time getting there and your old habits will eventually become obsolete.

Need help building healthy and sustainable habits? Come speak with our trainers who specialize in achieving that work / life balance. We work with overtime workers and busy parents to include things they want to get done, but don't feel they have the time. We're called ANYTIME for a reason, and that is so you will always have the opportunity to maintain healthy habits around what's important in your life!


According to the National Institutes of Health, people who reported "enjoyment" as their motivation were more likely to exercise regularly.

So, if you're aiming to with your gym goals, find movement that brings you joy! 🌟

We'd love to know: what kind of workouts do YOU love?

Recipe: Build Your Own Grain Bowl 01/15/2024

🍚 ½ cup grains
🥩 4–6 oz. protein
🥦 Vegetables (choose your favs)
🫗 2 tbsp. sauce
🌱 ¼ cup toppings

Fill the bottom of your bowl with your preferred grains, warmed. Add proteins, vegetables, garnishes, and sauce, then bon appetit! Head to the blog for more yummy inspo. 👉

Recipe: Build Your Own Grain Bowl DIY this balanced meal with our easy grain bowl recipe! Find out why they're taking over the nutrition scene and how you can build your own.


AF health tip💡HYDRATION

20oz-40oz in the morning promotes body regulation by diluting your stomach acid, which will helps you digest food.

Body weight (lbs) ➗ 2 🟰 Ounces of water to drink daily.

In order to hydrate properly you need electrolytes which include:

The most important benefits of staying Hydrated:
🟣Improves brain performance
🟣Aids digestion
🟣Increases energy for the day
🟣Helps you lose weight
🟣Decreases joint pain
🟣Regulates body temperature
🟣Prevents kidney stones
🟣Helps with overall heart health
🟣Detoxes the body
🟣Reduces headaches

If you are ever feeling off, it is most likely a cause of dehydration. It's no surprise considering we are almost entirely made from water, so slam a few glasses back and get to feeling well again!


Feeling nervous about the gym? Come to a place where everyone wants to see you reach your goals.


Get a Coach that sees your goals as their own. Together, you'll be Strong AF! 🙌

📸: Anytime Fitness Fort Walton Beach

5 Push Day Workout Exercises for Stronger Arms and Chest 01/10/2024

This push day workout will leave you feeling like Salt-N-Pepa — push it real good. 🎤😎

5 Push Day Workout Exercises for Stronger Arms and Chest This coach-created push day workout plan strengthens your back, triceps, and shoulders with just two pieces of gym equipment.


Leap into the new year with a 𝘍𝘙𝘌𝘌 fitness assessment!🥳
Spots are limited with out new personal trainer, Regann - so book yours while you still can! 💪


Anytime really means anytime. Get personalized support from Coaches and find a community that cares in 5,000+ gyms and in our new app.

Photos from Anytime Fitness's post 01/09/2024

Forget New Year's resolutions ...set smart goals instead!💡
Most New Year's resolutions don't make it past mid-February. Swipe to learn how to — and set action-oriented goals that last even longer.


AF Health Tip💡
Did you know people who eat before bed are more likely to be overweight?
There are many different reasons for this phenomena. Eating before bed can hinder your ability to fall asleep, which poor sleep affects your metabolism. There is also a strong correlation to developing sleep apnea or trouble breathing while asleep. Not only does it affect the amount of sleep you get each night, but also the quality of sleep you are getting! We consume food for energy so fueling up before winding down is like hitting the gas when you're trying to brake.

We recommend fasting 2-4 hours before bed (4 being ideal), so you can stay trim and alert throughout the day!

It's really hard not to satisfy that urge for a late night snack, but we have a hack that could make it easier. PROTEIN! When you consume protein your body releases Leptin which is a hunger suppressant, so drink a protein shake and make it easier on yourself!


Let's hear it for Joshua, training client at Anytime Fitness in Hopewell Township, PA. 👏 He's getting stronger and feeling younger — literally. Joshua is down 25 pounds and has decreased his bio age, according to data from the Evolt 360 body composition scanner.

Ask a Coach about scheduling your free fitness consultation with the Evolt scanner today.


Keep track of your fitness progress by getting a beginning of the year EVOLT Scan included with your membership!

Knowledge is power and the EVOLT will tell you if your regimen is working, or if you need to tweak your routine.

EVOLT Scans provide 40 different measurements of body composition!

Some of the more important measurements include:
🟣Skeletal muscle mass (muscle tissue)
🟣Body fat mass (total body fat)
🟣Body fat %
🟣Total body water (hydration)
🟣Visceral fat mass (fat surrounding vital organs)
🟣BWI score (bio-wellness indicator)

Call (734) 384-3376 to schedule a Scan today!

Recipe: Chicken Parmesan Meatballs 01/05/2024

These macro-friendly meatballs pack in all the nutritional value — and the comfort — of a classic chicken parm without the fuss. Save this recipe for an easy weeknight dinner that everyone will love. 💟

Recipe: Chicken Parmesan Meatballs These chicken parm meatballs are a super easy way to get tons of protein any night of the week — with only one pan to clean up.


🥳🎁January Birthdays🎉🪅
May this year be the year you reach your fitness goals!


"My Coach has me doing things I never, ever thought I would feel comfortable doing in a gym. I ended up deadlifting 170 pounds...then it hit me: that weight was on my body a year ago. That’s what I had been carrying."

When Candie first came to Anytime Fitness, she was the heaviest weight she'd ever been. But with the support of her Coach, she's transformed from the inside out — she's lost weight, come off her blood pressure meds, and is no longer diabetic — and she's just getting started.

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