I2R CNC Imagination to Reality

I2R CNC Imagination to Reality


Are you ready to meet this giant gaming PC Omni??

The final reveal is here! >> us.rog.gg/projectomni3

Shout out to the ones who made it happen: RhoadspcI2R CNC Imagination to RealityKingston Technology EK Water Blocks & Customz (IG)
The giant, 4-foot robot mouse is coming to life!

We powered up the process using an I2R CNC Imagination to Reality machine and the ROG to create PROJECT OMNI 🤖⚡

See what happened in episode 2 with Rhoadspc Kingston Technology EK Water Blocks >> us.rog.gg/projectomni2
Look at this incredible giant robot rat PC build we helped Rhoadspc bring to life!

PROJECT OMNI was inspired by our very own ROG electronic Rat of the same name, Omni, from the ROG Saga series!

Watch episode one, here >> http://us.rog.gg/projectomni1

Thank you to I2R CNC Imagination to Reality , EK Water Blocks, Kingston Technology, and Customz on IG! 🖤
We made something BIG with Rhoadspc!

Introducing series: PROJECT OMNI! A giant robot gaming PC from the ROG Saga 🤖⚡

Watch episode one, here >> us.rog.gg/projectomni1

Thank you to I2R CNC Imagination to Reality, EK Water Blocks, Kingston Technology and Customz on IG! 🖤
I had a great time at IWF Atlanta 2022 this year and got some great additions to my new shop, a laser and 4th axis lath from the guys at I2R CNC Imagination to Reality, a great thin kerf saw blade from Katz-Moses Woodworking, a chisel set and mallet from Narex. I also need to thank my sponsor, my Wife, Christine!
It’s my first Resin job ✅
Words are from a song.

All carved out on my I2R CNC Imagination to Reality from Stoney CNC and wood from WOW ALL THAT WOOD

Has anyone had to replace their touch probe? When I send mine down it doesn’t seem to read I know the wires had been looking worn for sometime but I think it’s finally done. I went on the I2R site to order a new one and appereantly the flat rate for shipping is $299…..for a $65 probe. No thanks.
This is a review of the I2R-8 Iconic uccnc system and my reasoning for going with I2R CNC.
This review is completely unvarnished as I did not receive any incentives to provide a review.
I will be using the I2R as a hobbyist. I also plan to use this machine with teenage kids for them to learn how to build things in wood.
I purchased this unit after looking at a number of CNC systems, including Axiom and Stepcraft.
I narrowed it down to stepcraft and I2RCNC. I chose those two systems for final evaluation. Both systems allow the use of PC to control the CNC. I preferred that design, over a pendant, and transfer of information from my computer to the pendant to provide control.
The stepcraft seemed very well built as was the I2RCNC system. Stepcraft has a 36x48 platform which I really liked and the PC control to the CNC utilized a USB port. The I2RCNC is 24x48 which is still quite large. It uses ethernet, which most laptops today do not have. While this was an initial negative, I was able to use an adapter to adapt from USB to ethernet and the adapter (USB to ethernet) without any issue and it works very well. I hope that i2RCNC will update to either a cUSB or Bluetooth in the future.
The I2RCNC is beefier than the stepcraft. Both seemed to have comparable spindles. Though Stepcraft did have an option of auto switching router bits. Costs were close, though stepcraft was more money for an apples to apples comparison by about $900.
I spent some time speaking with both companies. In the reviews, many people stated that customer service was excellent with the I2R and they were 100% correct.
Prior to the purchase, Sunny Chang provided me a Zoom demonstration on the unit. He was very polite, patient and helpful as he answered all my questions. And I had a lot of questions!
Once I placed the order, I immediately received information for the CNC and constant updates on the shipping status. Unfortunately, the cnc machine seemed to be caught in the strained supply chain system and took much longer to be delivered. This is obviously not I2RCNCs fault and they worked with Fedex to help get the shipment which was furloughed in a Fedex warehouse for over a week. Again, strong customer support.
Once I received the unit, I did notice some damage to the box. I do strongly suggest that you look at the box carefully. One area I suggested to I2RCNC is that one side of a unit has a rod which should be protected better. But overall the CNC unit is well packed. Again, I2RCNC was very receptive to my input.
The Computer controller for the front display needed to be reconnected, it probably fell off due to shipping it all over California. The Technical support team at i2RCNC immediately showed me how to fix this. It was very simple.
I received emails to set up a training session to get the software up and running. Joel was incredibly patient as he trained me on how to set up the software.
The minor issues I did have with the unit were fixed quickly and customer support was very responsive.
This is why I chose I2RCNC in the first place.

I am still learning about the system, so hope to do a 6 month review.
I do have a few recommendations for I2RCNC.
1. Do a basic video and walk through (SLOWLY) the steps from set up to explaining how to use the CNC software UCCNC and for the customer to make their first CNC project. I would suggest a cheat sheet for the setting and especially more information on setting the zero, versus Home.
2. The manual is excellent in some sections and poor in others. This makes it difficult for beginners not as familiar with CNCs.
3. The linkage between using VCarve and the G (UCCNC) code system in the manual needs to be improved and Pendant Users guide could be supported by a video on its use by I2RCNC.
4. I have noted I2RCNC increasing their video production. They have done a great job in many videos. I suggest a video on the UCCNC system and have this type of software video posted to the site, so people who purchase the unit have access, immediately.
5. Suggest I2RNC look into a fan for the computer which is quieter. Guess though you will know if left the computer on this way. I sure do.

