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School is starting back up and my peanut needed some new pencil cases. She picked out the sweet roses and vintage map fabric 🌹🌎

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I saw this 🐝 fabric last weekend and had to have it. The bag is made even sweeter with kind 🐝-theme messages printed on the fabric inside.

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 06/19/2021

🎤 🎶 HERE IT IS!! I recently shared this awesome cassette fabric that was perfect for Jason. Here is the final product 🎶

The Raglan Top pattern from + fabric from made for the perfect shirt.

🛒Link to top pattern https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/straigth-fit-raglan-top-pattern?aff=2111 (afflink).

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Quite possibly made my most favorite dress yet ❤️ I went with the knee-length option which was perfect for the heatwave we’ve had this week! This dress is the Batwing Dress by .

Afflink to pattern here ➡️ ➡️ https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/womens-batwing-tunic-dress-pattern?aff=2111


After taking a couple weeks off I am back with another new project! This fun fabric from Elevated Fashion Fabrics Shop is perfect for what I’m making. Can’t wait to show you the final make!

Timeline photos 05/23/2021

Making a hoodie that turns into a bag was definitely a first for me! 😉

This weeks “Wacky Week” is almost over. Grab your chance to get these beautiful patterns for only one dollar now!

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Big kids can wear rompers too! I made a Strawberry Kisses for my 10 year old and she loves it! It has enough room to run around and - most importantly - ride her bike 🚲 Off to make a bunch more for this summer!

Grab your pattern this week while it’s on Wacky Wednesday! https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/kids-strawberry-kisses-romper-pattern?aff=2111 (afflink)

Timeline photos 05/02/2021

Timeline photos

Create your own swim set with the Cape Cod Swimsuit & Cover Up Pattern! What a beautiful set is this, Sarah’s daughter must be very happy! 💜

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The new Sporty Skirt from is amazing! I made the below-knee length in a fun 🦓 print and LOVE it 🥰

The pattern comes with 5 different lengths/hems, option for pockets, and an elastic waist with optional draw string. Being short it’s hard to find the perfect skirt - but this is the one!

https://www.winterweardesigns.com/products/sporty-skirt-adult?aff=276 (afflink)

Timeline photos 04/28/2021

Look who’s famous now 😎

These Tuesday Hoodies (this week one dollar!) are all so cool! Using a different color combination gives a whole different look.

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Summer is around the corner so we’re stocking up in swimsuits for the cabin ☀️ This Cape Cod Suit + Coverup set even has a matching doll pattern. Pattern is on sale this week only!
🪡Cape Cod by Ellie & Mac

Aff links below ⤵️
🪡Youth Pattern: https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/cape-cod-swimsuit-cover-up-mix-match-pattern?aff=2111
🪡Doll Pattern: https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/cape-cod-doll-pattern?aff=2111

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😎 Look who scored his first me-made hoodie! The Tuesday Hoodie was really quick to put together and I love that it has lots of options to mix and match colors.
📷: Lindsey
🪡: Tuesday Hoodie from


Have I mentioned how much I like this Flounce Tee from Ellie & Mac!? I hacked it to make it sleeveless and it’s perfect for the warmer weather slowly making its way to MN☀️

🪡Link to pattern https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/flounce-tee-pattern?aff=2111 .

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 04/22/2021

I made my first pair of “fancy” work pants (aka - not leggings 😉)! This is my third time testing a pattern with Itch To Stitch and yet again I’ve come away learning more new techniques and skills on top of testing an awesome pattern.

📷: Lindsey
🪡: Upland Trousers https://itch-to-stitch.com/product/upland-trousers-digital-sewing-pattern-pdf/?affiliates=sarah-3619

I paired my Upland Trousers with the Seychelles Top and Bainbridge Pullover ❤️

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 03/30/2021

🥳 The new Kids Oversided Tee from is now available 🥳

There are so many options with the tee - not to mention the chance to make matching Adult & Kids Tees 🥰 Choose from crop, tee, or tunic lengths; hemmed short sleeve, banded 3/4, or banded full sleeve; chest pocket and kangaroo pocket; and crew new or boatneck.

I made the crop top with the Kids Cami tank and a tee length. My peanut approves 😁

🛍Youth Pattern: https://www.ellieandmac.com/collections/sewing-patterns/products/kids-oversized-tee-pattern?aff=2111
🛍 Youth & Adult Bundle: https://www.ellieandmac.com/collections/new-products/products/oversized-tee-pattern-bundle?aff=2111

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I love this new Seychelles Top that I had the opportunity to help test for 🥰 Made in linen and quilting cotton; perfect for summer.

Link to pattern https://itch-to-stitch.com/product/seychelles-top-digital-sewing-pattern-pdf/?affiliates=sarah-3619 (afflink)


🍀 Happy St Patrick’s Day 🍀

Designed this image on then uploaded to last night. Little Boss Lady approves ✔️

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Made a new hoodie this week in athletic mesh inside and soft knit outside. Super cozy for a dark and overcast morning ⛅️ The Zip It Jacker pattern is on sale this week too - grab yours before Sunday!

