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Polly want a cracker ?

This colorful parrot 🦜 can only be found in St. Lucia. 🏝After nearing extinction in the 1970s, great efforts were made to revitalize their population. Now, these friendly little birds 🦜can be seen all over the island.

🏝We can help plan a tour through the St. Lucian rainforest to experience them in person, 🥰and to hear about their incredible history.
Schedule your free consultation today!


😍. Idyllic: (adj) Pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity.
🤩 St. Lucia 🏝is sheer perfection! We can make this your reality, just be sure to send us a selfie 🤳 from your hammock.
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😌 Keep calm and Visit ST Lucia 🏝
St. Lucia is one of the most common bucket 🪣list destinations, and it is easy to see why.
Isn’t it time to take it OFF your list and make it reality?
We’re ready when you are. Send us a message .


☀️Fun in the Sun ! ☀️
When vacationing on a tropical island like St. Lucia, 🏝 you simply must spend some time out on the water. 🌊Whether you like a group sail like this or prefer a more intimate private sail, ⛵️be sure to add this to your St. Lucia must-dos.
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🍻It’s 5:00 somewhere! 🍻

St. Lucia as a foodie destination? 🥘Absolutely! With many cultural influences, like India, 🇮🇳Creole, 🍤and French, 🇫🇷and then combined with fresh, local ingredients, St. Lucia is a foodie’s paradise!
🍺Pair any dish with their local beer, and you’ll be in heaven! We’d love to send you our guide ‘How to Eat Like a Local, Our Foodie Guide to St. Lucia’ for your next vacation to St. Lucia.
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🇺🇸❤️Brave, Beloved Veterans ❤️🇺🇸
Thank you for defending our lives and liberty. We appreciate all you do for us and for the sacrifices you make. Happy Veterans Day!
Please put a flag 🇺🇸in the comments below if you are a veteran or someone you know is a veteran!


🎬 Want to be near all the action ? 🤩

Tucked between the mountains and the Caribbean Sea lies the quaint 🏘village of Soufriere, St. Lucia.

Along the southwest shore, 🏖this town is the epicenter for some of St. Lucia’s best activities, like 🥾 the nearby Pitons, 🏔volcanoes, 🌋waterfalls, 🌊and chocolate plantations. 🍫Many of the top resorts are in the Soufriere region, too.
Consider making Soufriere your home-base for your next St. Lucia .
Name your favorite activity !


Who loves ❤️ Chocolate? 🍫This is where it all begins from a cacao pod .

St. Lucia 🏝is one of the world’s leading 🍫chocolate producers, and supplies some of the finest cocoa beans to the leading chocolate producers in Europe (Think: Belgium, France, Switzerland).

Due to its rich, volcanic 🌋soil and shady slopes, the cocoa plant thrives there. We suggest a farm tour with tasting menu to appreciate the efforts, and to experience this tasty product firsthand.

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😇 Relax to the Max 🏝

St. Lucia offers world-class spas and retreats. Prepare to be pampered 🥰 and take your relaxation to the next level. Ask your Circle of Joy Travel Adventures for spa recommendations and reservations.


🏔Life’s a climb but the views are great ! 🤩

Most people recognize St. Lucia by its famous mountain peaks.
🏔These sister peaks are referred to as The Pitons (pronounced PEE-tohn)- Petit Piton is more vertical and nearer from this perspective, and Gros Piton sits just to the right.
💙A must-do in St. Lucia is hiking the Pitons, though hiking Petit Piton is really for expert climbers.
The views from the top are spectacular! 🤯😍

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Gorgeous!!! 😍
St. Lucia is our November destination! 🏝

😎Like to mix adventure into your travels? Then St. Lucia is beckoning you! There are so many great adventures to be had, and even cater to all sorts of experience levels. Take a leisurely stroll 👟through the rainforest to discover a hidden waterfall or don your hiking boots🥾 for some seriously vertical climbing at Petit Piton. 🏔Circle of Joy Travel Adventures has a list of recommendations ready to help you have the perfect adventure.
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🌊 Sun -believable day to be cruising ! 🤩

Over 28 million people take to the sea and enjoy a cruise vacation each year. Are you ready to join them? If so, we would love to help!

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🤩 Smile and wave, 👋boys! Just smile and wave!

Although we normally think of cruising to warm waters, cruises go all over the world. Feeling adventurous? Consider an expedition cruise to Antarctica!
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📱 Hold my calls the ocean awaits !!! 🌊

What a better way to start a 🥰 beautiful morning than with a relaxing 😎 breakfast on your private balcony overlooking the beautiful ocean waters! 🏝
We can help you plan your amazing vacation !
Let’s chat ! 📱


Place your bets ! 🎰Head to the casino. Casinos are found in the centermost section of the ship so that games remain stable and passengers keep playing.💸🤑You can bet that Circle of Joy Travel Adventures will custom design your amazing Adventure! Chat with us today!


🍽 Bon Appetite ! 🍝

The largest cruise ships 🚢 will serve over 30,000 meals per day!
To accomplish this, their culinary team of over 100 people will have the kitchen running 24 hours a day. 🌟Pro tip: You may order as many dishes as you want!
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Ahh the beautiful sea !
Cruise lines are working to lower their carbon footprint. Half of the new cruise ships being built are powered by LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) instead of diesel engines.


