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Looking back at #SXFIT22. For 30 days we made our fitness a priority, and hosted 4 fun & challenging classes. We had 13 xers successfully complete all 30 days! Congrats to all of you! Special thank you to our partners Shred415 East Side Brew Fitness Brew Fitness Shorewood Train Moment and Feeling It Fitness and sponsors HOKA Funky Fresh Spring Rolls lululemon Bublr Bikes

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It takes a village to provide a full range of mobility options! Thanks to National Center for Applied Transit Technology for interviewing former Commissioner Polenske about how the The Hop, Bublr Bikes, & Milwaukee County Transit System partner to keep people in Milwaukee moving. Watch the clip here
Whether you’re riding MCTS, The Hop, Bublr Bikes, or the iconic, red Neighborhood Trolley, wear your favorite cardigan today in spirit of Fred Rogers and #WorldKindnessDay! #CardiganDay
We are thrilled to be providing internet service to Bublr Bikes in Milwaukee! Check them out at https://bublrbikes.org.
Join us and our partners, DreamBikes - Milwaukee and Bublr Bikes, as we celebrate the winter season with a Winter Bike Fashion show! All beverage and raffle proceeds go to support programming - and our youth - at DreamBikes! Check out the details and join us!

Milwaukee is one of five cities worldwide that now has bike share data within the @bird scooter app! This great feature encompassing Bublr Bikes provides a stronger connection of multimodal mobility options throughout the city of Milwaukee.
Rent a Bublr Bikes for the weekend for only $7 - take unlimited 2 hour trips for a 72 hour period!

How to Redeem Deal
At a ride share stand: Use Code: DO2021.
On a smartphone: follow this link: https://qrco.de/bcFR2P
Mark your calendars for the 4th Annual Promise Zone Bike Ride on September 18th, at 10:00am!
Join us for a slow-paced, family-friendly 5-mile bike ride through parts of Milwaukee's 30th Street Industrial Corridor and the surrounding neighborhoods. The ride will start and end in Garden Homes Park (2600 W. Atkinson Avenue) and include several stops to highlight various neighborhood features and initiatives.

Free bike repairs will be offered before the ride, and some rental bikes are available. There will also be snacks and raffle prizes!

Pre register for the bike ride by following the link: https://bit.ly/MPZBR2021

Thank you to our partners!
Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderman Khalif Rainey, The 30th Street Corridor (The Corridor), DPW Milwaukee, Milwaukee City Development, Wisconsin Bike Fed, DreamBikes - Milwaukee Bublr Bikes, Red Bike & Green-Milwaukee, Black Girls Do Bike, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Villard BID, Milwaukee Police District 5, Milwaukee Police Department - District 7, Planet To Plate, Safe and Healthy Streets MKE
Last year, Vincent VanGreat brought his show to our small mobile stage and he absolutely killed it. We're happy to have him back on the BIG stage this week with his friends DJ Shawna, Mario Betancourt Lanza, Cameron Webb, and his band Ninja Sauce!

He's promising some Bublr Bikes giveaways and we have BIKE NIGHT partners joining in that fun too! Wisconsin Bike Fed, DreamBikes - Milwaukee, Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail, and Milwaukee Bike Polo LLC will be present doing their thing, fixing bikes, and hosting a bike auction.

Bring a picnic or enjoy one of our many fine vendors.

If you are at all compromised, please wear a mask. If you are sick, please stay home. We are now strongly recommending that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask or other face-covering backstage and in all public restrooms. Please social distance. Play by the CDC rules, we all know it's the best for everyone.

Many thanks to our sponsors:
Milwaukee County Parks
Washington Heights Neighborhood Association
Uptown Crossing BID 16
Quorum Architects
Gruber Law Offices
Rose Mary & Dean Muller
Near West Side Partners, Inc.
Media partners are:
Kneeverland Productions, Pwrfwd, Brandon Minga Studio with House of RAD, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee & 101.7 The Truth
Special thanks to @Pete's Pops, Vennture Brew Coo and Bittercube for their help over the last few months. And to all of you that have given and continue to give. ♥
Happy early birthday to Bublr Bikes!! The streets of Milwaukee look good with your blue bikes rolling along. 🚲

Get your tickets now to the Bublr Bike 7th Birthday Party on Thursday, August 12 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.!

Tickets are here> https://bit.ly/3AoRC2G
Hi. Is your website down?
Detroit Pistons v.s. The Milwaukee Bucks ... Robert is riding Bublr!!! #nbaplayoffs #mke

“Bublr Bikes” is Greater Milwaukee’s locally operated non-profit bike share system. Bike share is ideal for short-distance trips providing users the ability to pick up & return a bicycle at any self-serve Bublr bike-station.

Bublr Bikes can be rented for short, quick trips. Riders can take out a bike at any station, pay for it with a credit card or prepaid Bublr Pass, and return the bike to any other station. Bublr Bikes connects people to places in Milwaukee!

