Merrill Artisans Showcase

Merrill Artisans Showcase


Portion of a mural I did a few years ago for Merrill's School forest. 48" x 72" acrylic on hardboard. Do you recognize these people?
I’m now busy making new wall hangings and jewelry for the artisan showcase. Keep watching the site

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The Artisan Showcase no longer exists!


The only thing to add is that the Artisan Showcase has reached the end of its run. We regret that we are unable to continue the Showcase!


I have posted at least six times that Artisan Showcase has reached the end of the road. Thank you for your interest, but we are unable to continue the Showcase.

Helene Ader


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Artisan Showcase is not scheduled to continue. Thank you for your interest and past support!


Due to circumstances beyond our control the Artisan Showcase, that was sponsored by the Board of Directors of Bell Tower, will not occur in the near future. We thank the artisans who participated over the years and we appreciate the community support the Showcase generated. Thank you!

The Committee


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the
Artisan Showcase will not reoccur anytime in the near future. The committee regrets that this announcement is necessary and appreciates past involvement by artisans and
support from the community.


We have not been posting because our future is uncertain. The site of our show is Assisi Hall in Bell Tower Residence and Covid concerns have put restrictions on use of the Hall.


We are uncertain of our future because of Covid 19. When there is more definite news of an upcoming date for the “Showcase”, the committee will post the information. Since the site of the show is in Assisi Hall, which is in Bell Tower Residence, we are bound by concern for the residents of Bell Tower.


We hope to resume the Showcase once there are no Covid issues.


Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, the Merrill Artisans Showcase will not take place in 2021. We wish you all well. Stay safe.


Showcase organizers Peggy Jackelen, Helene Ader, and Jamie Kalvestran would like to thank everyone who attended this years event. We were fortunate to have a fabulous line up of Artisans and for those of you who made purchases from them, we thank you. To all of our volunteers and those who made special donations we couldn't do it without you. Many thanks!!!


We just can't resist showing you this photo of Walter Allen with one of his woodcarvings. One of the many highlights of this years show.


It’s time to hop in your vehicle and come on down. Doors will be open when you get here!


Opening at noon! It’s going to be an amazing show! We hope you’ll join us!!!


Artist Jamie Kalvestran draws inspiration from people, animals and nature. She works as a painter and mixed media artist at Engelwood Studio north of Tomahawk.

Jamie likes art methods that involve the unexpected, using lots of layering of paints or paints and papers work just fine for her.

We hope you'll join us and have a look at her work first hand. Jamie will also be making a donation to the raffle and you could win!


Artist Louise Schotz works out of her Outback Studio in Irma, Wisconsin.

Louise told us, "I have chosen many media in which to work and really enjoy mixing media and techniques to create new pieces. I love to make things. Once a piece is made, there are always more ideas generated. It never ends.

I like to use any subject that allows me to develop a new piece as I create. I like it best when the answer to “What’s it going to be?” Comes at the last moment.

Many times I start a piece of jewelry with a piece of metal that has been discarded, such as a discarded piece of copper pipe. I grind, hammer, torch and fold until I like what I see. Then I decide what kind of jewelry it will be.

Having my studio to work in constantly gives me joy. It’s a place to make new things and to interact with other artisans."

Louise is contributing a piece of artwork for the raffle and you could win!!!


Suzi Janowiak of Pretty Good Jewelry creates handcrafted bead jewelry.

We asked her, "Why did you choose this medium and what led you to become and artist?"
Beads have been around since ancient times. To this day there are constant innovations in this medium.

I saw a magazine on making beaded jewelry many years ago and was instantly inspired to start creating.

Her inspiration comes from Nature, mindfulness, and different art genres such as Art Deco and Mid Century Modern.

Suzi used the highest quality materials and one of a kind finds in order to make jewelry that is wearable, durable, and makes people happy.

Suzi will be contributing a piece to our raffle and we hope you'll stop by to see her work and maybe win a piece.


Merrill's Artisan Showcase 2020

Please join us on Saturday Feb 8th here are many of the exhibiting artists for the 2020 event!

Participating artists include:
Jack Ader, Walter Allen, Ginni Cormack, Shirley Gajewski, Robbin Harder, Brittany Haugen, Lindy Heynes, Suzi Janowiak, Ann Jaroski, Jamie Kalvestran, Sandy Lussenhop, Jonathan Malm, Greg Nimmer, Matt Philleo, Pattie Salter, Louise Schotz, Marcy Wiltgen, Denise Anton Wright.


Denise's business is "Salve Regina Tchotchkes" and she makes hand-crafted jewelry using everyday objects such as dominoes, postage stamps, recycled beads, vintage keys, and charms.

Here's what Denise shared with us . . .

