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Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.


How're you doing today? Got rain? Thinking of you and the horses! ❤️
I would like to know if there are any horse in the Hudson area on this site
Thank you so much for taking the time with us today! It was great meeting you ladies & the handsome Keegan!! See you soon. 💕
Do you have a webpage where I can set-up recurring donations? If not, how can I get that done?

A 501(c)3 nonprofit equine rescue organization located in the heart of Santa Rosa County FL.


“Feelin’ cute, might dump over my meticulously prepared and hand delivered morning feed in a little bit”. ~ Jennie

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/20/2023

Sweet little Rico is all healed from his eye removal surgery and is now officially ready for his release for adoption.

Rico is a 13 y/o Shetland Gelding standing 37 inches tall.

He is not suitable for riders and therefore will only be adopted as a companion.

He was gelded under our care in August of 2022, so he does still exhibit some stud-like behavior. This likely will not change much moving forward, though he has settled down significantly since his procedure.

Due to this, he will also not be suitable for a home with mares, unless there is plenty of space separating him from the mares.

Rico is such a lovey dovey fella. He is incredibly willing and will do just about anything you ask of him. He is gentle, kind and loves a good grooming session.

Rico is partially blind but he doesn’t let that disability get in his way.

He is such a gem! 💎 He is also kind and gentle with children. However, with this being said, children must be respectful and understanding of equines and the dangers therein. Though we have come to learn and understand each of their behaviors and personalities there is always the possibility of unpredictable behavior associated with equines.

If you may be interested in opening your home and heart to Rico, please complete and return the adoption application below.



Tiny Acres rescue alumni Spirit, who used to go by the name of Buck, a full time celebrity these days! 🇺🇸

Nothing like a beautiful rescue horse enjoying a dip in our local Coldwater River! 🐴💦

A once junk yard horse, deprived of his basic needs now thriving under the most exceptional care with his amazing adoptive mama Brittany! ♥️🤍💙

Spirit is rocking our American Flag Headstall here 🇺🇸❤️💙🤍Please remember all of our nylon tack is HANDMADE to order in the USA! We do have a standard 1-3 week turn around time for nylon tack but most ship out way quicker, plus we offer some instock options as well. Thank you all for supporting this USA based company!

*Every $5 spent on our website in the month of September is an entry into a drawing for the chance to win a Custom Hot Headstalls Saddle!


Our sweet senior and sanctuary resident Gypsy.

It is believed that the blindness in both eyes was due to abscesses that ruptured causing total loss of sight.

Learning more of her past after she arrived into our care in May of 2020, she was beaten in the face with chains by a man who claimed to love her.

Love and beaten, both actions, never belong in the same thought or sentence.

How can one love something, yet cause it grave pain and permanent injury/disability?

To the owner that created this trauma to such a beautiful creature, shame on you! Gypsy will never know a hard hand again. She will never experience pain, neglect and abuse again. We have promised to provide her with everything you denied her of.

Through her disability and intuitive personality, Gypsy has provided our volunteers and visitors with peace, acceptance and a calming environment where the noise and stress of the world no longer matter. 💜

Gypsy is a 23-25 year old Draft X, used her entire life as a broodmare. When she arrived into our care she was heavily bred and foaled a beautiful and healthy filly that we named River Shae. She has very little handling but is such a resilient and trusting mare through it all. 🙏

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/19/2023

This morning we conducted a second riding eval on Ginger and while it started off amazing, after 10 minutes or so, she began to show signs of mild discomfort.

We initially decided to switch her bridle out for a bosal thinking she may prefer one over the other and it did not seem to help until we discovered where this issue was coming from. After hopping off and standing back to watch her move, it was determined that the discomfort was likely coming from her hind end, and needs further examination by our vet.

We have already scheduled our vet to come out on Oct 3rd. In the meantime, we have decided to pause her riding evaluations until we can determine what may be going on.

