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Not your traditional physical therapy - MOVE Physical Therapy is for the active individual. Fitness f


Big welcome to our newest therapist .lacross - Jenny specializes in women’s pelvic floor dysfunction, working with pregnant and postpartum women, and treating active individuals with low back and/or hip pain.

Want to get on Jenny’s schedule or learn more about at MOVE Physical Therapy? Email, call or DM us to get started!




Are you looking at doing Murph while pregnant, postpartum or injured? Check out the link in the bio for some recommendations on movement substitutes and approaches to the workout from our Doctor of Physical Therapy. You can even see my plan at



Happy Mother’s Day! May your day be happy and pelvic floors be strong!


MOVE Physical Therapy is looking for a fitness forward ortho-pelvic physical therapist to join our team. Pelvic health training/experience preferred, but willing to work with & train a fitness forward ortho PT. We provide women’s pelvic health therapy from pregnancy to postpartum to menopause and everything in between. Additionally, we specialize in working with athletes of all ages – helping with return to sport and fitness. We also treat a variety of orthopedic patients in all walks of life. MOVE Physical Therapy & Light the Fire CrossFit are owned by a husband and wife team, with MOVE Physical Therapy located within Light the Fire CrossFit. Appointments are an hour long, focused one-on-one with each patient. MOVE Physical Therapy is a hybrid based clinic.

The ideal candidate would be interested in/open to coaching fitness classes (CrossFit, pregnancy/postpartum/mom & me, senior citizens, etc) and/or personal training in addition to performing physical therapy services. New grads are welcome to apply. Position will start as PRN/part time and has the potential to grow to full-time. Our goal is to bring on a new team member that can help us grow, as we have big plans! We are looking for someone who can bring their own unique ideas to the table and value your autonomy as a Therapist. The goal is to create the best possible patient experience, AND a clinic that our staff absolutely love coming to work at every day.

Please send resumes to [email protected]


Our therapists had lots of fun working on athletes at Festivus Games. From massage, blading/scraping, cupping, dry needling and taping - we did what we could to help the athletes feel as good as possible!

Remember to prioritize your recovery- we offer recovery sessions as well as physical therapy! Just reach out to get started!


Be prepared for 23.2! It’s up on the blog at



Check out our recommendations for the injured, pregnant & postpartum athletes in the 23.1 CrossFit Open workout!

Read them all on the blog of our website!


Mary was postpartum too.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and get to enjoy & relax to the end of 2022!

Mary was postpartum, too.

We are on day two of the Christmas season, and Mama Mary is on my heart.

I have never considered Mary immediately postpartum with a womb that is empty — after months of being filled with the light of the world.

It’s not something I’ve ever thought about.

We picture her riding on a donkey super pregnant and giving birth in a stable/cave/somewhere very humble.

But four days postpartum?
Four weeks postpartum?
What did she experience then?

We don’t know the details of the first 40 days before the Presentation, but if she experienced postpartum in its fullness and as it was intended, there is much that can be restored in our own understanding if we make space to pray with it.

God gave us this incredible ability to bring forth life. The idea that the “ideal” is to show zero physical evidence of having been pregnant, given birth, or nursed a baby seems out of sync with giving glory to God’s goodness and wisdom in creating women with this gift.

Mary would not have had postpartum body image distortions from a society that emphasizes “bouncing back.”

“You don’t even look like you had a baby!”
This is a huge compliment today.
Should it be?

What if a mom looked like a mom, and we celebrated that as an achievement?

Mama Mary celebrates you.
“I was postpartum, too.”
This is what I picture her saying to my 2 months postpartum self.
Can you just sit with that and imagine her being with you?
She was postpartum, too.

If the Mother of God could have had a postpartum belly that likely didn’t look like her pre-pregnancy abdomen, we do not need shame around our own postpartum body changes.

Maybe Jesus latched perfectly.
Maybe it took some work to figure it out.
She knows the effort and time that goes into feeding an infant regardless of the specifics.

