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Hit me with it!! What you think matters -

Hit me with it!! What you think matters -

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Big Announcement & Summer stuff - https://mailchi.mp/2987cf5952e8/big-announcement-summer-stuff-793587


DrGrace's podcast launch Nov 5! - https://mailchi.mp/2aae05fbad9e/drgraces-podcast-launch-nov-5


DrgraceDc & SainRx Consulting Solutions


DrgraceDc & SainRx Consulting Solutions


DrgraceDc & SainRx Consulting Solutions


It's time!! Time to become just a little bit more [un]common.


I am passionate about searching the globe for the most effective solutions for better health and living that are natural, sustainable and effective – especially those working better than most known mainstream options. So I started my own podcast: [un]common medicine.

[un]common medicine is an entertaining and unapologetically truthful source for discovering the most effective, yet largely unknown, natural solutions for health and living that have a positive impact on people and the planet. Listen on your usual podcast platform starting this November!

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[09/06/20]   Science.

In 1922 kids in diabetic comas about to die were restored to health with one single shot. It was the discovery of pure insulin.
Link in comments...

[09/04/20]   First randomized control study published shows that Vitamin D fights and kills COVID-19 and keeps people out of ICU. Check it out in comments below...

reddit.com 08/18/2020

Covid-19 is now the No. 3 cause of death in the US. And testing to find and isolate cases has dropped off

😳😡And getting testing done is still an issue.

reddit.com Posted in r/Health by u/kugkug • 444 points and 31 comments


New location in the 3rd Ward makes me feel like...


Iceland's Plan To Stop Covid-19 Actually Works

“What we are doing here in Iceland we learned in the United States.”

Testing works. We are disproportionately placing resources into vaccines and anti-viral medications, when testing is far more effective, sensible and safe.

When it comes to Covid-19, Iceland has deployed what medical experts see as the best weapon against the pandemic: testing. Thanks to the work of the governme...


#science !! 👏🏼😃 Check it out...

“Continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machines are commonly used to help people with obstructive sleep apnea breathe more easily during sleep. The Auburn design, called RE-INVENT, is an accessory that would safely repurpose a CPAP into a functional ventilator.
... The RE-INVENT team focused on a design that would reliably ventilate a patient for an extended period. They also considered affordability and ease of manufacture given the urgent, national need for ventilators. The device can be assembled in as little as four hours using approximately $700 in readily available component parts in addition to a standard CPAP machine. A ventilator typical in many hospitals costs as much as $25,000, often more.”
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sciencedaily.com 03/29/2020

In politics and pandemics, trolls use fear, anger to drive clicks: Fake Facebook ads placed by Russians in 2016 received 9 times more clicks than typical ads

Interesting current research about human fear and anger, and how ads are being made to influence them and keep us hating one another.

“As consumers continue to see ads that contain false claims and are intentionally designed to use their emotions to manipulate them, it's important for them to have cool heads and understand the motives behind them...”


sciencedaily.com A new CU Boulder study shows that Facebook ads developed and shared by Russian trolls around the 2016 election were clicked on nine times more than typical social media ads. The authors say the trolls are likely at it again, as the 2020 election approaches and the COVID-19 pandemic wears on.


Keeping your immune system in top shape is easy with super foods packed with live nutrients.
Salmon = omega-3 essential fatty acids to help decrease infection and inflammation
Fresh endive and radish micro greens = high mineral and antioxidant content
Rainbow carrots = vitamins K, C, & A
Olives with garlic = anti-microbial and antibiotic
Macadamia nuts and almonds = good fats and tons of antioxidants to help keep neurology and immunology strong.
Lemon and ginger = highly alkalinizing and anti viral/fungal/microbial
Oregano and basil herbs = antiviral and help fight infections in the lungs and sinuses
#foodismedicine #antioxidants #stayhealthy #eatfresh #loveyourself #coronavirus #ammo #foodtodieforthatwontkillyou

mailchi.mp 03/24/2020

Boosting Your Immune System - DrGrace ACTION STEPS!

Boosting Your Immune System - DrGrace ACTION STEPS! - https://mailchi.mp/b6d26bea3787/boosting-your-immune-system-drgrace-action-steps

mailchi.mp I realize it's been a while since reaching out and connecting - so sorry for that! As I sit here thinking of all of you who are in your homes and may be scared, uncertain, and uninformed during this social distancing phase of COVID-19, I had to reach out and offer some scientifically valid and effec...