Ginger is a no funny business kind of gal, so after todays riding eval we knew that something was up.

We will update you all once our vet has come out to evaluate Ginger. 🙏

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/18/2023

Dahlia is at 143lbs gained since her arrival into our care on May 31st of this year.

She arrived approximately 250lbs under with a weak hind end due to significant muscle loss and what appears to be a more recent injury (last 2 years or so).

She does have some muscle to gain on her top line but with her hind end issues and what we suspect may be PSSM2 (not yet confirmed, will require testing) it’s possible that she may not gain too much more muscle there.

Either way, she is looking and feeling amazing these days, and all thanks to the support of our amazing donators and sponsors! 💜🐴🎉

Dahlia is 24 years young and is proof that age is simply a number. She’s got so much life left to live 💜.


“This old horse” 🙏

Senior horses hold a very special place in the hearts of our Tiny Acres team.

Every horse deserves a good home. 🐴💕


It’s Sunday evening so that means SWAG BAG GIVEAWAY!

Our property and laptop is having severe technical issues so we weren’t able to go live for the drawing unfortunately, so we did the next best thing and posted a video with our winners.

Thank you to everyone who liked, shared and followed! We are now over 7,700 followers!! 🐴💕

We truly cherish each of you and your support in our mission to rescue, rehab, rehome and provide sanctuary to equines in need!

🎉🐴Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to our winners Christine & Susan!🐴🎉

*To our winners, please message this page so we can get a shirt size and schedule a time for you to come out and grab your swag bags!

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/16/2023

Happy Saturday and thank you to those who could make it out to volunteer today!

We will be holding a New Volunteer Orientation for those wishing to join our incredible team of volunteers on September 30th at 9am! Make sure to RSVP to the event to show us you’re coming.

The enthusiasm we recieve from those currently on our team and those wishing to join our mission is truly heart warming.

Please enjoy the photos from our Saturday morning volunteer day! ☀️ 🐴 💜


Have we told you all lately how much we truly appreciate each and everyone of you?!

Our supporters make our efforts attainable and successful. Without your support we simply could not exist.

On that note, and to show our appreciation, we are giving away 2 Tiny Acres swag bags full of Tiny Acres goodies.

All that’s required of you is to LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE this post! ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ If you already follow just like and share for credit! 😊

Our goal is to reach 7,500 followers by Sunday evening! If we can reach that goal, and again only with your help, we will put all names that LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE this post into a drawing for their chance to win the swag bag.

The more support we receive, the more ponies we can help, and there is unfortunately and endless supply of horses in need of rescue, waiting on someone to speak up. 💜🙏

Participants do not need to be local to participate.

Happy Sharing! 💜🙏🐴


Maya’s 6 Week Update!

Maya weighs in today at 548lbs which gives her a 30lb gain since her arrival date on August 3rd.

Considering her condition that’s amazing progress.

She continues to surpass everyone’s expectations of her with each passing day.

Maya is an extremely kind and patient mare. You can see in her eyes a troubled past but that past is quickly diminishing through proper care and so much love from not only our team of volunteers but through our community support both near and afar.

She’s stronger, shinier, happier and healthier because someone spoke up and someone showed up. She’s living proof that time and quality love can heal even the deepest of scars that go much further than the surface. 🙏

Thank you all for your support and continued prayers for her. 💜🙏


Feb 6, 2022 Journey, a now thriving beautiful rescue in our care arrived to our facility with very little life left in her.

One of the biggest challenges that we faced with her aside from her emaciation was the severity of her rain rot infection.

Her rain rot had gone so long without treatment that she was going septic. The untreated rainrot had her coat and skin falling off. We were instructed by our vet to remove as much of that infection from her coat and skin quickly so that the external portions of the infection could be treated, which is what you see in this video.

Rain rot is a bacteria that lies dormant on a horses skin and is activated by high levels of humidity and rain. Neglect can also directly contribute to this by leaving excessive sweat on a horse without grooming.

