Level Up Games - Minneapolis

Level Up Games - Minneapolis


Don't know if you guys remember this, but I did find the mini I was looking for, and the project is complete.
While exploring Minneapolis, we stopped by Level Up Games, who specialize in cards, comics, tabletop & retro video games.

The first thing I loved about this location were the stairs leading down to the entrance. It had a very similar vibe to the “Cheers” bar in Boston.

Can’t say enough good things about this place. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, nice selection and overall great atmosphere.

Thanks so much for letting us come in and chat and cool down since it was a little warmer than usual in MN from what I heard. Be sure to check them out if you’re in the area but if you’re not, they also have an online store.

Once we left there, we stumbled across Cheapo Discs later that day. I love collecting old records and this place was loaded with them. The selection was pretty solid as I was finding LP’s that I never see. Highly recommend a visit.

I’ll be posting more of our retro stops this weekend so be sure to check back. Cheers!
Just thought I would let people know I am apart of a staged musical performance of the popular video game series Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright which will be premiering here in Minneapolis in about a month. Click the link below for more details.
My name is Clay and I'm from Fargo, ND. I know that most folks HAVE NOT been able to play Commander because of health and safety risks associated with gathering together. I also know that there are other videos describing the same thing, but I want everyone to know that YOU DO still have options to digitally meet with folks to play our beloved format. Be safe out there...

My brother Alex I’m sure wishes it was safe to play FNM with everybody right now, but damn, he can play!
It's Small Business Saturday and we want to encourage you all to if you can!

Here's a list of our favorite in Minnesota! Give your favorite a shout-out in the comments, and what you plan on ordering next!

Games by James http://www.gamesbyjames.com/
Level Up Games - Minneapolis https://www.levelupgamesmn.com/
Source Comics & Games https://www.sourcecomicsandgames.com/
Dragon Forge Games https://www.dragonforgegames.net/
Heroic Goods & Games https://www.heroicgoodsandgames.com/
The Gaming Goat https://tggstpaulshop.com/
Rivertown Games https://rivertowngames.com/
Tower Games https://www.towergamesmn.com/
Donate to the Sixth Annual Twin Cities Geek Holiday Toy & Book Drive at Level Up Games - Minneapolis! 🎁

Remote Orders: Call (612) 315-3945 to place an order over the phone and tell them to add it to the TCG donation box or shop the online store, select curbside pickup, and indicate which items are for the drive.
More info: twincitiesgeek.com/toydrive
Looking for this too
Looking for this comic and was wondering if you guys have it
Is your store participating in the magic Arena Friday Night Magic events? Wizards says to send a screen shot of my participation to my local store to get a redemption code, but nobody seems to be participating.
Wanted to link the Level Up Discord here in case anyone hasn't heard about it, trades, event schedule and general chat between players at the store, feel free to join!

Thank you so much to our friends at Level Up Games - Minneapolis for identifying and assisting in the takedown of the bad guys that broke into our store! We recovered most of the cards that were stolen and the bad guys were taken away! Please show them some love!

Tabletop Games, Comics, Graphic Novels, Magic: the Gathering, RPGs, Videogames, Warhammer and Pokemo Discord: https://discord.gg/frBQhQR

We're a little gaming and comic book store on the corner of 15th & LaSalle near Loring Park in Downtown Minneapolis. We may be small, but we are packed with a huge selection of tabletop games, graphic novels, and Magic cards.


New This Week: SINS OF SINISTER #1 by Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck (Marvel)!

Mister Sinister has pulled off the most convoluted master plan of all time, using clones, a DNA virus, and time manipulation shenanigans to reshape the timeline in his own image, ala Age of Apocalypse. This issue is dense and wild and everything I love about X-Men, and it sets the stage for the next big Marvel event!


You should play CASTLES OF BURGUNDY! It’s a super fun medium complexity set collector, where you roll dice, build settlements, deliver goods, and allocate workers over the course of five rounds.

Think Catan, but with a bit more gears and pieces!

…whoa, the game takes place in Burgundy and you build Castles! THAT’s why it’s called that!


Gamers, All is so ready to Be One, you wouldn’t even believe it. Like… it’s gonna so Be One.

Wanna sign up for the ONE Prerelease? Click here: https://www.levelupshoponline.com/product/phyrexia-all-will-be-one-prerelease/33601?cs=true&cst=custom

Wanna preorder some Phyrexian goodies? Click here: https://www.levelupshoponline.com/product/phyrexia-all-will-be-one/33628?cs=true&cst=custom


Our 40k Escalation League is at capacity! We did it! But the fun is just getting started — signups for our Age of Sigmar League start February 4th!

Also, speaking of the League, round 1 pairings will be posted momentarily!


We had so much fun with Dominaria Remastered last week, we decided to just do it again! Let’s goooooooo.

There is a sixteen player cap per store — if you wanna snag your seat, sign in to the Companion App and enter the event code listed!


NOW AVAILABLE: A bunch of cool stuff that already came out in Japan!

