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Stopped at Barnes & Noble as well earlier this month to sign some copies. They were low on Return of Wizard King but should have a few more ordered in by now, I think.

Also visited Barnes & Noble and BN Maple Grove to sign some copies. Mankato should have some more copies in too if those others sold out. They just won't be signed, however.

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Last signing update for today (I think). For those interested, I #signed some copies of the Wizard King Trilogy at Barnes & Noble They didn’t have many left when I arrived, however, so what’s there could prove a “limited time offer” for those seeking #signededitions.
It was such a fun signing this afternoon! Huge thanks to Barnes & Noble for having me and to everyone who came out. If you missed it, no problem! You can catch me at Barnes & Noble Galleria, Barnes & Noble or Barnes & Noble. Check for dates and times! 📚📚📚
I’m the President, by Donald Thump, is a satirical look at the Presidency by George A.M. Heroux, the author of But for the Crash, several non-fiction books, and seven successful plays. It’s all about a President who is totally over the top. Of course, he has to deal with all of the same issues as the current President, but you won’t believe how he does it. It’s available at B&, ISBN 978-1-950015-05-04, and, of course, at outstanding B&N stores.
Chanukah starts tomorrow night! If you still need to do some last minute gift shopping, stop by Barnes & Noble (Minnetonka) tonight between 5:00 and 9:00pm. Our Confirmation students will be wrapping gifts and accepting tips to fundraise for our trip to NYC. Hope to see you there!!
We were so thrilled to have our #inthepond #kidlit author Angela Dalton, Author with us this holiday weekend signing books at Barnes & Noble! We just love this book, it was a joy to work on and is a joy to see out in the world.

#weneeddiversebooks #ifyoulookuptothesky #indiebooksbeseen
TOMORROW is our Barnes & Noble Book Fair!! Help us get to our goal of $10k in 10 days!! Barnes & Noble
Calling out to people who are bookworms, book lovers, and bibliophiles from all walks of life!
We need at least 6 people to participate in a book exchange! You can be anywhere in the world. The further we get the better.
All you have to do is buy your favorite book and send it to one person. You will receive approximately 36 books back.
If you are interested click "like" and I will PM you all the details!
Happy reading! #savetheculture
Did Tobin the Pangolin Toot? Find out why pangolins toot in the new kid's book The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions! #pangolin #nocturnalsworld #summerreading
Do Sugar Gliders Fly? What’s the difference between flying and gliding? You can find out in the new kid's book The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions! #sugarglider #nocturnalsworld
Thank you Barnes & Noble for a flabbergastifying good time at their launch event in New York City’s Union Square for The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions available now from B&N! #thenocturnals #summerreading

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Huge congrats to The 2022 National Book Award Finalists in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Translated Literature, and Young People’s Literature!!



The October B&N Book Club Pick is here! Listen in as Jess Kidd takes us behind the scenes of her latest ghostly, gothic novel, THE NIGHT SHIP. She joins us on for a spoiler-free conversation* about the true story behind her new novel, the places her research took her, connecting her characters, how writing flash fiction and short stories influence her novels, The Epic of Gilgamesh and much more with @miwamesser.

(*If you want spoilers, join us for the B&N Book Club conversation in early November!)

Catch Poured Over on your favorite podcast app, B&N's YouTube channel or the B&N Reads blog.

“I want to escape into these like incredible, immersive situations, really. But I think I try and balance this kind of creation of a world or this world building with the dialogue. And that's where things like the humor comes in. And particularly with this one, because it's quite a gritty subject. But it was really important to have that joy and have that humor. And to my mind that comes very akin with the bravery in the book and the courage in the book, there is this kind of ability, even under these immense pressures, to have these moments of joy…” —Jess Kidd on Poured Over

@jesskiddwriter @atriabooks @canongatebooks

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"On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was."


We can't help it that we're popular.

Happy Day!

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We’ve got your weeks plans booked!

