Theatre One Productions, Inc

Theatre One Productions, Inc


Hi. I worked with you all in the mid 80's. Do you remember "Murder at the Howard Johnsons?" I remember working w two actors specifically. One was a real estate agent and the other was a young man...kinda reminded me of a young Brando in looks. Don't remember their names. Might you remember me? Also, do you have any photos of those productions? So much fun working with you all. Thanks.
I worked w you all back in the mid-80's. Was so much fun! Remember "Murder at the Howard Johnsons?" Ha! Wish I had some photos of the time I spent acting with you all. I can't remember the actor dude's name that was in a few of them w me. Kinda young Brando look to him. And I was in a romantic comedy w the real estate woman that sold me my house back in da day. Racking my brains to remember her name. I was unusual.

Anyway hope you all are well. Can't believe it's been over 30 years! I continued w acting and directing when I moved to Chicago BTW.
How much are the tickets for tomorrow's afternoon performance in Middleboro?
Madame Louisa's Mysterium will be pulling up to the Mitchell Club (well in my dreams) for the Psychic Faire -TOP's Fundraiser next Saturday. Hope to see you there!
I attended the performance of Cheaters last night. It was my first time at Theatre One and I was so impressed. By the production, the staff, the actors......what a thoroughly enjoyable evening! Lots of good entertainment and laughter to take the chill off a cold night. I will be looking forward to the next play!

Theatre One Productions, Inc a non profit Theatre Company
Mission: To encourage people of all ages and background to grow and develop through theatre.

Peg Holzemer was one of the co-founders in 1982 of Theatre One Productions. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Bridgewater State University and M.A. in Performing Arts from Emerson College in Boston. During Theatre One’s hay-day in the 80’s, Peg and then Managing Director Mary Theresa Saurman, with a talented ensemble of actors, directors, technic

Operating as usual

Theatre One Productions, Inc updated their information in their About section. 05/04/2022

Theatre One Productions, Inc updated their information in their About section.

Theatre One Productions, Inc updated their information in their About section.


Hope to be returning in Fall of 22 with our "A Slice of life, 10 Min Plays Festival."


Comedy of Suspense Wraps Theatre One.
Actors L-R Bill Miller of Easton, Omer Courcy of Taunton, Kathy Bourne of Middleboro and Susan Salvesen of Marion taking a fun break, in-between scenes, for Theatre One’s Comedy of Suspense, “PIVATE EYES” this weekend ONLY, Nov 5,6 at 7:30 and Sun, Nov 7 at 2pm. Alley Theatre, side entrance, 133 Center St Middleboro. Missing from cast photo, Dawn Come Moquin Craig of Middleboro. Come join the fun with Theatre One and escape today’s world, if only for a few hours, as you the audience play detective while having a laugh. Peg Holzemer directs. All tickets $20 CASH only. Must show proof of Vaccination or Neg Test results. No reservations We collect food donations at all our performances for the Middleboro COA Senior Pantry. Like us on Facebook [email protected] .


A big shout out to the six gifted Psychic Readers, Patricia Mellman, , Dorothy Repoza, Lee Drescher, Louise Dery Wells, Dawn Lorraine and Maureen Brown who help raise funds for Theatre One Productions, today, at the Mitchell Memorial Club in Middleboro and the 4 volunteers, Linda Merritt, Kathy Bourne, Judy Ardolino and Susan Salvesen who made it run smooth. Thank you ladies.
Peg Holzemer Artistic Director
Theatre One Productions


Theatre One's Artistic Director/Producer Peg Holzemer, is standing outside of the Alley Theatre with L-R, Steven Myerson, Peg, Nancy Temple and Debbie Wiess, 3 of the ten Playwrights whose work was performed before a live and great audience last weekend, after waiting a year and a half, in TOP's " Slice of Life New Works Production." Theatre One is extremely grateful for the support of the Middleboro Cultural Council and the Lakeville Arts Council in helping us give playwrights, a platform.


Playwright C. J. Ehrlich, hit the mark this past weekend, at Theatre One’s “Slice of Life New Works Festival,” with her 10-minute play-THE LILAC TICKET, winning the Richard Pacheco Best Play Award. And a big Shout Out to the live audience, that came and supported the new works program, that was scheduled to go up in 2020, but made its comeback LIVE in 2021, with a talented cast and crew from L-R in photo Stgmgr; Beth Danesco. Actors; Jeff Levesque, Linda Merritt, Bob Gillet, Susan Salvesen, Craig Whitford, Jane Cartier, & Narrator Omer Courcy AND you the audience, that made it all work. “The Lilac Ticket,” joins the line of other winning playwrights works, that Theatre One has produced since 1982, including the 10-minute play fest that was introduced 11 years ago. The 10 Minute winning play “The Lilac Ticket,” was directed by Omer Courcy of Taunton and performed by Jane Cartier of West Bridgewater and Bob Gillet of Fall River. MS Ehrlich award winning plays, have enjoyed dozens of productions. Her work is published in numerous anthologies including nine Smith Kraus’ Best Ten-Minute Plays annuals and The Best American Short Plays of 2014-15. A writer for the web series O-Town NY, C.J. is currently an MFA Candidate in Screenwriting at Emerson College, writing a time travel comedy screenplay and the pilot for Loser Land. A proud member of the Dramatists Guild. See you in Nov with Steven Dietz’s Comedy of Suspense “Private Eyes.”