"Ever since I was a child, I've been drawn to how things feel in my hands. I love shiny, smooth surfaces and the variety of textures that beads, leather, and wire possess. Creating jewelry and "tchotchkes" just seemed like a natural thing for me to pursue.

I derive a lot of my inspiration from my childhood, pop culture, and my Catholic faith.

Because I love celebrating everyday objects in my jewelry, my source materials are often dominoes, leather, pearls, vintage keys, postage stamps, charms, and religious items. Lately I've been obsessed with creating my own pendants / earrings from dominoes. The images that I use are actual postage stamps or images that entertain / inspire me. I use a very high quality resin for the final smooth coating of the dominoes and often "bling" them out with Swarovski crystals."

Denise is contributing a piece to the raffle, you don't want to miss it. :-)


Marcy Wiltgen of Merrill, Wisconsin creates photo cards from photographs she takes.

She told us, "I enjoy taking photos and see things from a different angle at times. It's fun to see what I capture." And she is inspired by seeing things from a different perspective than others may.

Marcy says, "Each photo I take reminds me of where I've been with out having to take the typical vacation photos no one looks at again."

Marcy will be contribution to the raffle and we hope you'll come by and have a look!


ARTwood is a collaboration of Jonathan Malm from WOODsconsin and Jamie Kalvestran from Engelwood Studio. Vintage reclaimed wood and metal is integrated with flora and fauna art to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

We asked why did you choose this medium? Jon replied, "We felt the varied characteristics of the vintage wood and metal would be a spectacular base on which to illustrate common and popular subjects from flowers to fish!"

Jon also shared that he became an artist primarily because of his Mom who taught art and music at Holy Cross High School. Jamie remembers art projects as far back as kindergarten!

Regarding the creative process used -

Jon: " My wood and metal is salvaged from vintage structures like century of warehouses, factories and barns. The materials are very difficult to manipulate because it's often twisted, bent and aged. I try to design build pieces that retain authenticity and are functional or super aesthetic and unique."

Jamie: "I let the wood and metal dictate the art that is applied to it. Our process allows the texture of the wood to come through and meld with the art."

Jon also told us, "Best thing that ever happened to me was the financial collapse in 2008. It launched me from a money-driven career in the city to a satisfying, challenging and enjoyment-driven life in the country."

ARTwood will be contributing a piece to the raffle!


We are excited to introduce Walter Allen Carvings!

Walt lives in the country side outside of Merrill Wisconsin and has a long history of wood working (about 10 years) and enjoys carving burls.

We hope you'll take this opportunity to stop by and see his work!


We are happy to say that Fine Art by Matt Philleo will again exhibit at the showcase: Realistic acrylic inspirational portraits and pencil drawings.

We love Matt's story, here's a few things he shared with us.

"My mom encouraged me to draw at a young age and my art teachers did as well. It was my dream to be a full-time artist as a child and, by God's grace, I'm living that dream today."

"I am inspired first by my faith in Jesus Christ: to create art that not only glorifies Him, but beautifies the world, encourages others, and helps provide a living for me and my family. I love painting people. I love to capture people authentically relating in love to their God and to each other."

"The first thing I like to do before sitting down to paint is to pray. I ask God to guide my brushstrokes so that I can paint a portrait the encourages the person who sees it. I like to use references to capture realism in my paintings. Either my client or I will take photos of the subject to provide images that I can paint from. Starting with a sketch as the foundation, I build on top of that with many faint layers of acrylic paint mixed into clear glazing medium. The painting comes to life just like those old Polaroid photo prints did. It starts out light and faded, but slowly transitions into a detailed, colorful image."

"I am thankful that I can paint full time for a living. It wasn't always easy, and there were many times my wife and I would pray just for rent money. But God always provided. Now He provided us a beautiful home of our own in the country and a separate studio building. God is the Master Creator and Artist, so He takes good care of us artists when we look to Him!"

Matthew will be contributing a piece to the raffle!


Greg Nimmer of Nimmer Swimmers Musky Luers is back again this year. Greg has been carving basswood musky luers for 30+ years. He will be donating one to our raffle. If you are a fisherman you might not want to miss this. So save the date on your calendar.


Meet Patty Salter from PS Designs out of Monticello, Wisconsin.

Jewelry with a Bohemian flair.

"I work with copper, brass and silver to combine elements of nature, fiber and images of days gone by to create unique jewelry.

My techniques include wire wrap, cold connections and a variety of metal work and patinas.

My creative nature and love of jewelry. It brings me great joy to make people happy through my art.

Inspiration? Mostly nature although I sometimes come across a different technique that I have to try. It's fun to see where it takes me."

Patty is contribution to the raffle!


