KO Looks at Travel

KO Looks at Travel

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Timeline Photos 08/04/2021

Absolutely ✈️

[06/23/21]   On the surface
I may appear alright, but deep down I want to travel 🧳 …
weekly ✈️

United — At-home COVID-19 Test Available from United and Abbott 05/20/2021

United — At-home COVID-19 Test Available from United and Abbott

Did you know...
#kolooksattravel #InternationalTravel

United — At-home COVID-19 Test Available from United and Abbott United has partnered with Abbott to provide a COVID-19 test kit you can bring on almost any international trip. Pack it in your carry-on, take the test withi...

Woman Forgot TSA Checks Hats - Airport Security Check Wig Fail 05/20/2021

Woman Forgot TSA Checks Hats - Airport Security Check Wig Fail

I know we got used to hat wigs ladies but please keep TSA in mind 😆 #KoLooksAtTravel #IconicAdventures

Woman Forgot TSA Checks Hats - Airport Security Check Wig Fail Her hair is just stuck on the hat for ever. @crunchatize me capn @4TheCulture____ TSA don’t be playing TSA: Mam Please Remove Your Hat, Mam: 😂🤣Reddit Post:...


Are you ready to get back out there?

Are you ready to get back out there?

Caribbean Travel Restrictions: Jamaica Narrows COVID-19 Travel Test Window 03/02/2021

Caribbean Travel Restrictions: Jamaica Narrows COVID-19 Travel Test Window

What to know when traveling 🧳 to Jamaica 🇯🇲

Caribbean Travel Restrictions: Jamaica Narrows COVID-19 Travel Test Window New protocol policy shift becomes effective March 4.

VeriFLY -- Welcome International Travelers 02/24/2021

VeriFLY -- Welcome International Travelers

Do you fly American Airlines?

Have you heard of VeriFly?

VeriFLY -- Welcome International Travelers American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia Airlines are connecting travelers with the VeriFLY digital wellness application to help make the COVID travel requirements for international travel more convenient. Customers traveling to participating locations will have the opportunity to test this new...

travelandleisure.com 07/30/2020

Which Beach You Should Be Sitting on Right Now, Based on Your Zodiac Sign (Video)

Let me know how these getaways resonates with your inner spirit 🏝

travelandleisure.com Sun, sand, and crystal blue waters are waiting for you.

madamenoire.com 07/30/2020

50 Black Women Share What Living In America Feels Like In Three Words

Great read!!!

madamenoire.com Disrespected, unprotected, and neglected only scratch the surface of how many Black women in America feel right now.

aarp.org 07/30/2020

Airlines Change Safety Protocol as Travel Increases

Things to remember as you start flying...

aarp.org Air travel has changed since the pandemic began. Learn what airlines have implemented to help keep you safe, from boarding to in-flight.


#Egypt #IconicAdventures #JakoriGlobal

One day, Take me to Egypt 🧡

Join the Worlds Largest Travel Community 🌍
Travello 👉 travelloapp.app.link/Install

travelnoire.com 07/10/2020

No Passport Required! Travel Experts Share Their Favorite US Destinations - TravelNoire

Let’s get ready to TRAVEL 🧳...

travelnoire.com You don’t always have to leave US soil to have an unforgettable vacation. Some of our favorite travel influencers and experts share where they like to go when visiting new destinations in America and among the US territories, and these cities and towns are just a car ride or short flight away and ...

[06/28/20]   Special #1
For every 10 people that register on my Travel 🧳 site. I’m giving away 1
3 days- 2 nights!
Link IS in comments!


What does your Passport look like? 😂
Where are we going in 2021?