Photos from Theatre One Productions, Inc's post 09/17/2021

THEATRE ONE IS BACK!! After a year and a half we are back at the Alley with our annual Slice of Life New works Festival this weekend Fri & Sat night at 7:30 and Sun at 2pm. Doors open 1/2 hour prior to Show. All tix are $20 CASH ONLY and please be prepared to show your Vaccine Card or proof of recent Covid Test. We are so grateful to the six talented actors Craig Whitford, Suesan Salvesen, Jeff Levesque, Linda Merritt, Bob Gillet and Jane Cartier, who will be bringing to life the words of the 10 talented Playwrights under the direction of , Frank Piekut, Peg Holzemer and Omer Courcy also serving as narrator and emcee, LIVE on stage at the Alley Theatre directly behind the Burt Wood School of performing Arts 133 Center St in Middleboro. We are also grateful to our front of House crew under the leadership of kathy Bourne and our new stage manager Beth Danesco, who just this week stepped on board to keep things running smoothly. All we need now is YOU! Our wonderful audience. Let's get this show going. Remember there is no theatre without Playwrights! We collect food donations at all our performances for the Middleboro Senior COA Senior Pantry. Come join the fun with Theatre One! [email protected]
Pantry. C


Theatre One Productions, Inc will be following all COVID safety guidelines in place at the time of performance.
To protect the health, safety and well-being of our audiences, staff, actors and crew, Theatre One's COVID-19 vaccination policy for performances of The Slice of Life New Works Festival requires everyone attending performances to be vaccinated.*
Upon arrival and prior to entering the building, all attendees must present proof that they meet the CDC definition of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by presenting their physical vaccination card or a legible photo copy of the card.
Please note all guests within a party will need to show proof of vaccination.
If you are not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 as defined by the CDC, have been exposed to anyone with the virus within the last 14 days, or have been advised to self-quarantine within the last 10 days, please delay your visit to a later time.
*Attendees who are exempt from COVID-19 vaccinations due to medical reasons as specified by the CDC, or those who are unvaccinated due to religious beliefs will be required to take a COVID test within 48 hours before entering the building and must present their negative results at the door.


In 2019, in memory of our late, dear and talented friend, Richard Pacheco, who left us too soon, Theatre One created the first Richard Pacheco Playwrighting Award for the winning playwright of “The Slice of Life New Works Festival,” voted on by the audience. As Theatre One is finally reopening Sept 17 with the "Slice of Life New Works Festival," we are for the safety of all, following Covid Safety Guidelines, as we are performing inside at the Alley Theatre. Richard himself was an Award- Winning Playwright. He was also a stage actor, a proud member of SAG/AFTRA, a director, an Art Teacher in the New Bedford School System and a Theatre Critic, for the Standard Times. The audiences attending this September’s "Slice of Life," will vote for the second recipient of the Richard Pacheco Playwriting Award, which will be presented to the winning playwright, following Sunday, September 19, 2pm performance.
The dates and times for "A Slice of Life New Works Festival,: are Sept 17,18 at 7:30pm and Sunday the 19, at 2pm . We are, for the safety of all, requiring patrons to present proof prior to entering the theatre, of being vaccinated, or tested as all of our cast and crew have been vaccinated and this request is for the protection of all so we can all safely, support and enjoy these 10 new, 10 minute plays. Richard would want that. All Tix are $20, Cash Only, at the door. Doors open 1/2 hour prior to show. [email protected] Remember there is No Theatre without Playwrights.

Photos from Theatre One Productions, Inc's post 08/12/2021

Here are the 6 talented Actors performing in Theatre One's 2020's Slice of Life Festival that was postponed 3 times because of Covid but in 2021, these 6 actors Jane Cartier, Craig Whitford, Susan Salvesan, Jeff Levesque, Bob Gillet and Linda Merrit will bring the work of Ten Talented Playwrights to life on stage, at the Alley Theatre, Sept 17,18 at 7:30pm and Sunday Sept 19 at 2pm, Directed by Omer Courcy, Frank Piekut and Peg Holzemer. For the safety of all, Cast and crew of Theatre One have all been vaccinated for Covid, we expect the same of our patrons All tix $20 Cash ONLY at the door. [email protected]
Come join the fun with Theatre One and remember there is no theatre with out Playwrights!


