Wolfman's weightloss journey, come watch the progress.

Wolfman's weightloss journey, come watch the progress.

My weight loss journey....
Weekly weigh in's
Cardio activity....


Skipped popcorn yesterday, shared my tuna with storm and lost 5 pounds....
Got high twice on top of that.
I see a trend here....


Yes, it's that swollen up, got these last summer at an auction for $10, couldn't pass em up.
I have a pair of western boots also but not going to cram those on till next summer.....maybee.
Going down to OMAD, seeing its to cold to even go outside, cardio 6a and 6p.....weight has to come off.


Need to switch things up.


This man is recycling old picnic coolers into shelters for stray cats for winter!

Source: Reddit/mattbot106


Getting the hydroponic garden going.


Was buying 6 pack tall boys, just bought a case.
Need to be more relaxed, to tense.
Average 1 tall boy around noon, actually gives me some umph, kinda numbs me out just a little.
Weight is going down though.....


April 4th


April 4th


April 4th


April 4th


April 2nd


I hate humidity, hits the lower back right from the get go.....:(


Bent over getting to the coffee pot, 2-3 cups then vibrate the back.
My lower back muscles need alot of work, next on the agenda.


Gonna need to reassess my time frames in the morning, back seems to go out for a buzz around 4-5 pm.
Getting the scroll saw set-up in the garage, to noisy in the house.
More later....


I hate rain, makes it so hard to move, relaxed with a bowl and it's hard to stay balanced and walk.....
Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Photos from Wolfman's weightloss journey, come watch the progress.'s post 03/16/2022

She runs, not the put out I expected, need to sweep it all up.....it a shredder.


Free firewood everywhere, just none of it is local.....
Gonna see how good the wood chipper does today, kinda hesitant, yes, it takes gas and at $4 a gallon, not really excited about it....:(


Cheap and crunchy, popcorn later.


Have to switch my game around a little bit, can't run heavy juice between 2p and 7p or else the rate doubles.
6am starting tomorrow, need the daylight, can relax at 2p when the rates go up.
Kindling to cut and plants to start, that and have to get the green house up, gonna be a big garden this summer and alot of canning, not paying sloppy's inflation for produce....FJBLGB.


Took 2 hours off to relax everything, smoke a bowl, now I'm back at it.
Re-stacked firewood back on the side of the property, it's to green to burn and I have to modify the airflow on my wood burner.


Lunch, quick and easy....


Lunch after 20 min cardio on bike


Going to update this page but staying off the main feed, just sick of seeing sloppy everywhere.
Almost time for 8 o'clock coffee.


Need a break from firewood......ugh






I keep moving my date for my hip doctor, now it's the end of April, gotta get on the stick with loosing the weight....


Between getting exhausted, planning my meals and trying to get to some models and scroll saw patterns, I currently neck deep in firewood....
Between DTE and Mich Gas, I refuse to pay the inflated prices caused by this mess.
This was alot easier last time we had a wood burner in Brooklyn about 2000, I worked at a pallet company and wood was plentiful, burned for 3 yrs straight......
Those were the days.....younger and more nimble.

Photos from Wolfman's weightloss journey, come watch the progress.'s post 01/23/2022

When I pressure cook any chicken....nothing is wasted.....
Yes, I have the ability to eat 'almost' the same thing daily, as long as I'm losing weight....


4 eggs. 2 chicken thighs and mushrooms, probably my only meal today......unless I have hard boiled eggs later.

Photos from Wolfman's weightloss journey, come watch the progress.'s post 01/22/2022

Bone in chicken thighs. Pressure cooker, strip em for omelettes and rock and wolverine get some skin.
Cheap and tasty, 5 more sheets in the freezer.
Pre-making this for meals keeps me from eating the junk food. LGBFJB


4 eggs, mushrooms, 6 Oz of chicken....probably my only meal today. Drinking alot of chicken broth.


3 bone chicken thighs, starting the new year off right....no carbs!


381.4 today.


Evening snack, just gotta stay away from the carbs.


Got the wood burner lit up, guessing wolverine likes the heat....


Only 15 but I got something in...


Chicken breast with Brussel sprouts, pressure cooked.


Back at it, the weight needs to go down now....

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