Hillis Danes x Dolls

Hillis Danes x Dolls


Emma Rose still going strong.
Even Santa knows the family is getting bigger soon and he left gifts for the new addition. I hope you all had a wonderful day!
If interested in giving this beautiful lady a forever home please contact CB Hillis Danes ❤️
Thought you would enjoy a great picture of Cody (Sir Blaze) enjoying a visit with Betty Boyle's grandson Luke! He is a sweet and loving dog. He loves to run around the yard and catch toys. He even gives kisses! He is one happy dog and gets a lot of attention from all of us. Thank you!
Brody is Their great granddaddy we named the last born baby who came unexpectedly six hours after we were sure she was all done Brody in his honor because he is a fighter!
I wanted to share this picture of Esmerelda and Winston taken 2 weeks ago.
Avis de recherche je cherche mon il répond au nom illus il a bcp de chien réside. Au Belgique on a besoin de lui en Afrique au Congo Kinshasa chez son père mpumpa
FYI you can now add goat herder to your list of wonderful traits exhibited by your danes. Nova helped to herd/lead the goat's this evening after they escaped the pen and ran into neighbors cow field. I was super proud she was so good to them!
Miss Nova
Catching 🍿
Ireland & Gus taking a nap. Thank you for breeding such amazing danes. Ireland has us laughing daily. She and Gus are quite the team

American & Eurpean Blue & Black Great Danes Our Danes are more than pets ~ they're family We raise American & European Great Danes - When we breed we match up the parents based off of their Health, Temperament, Confirmations, & their Family Linage they must have Longevity of Life, x Color Pure lines of Blue, Black or Blue/Black.

Operating as usual


12 minutes later……


Snack time @ the milk bar


Hubs sent me this yesterday (someone is always w/the pups)
Someone was passed out yesterday haha

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post 03/16/2022

Took Okalani x her momma London to the vet for their check ups - both are doing good but my truck now needs cleaned inside x out now 🛻 🧽


Wilhelmina - Ember’s twin!!
Is so lucky, her momma knitted her a pretty blue sweater. 💙🧡💞🧡💙


This morning in between puppy photos. Udon just wanted to sleep 😴🧡

Sir Miso | Hillis Danes 03/15/2022

Sir Miso | Hillis Danes

💙 Sir Miso’s 💙 page has been updated


Sir Miso | Hillis Danes Like Mochi, Miso likes to wander. At 1st we always had to "rescue" him x give him back to his momma but in the last 24-48hrs he has been finding his way back on his own. Miso is very snuggly with us or his momma.

Sir Boba | Hillis Danes 03/15/2022

Sir Boba | Hillis Danes

🖤 Sir Boba’s 🖤 page has been updated


Sir Boba | Hillis Danes

Sir Udon | Hillis Danes 03/15/2022

Sir Udon | Hillis Danes

🧡 Sir Udon’s 🧡 page has now been updated


Sir Udon | Hillis Danes

Sir Wasabi | Hillis Danes 03/15/2022

Sir Wasabi | Hillis Danes

💚 Sir Wasabi’s 💚 page has now been updated


Sir Wasabi | Hillis Danes

Lady Mochi | Hillis Danes 03/15/2022

Lady Mochi | Hillis Danes

💞 Lady Mochi’s 💞 page has been updated


Lady Mochi | Hillis Danes Lady Mochi does not do anything halfway lol. It doesn't matter if she is eating, wondering, snuggling or sleeping she does it with her whole heart. AS the video on FB shows she will eat even on her back x when she is wondering she is "on the go" alot of the time she goes up over x ends up behind her...

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post 03/15/2022

Week 1 photos

Delilah x George 3/8/22 | Hillis Danes 03/15/2022

Delilah x George 3/8/22 | Hillis Danes

Delilah x George’s babies litter page has been updated.


Delilah x George 3/8/22 | Hillis Danes 3/4th Euro Great Dane Puppies. AKC Great Danes. Blue Great Dane. OFA Tested.

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post 03/15/2022

💙 Miso 💙

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post 03/15/2022

Momma D out in the field stretching her legs last evening but she is keeping a close eye 👁 on where her puppies are


Boba laying in the cracks between the bed x wall - using the bed as a pillow 🖤


Miso snuggling w/his momma 💙




Mochi is such so stinking cute 🥰


Wasabi sleeping upside down like a 🦇




Lady Mochi 💞🥰💞
Late night cuddles w/her momma


Just because a sleeping puppy is just too precious 💙


Delilah is very happy to be back home from the pup’s vet trip for their dew claw removals.


Ember (London x George 12/20) @ 1 yr 2 months

Delilah x George 3/8/22 | Hillis Danes 03/09/2022

Delilah x George 3/8/22 | Hillis Danes

Delilah x George’s litter page is now up.
Individual puppy pages will be later this week.

We currently have 3 males available


Delilah x George 3/8/22 | Hillis Danes 3/4th Euro Great Dane Puppies. AKC Great Danes. Blue Great Dane. OFA Tested.

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post 03/09/2022

Delilah x George’s 5 Gorgeous Baby Blues

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post 03/08/2022

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post


Momma Delilah arrived yesterday 🥰💜
She is part of our breeding program x lives with her family but stays with us for puppies 🐶

Photos from Hillis Danes x Dolls's post 03/04/2022

Bu, Mozzie x Lincoln watching me clean their room
Good thing I know Lincoln loves me


Mr. Handsome I mean Sir George
Is hoping I let his girlfriend out but she already ate dinner. Hopefully George eats all his dinner tonight but Oak is in heat, so we shall see
💚💙 This face though 💚💙


🖤🖤 Sir Viktor Gionni 🖤🖤


Someone is spying on me


Delilah’s momma sent this to me yesterday x maybe it is just her x I seeing what we want 😜 but we think we see the babies move, just a bit 💜🤍💙

Lady Delilah | Hillis Danes 02/27/2022

Lady Delilah | Hillis Danes

Lady Delilah’s photos have been updated


Lady Delilah | Hillis Danes

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