With the support of the Middleboro and Lakeville Arts Councils and Lorna Brunelle of the Alley Theatre, the work of these talented playwright's work scheduled for 2020 will go on Sept 17,18, at 7:30PM & Sunday the19, at 2PM, at The Alley Theatre in 2021 in Middleboro. For the safety of all, Cast and crew of Theatre One have all been vaccinated for Covid, we expect the same of our patrons. Thank you. All tix $20 Cash ONLY at the door.
[email protected]
Come join the fun with Here are the list of playwrights and their plays which will be read at the Theatre One's "Slice of Life New Works. CLOSING DOORS by John Minigan. THE LIST by Jonathan Markella. LOCKER ROOM TALK by John J. King. CHOICES by James McLindon. THE WAITER by Margie Semilof. FRANK AND RACHEL by Nancy Temple. THE LIAC TICKET by C.J. Ehrlich. OF MUPPETS AND VAMPIRES by Bill Jenkins. LET'S PLAY CLUE by Debbie Wiess. HEAVEN TO BETSY by Steven Bruce Myerson. Please come, support and encourage, these talented playwrights. There is no theatre, without Playwrights.


Theatre One's New Works is still on course, September 17,18 and 19 'inside' at the Alley Theatre in Middleboro! A big thank you to Middleboro Cultural Council, Lakeville Arts Council and the Mass Arts council for standing behind us, your financial support is a blessing. And Lorna Brunelle, Producing/Artistic Director of the Alley Theatre, for your support. Thank you so much. Hello everyone we are back and here are updates on schedule for the "Slice of Life New Works Festival, " previously postponed from April 2020 to October 2020 to March 2021, NOW THIS Sept 17,18 doors opening at 7pm-performance @ 7:30 and Sunday Sept 19 with doors opening at 1:30pm- performance @2PM Middleboro.
Just a note. All our cast and crew have received the covid vaccine and we expect the same of our patrons as patrons, prior to entrance to the theatre, will be requested to show proof that they too, have been vaccinated
The New 10 Minute Plays are written by MA and RI Playwrights, read and performed by 6 of our talented actors, Craig Whitford Linda Merritt, Jeff Levesque, Susan Salvesan, Bob Gillet, Jane Cartier and .Narrator and Emcee Omer Courcy. Thank you again Middleboro Cultural Council, Lakeville Arts Council, and Lorna Brunelle, Producing/Artistic Director of the Alley Theatre, for your support.
Peg Holzemer, Artistic Director Theatre One Productions.


Theatre One Productions would like to thank Carol Daiker Howe, for her generous donation, in memory of the late Roger Clark. Roger was a very talented Artist, Actor and friend. who appeared many times with our company. Roger on the right, is pictured here in TOP's production of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE, performing one of his favorite roles, Morrie Schwartz, a Brandeis Sociology Professor, enjoying a visit with one of his former students, played by Omer Courcy. Roger was "One of a Kind."

Our Story

Info as well on upcoming productions.

Theatre One Productions was created in 1982 in Middleboro and became a non profit Theatre Company in 1984. We performed 13 shows a season, as we had our own space, 7 of which were from our Children’s Theatre Workshop. We lost our space in 1988 and we went on the road in Lakeville and Plymouth producing Dinner Theatre, but after a while this developed into a enormous physical and financial drain on the company so we took a break. We came back in 2006 and now Theatre One offers 3 productions a year, along with a Fund Raiser and works out of the Alley Theatre directly behind the Burtwood School of Performing Arts, 133 Center Street Middleboro Ma. FREE parking at the Middleboro Town Hall parking lot. We hold auditions when needed. Season runs January to April, this year to March. Gen note, we DO NOT TAKE reservation UNLESS you have more than 4 in your party. If you have more than 4 in your party you may email [email protected], message us on Facebook or call 1-774-213-5193. Our evening productions start at 7:30pm on Friday and Saturdays. Sundays 2pm, with doors opening 1/2 hour prior to show . All tickets sold at our productions are CASH ONLY at the door $18 for Seniors and students. Gen $20. New Works Festival ALL TICKETS $15.

On Friday January 22,2021 we reopen our season that was put on hold because of the Virus, with Steven Dietz’s Comedy of Suspicion, PRIVATE EYES, in which nothing is ever quite what it seems.. . The audience itself plays the role of detective in this hilarious “relationship thriller” about love, lust and the power of deception. “It’s a play within a play within a play within a play within a psychiatrist’s office- a Chinese box full of tricks and surprises.” The Chicago Tribune.

On Saturday, March 13,2021 from 11am to 3pm, we will be holding our annual Psychic Faire Fundraiser, postponed from Oct 2020, at The Mitchell Memorial Club 29 Elm St Middleboro. $20 for 15 min readings with a $2 cover charge, cash only at the door. Featuring the most talented Tarot and Palm Readers, Astrologists and Mediums on the South Coast and the Cape, to help us raise funds to support our season.


Full productions and New Works


Middleboro, MA

General information

Theatre One is bringing back its “Slice of Life” series at the New Alley Theatre 133 Centre St. in Middleboro, Ma.
The goal of Theatre One is for new plays to be heard and playwrights encouraged. The theme is “Dealing with the challenges of our times.” Comedies or Dramas…no Musicals. Only one submission per playwright. No hard copies please. Information & scripts must be submitted on PDF format or word doc. Font size 12 and exactly 10 minutes in length and no more than 4 characters. E-mail to [email protected] c/o Peg Holzemer, Artistic Director. Playwrights are welcomed to attend & participate in conversation with the audience following the readings

Opening Hours

Monday 3pm - 7pm
Tuesday 3pm - 7pm
Thursday 3pm - 7pm

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