Blackwater Bone's Treasure Hunt

Blackwater Bone's Treasure Hunt


Today is the 21 - where is the clue? I check the chamber site - didn't see a clue!
CONGRATULATIONS Jennifer Cotton! Jennifer found the loot and will be claiming the B***y! Great job by all our Treasure Hunters this year - CYA in 2018...we have a few surprises up our sleeve....ARRGGHH!!
Thanks to the Blackwater Pyrates and the SRC Chamber of Commerce for putting the Blackwater Bones treasure hunt on each year. Love participating and occasionally even being lucky enough to find the treasure! It's a fun way to learn about the history of this area and it is something my family and I look forward to each summer.
Treasure map can be found here:
Do you plan to post all the answers?
Are the clues posted to Facebook at the same time as on the website?
When does the Blackwater Bones Treasure Hunt start in 2015?
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blackwater treasure hunt 2014' & run'n !!! Ye-who !!! :p
Cant find the 2014 map... got the dates of the hunt but no map ???
Hey Mr.Bone's... i found the individual dates for the 2014 hunt... but NO MAP given & the HOME link dont connect. is the 1st clue still available at the bistro restraunte on Sunday the 22 @ 6p.m. ???

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It’s coming soon!


Arrrrr!!! Attend ye Ghost Walk in Milton!!!! And yurrrrr effort might be rewarded come July!!! Arrrr!!!!!


The Treasure has been found!
The 2019 hunt has come to an end.

Thank you to all who participated.
Don’t forget to complete your maps and send them in for the drawing.

Clue 8
Danger! Beware!! Key at th' ramp...helmsman!
See th’ Broad, bitin' silhouette nigh th’ kiosk map!
Now if ye 'ave all VIII keys, 'n th' code makes sense,
Seek out th' b***y, it hides next t' th' wooden fence.


Clue 7
A lad leans on early equipment,
It’s in th' book t' see,
If ye look close into th' background,
Thar’s a likeness o' Bones’ spot fer ye.
Th' key was demonstrated
by a motor company in 1922.


Clue 6
Harbor all ye can o' me clues,
Seek th' keys from Bones’ remarks.
One o' three 'n part o' a shed,
Named on a kiosk in th' park.
Find its likeness, search close by,
'N th' code ye may unwrap,
Fer b***y hides jus’ below th' “TRAIL”,
So pay heed t' th' nearby map.


Clue 5
Ye do nah needs a net or a hook 'n line,
Jus' find this launch, 'n catch sight o' a sign.
Aye! Far, far NNW o' this place lies th' bigger fish,
But first, eye th' streets here that name me fav'rit dish.
I see Trout 'n Carp, no Scamp...
Ahoy! I spy th' key above a severe drop off at th' end o' ramp.


Clue 4
A Pyrates marker stands
It describes a busy hub
where log after log was loaded.
Th’ docks were crawling with deckhands.
The key is one of thee goods
sold on th’ landing
that needs wearing or staining,
draping or sanding.


Clue 3
Yarr! Steamers, oxen,
mules, a schooner
Their stories be told
at thee mill site landlubber
Ye won’t be gettin’ rum here...Alas!
but ye can look near dogs and collars
n’ find commemorative rail glass
to get th’ key that names th’ manufacturer


Clue 2
Search th' Images book
Thar’s a clue t' unravel
it tells o' seventy-five scallywags
who spread half a league o' gravel
Th' key be a crawler
shown in twenty-three,
workin' jus' outside o' Jay
See it wit' th' tracks...matey.


Clue 1
If ye go pedalin' th' rail trail
and if ye need a place t' park
Fer yer enjoyment 'n protection
thars a lot in town.....embark
No need to join th’ walkers today
ye only need find th’ loop
so ye can take a lap and eye th’ wall
to see th’ key in white letters on blue.

Untitled album 06/24/2019

Untitled album


The 2019 hunt begins on Monday, June 24th.


The treasure object has been found. It was found shortly after Clue #6 was posted.

Be sure to get your completed maps to the Chamber for the drawing.


Key #6 has been found and we have a daily winner


Clue 6

Whilst takin' leave o' downtown, check yer starboard side.
Th' key be on th' buildin', in large letters 'n up high.
Whar th’ halo meets th’ old river, seek thee trail’s north gate.
Th’ entrance arrow points, t' th’ third post whar b***y awaits.


Pirate Key #5 has been found

Clue #6 will be posted tomorrow at 4:30 pm.


Clue #5

Afore ye travel afoot,
navigate east ‘n around,
T' th' end by th' sixteenth,
na’ too far from town.
As ye pass o'er th' pathway,
whar red bricks still remain,
Advance like a conquistador,
fer th' key be thee road’s historical name.


Key #4 has been found.

Clue #5 tomorrow at 4:30


Clue 4

Th' key names th' ramp,
nigh th' end o' Dorrs Fence.
Yet paddlin’ yer canoe thence,
ain't usin' yer pirate sense.
Ye should travel t' th' north,
'n go from park t' park,
‘Til ye find th' starboard launch,
wit' a point whar t' embark.


