Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC

Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC


Thanks Nick, for an amazing, incredible, professional and efficient job getting my car to Florida. (We’ve used other shipping companies in the past.) Yours is the best!
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I think you'll like this one Nick
When it comes to tire science & technology there is a lot rolling around. Tom & Bubba flatten it all out for you then our new weekly segment "Wheels Across America" with the official BEM car hauler Nick Giglio from Hi Ho Shipping and Ford Eco Boost Mustang How To's. It all adds up to be a very fun and technical episode. Call in live from 9 to 10 am EST at 714 242 5166.
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Watch the show live on the Bubbas Motorsports page or click here to listen:
Live Sat am from 9 to 10 am EST BEM gives you an in depth look back at the very successful 2017 and the huge things happening in 2018 that will take BEM to another level once again. Call in at 174 242 5166. Watch the show live n the Bubbas Motorsports page or click here to listen live:
Looking forward to using Hi-Ho Silver in January
Hi Nick thanks for the invite. How are you doing today? Pm me later tomorrow have some good news for you about me...hugs
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Huge thanks to Nick Giglio and Jason gorman for shipping my truck down here. Although I did make things more difficult, Jason made things happen and showed how professional Hi Ho silver shipping is. Your dedication and professionalism reflects greatly on your success. Thanks guys! I'll be recommending you for any one seeking a vehicle to be shipped.
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First Ferrari for Hi-Ho Silver!! Florida bound again!! Need a lift, call us. 561-713-0381.
Do you hall ass too?

Transportation service of automobiles from East to West Coast and all in between!

Transportation service of automobiles from New Jersey to Florida and all in between!

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 08/05/2023

sat for about 5 weeks or so. Got new batteries yesterday, went around the block, and today put on 10 Teslas without skipping a beat. Leaving for Florida tomorrow with room for a few units! Wasn’t planning on booking a full load, but now I don’t want to be light 🤣😂 Hit me up if you or anyone you know who wants to send something to the Carolina’s, or Georgia, or FL! Full next week and the following etc, but tomorrow, I’ve got space!

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 06/06/2023

Thru the middle of the night unknown.. I’m on a ride that won’t let me go 👋


almost to the garden state! This is a trip I won’t soon forget. Met a friend in SC. The universe has a way of never missing. 🎯✍️ 🛻💨💨😅


unloaded in NJ and reloading today to head back south tomorrow. Another few weeks of this steady grinding and then we can enjoy the fruits of our labor! ✍️👏🤌🎯

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 04/26/2023

Just another day in paradise 🎻 💨💨💨

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 04/07/2023

Fueling up in Kenly. Topped off both tanks. Loaded, kinda. Headed to drop a DE, and then all yard cars. Got new front springs, bushings, pins, shackles, hangers. Got aligned up. Went Jersey to FL, FL to Atlanta, back to FL. Then looped the entire state, made all my pickups, back to the house this morning, thanks to my dad.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 01/24/2023

was at the shop getting new bearings on 3 out of 4 of the trailer hubs. 2 new hydraulic lines and a few new covers. Last trip of the season coming up this week! Then, who knows what the future holds! ✍️👀☑️

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 01/11/2023

Loaded from 1:30-3am. Delivered. ☑️🪄✨

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 01/02/2023

We delivered 16 cars this week. 1 to SC, 8 to the west coast and 7 to the east. Having the hub in Middleburg is a great thing. Allows us a lot of flexibility. 3 more FL trips until the season is done. New rails are holding up nicely. Can’t wait to get a bath in Kenly for this big girl. Anyone know if the rails on these are supposed to be arched? Or is that just high mounts? My 🍁 friend here says they should be arched. And now I’m questioning the whole job 😭

