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Food-A-Holick is a weekly Facebook Live broadcast and so much more. The show is hosted by Tim Holick, owner of Wood Palace Kitchens in Middleboro, MA and Aimee Logan, Showroom Coordinator at Wood Palace.

The show is all about food, recipes, and fun. See us via Facebook Live each Thursday at Noon.

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Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...Nice to have some early Spring weather in February. The other day, friends of ours made some homemade Egg Rolls and Chicken Chow Mein and it was delicious. Have you ever attempted making your own Egg Rolls and Chow Mein? Let us know how you make your favorite homemade Egg Rolls and Chicken Chow Mein.

Thank you -

Photo Credit - Bishop Tamrakar - Pexels


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...Snow, rain, sunshine, we get it all in the Winter don't we. Stay warm and eat well. You have cooked an amazing Pot Roast, or Roasted Chicken, or maybe a delicious Pork Roast, and it was a wonderful meal. Now you have leftovers. What do you do with these leftovers for another meal. Give us some ideas of how you prepare another fabulous meal out of the leftovers you have. Thank you!


Happy Thursday Food A Holicks...Winter is spitting some snow at us...UGH! There are so many ways to enjoy potatoes. You can bake them, mash them, whip them (yuk...LOL), roast them, and there are good old french fries, and if want to get real fancy, Scalloped potatoes. Let us know what is your favorite way to prepare potatoes.

Photo Credit - Alexy Almond


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...we are starting to dry out a bit...phew! Hey, what do you folks think about having a nice easy dinner of salad, pizza and yes, maybe even an ice cold beer? Sounds wonderful doesn't it....mmmmmmm. Let us know your thoughts on that or any other quick, easy dinner that is delicious!


Happy Thursday Food A Holicks...We certainly had a couple of cold days Brrrrrrrr!! When the weather gets that cold we tend to eat heartier meals. They make us feel good and warm us up. What do you like to make on these cold, cold days? I know soup and maybe a hot Mac & Cheese are amazing on cold days. Let us know the meals you love when the bitter weather comes in January.


Welcome to the New Year Food A Holicks...We hope that you had a wonderful New Year's Celebration. So we are now in the year 2022. Many of us probably indulged in holiday eating as we usually do. Okay, so let's get back to reality and keep ourselves "in check". Instead of making New Year's Resolutions, try setting "goals" for the new year. That can include your eating lifestyle as well. Set some nutrition goals in order to continue your best eating lifestyle all year round. Try not to torture yourself, but be attentive to your eating habits. ENJOY 2022!


Happy New Year Food A Holicks...For many of our friends, it has been a tough couple of years. Even through the tough times, we need to stay positive and welcome in the New Year with loads of hope! Be grateful for all you do have and for the good times that you are able to have. We are blessed to have you in our group of friends and we hope to bring you new and exciting posts and videos in 2022. Thank you for all your support!!

Photo Credit - Jeshoots


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...Well, the end of 2021 has arrived. For many it has been a very difficult time, for others, they have reasons to celebrate. With only three days left to reflect on the year and it is also a time to be grateful for what you do have and have accomplished. Even through difficult times, it is important to be thankful for what we have. Let us know something you are thankful for and one thing you would like to accomplish in 2022. Happy New Year Friends!


Merry Christmas to all of our friends of Food A Holick! We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday. Thank you for your support all through this year!


Happy Thursday Food A Holicks...Hmmm, warming up a bit. Okay, we are only 9 days from Christmas and most of us have certain traditions for the holidays. For those of you that have listened to our radio show during the holidays in the past, we often talked about the traditions of different cultures. What are some of the cultural traditions that you have practiced in your lifetime? Let us know what special cultural tradition you have for Christmas food.

Photo Credit - Nicole Michalou


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...We are inching closer to Christmas and New Year's Day. Let's chat about some fun Christmas foods, yeah, Christmas Cookies. I mean, who doesn't love a delicious Christmas cookie....mmmmmmmmm. Tell us about your favorite Christmas cookies, or tell us if you make your own cookies for the holiday season.

Photo Credit - Jill Wellington


Happy Thursday Food A Holicks...just because we want to make sure everyone knows whats going on, we are going to let you in on a secret. Christmas is on its way! Okay, now you know...Christmas is just around the corner! So, what are you planning for Christmas food this year? Let us know how you plan on setting up for your Christmas foods. If you make delicious baked goods, send some our way, we love goodies....LOL!!!


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...we are officially heading into the holiday season. Over the years we have seen a difference in holiday shopping. There is not the same "hustle & bustle" of mall shopping as there used to be. And, of course, after a heavy day or evening of shopping, grabbing a bite to eat was always part of the experience. Where do you go to eat after your trips to the stores buying for friends and loved ones? Some folks just grabbed some food and headed home, some loved to sit and wanted to be waited on as they reflected on their day of shopping. Let us know your preferred Christmas Shopping eating experiences.