Journeys rain rot is the worst case scenario due to how severely infected it had become.

It’s extremely important to care for your horses properly which includes grooming. Grooming your horse will showcase any areas that may need tending to, like rain rot or sores, to ensure that it doesn’t progress to a state like this.

Thankfully Journey overcame her infection, which had seeped so far internally, we and our vet had very little hope for her rehabilitation.

With that being said though, sometimes all you have is hope and prayer. Journey only overcame her level of neglect because of your support.

We couldn’t do what we do without your support, so thank you all. Journey is a much healthier and happier mare these days.

She is currently in training and is doing wonderfully here at our facility. 🙏💜

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/14/2023

🌟 Volunteer Spotlight 🌟

Meet Kelli, an avid animal lover and kindhearted woman. Kelli has been a volunteer of ours for 2 years now, and really enjoys her days out at our facility.

Kelli has found the therapeutic benefits of being around horses and is specifically drawn to our sweet little mascot, Maggie.

A retired Chief in the Navy, Kelli knows what it means to put service before self and found her continued service here with us at Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our nation Kelli, and for your dedication to our mission.

Please join us in thanking Kelli for her service to our nation and organization as well as for her love, compassion and commitment to our herd. 🐴🇺🇸

Rescue Your Rescue Contest | Tractor Supply Co. 09/14/2023

RESCUE YOUR RESCUE is back and this time Tractor Supply Co. along with Hill’s Pet Nutrition are granting 10 nominated 501(c)3 rescue organizations with $15,000!

To nominate Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc., it’s quite simple.

Screenshot, save or use any personal photo of a Tiny Acres rescue whether currently here or one you’ve adopted and nominate our organization for a chance to win this much needed award. Explain in your nomination why you believe we should win. 🎉 📸

The link to nominate is in the attachment below.

Thank you all in advance for your continued support. Our rescues and team truly appreciate each of you. 🙏🐴

Rescue Your Rescue Contest | Tractor Supply Co. Tractor Supply Company and Canidae are proud to sponsor the annual Rescue Your Rescue content, awarding $25,000 in grant money to 8 deserving animal rescues.


🎉🐴🎉Position Filled! 🎉🐴🎉

Our team is in search of an evening barn helper 1-2 evenings per week! 🐴

Ideal candidate must be:

~Task oriented
~Professional & Punctual
~Horse experienced
~Comfortable with feeding and haying 16 horses
~Ability to work independently around horses

There may be some stall mucking and topping of waters.

This is strictly a volunteer (non paid) position that will greatly help to ease the load of our current volunteers.

We are currently only seeking 1 feed volunteer but may in the near future seek to acquire additional help.

If you may be interested in helping our mission and joining our team, please send us a message. 🐴🙏

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/13/2023

🎉🐴 Pending Application 🐴🎉

Sweet little Lady is wondering why nobody is interested in opening their home and hearts to her.

Standing only 35 inches tall, and her traumatic past she is companion only. She makes one incredible companion to either mare or gelding.

She does take some patience with farrier appointments, and isn’t considered in your pocket and is oftentimes hard to catch, however when she opens up to you, it’s truly an amazing feeling.

She is not a child’s pony, but if your children are experienced in horses and specifically rescue horses a bond could be formed between the two.

Anyone interested in offering our sweet, little Lady bug a forever home, please complete and return the below adoption application. 🙏💜

Adoption fee: $250



Maya gets stronger and more beautiful with each passing day. 💜

Your donations and prayers are hard at work to revive a once forgotten being. 🙏

She sure is enjoying this beautiful day and nice cool breeze while on turnout this afternoon.


🐶 Courtesy post for a local pup in need 🐶

We don’t normally do this but we do love our canine babies and want to try and help all animals where we can.

Bo, picture below is a 1.5 year old, sweet pup looking for a good and loving home only. He is UTD on his vaccines, is neutered and is heartworm negative.