Operating as usual

Bublr Receives a $25,000 grant for B3 Workforce Development Program from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County 02/24/2022

Bublr Receives a $25,000 grant for B3 Workforce Development Program from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

2 exciting announcements in the latest issue of Talk Around the Bublr. Read all about the $25,000 Reducing Barriers to Employment Fund through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to support the B3 program in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and DreamBikes - Milwaukee. Special Thanks to Kadeam Wilson for all of his work with the students and his advocacy of the program. Sign up to get the latest issue delivered to your inbox at: https://bublrbikes.dm.networkforgood.com/forms/email-sign-up
#NonprofitBikeshare #BikeMechanicCertification #WorkforceDevelopment #BoysAndGirlsClubMKE #DreamBikes #B3 #GMF #LoveMKE #Bublr #BublrBikes

Bublr Receives a $25,000 grant for B3 Workforce Development Program from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County Bublr, Milwaukee’s nonprofit bikeshare operator, is proud to announce that a generous grant from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County's Reducing Barriers to Employment Fund will allow Bublr to continue its B3 Workforce Development Program.


FREE rides on Election Day, February 15, 2022. Voters can find their voting location at https://myvote.wi.gov and see all Bublr’s current stations at bit.ly/BublrMap. No code is needed to enjoy a free 30-minute ride on Election Day.

A free ride ends when the Bublr Bike is returned to a Bublr Bikes station. Individual rides over 30 minutes will cost $0.25 per minute. More details at:
#FreeBublrRides #BeHeard #ElectionDay #LoveMKE #NonprofitBikeshare #Bublr


Today and every day, we choose to celebrate what brings us together. #ChooseLove #LoveMKE #LetsRideBikes #BikeWedding #BublrParty #DestinationFun #ShareTheRide #Bikeshare #Nonprofit #Bublr

Transit Equity 2022 02/04/2022

Transit Equity 2022

Everyone has a right to Safe, reliable, environmentally-sustainable & affordable transit that's accessible to all, regardless of income, national origin, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, or ability.
#TransitEquityDay #BikeshareIsPartOfTheSolution #IntegratedTransit #LastMile #Bublr https://bit.ly/3uzc3tU

Transit Equity 2022 Transit Equity 2022

Please enjoy Appleton, Wisconsin native Willem Dafoe saying "bubbler" on 'Saturday Night Live' 01/30/2022

Please enjoy Appleton, Wisconsin native Willem Dafoe saying "bubbler" on 'Saturday Night Live'

That feeling when…. 🥰

Please enjoy Appleton, Wisconsin native Willem Dafoe saying "bubbler" on 'Saturday Night Live' "You know, when I was a kid in Appleton, Wisconsin..."


Check your inbox for the latest "Talk Around the Bublr" for updates on a new grant from GMF for adaptive bikes, update on membership renewals & how overage fees are billed, and more! Sign up for our monthly newsletter at: https://bublrbikes.dm.networkforgood.com/forms/email-sign-up
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The "Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act" is headed to the Senate tomorrow.
Make your voice heard:
Ron Johnson: (202) 224-5323
Tammy Baldwin: 202-224-5653



The National Center for Applied Transit Technology recently highlighted the City & County of Milwaukee as an example of what integrated transit looks like. Bublr is proud of the strong partnerships we have with Milwaukee County Transit System, The Hop, and DPW Milwaukee. We're looking forward to furthering integrations in the near future. Stay tuned! #2022Connectivity #IntegratedTransit #ConnectedMKE #VisitMKE #DiscoverWisconsin #nonprofitbikeshare #MKEDPW #MCTS #Hop #Bublr



Bublr is Greater Milwaukee's nonprofit bikeshare operator. We rely on donations to keep the system running and to keep our pricing as low as possible.

Andrew M. who moved to Milwaukee during the pandemic said:

I needed affordable, convenient, and COVID friendly transportation. Bublr has been the perfect resource!

Our number one winter rider Kent Z. said that his reasons for riding all year round are that in addition to exercise and health knowing no season, “winter is the most beautiful time to ride.”

Did you know that during cold winter months fuel efficiency can drop 20 to 30% and air pollution can increase? To date Bublr has kept 1,736,715 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere, so even if you don’t ride this winter, your donation will help all of us breathe a little easier.

Please consider donating to Bublr.

#StayActive #NonprofitBikeshare #ConnectingMKE #LoveMKE #Bublr365 #Bublr


Winter is nearly here! Below is a list of stations that will be serviced during winter for our hearty riders who use Bublr Bikes all year round. Know that the Station map on our website, as well as the BCycle app, will reflect the stations open & how many bikes are available.
#StayActive #NonprofitBikeshare #ConnectingMKE #LoveMKE #Bublr365 #Bublr



Gift the experience of exploring MKE with Bublr Bikes.
Save $20 Off Annual Membership - follow the link: https://bit.ly/GiftBublr21
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These are the finalists for the 2021 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards 12/14/2021

These are the finalists for the 2021 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards

Listen in tomorrow from 6-9 PM to hear the 2021 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Music Awards.
#LocalMusic #414music #88Nine #RMMA #LoveMKE

These are the finalists for the 2021 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards More than 3600 people cast ballots, voting for their favorite Milwaukee artists, songs and albums of 2021. Now we're excited to reveal the finalists.