She may have had stretch marks.
Our society says they are unsightly, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.
She may have always carried (and cherished) physical evidence of growing the Son of Man in her womb.

For all of the postpartum moms feeling all of the postpartum things— I invite you to sit with this and invite Mary to be with you.

Mary was postpartum, too.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for supporting MOVE Physical Therapy - we hope you have a wonderful day with those who are important to you!


Congratulations to our and family!

Natalia Rose Bacarella
November 6, 2022 - 8:40pm
7 , 20.25” long


This is what a patient said yesterday about her experience with pelvic floor physical therapy at MOVE Physical Therapy. She’s doing things she never thought she’d be able to do, feeling stronger and more energized.

Are you ready to get back to doing what you want and love to do?

Send us a DM! 734-636-0286 or [email protected]


Just another day at MOVE Physical Therapy.

Are you intrigued by a approach to physical therapy? Message us to learn more about how we can help you.

It’s Time To Rethink the Origins of Pain 09/14/2022

Here's a great read about chronic pain! #

It’s Time To Rethink the Origins of Pain Chronic pain is biochemical, but it’s also psychological, and treatment needs to address how we think and feel about it


Shirts are in! Want to represent the most physical therapy clinic in Monroe in classic black & gold?! Message us or stop by to claim yours - limited shirts available from this first order!

"You're Using The Bathroom Every 20 Minutes And It Hurts So Bad": This Woman Went Viral For Her Yearlong Experience Chasing Down An Accurate Diagnosis For What Her Doctor First Mislabeled As A UTI 08/22/2022

Sound familiar? Pelvic floor physical therapy can help you manage your IC symptoms! Message us today or contact us to find out how we can help you!

[email protected]

"You're Using The Bathroom Every 20 Minutes And It Hurts So Bad": This Woman Went Viral For Her Yearlong Experience Chasing Down An Accurate Diagnosis For What Her Doctor First Mislabeled As A UTI It's estimated that this condition affects between 3 million and 8 million women — but it is commonly misdiagnosed, downplayed, or mistaken for other conditions.


Welcome our newest therapist, Meg, to the team at MOVE Physical Therapy!

Meg is a Physical Therapist Assistant, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Certified personal trainer. She previously worked with our and they’ve talked about working together in a different kind of clinic - well here we are!

Check out Meg’s bio and more at our website!


Did you know we can help during pregnancy too?! Whether it’s navigating changes in exercise/workouts, addressing pain and symptoms or helping your prepare for labor & delivery, we can help!

Check our own Dr. Katie B, PT continuing her fitness during pregnancy with considerations on her changing body.

Burpee pull-ups at - ascending ladder in an AMRAP paired with deadlifts.

Moving a bit slower but feeling good. Training has looked different from pregnancy to pregnancy, as I’ve learned more professionally, but also as my roles have changed.


It’s on the blog! Recommendations as a physical therapist and CrossFit coach for pregnant, postpartum and injured athletes.

You can see plans for Murph at in the blog post. .postpartum.athlete


Join our in-house physical therapist to chat about all things diastasis! Come learn Saturday, June 4th from 11am-12pm at Light the Fire CrossFit. Cost is $20, with option to schedule a mini individual consultation for the same day or a later date for an additional cost. Head to our website to sign up! #/staff_member/1/treatment/18

This mama perfectly sums up what everyone gets wrong about maternity leave 05/12/2022

“Because we have this weird societal idea that parental leave is a vacation. And newsflash: It's not.”

This mama perfectly sums up what everyone gets wrong about maternity leave Anna Whitehouse, the founder of Mama Pukka, shared what everyone gets wrong about maternity leave in a now-viral LinkedIn post.

Photos from MOVE Physical Therapy's post 05/11/2022

Did you know you don’t have to go see your doctor before going to physical therapy in Michigan?

