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is a family-owned and operated business that provides sales, service, and repair of lawn mowers, snow blowers, generators, chain saws, and line trimmers. Our certified mechanic has more than 20 years of experience, and we fix most makes and models with fast turnaround times. We sell and service some of the industry's leading manufacturers of lawn care equipment.


The lawn mower isn’t the only piece of lawn equipment that should be cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Dirt, sap and resin can create a problem if allowed to remain on edgers, hedge trimmers and other lawn equipment – particularly anything that runs on gasoline. If your storage shed is not airtight, it’s possible for some moisture to collect on your lawn equipment, making rust and corrosion an additional issue if not cleaned thoroughly on a yearly basis.


Stand-on lawn mowers are popular with landscapers and yard care companies. Why? They’re compact but powerful and are ideally suited to small and mid-sized yards that are heavily landscaped or have limited room to maneuver.


Many snow plows are made of stainless steel. Why? Stainless steel refers to a cluster of alloys, all of which contain chromium. When chromium is exposed to acids, caustics, water, or air, it forms an impervious, rust-resistant layer that’s invisible to the naked eye.


Skid steer loaders can speed up snow removal, especially for your commercial tenants. Unlike snow blowers or shovels, this equipment can clear sidewalks and walkways in minutes, so clients and customers can get in and out easily.


Snow removal equipment should be stored properly in the off months to make sure it's ready to go when needed. At the end of the season, take all plows and spreaders off of vehicles. Clean all equipment thoroughly, and store in a dry, secure location where it's protected from the elements.


While you may be a master of keeping your smaller pieces of lawn equipment in good repair, the exact nature of the maintenance you have to perform on large pieces may not be as obvious. Whether you lack the time or expertise to service a piece of equipment, we’ve got you covered.


One of the most important components of your generator is the transfer switch. It is wired to both the utility and the generator, and isolates one from the other. Its primary role is to prevent electrical back feed, thereby protecting utility workers, the building, and the generator.


Who is Elwood McGuire? He is the person who is credited with designing the first push lawn mower that was much lighter and easier to operate than earlier mower models. He designed the first push lawn mower in 1870 and by 1885 America was producing over 50,000 of them a year.


Care to guess how much money power outages cost taxpayers and businesses every year? That would be $119 billion. Over the last few years, large, strong storms have caused higher-than-expected outages in some areas of the U.S. Based on meteorological models, this weather uncertainty could continue for the foreseeable future.


Is it possible to save money by installing a backup generator in my home? Check with your insurance company. Many insurers offer what is called a “loss mitigation credit” to homeowners with generators. That credit acts to reduce the cost of homeowners insurance.


Whether you are a yard man or the owner of a full-fledged landscaping company, there are multiple types of machinery to help do a better job for your customers such as; Commercial mowers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, line trimmers, turf care equipment and more.


Some people prefer electric mowers because cordless models move about the yard about as easily as gasoline mowers, with the risk of damaging the cord. In addition, electric mowers require less maintenance that gasoline mowers, which must be drained of oil before the winter and have spark plugs occasionally replaced.


A hedge trimmer is an invaluable piece of lawn and garden equipment. One of the biggest factors to consider when making a purchase is the distance to the shrubs and bushes. If it’s more than 50 feet, you may want to consider a gas-powered or cordless electric trimmer so there is no concern about damaging a cord or not reaching the bushes.


In the past decade, the number of power outages lasting more than an hour has been on the rise. As of 2014, the frequency and severity of power losses had increased by 285% compared to 1984, the first year outage data was systematically collected.


If you're thinking of purchasing a backup generator, make a wattage assessment, or ask an electrician to do one for you. Generators are rated for a particular wattage. The more watts a system has, the more useful it will be.


When you own your own business, it’s natural to want to do as much of the routine equipment maintenance yourself as possible to save money. Remember, letting us handle lawn equipment maintenance can give you the time to get busy on those marketing campaigns you’ve been putting off.


Leaf blowers are a useful piece of lawn equipment. The earliest leaf “blowers” were developed by Japanese gardeners during the 1800s. They pumped hand bellows to produce controlled puffs of air that helped clear leaves and debris from gardens.


The history of the generator can be traced back to 1820, when Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted realized that electric currents have magnetic fields around them. In 1831, English physicist Michael Faraday went one step further; realizing the principle of electromagnetic induction (which today powers generators).


Lawn mowers have been around for quite a long time, but the business didn’t really pick up until after World War I. With the end of The Great War came the birth of numerous suburbs. Of course with the new houses came new lawns that needed to be cut, thus the boom of the lawn mower industry.


It’s not often that you can pay for peace of mind, but that’s exactly what happens when you install a backup generator. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside, because your generator means the central air and heat can continue to operate, along with your refrigerator and other key electrical systems.


There is no part of the country immune from power outages. Areas near the coast are susceptible to tropical weather and winter storms – or both - while tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can occur virtually anywhere in the United States.


For many competitive homeowners, having to fix broken lawn equipment can eat into the time they need to spend to ensure their yard looks better than the neighbors’ yards. Remember, we can always take on your equipment repairs so that you can work on other aspects of cultivating your perfect lawn and garden.


What is the longest journey ever recorded on a lawnmower? A journey of 14,594.5 miles. This epic journey was undertaken by Gary Hatter – the journey took 260 consecutive days to complete and included a trip through 48 states.


Is a riding mower a good investment? That depends on the lawn and garden work you need done. If you have a large lawn, and perhaps other property that also must be maintained, a riding mower is designed for bigger jobs without getting you completely exhausted.


Mowing the yard takes much more than starting the mower and walking around in lines. Before you start the mower, you should clear your lawn of any debris such as rock, twigs, and yard tools. These things can be thrown by a lawn mower blade, causing a very serious accident.


All equipment should be inspected before operation, and snow removal equipment is no exception. Make a daily checklist of your routine. It should include checking fluid levels, inspecting lights and brakes, and making sure functions like the windshield wipers and gauges work properly.


Modern lawn mowers are made with the highest quality light metals, much unlike the original lawn mowers. The earliest designs for lawn mowers were made with heavy cast iron. Other than the heavy materials, the early lawn mowers actually closely resemble the technology still used today.


If you live in an area that is not serviced by municipal snow removal, you need to be prepared or you will find yourself snowed in. Pickup trucks can be adapted to accommodate plows using quick-coupling products.


Did you know that the first gasoline powered lawn mowers were manufactured in the United States by Colonel Edwin George in 1919? This was a major invention at that time, one that is still a popular piece of lawn equipment owned by most home owners.


Here's a little tip to help prolong the life of your machinery: the vertical pins and pivot pins on a plow need to be greased periodically. This will prevent rust as well as protecting them against the elements.


When it comes to watering your lawn, the old saying rings true: quality is better than quantity. Frequent watering can lead to very unattractive thatch running throughout your lawn. It’s recommended that you water your lawn once a week, but make it a very heavy watering.


The type of fuel your generator runs on will depend on which type of backup standby generator you choose. Some generators turn on automatically when the power goes out and turn off when power returns, while others require manual assistance. Most generators are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane.


When figuring out what snow removal equipment you need, it's wise to consider backups as well as what you need immediately. If there's a major winter disaster, it's unlikely that there will be time to acquire any additional equipment.


With the advent of the automobile, snow removal became a necessity for cities and towns to function. Snow plows found it difficult to navigate through streets with parked cars, and cars found it difficult to navigate through slushy streets.


There are numerous maintenance requirements that will prolong the life of your snow plow. Checking all the nuts and bolts, and fastening when needed, will help keep your equipment stable. Using a lubricant on the bolts will deter rust.



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