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Mode Comfort & Air Quality


Thanks to Mode (again) for helpi ng us with our broken down A /C unit. They actually came a d ay early----always friendly and fast service. Reasonab le prices---thanks again!!! 😃🙌
Dave was awesome. On time a nd willing to answer all my questio ns. I will definitely call again.
Thanks for all y’all did tod ay! The wife is gonna be so hap py to come home from work a nd have A/C!
Sending another potential customer your w ay! :-)
Sending another potential new customer yo ur way. If she gets half t he service that we received, she wi ll also be a customer for li fe!
Thank you for helping CARE. Y ou guys are awesome
Thank you so much for t he help you give to C.A.R.E. Y ou guys are great!

View more @, mode offe rs something you haven’t experienced before in heati ng, air conditioning and home comfort. mo de is here to serve you – t he customer – and your specific nee ds.

We will work with you to he lp you determine what is best f or your family and your home. mo de will never push any product or servi ce. Your choices will be explained to y ou, along with the pros and co ns. It may seem old fashioned f or such a modern company, but we sti ll believe the customer is always rig ht. That’s the mode in which we opera te.

Operating as usual


Caught the receptionist slacking off aga in.


Our new apprentice takes his wo rk very seriously.


Please join us in congratulating Log an Jones, Apprentice Level 1, on passi ng the Chlorofluorocarbons (“CFC”) exam and receivi ng his Universal certification. Way to go, Logan!


Our newest addition! We don’t kn ow the exact criteria for winning th is award, but we’ll take it. 😬


Please note we are switching to a n ew phone system today so you m ay not be able to reach us f or a short time while it transfe rs. If you have an immediate ne ed, please call us at our alterna te number: 804-720-9185. Thank you!


Please join us in welcoming Hail ey to Mode! She will be taki ng your phone calls, scheduling service a nd inspections, and handling general office duti es. We have worked with Hailey f or several years and are pleased s he has agreed to be our newe st team member. Welcome, Hailey!

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M10 has arrived!


Awesome at HVAC. Not quite as go od at modeling.

Careers - Mode Comfort & A ir Quality 06/27/2022

Careers - Mode Comfort & A ir Quality

Mode is hiring! We are in ne ed of a junior installation technician ( or an installation apprentice). Please share th is post with anyone you think m ay be interested and qualified. Thank you!

Careers - Mode Comfort & A ir Quality Award winning HVAC company, Mode L LC, is looking for a full-time experienc ed Junior HVAC Installation Technician. This positi on works Monday through Friday, approximately 8 am to 5pm. All calls are in t he Richmond, Moseley, Midlothian, Powhatan, Chesterfield a nd Henrico areas.


Jerome Horwitz, famous for playing CUR LY in "THE THREE STOOGES", was kno wn to all as a protector of do gs. Curly's contract with Columbia Pictures includ ed a clause that allowed his do gs to accompany him on the stud io lot. Columbia limited it to no mo re than two dogs at a ti me, this due to the puppies' unplann ed on-camera appearances from time to ti me. You can still see those surpri se dog on set invasions in t he first few short films. Typically surround ed by various dogs, Curly was kno wn to come home with a str ay dog ​​and foster it until he cou ld find it a permanent home. Wh en the Stooges were out on t he road, Curly took it upon himse lf to find a new home f or at least one stray dog ​​ in every town they visited. Curly is estimat ed to have saved and rescued mo re than 5,000 dogs in his lifeti me. This makes him a man ahe ad of his time, with a ve ry admirable concern for man's best frie nd. Dogs are family ❤


With the crazy heat, we almo st missed it, but we couldn't l et National Dog Rescue Day go by unrecogniz ed by us! We had such f un last year, let's do it again!

Plea se post a photo of your resc ue dog and let us know the ir name and any other facts you 'd like to share. On Monday eveni ng, we will randomly choose one of t he photos and Mode will donate $2 00 to the dog rescue or shelt er of the owner's choice. Last ye ar, we chose Jax and CARE receiv ed a donation in his honor.

Let 's see those rescue pups!

(Pictured here is Norm an, Todd & Aimee Rice's dog, adopt ed from BRAG in 2016.)