YuGiOh: Amazing Defenders, Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith, and Fire Emblem Engage are all available at Level Up MN stores!


New This Week: BATMAN ONE BAD DAY - BANE by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, and Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)!

Bane is a washed up wrestler in Mexico, re-enacting his breaking of the Batman every night. However, when he learns that someone is producing venom, the chemical that once ruled his world, he sets out on one last job…



Travel in your Time Machine across human history in search of a wonderful Time Vacation and some precious Time Crystals. But watch out for TIME DEVILS… okay, I made up the part about Time Devils.

If you want to try TREKKING THROUGH HISTORY, come to board game night in Saint Paul on Thursday evening for a demo game!


Hey y’all, uhhhhh, that was weird? My computer must not be feeling very good.

Anywho, yeah, it’s ONE spoiler season! Soon we will have the compleat set! (EDIT: why won’t it let me change the spelling of that word!? This is so weird…)

Prerelease: https://www.levelupshoponline.com/product/phyrexia-all-will-be-one-prerelease/33601?cs=true&cst=custom

Preorder: https://www.levelupshoponline.com/product/phyrexia-all-will-be-one/33628?cs=true&cst=custom


Gamers, all Level Up Locations will be closing at 5pm on Sunday the 15th! We need to have our employee holiday party and decided the best possible time to do it was the middle of January!


Happy Saturday WarFam!

Arks of Omen: Abaddon and Grand Tournament Mission Pack 2023 are both available now!

Also, as of the time of writing, we’ve got FOUR (4) spots left for our 40K Escalation League! If you were looking to sign up, make sure you come in and do so before it’s too late!


It’s Friday, it’s Dominaria Remastered release day, so you know what that means…

…oh? You don’t?

…oh. Well… it means we’re gonna draft Dominaria Remastered. Max 16 players per store. $25 entry. Standard pack per win.


New This Week: HELCK VOLUME 1 by Nanaki Nanao!

The previous demon lord has been killed by a human, and now a tournament is being held to find the next demon lord! However, one of the participants in the tournament is *record scratch* A HUMAN!?

Also, sidenote, this book is difficult to talk about because its title is very close to h*ck, and y'all know I don't like to cuss.


Your should play EVERGREEN!

It’s a super satisfying drafting game, where your goal is to build an ecosystem by planting seeds, growing trees, and trying to make your little planetoid as green and fertile as it can be!

Want to learn to play Evergreen? Then come on down to board game night in Level Up Saint Paul this Thursday, where we will be demoing it!


Calling all Pokémon trainers! Our boxes are empty and Bill is really breathing down our necks about it, so we need some Pokémon cards!


Our Dominaria Remastered Preview Event was this past weekend, and it was a ton of fun!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to check out this blast from the past set! For those of you who participated, what was your favorite part of Dominaria Remastered? Get in the comments and give me a piece of your mind.


Signups for our first WARHAMMER 40K ESCALATION LEAGUE are live starting TODAY!

Round one starts at the end of January with 500 points, adding 250 points every two weeks until you have a full 2000 point army in May!

Registration is $20 OR the purchase of a Combat Patrol/Battleforce matching your chosen army! Come on in to Level Up STP and get on the list!

Balance Dataslate/Munitorum Field Manual: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/01/05/metawatch-warhammer-40000-new-year-new-balance-dataslate-new-munitorum-field-manual/


Gamers, we’ve got a crazy grip of Smash Bros players tonight in Saint Paul! Wanna watch the smashing? Check it out on Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/dravus612


SUPER SMASH BROS events are starting TONIGHT at Level Up Saint Paul, and will be continuing every other Friday thereafter, hosted by our good buddy Dravus!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat me at Smash Bros, well guess what? I guarantee you are right. I’m awful at it. But the guys who will be there tonight will be a WAY better challenge for you.


First Friday of the New Year, let’s go gamers! What’s your 2023 resolution? Mine is to… stop being bad at Magic.

I… I don’t have high hopes but hey, maybe 2023 will be my year?


New This Week: SCARLET WITCH #1 by Steve Orlando, Sara Pichelli, and Russell Dauterman (Marvel Comics)!

Wanda works at a magic shop and spends her days saving innocent people from kaiju and demons.

I work at a Magic shop and I just kind of hang out with dorks all day and get paid for it.

...that doesn't seem fair.

But real talk, this series is gonna be really fun and Sara Pichelli's art is gorgeous, but you already knew that because of course it is.


Gamers, this is your weekly reminder of our OPEN BOARD GAME NIGHT in SAINT PAUL!
This week will be a showcase of awesome board games from recent memory, including HEAT and CLANK (and maybe some others!?)!


Happy New Year, gamers! My New Year’s resolution is to keep playing games with all you wonderful nerds! …and also to stop cussing. But it’s real h*ckin’ hard to do OH NO I JUST SAID ONE OH H*CK


Happy 2023! My gut says they can’t make this year into a pair of glasses but I’m ready to be surprised.