Obviously there are times when going to see a physician first is the best course of action. But maybe PT’s helped in the last. Or maybe the doctor’s office can’t get you in right away. Maybe you know that you’re going to get referred to physical therapy anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️

Are you ready to get started now? We’ve got some appointment availability for this week for new patients!

Thursday (tomorrow!) at 11am
Friday at 11am and 1pm

Give us a call at 734-636-0286 or email at [email protected]


Our thoughts:

I think this is really important.
Whether your L&D experience was hard and/or traumatic, or simple and easy, or somewhere in between, EVERYONE can benefit from seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist.
Many OBs won’t send you to one unless something is really wrong. OBs are fabulous at providing prenatal care and delivering babies. They are not muscle specialists- physical therapists are though.
Best case scenario, it’s just one visit. Worst case scenario, it’s multiple visits. They can assess your pelvic floor strength, diastasis, c-section scar, and any other symptoms you may have. Give you recommendations and a home exercise program to help get you back to your goals.
Symptoms aren’t there until they are. Pelvic floor PT can help identify things that could develop into symptoms down the road.
If you need help finding a pelvic floor PT near you, I can help!


Things I wish for as both a mother and a healthcare provider who works with lots of moms.

💛 Paid maternity leave. I know women who’s husbands have better paternity leave benefits than their maternity leave benefits. Or many women who have to choose between their newborn and supporting their families.

- Pelvic floor physical therapy, we’d love to see automatically a referral in the 3rd trimester to talk about L&D and immediate postpartum. Another automatic referral at 4-6 weeks postpartum. Enough with this “let’s wait and see”. Moms deserve better!

- Lactation support if this is the route moms choose. Lactation and feeding- our friends at has a specialist in newborn/baby feeding!

- Things are chaotic enough, we need resources that are close and will work with moms. Pelvic floor PT, lactation, mental health, etc.

- Having to leave your baby is hard enough, we shouldn’t have to worry about if they’ll be safe or how we’re going to afford it.

- Enough with the bouncing back after having a baby, or pressure to do everything perfectly under everyone’s critical eye. Working mom, SAHM or somewhere in between, this shouldn’t be so stressful.

- Sick kids happen. Wanting to be present in our kids lives before and after school isn’t unrealistic. Employers who expect moms to sacrifice their family for the sake of their work are unreasonable.

Moms deserve better! And they deserve pelvic floor physical therapy (or any other physical therapy!) at MOVE Physical Therapy! Call or email us today to find out how we can help you and get started!


Happy Mothers Day!

We hope it was a great one!


Wishing best of luck to MOVE Physical Therapy athlete, Larry in the Boston marathon today! Honored to have been a part of your journey for this event!


Happy Easter!


Our spoke yesterday to a group women, here’s what she had to say:

“I had a great time yesterday speaking to .mops about all things pelvic floor & Women’s Health!

Being able to educate women about pelvic floor physical therapy and the role it can play in all chapters of womanhood is pretty awesome!”


Last minute availability!

Expect to feel rough after 22.3? Or maybe want some body work done so you’ll feel better before you attempt 22.3?

Did you know that the state of Michigan does NOT require you have a physician referral to start physical therapy? It’s called direct access!

Interested in one of these slots? Email at [email protected] or call 734-636-0286!


Posted • It’s here- link is live in the blog!

I’m not excited for this workout- haha because two simple movements = basically how hard can you go & I’m not in the physical or mental capacity to push that hard right now.


Photos from MOVE Physical Therapy's post 01/10/2022

Got foot pain? Or knee, hip or back pain? Our feet are our foundation!

In Monroe County and interested in grabbing a pair?! Send us a DM!

Our trying out the new toy that came in today! Excited to explore my feet more and optimize my foot health & function. And yes, I know I need a pedicure!


Excited for 2022 - lets make it our happiest and healthiest yet!

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Burpee Pull-Ups at 20 weeks pregnant




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