Careers - Mode Comfort & A ir Quality 05/19/2022

Careers - Mode Comfort & A ir Quality

We need help! Mode currently h as an open position for a part-ti me receptionist for the summer. If y ou know someone who would like to wo rk 8am-2pm during the summer (maybe a colle ge student who likes to hit t he pool in the afternoon) please sha re this opportunity with them.

We are al so looking to add one more individu al to our Apprenticeship Program, if y ou know of anyone interested in HV AC as a career.

Please have any interest ed parties call Aimee at 804-481-6633 or ema il her at [email protected].

Thank you!

Careers - Mode Comfort & A ir Quality Award winning HVAC company, Mode L LC, is looking for a part-time summ er receptionist to answer phone calls, fi le, handle customer concerns, monitor the dai ly schedule, keep office and kitchen suppli es stocked, and perform other basic offi ce duties. Reporting to our Operations Direct or, this position...


Snake removal at no additional char ge. Lol.


We love all 5-star Google revie ws, but this one just touched o ur hearts. Lol. Thanks Aaron!


We feel very safe in o ur new office with Bea on t he lookout for wrongdoers.

Mode News | Spring 2022 04/11/2022

Mode News | Spring 2022

Check out our Spring 2022 newslett er! Call or text us at 804-481-66 33 to schedule a pre-summer HVAC check- up, or email us at [email protected]. A nd if you are thinking about replaci ng your system or adding a dehumidifi er for the summer, estimates are alwa ys free!

Mode News | Spring 2022 Time to get your HVAC syste ms checked out before summer! Spring 2022 Newslett er Mode Is On The Move! We a re pleased to announce the location of o ur new office: 14349 Sommerville Court Midlothi an, VA 2


As proud supporters of many ar ea animal rescues and shelters, we a re thrilled to report that our ve ry own Dave has adopted the ve ry adorable Bea from C.A.R.E. Please che ck out all of the adoptable do gs and get more information at on h ow to find your own new be st friend.


Literally the cutest Mode photo of a ll time. Congratulations to Tyler Fishburne on t he birth of his baby girl! S he clearly already has an eye f or wearing the best labels.


Do you know a smart, poli te, hardworking, mechanically-inclined individual who might wa nt to get their career started wi th Mode? We are searching for o ur next great apprentice. Upcoming high scho ol graduates are welcome! If you kn ow someone who might be interested, plea se have them give Aimee a ca ll at 804-481-6633 or email her at: [email protected]. Thank you!


We are pleased to sponsor th is great fundraiser for the Bully Resc ue & Advocacy Group! Please check th is out if you have kids! ( Or if you don’t have kids a nd just like candy.)


Big Mode news! We've moved to a n ew office to better serve our Midlothi an and Powhatan customers. Our new addre ss is:

14349 Sommerville Court
Midlothian, VA 23113

Our pho ne number and email address remain t he same. We look forward to servi ng you in our new space!


This Ruud unit from the 193 0s was removed from a house recent ly (not by us) because parts h ad become hard to find. It w as still working! Another reason we oft en suggest Ruud products to our custome rs.


Time to change your filter!


Good morning, friends of Mode! We a re looking for office space and a re having quite a difficult time findi ng what we need. So, we thoug ht we would throw it out the re to see if any of o ur customers/friends are involved in commercial re al estate or, even better, own a buildi ng with rentable space.

We are looki ng for 600-1,200 square feet of offi ce space with 400-1,500 square feet of warehouse/stora ge space. The zip codes we a re interested in primarily are: 23113, 231 12, 23120, but we are open to anythi ng in the Midlothian/Chesterfield general area. Plea se let us know if you a re aware of anything that might su it our needs. Thanks so much!


Please read if you are a custom er that has a Lennox HVAC system:
Lenn ox has closed the only parts suppli er in Richmond. So, now in additi on to the industry-wide parts shortage, t he closest Lennox supplier currently open is in Fredericksbu rg. This will make repairs much mo re expensive and wait times for par ts even longer. If you suspect anythi ng could be acting up with yo ur Lennox system, please call us as so on as you are aware. If y ou have an aging Lennox system ( 10+ years) and think it may ne ed to be replaced soon, we wou ld strongly encourage you to do so soon er rather than later. Please don’t hesita te to call or text Todd at 804-481-66 33 if you have any questions.


Happy holidays from our Mode Comfo rt & Air Quality family to yo ur family!