All Level Up MN locations will be closed tomorrow (1/1/23) in honor of New Years’ Day. We will see you nExT yEaR!!


It’s the last Friday Night Magic of the year! Make sure that when you’re leaving tonight you say “sEe YoU nExT yEaR” to everyone. That’s always funny. Every. Single. Time…


New: BROKEN TRIDENT (Lakeshore Comics)!

A brand new local indie comic series by Lakeshore Comics, the first of their Keepers of Venox maxi-series! It’s a fantasy world where everything is going great and nothing bad happens! S**e, a bunch of people die in the inciting incident.

The art has big Vox Machina cartoon energy, and you can feel the passion of this small team. Pick up a copy! DO IT!


Level Up Saint Paul is going to be starting up some WARHAMMER ESCALATION LEAGUES in the New Year!

Signups start January 7th (40k) or February 4th (AoS). This isn’t meant to be a highly competitive tournament atmosphere, but a fun way for us to push ourselves to meet some hobby goals in 2023! Come learn to play with your first army, or start that one faction you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Registration will be $20, or the purchase of a Start Collecting/Battleforce box matching your chosen faction!

Questions? Shoot an email to [email protected]


Gamers, the holidays are over, stop resting on your laurels and come BE A CHAMPION.

Regional Championship Qualifier dates are scheduled for all three stores in the next few months, with the first being less than two weeks away on JANUARY 7th!

Sign up here: https://www.levelupshoponline.com/product/regional-championship-qualifiers/33428?cs=true&cst=custom


Gamers, it’s the holidays, so imma keep this short:

Saturday (12/24): All Stores Closing at 4pm!
Sunday (12/25): All Stores CLOSED all day!

Have a great weekend, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, tell your aunt I said hey.


Mmmmm, feel that bracing fresh Minnesota air, it feels like the ICY HAND OF DEATH.

Events are canceled tonight, and stores will be closing at 8pm, due to… well… *gestures vaguely at outside*


Good morning y’all — outside is being a big dang jerk so we are taking some precautions.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul will be closing at 6pm (events canceled) and Hastings will be closed all day!

Stay safe and we will see you soon!


All Level Up Locations will be closing tonight at 8pm due to weather, and there will be no events tonight.

We will be in touch regarding the next couple days!


Been hearing a lot of people talk about Argentina lately for some reason — my guess is they’re talking about GREAT WESTERN TRAIL: ARGENTINA!

Gather your cattle and ride across the plains to Buenos Aires, where there a LOT of people freaking out about something? Presumably how awesome your cows are? I guess?


Gamers, another RCQ season is upon us! Get your signups in early — remember, spots are limited and if one fills up, that’s it!

Signup Here: https://www.levelupshoponline.com/product/regional-championship-qualifiers/33428?cs=true&cst=custom


Warhammer is coming to live action! It was just announced yesterday, so the show probably won’t come out til the year 40,000 but I don’t care! I wanna FANCAST IT.

So, I’m a perfect world, who would you cast as some of the big movers and shakers of the 40k universe?


It’s Friday, babyyyyyy*! Come in and play some flippin’ Magic with us!

* please to not come by yourself to play Magic if you are an actual baby. Like, how did you even read this? How would you get here? What is happening? WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS!?


On January 7th and 8th, we will be hosting a special DOMINARIA REMASTERED PREVIEW EVENT! Come draft this exciting new set a week before anyone else gets to — there are only 24 spots available at each store, so reserve yours before it’s gone!

Sign up here: https://www.levelupshoponline.com/product/dominaria-remastered-preview-event/33517?cs=true&cst=custom

Twenty-four spots per store, three stores… I’m not good at math, but that can’t be a lot?


New This Week: BATMAN/SPAWN by Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo (DC Comics)!

Nearly thirty years after their first conflict (I know that sounds wrong but I did the math and it upset me), Batman and Spawn share the page once more!

So time to choose — Team Batman or Team Spawn?

Also, it should be noted that the title is not Batman vs. Spawn, but Batman/Spawn. So maybe they don’t fight? Maybe they work together? Maybe they… kiss?

Our Story

We're a gaming and comic book store on the corner of 15th & LaSalle near Loring Park in Downtown Minneapolis. We may be small, but we are packed with a huge selection of tabletop games, video games, graphic novels, and Magic cards.

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*heavy breathing*
The winner of today’s Game Day Tournament was Bryce!Bryce is having a big weekend! DEAL WITH IT 🕶
Kaldheim Preorder
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Commander Legends
Misprint Monday! #magicthegathering #mtg #wizardsofthecoast #misprint #lgs
These Zendikar Rising showcase cards are so pretty 😍 #zendikarrising #wizardsofthecoast #mtg #magicthegathering
FREE set booster pack
Zendikar Rising Spoilers
Double Masters spoilers



1425 Lasalle Avenue, Ste B2
Minneapolis, MN

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 8pm
Wednesday 10am - 10pm
Thursday 10am - 10pm
Friday 10am - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 8pm

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