Monday at 7 PM EST virtually join Stephanie Garber and Shelby Mahurin as they discuss Stephanie’s novel THE BALLAD OF NEVER AFTER, the sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller ONCE UPON A BROKEN HEART. **BONUS!: Your ticket includes a signed copy of the B&N Exclusive Edition of THE BALLAD OF NEVER AFTER.

Thursday at 3 PM EST we have another of our kickin’ B&N Midday Mystery Events with Kimi Cunningham Grant, in conversation with Allen Eskens, for a live, virtual discussion of Kimi’s book, THESE SILENT WOODS - which is also our mystery pick for October. It’s SO good.

Anyhoo - go into our link in bio to become a part of all the fun!


#BNStoryTime with Juliet Menéndez - Dream with the/Sueña con las Latinitas

Meet the Latinitas, whose big dreams paved the way for your little feet! With gorgeous, hand-painted illustrations, Juliet Menéndez shines a spotlight on the power of childhood dreams.

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Are you ready for some BOOKCLUB! You've only got a few days left to finish OTHER BIRDS our September B&N Book Club pick before Sarah Addison Allen discusses her wonderful book with Shannon DeVito, Director of Category Management at B&N and Miwa Messer, Editorial Director at B&N.

When, B&N? October 4th @ 3 PM EST! Be there (virtually).

PLEASE NOTE: There will be spoilers at this book club event!

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Ah, life in your 20s: First "real" job, first love, BIG feelings, not enough cash, messy, messy life...

Or maybe you're a fan of novels like Luster by @raven_leilani or Normal People by ...

Listen in as Sarah Thankam Mathews riffs on her outstanding debut, ALL THIS COULD BE DIFFERENT—longlisted for the National Book Award and a finalist for our own Discover Prize—as well as channeling her characters, subverting the coming-of-age novel, challenging the expectations of the immigrant experience, queerness, finding our people and much more with Poured Over’s host, Miwa Messer

⁠“So you know, something that is a big part of my project…is actually this idea that we deserve pleasure. I think that pleasure and care, these are antidotes against various kinds of violence and degradation that we're all beset with. And so for me, when I wrote this novel, I did not write it for a critic at The New York Times, you know. I wrote it for the past version of me. And I wrote for someone who would need to read this, who would be reading this book after work on the subway.” --Sarah Thankam Mathews on Poured Over⁠

Catch on your favorite podcast app or B&N's YouTube channel.

@Viking Books⁠

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Happy International Podcast Day! (That's a thing. Really. It's a thing.)

Listen in as your favorite (and soon to be favorite) writers riff on their work + what matters most to them on Poured Over Tuesdays and Thursdays (with occasional Saturdays) on your favorite podcast app.

Poured Over's EP, Miwa Messer, takes listeners behind the scenes here on the B&N Reads blog:


LAST CALL -- TODAY is the LAST DAY to get your personalized COZY IN LOVE by Jan Brett book!

A perfect gift for you or the Jan Brett fan in your life!

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Trick or Treat, give me something good to READ! If you’re looking for some verified great books to come in clutch this Spooky Season, then our October Monthly Picks are here for you!

Get ready for chills and thrills, a gothic monster fantasy, a story of impending death and coming to terms with your life, a look at the past 50 years through music, a cursed tropical island, and a mortuary for monsters with these six picks perfect for every kind of reader!

The Sacrifice by Rin Chupeco
One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig
Music Is History by Questlove
Dava Shastri's Last Day by Kirthana Ramisetti
Dust & Grim by Chuck Wendig
These Silent Woods by Kimi Cunningham Grant

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If we're doing the math* correctly, you have seven more days to go to our TikTok Live with Adalyn Grace, author of September's pick BELLADONNA!

Joining Adalyn is Shelby Mahurin, author of SERPENT AND DOVE, and they'll be talking all things BELLADONNA ... a gothic romance that's just perfect for this time of year!

Set your alarms for Thursday October 6 at 4:30 PM ET and head over to TikTok and have your questions ready!