[06/20/20]   Did you know??? Let’s go ✈️

travelweekly.com 06/12/2020

Sandals establishes reopening dates for most resorts: Travel Weekly

Are you ready??? Let’s go!!! ✈️

travelweekly.com The company has announced reopening dates for properties in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Grenada and St. Lucia.

travelnoire.com 06/12/2020

Here's Why You Should Skip Rome And Visit This North African City Instead - TravelNoire

Looking for ancient cities like Rome...Try Northern Africa 🤷🏽‍♀️

travelnoire.com Rome is a city everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. From the Colosseum, history, and art to the food, this city has a lot to offer. On the flip side, Rome can be very expensive and overcrowded with tourists. 

travelpulse.com 06/03/2020

How the Travel Industry Can Do Its Part in the Fight Against Racism

Interesting view...

travelpulse.com The travel industry can dismantle racism within their own industry.

hub.united.com 05/21/2020

A Message from Scott Kirby, United's New CEO

Do you have a preferred airline?
What are they doing to make sure you stay healthy on your flight?

hub.united.com Learn more from United CEO, Scott Kirby, about our efforts to keep you and your loved ones safe when you travel.


Greece reopens July 1st who wants to go ✈️✈️🧳✈️

Welcome to Mykonos, Greece 😍💙

travelandleisure.com 05/21/2020

Aruba Will Soon Reopen to Visitors With All New Health Guidelines in Place

Who’s got the travel 🧳 bug itch...Aruba is opening up soon...here’s what you need to consider before traveling.

travelandleisure.com In early May, Aruba announced tentative plans for reopening the island to inbound tourists. Though officials have yet to share an official opening date (authorities are hoping to open between June 15 and July, 2020), it has revealed new health protocols to keep both tourists and residents safe.

travelpulse.com 04/26/2020

New Airplane Seat Design Could Keep Passengers Safe From Viruses

Wow 🤩 what a difference a virus makes!

travelpulse.com Safety is the new name of the game in the airline industry.


Sunsets of Amalfi, Italy

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KO Looks at Travel's cover photo


Jakori Global...let's get ready to travel!

Let's get ready to Travel!!!!

thepointsguy.com 01/21/2020

Why this cruise line you've barely heard of is ordering six giant new ships

If you enjoy Luxurious vacations and Cruises 🚢 keep your eyes on these new vessels. With a yacht/resort feel!


thepointsguy.com Fast-growing MSC Cruises is in the midst of one of the fastest expansions in cruising history.

essence.com 01/04/2020

10 Places Every Black Woman Should Visit In Her Lifetime

Something to think about 😍↙️

essence.com This is the only travel bucket list you need.

tmj4.com 01/02/2020

New Year's resolution: Get a Real ID before the deadline

Do you have the "REAL ID"?
Get it b4 October to travel with your Driver's License.


tmj4.com There's a New Year's resolution you'll want to add to you list for 2020: Getting a Real ID. Starting on Oct. 1, you won't be able to get on a plane without one.


Start saving for your 2020 Vacation!!!

miamiherald.com 12/27/2019

Disney World buys 235 acres. Here’s what we know.

Who loves Disney?

miamiherald.com Walt Disney World has bought 235 acres of land through one of its companies on Monday. While the park has not said what it is for, a strong guess would be the popular theme park expanding its borders.

travelmarketreport.com 12/27/2019

Why You Should Use a Travel Agent, Now More than Ever

Why should you use a travel 🧳 agent in this digital age?

travelmarketreport.com From the perks, to the protection, to the help in case of an emergency, here’s a list of reasons why everyone should use a travel agent — good information to pass along to your clients.


Travel + Leisure

Let me help your plan your 2020 Vacation 🌞

Whether you're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit in 2020.


Do you have your passport and ready to travel? Secrets St. James Montego Bay All inclusive vacation for 2020. Inbox me.


Travel Insider

Places to go and things to try besides the Moscow Mule.

Try Soviet-style ice cream at GUM.


Food Insider

Taco 🌮 186 in LA ...yummy

Why LA is obsessed with these Tijuana-style tacos.

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Jakori Global...let's  get ready to travel!





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