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 12/23/2022

Trucking is fun, trucking is tough, keeping track of every single thing on a car carrier, is mother trucking tough. Last FL trip I did before getting new rails, this is how I found out I needed them. Loaded everything no problem. Backed my truck up to air up my tires, and saw a drag mark in the ground. Thought maybe my tie down bar was stuck somewhere and I didn’t know it. Looked underneath and the belly deck passenger piston was sitting on the ground, rotted so bad it ripped off the rail. Had to have a chain and binder and a few small straps hold it all together to get to FL so I could unload.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 11/27/2022

First trip back since my 2nd son was born. Sat home for about 3 weeks. Trailer should’ve been sitting at the shop getting new rails. But it wasn’t. Debating getting them done in FL or NJ. Do you know anyone or where good to recommend and what roughly I could expect to pay for remain rails?

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 11/02/2022

in this business, and you gotta be prepared for it. Over 12 years and counting of trucking, and it’s still always something. Little nail in my tire, I found 1 out of my 18 tires were low when doing my pre trip inspection in Jersey after I loaded. Airing it up, checking it in Virginia and seeing that it held 120lbs of air, I knew I could keep going. But I needed a rest anyway, stopped in SC to have it fixed. Shop manager tried doing some wild stuff to my airbags, valves, lines, to try and get my bags to deflate and raise my axle. Used a knife, crescent wrench, and wild force. I said hey man, if it’s too big a deal to just get this nail out, I’ll ride with it I don’t mind. I don’t want something else ruined in the process. He got hot and heavy, walked away, and then the actual mechanic fixing the tire just lowered the Jack, screwed the top higher, and proceed to lift it higher. Then the jack stand fit to his “shop policy” standard. Afterward, I pay, pull around to the fuel island, my ABS light is on. Hasn’t been on since I’ve owned the truck but one time, and I had it fixed same day. Now, after this aggressive (for no reason) guy, touched some s**t by my air tanks, I have an issue. Moral of the story, at work, calm down, be easy, think before over reacting and making more problems than you currently have. The tech later told me that this guy gets many complaints for how he talks to people and handles situations. Could’ve fooled me. 🤣

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/25/2022

So.. apparently, it’s not the oil cooler. It’s not oil in the coolant. It’s transmission fluid. The radiator is apparently shot. Can’t get a genuine one. Aftermarket is my only option. And now the truck will sit a few days in Jax at Tom Nehl getting that done. But I also found out that my oil cooler was never done during the rebuild. Amazing. All that work and effort only to leave something that could cause me to break down soon. And for anyone wondering, red antifreeze 50/50 mix and trans fluid tastes like s**t.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/22/2022

Saturday load. on , dashboard is smoking while I’m driving. Stopped and checked so many times can’t find anything. Riding with the dash unscrewed so I can keep checking and hopefully move whatever is touching once is becomes noticeable. Also, new torque arms today have really helped the ride. They were definitely original, 860,000+ miles. is fun.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/10/2022

Swipe to see what I use for a logbook 😜😉😝

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 09/17/2022

legal as it gets out here 💚😜 Witnessed an accident just after it happened on 95 today right at the 26 intersection. Old man hit the tractor trailer and almost flipped. He was driving himself to Florida. 😞 Me and another guy stopped to make sure they were ok and pushed the man out of the highway. It’s 95 at rush hour, lol people gotta be able to move! #95

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 09/07/2022

Enjoy my story through pictures. completed its first trip successfully after the rebuild. First pic is the load I took down. 2nd pic is the load rearranged after dropping the units that went down the west side. 3rd pic is half that load. 4th is me empty Monday night in Pompano Beach. 5th is me sitting at the old shop in Medley. Got there a 12:40 am to be the first guy in line for when they opened. Slept in the driver seat, didn’t shower. Sat there from 1am to 6am. Wanted to be quick. Called and found out they moved. 6th is me at the new shop waiting in line now 7am. All the way down in Homestead. Haha. 7/8th is big girl lifted up getting corrected. 9/10th is what my friend Joe in Jupiter found which is why my check engine light was on the whole trip down. Idk why it would be rubberbanded and not fixed properly. 😔🤯😅