Photo Credit = Piotr-Szulawski


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...Thanksgiving has moved on, we have eaten the left-overs or we are just tired of them. Now we are moving into the Christmas/New Year holiday season, and of course, that means more eating! How do you find that happy medium where you can enjoy all the great food but not go overboard? Let's face it, tis the season of overeating so we have to find that balance of eating what all we want, but not gaining ridiculous weight. Tell us your secret, if you have one :)


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...what a beautiful Fall day! Because we have the gift of being obvious, we thought we would share that next Thursday is Thanksgiving! "Really" you say...hahaha. Yeah, it is that time again. Even though we know many folks have had a tough couple of years, if we search in our hearts, we realize that we do have so much to be grateful for. Try to put life aside for a day or two and be thankful. Okay, now, what are you doing this year for Thanksgiving? Let us know!

Phot Credit - Claudio Schwarz


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...a beautiful Fall day. We all have witnessed while watching TV, the annoying commercials...when they come on we go "UGH, another freaking commercial". But, there have been certain commercials that have stuck in our heads. Tell us your all time favorite TV commercial about FOOD. What commercial has stuck with you over the years regarding food; fast food places, gadget or gimmicks (pots/pans, knives, shredders, slicer/dicers) food items, or maybe even kitchen equipment (stoves, refrigerators, mixers, crockpots). Let us know, maybe it was a catch phrase or jingle that you remember best!


Happy Thursday Food A Holicks...Brisk, cool, Fall Day! I think back to the days I watched my mother canning her vegetables. My grandparents had a huge garden and they wanted to save some of their vegetables throughout the winter so my grandmother canned her veggies in the Fall. It seems that folks don't can their fresh vegetables as much as they used to. Do you still do your own canning? Let us know if you or you know someone that still does canning.

Photo Credit - Alina Kuptsova


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Archive Show 2016 - Welterweight Champ Tony DeMarco Pt. 2 10/12/2021

Archive Show 2016 - Welterweight Champ Tony DeMarco Pt. 2

Good Morning Food A Holick Friends...Today is a very sad day for me and many folks that knew my friend, The Legendary Tony Demarco. Tony passed away yesterday at the age of 89 years old. My heart sank when I heard the news as I knew I had just lost a great friend. Tony was the Welterweight Champion of the World in 1955 and remained a champion to the people in the North End of Boston. Below are the links to our 2 part interview we had with Tony in 2016. Enjoy the words of a true champion, a great man, and my close friend.

Thank you - Tim Holick - Pt 1 - Pt 2

Archive Show 2016 - Welterweight Champ Tony DeMarco Pt. 2 We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of having one of very best guests on Food A Holicks, former Welterweight Champion, Tony DeMarco. "The Flame and Fury of Fleet Street", Tony hails from the North End of Boston and lived quite a life through boxing and even after boxing. As promised, here is the....


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...Fall has certainly arrived, enjoy! Way back when, you know, when we were very young, we witnessed grocery deliveries to our parents or grandparents house. Well, we are witnessing it again. There are many grocery delivery services that have become a way of life for many folks. Let us know your thoughts on having some or all of your groceries delivered to your house. Is it worth it to you?

Photo Credit - Rodnae Productions


Happy Thursday Food A is a beautiful Fall day! We are having nice weather for driving around and seeing the colors busting out. Now, you get hungry, and it is time to grab a bite to eat. But where do you stop? It can be hit or miss as to whether you will like a strange place to eat. Have you ever just saw a restaurant and popped in to eat? Were you surprised at either how great it was, or how lousy it was? Let us know how that worked out.

Nominations Open: Best Brewery In Massachusetts! 09/23/2021

Nominations Open: Best Brewery In Massachusetts!

This is a fun contest to help support local breweries. Obviously, Food A Holick throws it's support to Berkley Beer Co. in Taunton.

Thank you!

Nominations Open: Best Brewery In Massachusetts!


Happy Tuesday Food A Holicks...A beautiful day for us! To be true Food A Holicks, we obviously love food, we love to eat, and most of us are willing to try different foods....or do we? We have our constant "go to" foods that we eat often. But, like most of the things we do in life, we like to try new things as well. So, tell us about a food that you tried, and really wished you hadn't. This should be good 😊

Photo Credit - Marzena P

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The show is hosted by Tim Holick, owner of Wood Palace Kitchens in Middleboro, MA and Aimee Logan, Showroom Coordinator at Wood Palace. The show is all about food, recipes, and fun. Listen in at 11 am on Fridays.

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