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I recently had the opportunity to test a new pattern for Itch To Stitch and I love it! ❤️ The Bainbridge Pullover just released this morning and it is such a cozy and warm top, I basically wore it all weekend.

https://itch-to-stitch.com/product/bainbridge-pullover-digital-sewing-pattern-pdf/?affiliate=sarah-3619 (afflink)

📷: Lindsey 💕

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 02/16/2021

Don’t we all need a pair of mermaid pants!? 🧜‍♀️ I made my peanut these Paperbag Pants with snuggle flannel and she loves them.

This week is your chance to get the pattern for only $1 from . https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/kids-paper-bag-pants-pattern?aff=2111


She is definitely a little 😉Started experimenting with embroidery files and the little boss approves ✔️

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 02/08/2021

This was a fun dress pattern to make - lots of firsts! Even made up the sleeve part to go on the sleeveless dress because the little boss lady wanted sleeves 😉 She picked out all the fabrics and designed how her sleeves should look. 💜💙

The Be Amazing Dress & Top pattern is on sale this week at . https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/kids-be-amazing-top-dress-pattern?aff=2111

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Joey decided to help me show off my new top 🐾 I really wanted to make a casual top and fell in love with the sleeves of this Lucky Girl pattern from Ellie & Mac.

Timeline photos 01/30/2021

❤️ This is still one of my favorite tops to wear.

We just love the oversized look of the High Hopes Dolman Top. A fun & easy project, which will make you stand out in the crowd!

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 01/26/2021

🍦 🍨 It may be below freezing out and snow covering the ground, but I couldn’t resist this ice cream fabric since it reminded me of summer...that is still so far away ☀️ L loves her new cardigan from Ellie & Mac and I love how fast it was to make!

🛍 Pattern is on sale this week. The Chapman Cardigan - and several others - are on sale this week for $1 each! https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/chapman-cardigan-unisex-pattern?aff=2111 (afflink)

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I have clearly gotten myself into a large floral pattern stage. My last two makes have me dreaming of summer days again, clearly 🌸 🌺
The Crossover Top just released last night from and it’s so comfortable! I can’t wait to wear the Monday Morning dress out (on a warmer day 😎).

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Seriously - how cute is this new pattern from ?! An adorable baby bib and bunny ear teether ❤️❤️ And the PAWsome news - the bib doubles as a pet bandana 🐾 Joey even agreed to test one out for me.

The pattern is B1G1 right now. 🥰 https://www.ellieandmac.com/collections/new-products/products/baby-bib-bunny-ears-teether-pattern?aff=2111 (afflink)

Need one for the baby in your life? Reach out and let me know 📧


Looking to refresh your pillows? This super quick & easy pattern is coming out soon!

Posted • This cute, easy & fast to sew pattern will soon be coming to you...

Sewist: Sarah Josephs

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Made my little birthday girl a new galaxy unicorn dress 💫 🦄 👗

The Take Me To Tea Dress from was perfect for an adorable, warm dress for my winter baby ❄️

The pattern is on sale at Ellie & Mac this week. https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/take-me-to-tea-dress-pattern?aff=2111 (Afflink)


We had a lot of fun helping with the newest pattern test from Ellie & Mac. Any guesses what is releasing this Monday?!

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 12/08/2020

Imagine my excitement when I found this adorable London theme fabric 🇬🇧 💂🏻‍♂️Little snowmen are riding double-decker buses! My newest flannel pajama pants from Ellie & Mac make me so happy ❤️

Pattern on sale this week too! https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/feel-pretty-pants-pattern?aff=2111 (afflink)


Wore my new pants to work today and they were sooo comfy. Can’t beat smart looking pants made of athletic knit and a yoga waistband 😉

🪡 Pattern is on sale this week and includes wide leg and legging styles in either Capri or full length.

🧵Link to the Not So Basic pant pattern: https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/not-so-basic-pants-pattern?aff=2111 (afflink)


⭐️ Coming soon ⭐️ Shower Hair Wraps are being tested right now. Perfect for drying your hair after a shower or holding your hair up during a relaxing bath. Can’t wait to get some of these up in the shop.

Photos from Eliza Shain Handmade Goods + Crafts's post 11/17/2020

The newest pattern just released tonight 🥳 The Puffed Sleeve Peplum, Dress & Bodysuit has so many options - I’ve already made two! Best part? The dress has POCKETS!! 😁

Afflink to pattern: https://www.ellieandmac.com/collections/sewing-patterns/products/puff-sleeve-peplum-dress-bodysuit-pattern?aff=2111

📷: Lindsey ❤️


A at a new pattern I had the opportunity to work on. The newest releases Monday ❤️


Made myself some unicorn mittens last night 🦄 They are so warm and soft - I have to make more this weekend!


Hannah Hoodie

https://soniaestepdesigns.com/products/hannah?aff=25 (afflink)


After years of crafting as a hobby I have decided to take the leap and open an online shop - Eliza Shain Homemade Gifts + Crafts. You will find a variety of handmade items ranging from home goods, pet gear, bags + totes, and more.

The name came from combining my and my daughter’s middle names {elizabeth + shain}. I wanted a name that was special to me. My daughter came up with the idea for the logo of having the arrow go through the name.

Speaking of my daughter, she is the creative genius behind Sparkle & Shine Jewelry Design. She creates a wide range of colorful and creative necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Minneapolis, MN

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