We'd like to introduce RDH wirework artisan jewelry - primarily wire woven stone pendants, by Robbin Harder from Merrill, Wisconsin.

Robbin told us a bit about her creative process: "I use primarily copper and sterling wire, but also use silver-filled, silver-plated, and enameled copper. Many of my pendants feature stone cabochons while others showcase artisan lampwork glass. Many of the stones we cut and polish ourselves.

My process begins by selecting the stone and choosing what wire will complement or contrast for the best effect. Then I choose a weave to be predominate or decide to freeform coils and curves. Some of my pieces are quite structured with a simple woven bezel and others are more organic."

"Many of the stones I work with are local to the region such as Wisconsin Jade, Lake Superior Agate, Kona Dolomite, and Petoskey Stone. We purchase, barter, or self-collect rough stones and choose how to cut and polish cabochons from the rough. I also purchase already completed cabochons if they catch my eye."

Robin is contribution a piece of her jewelry to the raffle!


We are happy to have Ginni's Ceramic Art returning to the showcase. Ginni comes all the way from Rochester, Minnesota!

Ginni says, "I have been an artist my whole life and have been creating art in several forms, currently concentrating on ceramic art."

Nature, faith, family, & hope inspires her.

Ginni will be contributing a work of art to the raffle!


We are excited to welcome Studio 1989 Designs to the Artisan Showcase!

Brittany Haugen of Wausau Wisconsin is the designer behind Studio 1989 Designs, specializing in baby items such as sensory blocks, wooden teethers, bandana bibs, burp cloths, quilts and blankets.

Brittany told us, "Both of my parents are very artistically talented. My dad is proficient in digital design while my mom is crafty with her quilting, crocheting, knitting and so on. I've always loved the arts and creating something out of nothing. In college I studied interior design where I found my love of color theory and conceptual development. My mom has helped me harness these talents into a baby accessory line focusing on sensory development."

"I carefully choose each material based on the sensory qualities and benefits it has for children. Our natural wood teethers, for example, feature an all natural wooden teething ring with soft, absorbent cloth bunny ears."

Her inspiration is her 2 boys (ages 2 and 4 months) along with current trends in sensory development."

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Brittany to the Artisan Showcase.


We are always happy to have Sandy Lussenhop of Bags Plus join us at the showcase. Sandy creates bags and purses using upholstery fabric, recycled blue jeans and wool. Also men's belts for handles. The "Plus" is alcohol Ink jewelry and charm bracelets.

Sandy loves designing and working with repurposed materials. Including, various metals and charms and her stash of unused sock yarn. :-)

Sandy is contributing to the raffle and we can't wait to see what she brings!


Nature Collages by Shirley Gajewski!

Shirley has been working with natural materials for about 10 years. She chose to work with birch bark and other natural materials such as wasp hive paper, milkweed seeds etc because she lives in the woods and is fascinated with the colors, textures and patterns found in nature.

When asked about her inspiration she listed, American Quilt patterns, Charley Harper and Birds in Art -Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum"

Also notable - Shirley asked us to share: "I do 'Art for Charity'. If someone purchases a piece, I ask them to write the check to a local charity. The total amount is donated".

And yes Shirley is donating a piece to our raffle. Thank you Shirley!


Ann Jaroski Pottery will be returning to the showcase! Ann has been practicing her craft for 30 years!

Ann told us. " I love using my hands to sculpt and manipulate clay. It's very responsive." She comes from a very large artistic family and says, "Doing art is a regular part of our life".

Ann uses a stoneware clay that is strong and sturdy for functional wares.

Ann will be contributing a piece to our raffle!


Merrill Artisans Showcase's cover photo


Always happy to see the smiling face of Jack Ader at our showcase. Jack has been carving wood for 18 years!

Here's some insider info from Jack:
re: the materials . . . "Basswood, butternut wood, oil paints and knives. The quality of the knife is very important. It MUST be sharp!"

"I know that when I'm finished that the piece is the only one like it in the world!"

Jack will be contributing a piece of his work to our raffle. Thank you Jack! 11/15/2019


We have room for a couple of artists for the Artisan Showcase on Saturday February 8th, 2020. If interested please fill out the online form below and send us your submission. All the details are on the form but if you have questions please feel free to ask. Thanks! Please click the link to complete this form.


Artisans from 2019

Here is a look at last years artisans. We are looking forward to seeing what's new in 2020!


We are starting preparations for the Artisan Showcase and are looking forward to a grand event!


Save the date! Saturday, February 8, 2020

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Merrill Artisans Showcase

The Showcase, a fund raiser for Bell Tower Residence, is a chance for talented artists to share their art with the community in beautiful Assisi Hall.

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