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 09/02/2022

ran good today up to Elizabeth and back to get the trailer gone over. Trailer got a right rear abs sensor, (expensive AF), a few new hydraulic connections to avoid a problem, new flasher on right rear, and truck got 3 new load lights up top, bumper bracket bent straight again, (of course not by the guy that fu**ed it up months ago in the first place, bumper installed and rewired. I even got to help my mechanic make space by moving a guys trailer that he just extended 3 foot and did lower rails on. It looked good behind my truck for a little trip to Woodbridge. 😜🤠 Loading Saturday to head out. Tomorrow trucks going back to Hoover to get a Barometric Pressure Sensor installed, check engine light should go off, and I should be a happy mother trucker. 👀🥸 😂

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 08/31/2022

Well, I paid for and picked up the big girl. 🤠⭐️✅ is back at the yard. Took it for a test drive down the parkway and back, can’t believe it’s been 9 months since I drove this thing! Motor was rebuilt. New pistons, rings, liners, rods and mains, injectors and turbo, and a dampener. One new AC line. And all new gaskets of course. Reused the head, (not sure why), same old oil pump, starter, air compressor, ac compressor, and alternator. She holds air pressure, all lights work, tires are aired up, she’s greased, and brakes adjusted. Loading Saturday to take her south! 1st trip of 2022 for her! Wild to think. Job done at Hoover Truck Centers in Toms River, NJ. Check engine light is on, it’s the Barometric Pressure Sensor? Will be here Friday and that should be that.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 08/10/2022

I went and saw the green machine yesterday for the first time in a while. It’s been brokedown since before New Years. Seeing it like this I didn’t know how to feel, didn’t even feel like my truck. I had it at one shop for many many months, it never got touched, they moved, lost my key, left my truck. My dad had to go there and hot wire it, and drive it to the shop it’s currently at. Such a cluster f**k with this rebuild. I’ve had many different options, many choices I could’ve made, a ton of time has passed, and I never knew what the “right thing” to do was. Still don’t. All I know is my first trip is coming up on the 15th, and my truck isn’t near done yet. Thankfully I have friends who are willing to help, and a back up piece of equipment if I really need. I sold the white Freightliner about a month ago. Absolutely did not want to, but at the time, it just felt meant to be.


So… this truck has been great to me over the last year that I’ve owned it. It seemed to have a head gasket issue about a month or two ago. But I kept running it in hopes to just get through my season, get all my customers delivered safe and sound, kept adding antifreeze, but eventually, the trip after Christmas Day, the turbo blew in SC. I rode to FL with a friend who was following me in his truck, my friend and go to mechanic loaned me a used turbo to get my load delivered, and said use it until we rebuild your motor. (2 weeks tops). The truck got to florida and back to NJ. But once in NJ, the truck was out of oil, and seemed to be pushing it out or burning it so fast. Also, the oil is finally mixing with the water or viceaversa. At this point, I still have my old 60 series in the Freightliner with 80k miles on it rebuilt. And that 13 speed with about 250k on it. Debating rebuilding this ISX, swapping it with a crate motor ISX, or a crate motor Detroit 60 series, or taking the used one I have and putting it in to save $$ and get the life out of it that I paid for. Wondering any concerns/opinions from anybody one way or another with any experience in this situation. Thanks in advance!