His vet believes that he is a Rhodesian Boxer mix.
He is well-mannered, goofy, playful and extremely sweet. It is not recommended that he be housed with other male dogs but should be just fine with females.

No renters please due to size and breed restrictions often associated with rental agreements.

If you may be interested in offering Bo a forever home where he will receive veterinary care, ample space to run, and endless love, please message our page for details.

He is located in Pensacola.

There is no rehoming fee associated with Bo, however please note, there is no such thing as a FREE animal. The cheapest thing you will ever do is acquire a new pet. They require food, shelter, water, veterinary care, and enrichment for the entirety of their lives. 🐶♥️


Our team is currently searching for a Volunteer Coordinator.

This is a volunteer-based (non paid) position and requires a sociable, punctual, professional, and task oriented individual.

Horse experience preferred but not a requirement.

This position will be needed 1-2 Saturday mornings per month, no more than 2 hours per Saturday, to assist with larger volunteer events such as new volunteer orientations and assisting with a new volunteer program that is in the works, specifically with families.

If you may be interested in adding this wonderful volunteer opportunity to your resume, please message our page so that we can schedule a time for you to come out. 🐴🐎

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/11/2023

We have some very big THANK YOUs in order from some awesome folks!

First, thank you to those who donated towards or called in an order for our pine pellet bedding we were in need of!

Thank you to Taylor and the amazing animal lovers at Tractor Supply Co. for your very generous 1 Ton donation of pine pellet bedding! 🥰

Thank you so much for calling in an order of 10 additional bags Deborah!

Thank you Kristina, Rachel, Carol, Donna, Deborah, Taylor and our local Milton Tractor Supply for really coming through on this much needed request.

We would also like to thank our amazing neighbors Anita & Tanya for their donations that also purchased 1 bale of alfalfa, 3 bags of Timothy pellets, 1 bag of chopped alfalfa and 1 bag of AlfaHay Haylage.

Our organization feels so blessed by the outreach of support that we continue to recieve from our amazing community. You all make our mission thrive and our dreams for these horses attainable.

Your support is truly inspiring! ♥️🐴🙏


September 11, 2001 a day that forever changed the world.

2,977 victims perished on that day from these cowardly and hateful acts. Unfortunately that number continues to rise. 331 first responders have passed away since then due to illnesses directly related to the fuel, smoke and debris inhilation while placing bravery above themselves.

It’s estimated that over 300 search and rescue dogs were deployed to ground zero to also assist in their efforts.

22 years later and we will NEVER forget! 🇺🇸


Ginger & Baby are a testimate that it’s not only geldings that make the most clueless, awkward, hilarious, and goofy facial expressions. 🤣

Some mares are just as silly as geldings. 🤣♥️


🐎 Good Morning and Happy Sunday Funday! 🐎

We hate to ask for things on Sunday, however our needs and rescue never takes a day off.

We are in desperate need of pine pellet bedding for our 7 stalls at the barn.

We prefer pine pellet bedding over shavings because it is a low dust, low mold option that absorbs moisture, odors and is a very soft bedding that provides a nice cushion for laminitic horses or horses who need stall rest.

We currently have 4 horses that are stalled overnight and during the day with this heat we rotate between 4-5 horses stalled.

The cheapest option we have found and use is the below picture bedding at our local Tractor Supply, but any pine pellet will suffice.

Each stall requires 5 bags a week. 🙏

Donations can be made via PayPal, Venmo, or online purchase for pickup at Tractor Supply in Milton for Tiny Acres 💜.



Your donations are tax-deductible. 🐴💜


💜 Jodie 💜

Age: 20s

Breed: Standard Donkey

Intake Date: August 3, 2023

Intake Reason: Neglect Case along with Maya.

Seeking Sponsorship

Status: In rehab for hoof neglect.