Last winter Bublr riders traveled more than 4,500 miles! In addition to helping people get where they need to go, and last winter more than ever, Bublr provided a great option for people to get out and move around.

Bublr rider Chareese W. said that Bublr allowed her to get some outside exercise without running the risk of contracting COVID from a gym.

Your donation will help keep this incredibly flexible travel option rolling all year round.
#YearRoundBikeshare #WinterBiking #AffordableTransportation #IntegratedTransportation #NonprofitBikeshare #LoveMKE #Bublr365 #Bublr



Gift the experience of exploring MKE with Bublr Bikes.

Save $20 Off Annual Membership - follow the link: https://bit.ly/GiftBublr21

#GiftExperiences #GiftSustainably #GiftLocal #ExploreMKE #VisitMKE #DiscoverWI #NonprofitBikeshare #Bublr


The Davies family welcomed a new life into the world recently. The extended Bublr team grew, too. We are more than co-workers, our team includes the people we go home to, the people who support us, and the people who fuel our fire to do our best every day. Please join us in welcoming the newest team pedaler, Elliot! 💙💙💙


Gift Bublr Membership

Want to give the gift of exploring Greater Milwaukee, year round?

Gift an Annual Bublr Membership to someone you care about and save 20% off.

Promocode for gift membership will be emailed to you, so you can gift virtually or on paper.


#GiftExperiences #GiftLocal #ShopLocalMKE
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"Maintaining Bublr Bikes’ operations and service during winter coincides with other vital transportation systems in Milwaukee—namely, Milwaukee County Transit System—who provides service 365 days a year. Bus riders enjoy the option of starting or ending their bus trip with a Bublr bike ride to access destinations that our local bus routes cannot directly serve. Additionally, we still need exercise in the Winter months and riding a Bublr bike is an excellent way to keep healthy and active all year round.” - Jeff S. Winter Bublr Rider

Did you know that more than 80% of Bublr stations are co-located with other transit options? Whether it’s Milwaukee County Transit System stations, The Hop Stops, or the Intermodal Station. Bublr is part of an integrated transit system.

Keep Milwaukee rolling all year round with a donation.
#SupportMKE #YearRoundBikeshare #WinterBiking #AffordableTransportation #IntegratedTransportation #NonprofitBikeshare #LoveMKE #ExploreMKE #Bublr365 #MCTS #Hop #Bublr



Bublr is open year-round for YOU!

One of our top winter riders, Liam B., had this to say about using Bublr all winter long:

"I just appreciated that the subscription allowed me to take unlimited less than one hour bike rides. It was key for getting me to work on time every morning and if it wasn’t too icy, I saved a ton of money meeting my friends out by biking instead of ubering."

Year-round most Bublr trips are taken by locals, but in the winter it’s especially pronounced with more than 80% of our trips being taken by locals. By staying open year-round, we are helping your friends and neighbors get to work, get to school, get out of the house, and get some exercise.

Help make sure folks like Liam continue having an economical and environmentally friendly way to get around Milwaukee all year round.


#SupportMKE #YearRoundBikeshare #WinterBiking #AffordableTransportation #NonprofitBikeshare #LoveMKE #ExploreMKE #Bublr365 #Bublr


You can help keep nonprofit bikeshare rolling year-round!

One of our top winter riders Mary S. had this to say about using Bublr year-round:

"As a resident of the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee, I ride Bublr often to get around downtown all year round. I do have a car, but it’s more convenient and energy-efficient to ride Bublr even in winter. I ride to WAC, to PT appointments, to restaurants and deli, to run errands like groceries, post office, meeting friends etc. It’s more convenient than driving and there is no parking problem. I also ride Bublr for exercise and recreation. It is so cool to ride to the lakefront to see the full moon rise up out of Lake Michigan any time of year! Currently, I am not working, but when I was, I would ride to work throughout winter. Many people depend on Bublr to ride to work throughout the winter. Winter in MKE really isn’t that bad. Very little to no snow until the first of the year. 2020 I don’t think MKE had that much snow, so riding Bublr works. Bublr is the answer to urban transportation any time of year. Go Bublr!"

Donate to help meet our goal of $10,000:

#SupportMKE #YearRoundBikeshare #WinterBiking #AffordableTransportation #NonprofitBikeshare #LoveMKE #ExploreMKE #Bublr365 #Bublr

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Gift Bublr Membership
Bublr Bash 2021: Thursday, August 12 @ Wheel & Sprocket HQ in Bay View




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