Autumn 🍂 carries more gold 🏅in its pocket than all the other seasons. What is your favorite 🥰 thing about autumn ?


🤩Congratulations 🎉🍾

to Katy Perry, Kate Middleton, Oprah, and even

Pitbull for being Godmother or Godfather of a cruise ship! 🚢

Every cruise ship has a 😇Godmother. It is an old naval tradition. While the title is honorary, their job is
to officially name and bless the ship at its official launch.

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Diamonds 💎 on the water !
I love ❤️ how they sparkle✨
Over 28 million people take to the sea 🌊and enjoy a cruise vacation each year. 🥰
Are you ready to join them? If so, we would love to help!


Do you go Leaf peeping ? 🍁

Where is your favorite place to look at fall foliage ?

The 6 best states to see fall foliage is
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Do you agree with this list ? Yes 👍 or no 👎


🐳. Your “shore “ to have a great time on a cruise! 🛳

⭐️They are so much fun! There are so many activities you can do on a ship.
Surfing 🏄
Zip line
Pools and slides 🏊🏼‍♂️🏊🏻‍♀️🛝
Casino 🎰
Mini golf 🏌️‍♂️⛳️
Sky diving
Movie theater 🍿🎥
and more…

⭐️ See multi destinations
Caribbean 🏝
Canada and Maine

⭐️ taste new foods 🍕🌮🍔🥗
Plenty of dinning options

Put a cruise ship in the comments below if you have been on a cruise. 👇


Woooo Hooooo 😍 I’m so happy to announce that Circle of Joy Travel Adventures LLC has made it to trailblazer level . 👟
I want to thank all my friends and family for their love and support . 💜💙💛🧡
🤩. We are going places ! 🚢. Life is to short let’s go travel ! ✈️Call us today . Let’s chat about your next vacation!


💙 What a spectacular view! 👀

Can you picture yourself here in complete relaxation? 🧖
With 1000 miles of sandy coastline, a beach 🏖 vacation in the Dominican Republic will not disappoint.

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🧢Hey batter, batter! Swing batter, batter! ⚾️

Who is your favorite MLB baseball player?
Did you know that there is a very good chance that they are from the Dominican Republic?

The DR is the leading country in MLB recruits each year. So, in addition to rooting for your favorite DR player in the MLB, consider taking in a game with one of the country’s national teams on your next vacation.


❤️ You had me at Pumpkin Spice ! 🍁
Happy First Day of Fall !


Beep ! Beep ! 🗺. What better way to explore hidden gems of the Dominican Republic than off-roading in a Jeep, 4WD, or ATV.
See the best of the national parks from a different perspective on your next adventure. 🙃

There are more than 3000 off road trails to explore so be sure you connect with a group, so you don’t get lost.

Have you ever rented a jeep before let me know in the comments below 👇


🐠Here Fishy 🐡Fishy 🐟 Fishy 🐠

Santana Bay is an outstanding spot for fishing!

Saltwater fishing in the Dominican Republic is a sport unto itself.

Besides finding a great catch for dinner, there are many opportunities to catch big and small fish alike.

The more adventurous type may enjoy going further offshore to find a blue marlin or swordfish. A stop near a reef might even score you mahi mahi.

For those that like to stay closer to shore, there is still a great opportunity with fishing in the flats or more shallow waters.

No matter how you choose to go out fishing, you are bound to have a good time and great dinner.

Put a fish 🐠 in the comments below if you like to fish on your vacation. 🎣


💜What a majestic waterfall ! 💚

The waterfall at Salto el Limon is worth the 1.5-mile trek through lush forest.
You can hike or go by horseback through the hilly terrain until you arrive at the 130 feet of cascading water that falls into a freshwater pool available for your enjoyment.

Give a thumbs up 👍 in the comments if you love water falls.


Learning so much at
making my greatest Adventure come true !!


Yummy 😋 Sweet juicy Papaya

Papaya is a popular fruit in the Dominican Republic.

You may find a great fruit vendor along the side of the road offering the freshest fruit. But be sure to also try it caramelized in sweet syrup.

Take advantage of fresh, juicy fruit during your next vacation breakfast or in the afternoon as a treat.

Like if you like papaya !


Who loves LEGOs? Now you can make your own customized Lego . I made 1 for Circle of Joy Travel Adventures ! what do you think ? Tell me in the comments below 👇


Do you like to try new adventures when you travel?

Can you feel the rush of the air and smell the salty breeze with this image?

Coast your way down one of many ziplines in the Dominican Republic rainforest.

Tell me in the comments below if you like zip lining!


🎶Living on a prayer 🎶
This is the Rock n Roll Brunch at City Works !
I had to order Jon Bun Jovi and the mimosa flight !
All the dishes were named after a Rocker or the named after their song. So tasty 😋
Tell me your favorite Bon Jovi song in the comments below 👇


Today and everyday we remember . ❤️❤️❤️


Cool off with a refreshIng Dole Whip from Animal Kingdom !
I trIed Scars Lair. It’s sour apple with pineapple dole whip. Yummy 😋


Did someone say bacon ?
Bacon is delicious but when it’s hanging on a clothesline even better.
I had a fantastic meal at the Edison last night !


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