How many days has it been since you had fresh, immune boosting food to stay healthy and strong? Since we all seem to have enough toilet paper, Get out to the grocery store and clean out the produce department! 😃💜🥗🍓🥑#foodismedicine #immunesystemsupport #superfood #fresh #delicious #organic #greens

heraldsun.com.au 03/18/2020

Melbourne scientists make major coronavirus breakthrough


heraldsun.com.au Melbourne scientists have discovered how the human body overcomes coronavirus in a global breakthrough hoped to fast-track treatments, vaccines and even identify those at risk of dying.

nbcnews.com 03/16/2020

How to seek testing for COVID-19 according to state health departments

Excellent resource and information on where to go, and what to do State by state, if you feel you need to be tested for the coronavirus...


nbcnews.com NBC News asked every state health department how they are handling testing for coronavirus. Read our guide for information about your state.

washingtontimes.com 03/13/2020

Dr. Drew says press should be ‘held accountable’ for coronavirus panic: ‘They are hurting people’

Absolutely true.

washingtontimes.com Celebrity physician Dr. Drew Pinsky isn’t changing his tune about the novel coronavirus, declaring Monday that the news media should be “held accountable” for the damage they’re doing to people’s lives and the economy by over-hyping the virus.


Seth Berkley The troubling reason why vaccines are made too late if they’re made at all


cdc.gov 02/23/2020

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Things to know.

cdc.gov Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.


And THIS is why I love my life, my friends, and #neworleans thank you @agelessaquarian for introducing me to your inner circle, so I could have a moment in time with the living legend, Ellis Marsalis. My life is better because of #jazz and him! #grateful #music #love now off to the show! 😃💜


Cultivate. #culture


About last night. LA your spirits were all with me from my Lowriders to high rise dwellers, living on this plane and passed. I promise, Wisconsin celebrated you corRECT! And WI: oh man, my people do not disappoint!! #halloween #diadelosmuertos #la #milwaukee #lovemypeeps #dancedtiligotblisters #sofun


When you’re sick and all you want to do is take a nap, but the bedding you had to wash first comes out the dryer like some sort of giant mind puzzle that won’t come apart. #fml #ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️


Well here’s something you don’t see everyday. A 1400 lb. pumpkin in a truck. 😳🎃😆 #onlyinthemidwest #halloween #sunday #amazeballs


10 stories up, and a flock of my people find me - and stay. Overnight. I feel like my world is magic. Then I realize: it is! #butterfly #life #urban #grateful


Some people are there for a reason, or a season - after 26 years, this mug is there for it all. Thanks for the Adventures, and continuing to be one of my greatest foundations of support in every level and phase of life, Caesar Russell. 😌❤️ #life #adventure #rideordie #friends #energyvortex @ Sedona, Arizona


Soul of Sunday in the desert. Even here water can flow and expand like your dreams and intentions. #love #meditation #expansion #grateful #infinitepossibilities


Family heirlooms and back to source - my Mom and birthday shenanigans #birthday #mom #birthingday #grateful


...But You can’t take the performance out the girl. @lime #urban #dork #nevergrowup #ilove


Street. Art. @lime #sundayfunday @mkevibes #artistsoninstagram #mkemycity @ Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

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Soul of Sunday in the desert.  Even here water can flow and expand like your dreams and intentions.  #love #meditation #...
...But You can’t take the performance out the girl. @lime #urban #dork #nevergrowup #ilove
What’s UNcommon for some folks is MOST common to others.This show is about human health possibilities that are SUPER val...
#Buzzsprout gave me an opportunity of a lifetime!  Doing my first ever #podcast interview with the #inspiring Smart Pass...
Getting ready for my first interview with Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn so excited!
When your LA peeps hook you up to support Badass #musicians in the Midwest.  My friends rock @katherinecopelandanderson ...
When your preggers client needs some safe ab work to stabilize her low back, and prepare for a strong core during delive...
Family game day on pointe. 😌🏈#superbowl #rams #wings #home
Making snow days fun indoors with #circuittraining and #hiit  - and a little encouragement from my #personaltrainer Lola...
It’s her faaaavorite!  Only #medicine she’s ever LOVED to take...  This stuff is the real deal.  @movidaoils thank you f...
Easy #shopping w/ our digital grocery store product list, & #recipes for life!  #weightloss Get yours here today!...  ht...
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