*we're not mathematicians but we do have books that could help our math skills

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“I think I figured a lot of things out literally as I was writing the book. I'm usually an obsessive methodical writer, or I have everything, if not mapped out, I kind of know spatially, what's going to happen in a piece of writing. But with this, I just kind of had to write it to figure out what it was. For years, friends knew that I was working on this— friends who were in the book, actually. But I could never explain what it was nor could they imagine what it might be. You know, I would just say, I'm writing the story of us, I'm writing a story about Ken.” -- Hua Hsu on Poured Over

Whether he’s riffing on music or sports or Asian American icons like Maxine Hong Kingston, Hua Hsu’s work in The New Yorker is a joy to read. Now he’s turning inward in his new book, Stay True, a beautifully written story of unexpected friendship, shocking loss, and his own coming of age. Hua joins us on the show to talk about grief and growing up, inside jokes, his literary influences, changing the conversations we’re having about Asian America, and much more with Poured Over’s host, Miwa Messer.

Catch Poured Over wherever you listen to podcasts or on B&N’s YouTube channel.


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🎶Just a Broadway Baby,
Reading all our favorite books
Listening to Hamilton
... or Wicked or Carrie or The Color Purple
To be in the know 🎶

Happy !

Here's a Broadway Musical post that pairs up the best books with our favorite musicals from one musical obsessed bookseller to you!

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What's this? Do our eyes deceive us? Is Percy Jackson's world getting even bigger?


We are pleased to announce a B&N Exclusive Edition of THE SUN AND THE STAR by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro out May 2, 2023.

Pre-order here:


From the author of MY DEAREST DARKEST, comes another deliciously (spoiler?) dark sapphic horror book! ⁠

We are so excited to present THIS DELICIOUS DEATH by Kayla Cottingham. Book out April 25, 2023⁠

Photos from Barnes & Noble's post 09/28/2022

We heard revenge was trending and decided to read up on the subject😏📚

Timeline photos 09/27/2022

Oh, COME ON! What can't he do?

From the Academy Award-winning actor & best-selling author: a novel about the making of a star-studded, multimillion-dollar superhero action film . . . and the humble comic books that inspired it. Funny, touching, and wonderfully thought-provoking, while also capturing the changes in America and American culture since World War II.


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Happy Pub Day to DEMON IN THE WOOD written by Leigh Bardugo and Illustrated by Dani Pendergast.

Grab your copy of Leigh's first A SHADOW AND BONE graphic novel today!

Timeline photos 09/26/2022

Listen in tomorrow morning as finalist Laura Warrell takes us behind the scenes of her smart, sharp and deeply resonant debut novel Sweet, Soft Plenty Rhythm. She joins us on to talk about flipping the script, the women she writes about (and letting her characters be who they are), love and loneliness, her writing process and much more with @miwamesser. ⁠

“I feel like very often when we have stories about womanizing characters, whether we piece those stories out, so we see each woman—individually or not, they don't really have stories. They don't really have lives except as they relate to that main character. So, it was always going to be each woman steps forward, each woman gets a chapter.” —Laura Warrell on Poured Over⁠

Catch Poured Over wherever you listen to podcasts or on B&N's YouTube channel.⁠

@pantheonbooks @lkwarrell @likaluca ⁠

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Today, we are so incredibly proud to present our new Discover Prize. Our shortlist is comprised of six books from the very best new authors published this year.

Spanning riveting historical fiction, works of mind-bending realities and harsh truths, equal parts painstakingly tragic and beautiful – these stories have permanently imprinted into our hearts, minds and bookshelves. In the coming weeks, these titles will be voted on by Barnes & Noble booksellers to earn the accolade of the 2022 Discover Prize Winner.

Join us in congratulating Sarah Thankam Mathews – ALL THIS COULD BE DIFFERENT, Sequoia Nagamatsu – HOW HIGH WE GO IN THE DARK, Morgan Talty – NIGHT OF THE LIVING REZ, Tess Gunty – THE RABBIT HUTCH, Laura Warrell – SWEET, SOFT, PLENTY RHYTHM and Louise Kennedy – TRESPASSES.

Please join us on IG live on the evening of October 12th as we announce the winner!




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