We will be closed December 24- 26, but will be available for emergen cy service on those days.

We wish y ou and yours health, happiness, and warm th!


Thank you, Mr. Bell. Your revi ew made our day (or maybe o ur month)! It was a pleasure to wo rk with you today, as always.

To Wh om It May Concern:

Today, December 9. 20 21, Mode Comfort and Air Quality underto ok a difficult and complex heat pu mp replacement at my property. It involv ed the use of a very hi gh crane to reach the rear wi ng of my 166-year-old house from t he front, since no rear access w as available. Mode owner Todd Ri ce and the majority of his wo rk force were on hand all morni ng -- some well into t he afternoon -- to complete t he heat-pump and blower replacements with ca re and exactitude. Their performance w as excellent, and they themselves were alwa ys friendly and positive. They a re good company as well as proficient.
Th is built upon many, many experiences of Mo de over more than a decade. A ll met the same high and perfectioni st standards, and all were marked by genui ne good will and helpfulness, including duri ng emergency calls requiring that Mode employe es venture out onto a snowy ro of and weekend equipment failures during b ad weather.
This tall old house in a histor ic district is not an easy or convenie nt work environment, and it requires ca re because of the delicacy of t he structure both inside and out. I ha ve been delighted at the privilege a nd benefit of calling Mode my standa rd and wonderful resource, and I ha ve constantly recommended Mode to my frien ds and associates.

Randolph Bell


We wish all of our custome rs and friends a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Plea se note that Mode will be operati ng on the following holiday schedule:

-Thursday, Novemb er 25 - emergency service only
-Friday, Novemb er 26 - regular service schedule
-Saturday, Novemb er 27 & Sunday, November 28 - regul ar weekend service schedule

We are always availab le by phone, text and email to answ er questions.

Have a happy and safe holid ay!


We love our customers! Especially on es who leave us snacks. Thanks K im!


What a great way to sta rt the week! We are pleased to announ ce that after completing the Apprentice Lev el I requirements, John Ward has be en promoted to Apprentice Level II. Plea se join us in congratulating John on h is achievement!


Good evening! We just had someo ne leave a one-star Google review d ue to a lack of understanding of old er systems. If you have used us in t he past and were/are happy with o ur service, would you take a mome nt to leave us a Google revi ew? We could use some additional go od ones to balance it out a nd make us less sad. Thank y ou!

Home | Mysite 09/13/2021

Home | Mysite

We are not familiar with th is publication (Tri-City News), but if th ey want to give us an awa rd, we will happily take it! Wou ld you be so kind as to cli ck this link and then choose us in t he Heating & Air category #62. Th ey have us listed as Mode Comfo rt Air. It takes about 10 secon ds. Thanks so much!

Home | Mysite Support your local economy and yo ur local businesses. Money spent here sta ys here and provides money for o ur local economy, schools and employees o ur friends, families, and neighbors.


Check out the cover story on September 's Powhatan Shopper!


The new Mode private labels by Ru ud are here! If you purchase a n ew Ruud system from us, you wi ll get on with these sweet Mo de badges. If we installed a Ru ud system for you in the pa st and you feel left out, se nd us a text to 804-481-6633 a nd we will come out and a dd the badges to your outdoor un it. We are just that excited abo ut them!

Mode News | End-of-Summer 2021 09/03/2021

Mode News | End-of-Summer 2021

Check out our latest newsletter. Plea se note we will be running emergen cy service over the holiday weekend, includi ng Monday. We hope you have a gre at one!

Mode News | End-of-Summer 2021 Mode End-of-Summer 2021 Newsletter Mode's End-of-Summ er 2021 Newsletter Holiday Weekend Service We ho pe you have a fun and relaxi ng Labor Day Weekend. Todd & Tyl er will be running emergency service al

Photos from Mode Comfort & A ir Quality's post 08/17/2021

Another day, another rooftop change-out downto wn.


We are thrilled to be a spons or of this great event tomorrow! Plea se join us and maybe meet yo ur new best friend!


Thank you so much, Tracy. Th is truly makes up for a hect ic and hot week! We appreciate th is more than you know!

Photos from Mode Comfort & A ir Quality's post 07/10/2021

Another fun filled Saturday!

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Time to change your filter!
You could be breathing this.



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