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 12/24/2021

Yeah dad, this tool box will do the trick! 💚 End of the year window shopping with my boy and wife! 💪🏽🥳 😅🤦🏽‍♂️😭

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 12/09/2021

Put the air breathers from the old Freightliner on the Western Star today so when I put the green lights inside, they’ll shine all the way around. They sit up a little taller and I’m getting used to that. Changed the cap on the hydraulic tank to a lower one so it won’t hit when I lose air in the sleeper bags. Had the hydraulic filters changed today the big and little one at Precision in Jax. And the smallest but biggest joy of this week, I got my CB decked out with green k***s, meter, and channel number. 👽 is coming along one upgrade at a time.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 12/05/2021

Time for a nap. Let the truck air dry, catch some z’s, and have some sweet dreams. ✌🏽😎

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 12/05/2021

Slanging metal and rubber 🥶

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 11/14/2021

Goodnight from Kenly NC. too tired to type more. ✌🏽

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 11/08/2021

Loading 9 instead of 10 now makes me feel like a loser 😵‍💫😆

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/31/2021

coming atcha. looking like she’s been working hard. Gonna need a bath soon, maybe two. Running with company is fun.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/27/2021

The last picture probably should’ve been the first picture, because it’s that cool. But anyways, documenting yesterday’s maintenance so when DOT asks for my records I can just show them my IG 😎🤠🥳 Checked trans and both rears. Front rear fluid got drained and refilled because it’s the brownish watery looking fluid in the green pan. Oil changed and greased up. Brakes adjusted. Trailer valve fixed so that the parking brakes can actually set again. And a coolant leak fixed on the EGR cooler. Still chasing down a little clunking I’ve been hearing. Thinking it’s in the trans now, but hoping when I swap the 5th wheel plate and king pin it goes away.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/27/2021

all delivered safe and sound Monday and Tuesday. Empty and about to go fuel and get washed in Wildwood. This week on my way south I met a couple who had a tire issue in Dunn, NC. I helped them and gave them my number incase they had any other issues. They blew a right rear tire 2.5 hours later in Santee, SC. They called me I stopped and changed their spare, followed them to a Billy’s off exit 82, bought their tire, and made lifelong friends. The day I helped them was Sunday, 10/24. 10/24 is the day my older brother committed su***de 15 years prior in 06, in Cape Canaveral Florida. Guess where these people with Florida tags were headed, Cape Canaveral. It was absolutely wild. 💙💚 is a hashtag I’ve used for years to share stories and signs I’ve gotten. Check it out.


The thought that my dad had cool trucks that I never got to see, and I’ve had some trucks my kid will only know about in pictures, is wild to me. I’m so glad he got to come on a trip with me last week.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/23/2021

Taking the ferry home to grab some cars in Cape May. And the 2nd pic was leaving a place in VA today I was afraid the dip was gonna crease my bumper. 😎🤠 but allllll gooooood.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/19/2021

2nd picture is my idea of getting the job done when the security guard says, you can’t pull through our gate to unload. No prob I’ll just back over this other one. 😎🤣 Just finishing up this weeks load. 11th car delivered from NJ-FL. All of it made possible because of my wife! 🥰 More business cards passed out, more satisfied customers, and more memories made! ❤️🌹

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/17/2021

🤠 😆

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 10/03/2021

Tis the season to be sleepy, falalalala la la la la.


Little burnout, no biggie. 💨🔥😂 🧤


Goodnight from the driver seat of a 2015 Western Star.

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 09/29/2021

Just made it to the FL yard. Time to shower, eat, rest. Tomorrow is a looooooong day. Middleburg, The Villages, Ocoee, Fort Myers Airport, Naples, Delray, and Palm Beach Gardens. Sunrise to sunset. 😳😅 #79980

Photos from Hi-Ho Silver Shipping LLC's post 09/25/2021

Last weeks load down was a fun one. Got to ride with Good ride down and back. Found some pretty wicked rust around my front number 3 pistons. Kept them locked on the posts and made it up here, had them fixed in an hour flat. And pulled my passenger rail out finally that has been bent since I bought the truck. 😎😎💪🏽

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So… this truck has been great to me over the last year that I’ve owned it. It seemed to have a head gasket issue about a...
Little burnout, no biggie. 💨🔥😂 #hihosilvershipping #unloading #truck15 #tripNJG13 #autotransport #dronelife #gigliomedia...




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