💜 Maya 💜

Age: 22 y/o

Breed: Paso Fino

Height: 14.1hh

Intake Date: August 3, 2023

Intake Reason: Neglect Case

Not currently available for sponsorship

Status: In rehab for weight

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/09/2023

Thank you all for another wonderful week in rescue.

Most wouldn’t use those two words “wonderful” and “rescue” in the same sentence let alone the same thought, however the support from you all continues to make our days, weeks, months and years just that… wonderful.

If it not for the support of our amazing community both local, far and wide we simply couldn’t exist.

We know that our efforts are needed and we know that our efforts are welcomed because of each of you.

Our followers and supporters could choose any rescue organization to follow and support but yet you all have chosen Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc. and we are incredibly thankful and feel so blessed to have you along for our journey in rescue.

Thank you to everyone who shares, comments, likes, volunteers, donates and in some form or fashion supports our mission to rescue, rehab, rehome and provide sanctuary to equines in need.

Please enjoy our photos of the week. 🙏📸♥️🐴


What could be better than one soft boop from a donk to start your weekend… two soft boops of course!

Jackie & Jodie have really taken to one another. Where you see one, you will always see the other.

Donkeys enjoy the companionship of other donkeys and in their case it’s safe to say they are quite the duo!

Good morning sweet girls! ♥️🥰🐴

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/08/2023

🎉 Cash overheard someone say that it’s Friday! 🎉

He’s head over hooves excited and there’s no “butts” about it!

We were also just notified by GroupRaise that our Sonny’s ‘BBQ for Rescue’ fundraiser brought in 71 people yesterday!

Thank you all for your support and dining out yesterday all in the name of rescue!

*Sidenote: The dog in the photo was not as close as he appears to be! 🤣🐎


🎉Happy FriYaY!🎉

~ We need your unused/unwanted tack!~

Tiny Acres is planning our first ever Tack Sale for this coming Spring! 🐎

We haven’t held one yet because we stay so busy with the rescue and rehab portion of our mission.

Do you have tack or barn items laying around (or stored away because you have a secret obsession buying headstalls in every color 🤣) that you haven’t used in a while and it’s taking up space?

If so, consider donating it to Tiny Acres!

We will be accepting all used and new tack, accessories to include barn items that are in working condition (no dry-rotted or moldy items).

We will be accepting things like:

Saddles (both English & Western)
Saddle pads
Polo Wraps/Medicine Boots
Therapeutic Boots
Grooming supplies
Winter Blankets
Barn/Stable Supplies
Horse Health & Wellness items

We are looking for tack and accessories of all disciplines to include, Dressage, English & Western. 🤠

ALL donated items are tax-deductible under our organizations EIN # 84-3137897.

We will be holding our 1st Spring Tack Sale in March/April of next year, but need this time to acquire more items as well as to clean donated items.

This is an easy way to donate to your local rescue organization without spending a dime.

Your donations will be used to keep our mission alive and work towards our dreams of expansion while we search for a larger facility. ♥️🙏🐴

Please message us with items you may wish to part with, and as always thank you all for your continued support.


Ginger has finally begun her pre-adoption riding evaluations and is doing exceptionally well! 🐴

Today we touched on basic ground work and desensitization, walked her over feed bags, a tarp, over poles and she passed each of those with flying colors. She was very willing and followed her handler with ease.

Our Director backed her with a ba****ck pad and she was such a charm. She definitely knows her stuff and will make an amazing addition to any loving home.

If you’re looking for your next trail horse, Ginger may just be your girl!

Ginger is a 20 y/o 15.1hh, big bodied Red Roan QH.

We will be conducting a few more riding evals under saddle and without prior to listing her for adoption. ♥️🎉

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/06/2023

We have some exciting and relieving news to share!

Maya’s CBC Equine Chemistry came back and all of her once failing organs are now in the normal range! 💃🎉

We were only able to lower her levels to a normal range due to our very strict feeding protocol since her arrival. Had we of introduced Maya to grain in her condition, these results wouldve shocked her organs and sent her into further organ failure.