Pirate Key #1 has been found
Pirate Key #2 has been found
Pirate Key #3 has been found

Clue #4 will be posted Tuesday, June 26, at 4:30 pm.


Clue #3

If ye wants t' slide on board,
read th' rules found on th' park sign.
Stay in-line 'n keep yer balance...
Bones could call fer hang time.
Raise yer Ollie Roger higher..... bro,
but afore ye grind th' plank,
See th' key on th' lad's shirt,
in th' art t' ye left flank.



Photos from Blackwater Bone's Treasure Hunt's post 06/25/2018

Photos from Blackwater Bone's Treasure Hunt's post


Clue #2

On th' corner o' Willing 'n Caroline,
a building was built in 1908,
Attorneys 'n realtors rented out,
th' second floor space.
Thumb through th' book,
'n find this site
o' an ole grocery store.
'N see th' key in th' drawing,
up above th' door.


Pirate Key #1 has been found

Clue #2 will be posted Friday, June 22, at 4:30 pm.


Clue #1

Discover th' tortuga,
wit' a jack on its shell,
Look close 'n ye will see,
five branches as well.
'Tis a priddy work o' art,
that shows support and pride,
'N th' key names th' beach
that appears on th' side.

Untitled album 06/21/2018

2018 Treasure Map

Photos from The Imogene Theatre's post 05/01/2018

Photos from The Imogene Theatre's post

2017 Blackwater Bones' Lost Treasure Hunt 07/18/2017

Atocha 8 Reales Coin 2017



Jennifer Cotton and Joel Cannon

They were awarded:
4 Silver Authentic Blackwater Pyrate Coins
1 Silver Authentic Atocha Coin with certification
The 2017 Blackwater Bones Lost Treasure Hunt Plaque
Blackwater Pyrates Coffee Mugs
Valued at over $1000


Clue 1 - Patrick O'Neal
Clue 2 - Paul Hinson
Clue 3 - Elizabeth Auclair
Clue 4 - Paul Hinson
Clue 5 - Paul Hinson
Clue 6 - Ken Hoodless


Clue 1 sent you to the Mill Site Park in Bagdad. One of the history markers along the walking path there was titled "Ecology of the Blackwater River". On the marker was a picture of Beggarticks. At the bottom of the marker was an article titled "Enjoying the Blackwater River", which contained the key FLORIDA CANOE TRAIL.

Clue 2 lead you to the Visitor Center Trailhead on the Blackwater Heritage Trail. There is a sign on the playground there which read "The Smart Way to Play". Rule number 5 contained the the key HAVE FUN.

Clue 3 directed you to go online to the Friends of Pace Library website. Under History Projects was a book online titled A History of Santa Rosa County by M. Luther King. In the section "Bagdad's Background", it was told how C. M. Munson exhibited his "Papershell" Pecans at a World Fair. The key was PAPERSHELL.

Clue 4 sent you to the Marquis Bayou Bridge Historical marker, located east of downtown Milton on the north-side of Highway 90 next to the Marquis Bayou Bridge. The marker described the shape of the openings in the railing on the bridge. The key was OVAL.

Clue 5 gave you hints as to the identification of the treasure object, which was a horseshoe. It also directed you to page 46 of the Images of America book. In the caption next to the picture of a Willing Street Parade it was mentioned that there was once a Blacksmith shop on Broad Street. The key was BLACKSMITH.

Clue 6 lead you to page 39 of the Images of America book. The clue says to see the hand pump and fountain in the foreground that names the key. The caption says "the hand pump and horse watering trough is seen in the foreground". Therefore the fountain is the horse watering trough. The key is HORSE WATERING TROUGH. The clue then tells you to go the Key 3 exhibitor's road. The Key 3 exhibitor was C. M. Munson, therefore the road is Munson Highway. The Equine Trailhead is located where Munson Highway and the Blackwater Heritage Trail cross. The clue then said to locate the new style Key 6. The new style Key 6 (the Horse Watering Trough aka the Fountain or Horse Fountain) was located at the Equine Watering Station near the parking lot of the Equine Trailhead. The fountain is a "new style" that has replaced the horse watering trough. The clue told you to read the Pirate Code when you found Key 6 (the horse fountain).


West Southwest of Fountain, U is on the ground

Clue 6 said to stand at the (horse) fountain and read the code. The horse fountain was positioned at the Equine Watering Station which was located at the Equine Trailhead of the Blackwater Heritage Trail. The code was revealing that the U (Horseshoe) was in the direction of West-Southwest of the fountain. Located West-Southwest of the fountain was a small post. The horseshoe was at the base of the post, on the ground. There were some hints given in previous clues that might have been helpful when deciphering the code. In Clue 3, it was mentioned that you may need a compass to find your way. Clue 5 described the object as being U-shaped.


The Treasure Object has been found!

Don't forget to mail in your completed maps for the Second Chance Prize Drawing.


The Key for Clue 6 has been found!



Th' Images book shows a second Willing Street scene,
In th' foreground, see th' hand pump 'n fountain that names th' key.
Go untethered t' th' trail..Ahead! via th' Key 3 exhibitor's road,
Locate th' new style Key 6, then read th' pirate code.

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