For the consumers:
1. If purchasing the unit and planning to put it on a bench or table, be cognizant that the bottom screw drive will need to be greased. You need a way to get to it. I chose to mount the CNC on a Kreg table 44X64. I did that since I will need to enclose the CNC to reduce noise. If you are looking for an enclosure, I recommend one built by Mitz Pellicotta. Luckily Sonny told me of the screw below, and I built the table with access to the grease fitting.
2. I chose not to use the standard dustboot. I purchased the dustboot from oneguyinashop. It seems to work very well.
3. Carefully check the unit before accepting it. If there is any damage, mark it carefully on the form before you sign and open it up right away.
4. There are many videos out there, e.g., vidoes by Mark Lindsay or Vectric and I have been spending my time watching them. Further, I recommend the book, CNC Router Essentials, by Randy Johnson. I made my first project from his book ,.
5. The I2RCNC LED light bar is great, i2RCNC installed the LEDs for me which was great. The Amana 3 piece bits set is excellent. I suggest you download the Amana chart on CNC bits. I purchased the hold downs from i2RCNC , they are excellent and cheaper in cost, than other hold-downs. I did decide to purchase the wireless pendant. I can envision its usefulness. However note: the manufacturing of the USB stick is very poor and flimsy. The pendent did not come with a manual. This is not an I2RCNC issue since the unit is manufactured by another company. I was shocked at USB wireless connection is poorly manufactured. I2RCNC quickly responded to this issue and is sending out a replacement. Another reason for going with them.

So in summary: I purchased this CNC from I2RCNC due to the reviews of excellent customer support and the great design of the CNC unit and to date both customer service and support have been excellent. I2RCNC is extremely responsive and helpful.
The unit is extremely well built and designed very well.
My overall rating is: Customer service and support is a 5 out of 5
Overall review is a 4.5. out of 5.
I did give it a 4.5 due to the minor issues with the unit.

I hope this review is useful to the consumers thinking about I2RCNC.

Michael Roth
Just the beginning with our newest team member Stay tuned for some cool stuff! I2R CNC Imagination to Reality
Can those using an I2R laser show pixs of projects they have completed using it. Thanks
Is there a guide for which collet is to be used with which bit?
Showing some behind the scenes on how I cut a distro with a I2R CNC Imagination to Reality Have a peek into it! https://youtu.be/mFn9UAQp8t0
I have an antique table that was damaged by the movers. One end of this carved table is missing. Can one of you guys make me a replica of the other end? This table was found by my wife's grandfather back in the 1930's and the people I hired to move it knocked it off and did not give me the piece to put back on.

I would like to surprise my sweet wife with this repair. I'll stain it to match.
This is without doubt my favourite project so far!
It’s not finished but I’m extremely happy with how it looks so far.

Machine used is I2R-4
Bit used Amana RC-1148 60° V bit
Size 300mm in diameter
Machine time 2hrs 59min

I2R CNC Imagination to Reality Stoney CNC Amana Tool Corporation

This is what happens when you match a quality CNC the I2R CNC Imagination to Reality with Amana Tool Corporation bits.

The I2R-4 copes extremely well with intricate work, with an incredibly sharp bit the RC-1148 60° insert V bit.

Welcome to the world of i2R. There are no limits to your creativity. Imagine it and create it on one


Congrats to the winners! We had a lot of fun putting on this raffle, and we were honored to see all the interest in our machines! Over 500 people submitted to the drawing (and many bought multiple tickets- which we deleted the duplicates of. I’m looking at you Guy)

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How To Carve Any Image On A CNC - Making The Vectric Toolpath Tutorial 11/29/2022

Ever wonder how to cnc any image ? Check this video https://youtu.be/sv9vbmvexJc

How To Carve Any Image On A CNC - Making The Vectric Toolpath Tutorial This is a quick and simple tutorial to help get you started with Vectric's Bitmap Tracing feature! This toolpath was made in Vectric's Aspire program and car...


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If there is a delay in shipping your order, i2R CNC LLC will email you to let you know.

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Answer: We partnered with some major courier providers in the U.S including United Parcel Service (UPS), United States Postal Service (USPS), and select Common Carrier freight carriers.

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"Shoot the Chips" 06-16-2022

Share CNC Stories


Just look at the details of this Grand Canyon replica? Made by an i2R CNC machine and not to brag, this artwork is an 11/10.

How would you rate this masterpiece from 1 - 10? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Can we all agree that CNC machines make absolutely everything a whole lot easier?

Because they do!

Post your latest 3D artwork, and make sure to tag us!

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Literally everything you need in one box!i2R CNC bundles are guaranteed worth it! Don't believe me? Check our machines b...
"Shoot the Chips" 06-16-2022



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