This is why it’s imperative to have a good relationship with your veterinarian.

Maya also received her new comfort booties today and really seems to enjoy the relief they immediately brought to her. Her booties cost $140.

Her coat is nice and shiny, showcasing those natural oils that good nutrition will bring. No more dull and rain rot covered coat. Her itchy spots are healing nicely with the Kinetic Vet donated items and her eyes and spirit much brighter. She’s chatting it up each time she sees us and absolutely loves to be loved on. Something she seemingly has been far too long without.

Monday Maya will begin a very slow introduction to senior feed but only a handful at a time in conjunction with her heavily soaked alfalfa. She is drinking water and staying hydrated as well.

Your prayers are working miracles. We are convinced that our rescue warrior supporters are the real reason for her progress.

Please keep those prayers coming. Todays results are promising but Maya is still not out of the woods. She has a long ways to go but she’s a fighter and we are so impressed at her will to keep that fight for her life.


We would like to take a moment to give a few thank yous!

Thank you to Terra for stopping by with your donation of interlocking stall mats and your Tiny Acres t-shirt purchase! 🥰

Thank you to Lexi for stopping by with your donation of SmartPak supplements and grooming supplies. 🥰

Thank you to an anonymous donation straight from our Amazon Wishlist. We were in such need of these items so thank you! 🥰

I would also like to personally thank each and everyone of you for your happy birthday messages and comments as well as your very generous donations, that I have asked to be put towards the horses fall vaccinations. All together you raised $560! You sure know how to make a girl feel special. 🎉

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We are only as successful as our supporters allow for us to be, without you our organization simply wouldn’t be able to exist. 🙏♥️🐴

Photos from Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.'s post 09/05/2023

🎉 Hay day is always a good day! 🎉

126 bales of deliciousness made their way to Tiny Acres this morning and Jennie gives 1000/10 ⭐️⭐️ for freshness, aroma, taste, texture and customer service from our amazing hay guys!

Todays hay totaled $1,386. On average, our facility goes through roughly 106 bales per month, and that’s just with our Coastal/Tifton hay. Horses/donkeys are expensive but oh so worth it.

Seeing them happy, healthy and never having to worry where their next meal comes from, is truly heartwarming. 😊🥰

This is your donations, sponsorships and shares at work. Thank you all for your support. 🐴🙏♥️


“You know what’s better than a soaked supper in your favorite blue bucket?? A soaked supper in your favorite blue bucket dumped over,” says Jennie.

Thank goodness for sandclear!!


Today, the U.S. observes the recognition of all men and women who worked tirelessly in order to create this great nation.

It’s important that we also recognize the many animals that were used to assist in these same efforts.

The working animal built cities, harvested crops and assisted with the transportation of goods.

Today, there are fewer working animals but we mustn’t forget how hard they worked to build this land that we all call home.

From all of us here at Tiny Acres NWFL, we hope each of you have a safe, happy and relaxing Labor Day! 🇺🇸 🐎 ♥️ 🤍 💙

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Tiny Acres NWFL

Welcome to Tiny Acres Northwest Florida Inc. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit equine rescue (EIN# 84-3137897). With our great efforts, we have saved horses from neglect cases in Santa Rosa County, kill pens in Texas, as well as throughout the State of Florida and neighboring states. Our rescue also offers a Horses from Hospice program which allows for us to help families who are in ill-health or who have deceased by taking in their horse(s) that they have left or are soon to leave behind . We have made saving animals our lives purpose and we greatly enjoy what we do. Our motto is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome.

Donations are accepted through our Facebook fundraisers, PayPal, Venmo and through our local feed store, Mannings Feed and Seed of Milton.

Mannings Feed and Seed of Milton (850) 623-2426

PayPal: PayPal.Me/TinyAcresNWFL

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Journey UpdateLab results are back and we are happy to announce that her liver enzymes are in the normal range. Her calc...
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