Louis C Ciliberti, CFP, CLU, Chfc

Louis C Ciliberti, CFP, CLU, Chfc

Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. What are your dreams and goals for retirement? I can help you achieve them with our exclusive Confident Retirement® approach.

It all starts with a personalized conversation, where we'll discuss retirement needs - covering essentials, ensuring lifestyle, preparing for the unexpected, and leaving a legacy. By breaking retirement down into doable steps, we can help take the uncertainty out of planning for your financial future. Take a few minutes now for a quick confidence check. Your responses can help jumpstart our conver

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Thank you to all those who serve in our military. Your sacrifice for our country does not go unnoticed.

ameriprise.com 05/22/2017

When to begin collecting Social Security

Deciding when to take Social Security can be challenging. We can help look at the variables before applying for benefits.

ameriprise.com Determining your income needs, life expectancy and whether you will continue to work in retirement are just a few of the considerations in deciding when to take benefits.

cnbc.com 05/18/2017

No one should be too worried about the stock market slide, analysts say

Keep your long-term strategy in mind before making portfolio changes. Read more about today’s market news.

cnbc.com Technical analysts expect a shallow pullback at best, even if stocks dropped on worries about whether the Trump could implement on pro-growth proposals.

ameriprise.com 04/17/2017

The 401(k) balancing act

IRAs may provide additional options for your portfolio compared to an employer-sponsored retirement plans. Here are some ideas to consider.

ameriprise.com There are benefits and drawbacks to both IRAs and 401(k)s.

[04/14/17]   Easter weekend is a wonderful time to take a break and reflect with family. Happy Easter!

time.com 04/13/2017

Not Getting a Big Tax Refund? You’re Actually Doing It Right

A tax refund shouldn’t be perceived as a bonus. Here’s what you should remember.

time.com Don't be seduced by a government check.

newsroom.ameriprise.com 04/06/2017

A Strong First Quarter Ends on an Uncertain Note

As we start the second quarter, here’s what you should know about potential policy impacts and the strength of the economy.

newsroom.ameriprise.com Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy reflects on equity performance for the first quarter and highlights what to watch for in the beginning of the second quarter.

ameriprise.com 03/25/2017

Corporate and economic trends in the U.S. continue to show signs of acceleration

Can the market keep up the pace? Learn more about the state of the market and call me before making changes to your portfolio.

ameriprise.com Ameriprise Global Market Strategist Anthony Saglimbene shares how Washington is impacting the markets.

articles-at-directdesign.com 03/24/2017

How corporate tax reform could impact you

Corporate tax rates can impact the value of companies in which you are a shareholder. Here’s how these rates might affect your portfolio.

articles-at-directdesign.com Ameriprise Senior Economist Russell Price shares how corporate tax reform can impact your finances.

ameriprise.com 03/21/2017

Family finances – How to talk about money

Insights and conversation starters from our recent Family Wealth Checkup study may help improve your family’s communication about finances.

ameriprise.com Find out where most families excel (and where they fall short) when it comes to talking about money.

cbsnews.com 03/13/2017

4 keys for negotiating a better college aid offer

Did you know you might be able to negotiate college tuition aid? Here are some tips.

cbsnews.com You should know you have room to improve a school's financial aid offer -- here's how you can make that happen.


Selling your home? Here's the golden window for listing

Selling your home can be exciting. Let’s discuss how it might impact your finances before you list.

New research finds that listing your home during this two-week period can boost the final sale price.

newsroom.ameriprise.com 03/03/2017

Waiting for Clarity on Taxes and the Fed

Tax policy changes and interest rates will be watched in the coming weeks by many investors. Here’s what you should know.

newsroom.ameriprise.com Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy shares his perspective on what the markets might react to in the coming weeks.

articles-at-directdesign.com 03/02/2017

How rising interest rates impact your portfolio

Interest rates are increasingly in the news. Here is what you should know.

articles-at-directdesign.com Brian Erickson, Vice President of Fixed Income Research and Strategy at Ameriprise Financial shares his thoughts on the impact of interest rates.

ameriprise.com 03/01/2017

Last-minute tax moves

Last-minute tax strategies may help you boost retirement savings and reduce your tax bill.

ameriprise.com Some tax efficient retirement plans can help you save more while reducing your 2016 tax bill, if you act before April 18, 2017. Here’s what you should know.

articles-at-directdesign.com 02/28/2017

Political trends and the market outlook

Navigating global change will be important in 2017. Here’s what you should know about the year to come.

articles-at-directdesign.com Ameriprise Chief Investment Strategist David Joy shares his thoughts on the year ahead with a changing global landscape.


Mindfulness and investing

Watch how mindfulness may help you improve your decision-making skills, through practicing gratitude and striking a financial balance.

ameriprise.com 02/23/2017

Financial considerations when making a job transition

Starting a new job can open new opportunities for your career and your financial situation. Here are some things to consider.

ameriprise.com Use a new job as a chance to consider new benefits, evaluate old accounts and set new goals.


Getting the biggest bang for your college buck

College costs aren’t the only thing you should talk to your kids about. They should also consider their degree versus expected pay after graduation.

Figuring out if a particular degree from a particular school is worth the expense is a big key to staying in your budget

ameriprise.com 02/21/2017

IRA limits and eligibility and deadlines

IRA contribution limits remain the same this year – there is still time to max out your 2016 limit.

ameriprise.com Contribution limits and withdrawals are age dependent, so it’s important to understand what works for your situation. Read more here.

[02/15/17]   Setting goals is an important first step in setting your financial strategy. What are your biggest financial goals?

cbsnews.com 02/13/2017

The housing market could cool off a bit this year

With home buying season just around the corner, here are some ideas to understand about the housing market this year.

cbsnews.com Home prices will still rise, but at a slower pace, and local markets will show a wider diversity of strength or...

marketwatch.com 02/11/2017

19 top travel tips and destinations for 2017

With the dollar rising, traveling might be easier on your budget in 2017. Here are some destinations to consider.

marketwatch.com Advice from travel experts on how to save money and the best places to go this year.

cbsnews.com 02/10/2017

The rising cost of college loans for retirees

College debt isn’t just affecting students. Let’s discuss how tuition expenses fit into your family’s financial strategy.

cbsnews.com College loan garnishments are cutting into Social Security payments for an alarming number of older Americans.

ameriprise.com 02/09/2017

How’s the U.S. Economy Really Doing?

Job creation exceeded expectations in January, but average hourly wages declined. Here’s what you should know about the U.S. economy.

ameriprise.com Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy explains some key economic indicators.

ameriprise.com 01/31/2017

Don’t miss these tax deductions and credits

Ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of tax deductions and credits? Here are some ideas.

ameriprise.com Don’t overpay your taxes by missing out on deductions or credits.

[01/30/17]   Did you know Social Security started paying ongoing monthly benefits in January 1940? The Social Security Act was signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 14, 1935. I can help you understand what age makes the most sense to apply for benefits.

articles-at-directdesign.com 01/27/2017

Forecasting the Trump economy

A new administration in our nation’s capital has many of you wondering what this means for the economy. Here’s what you should know.

articles-at-directdesign.com Ameriprise Financial Senior Economist Russell Price shares his outlook on the economy under President Trump.

ameriprise.com 01/26/2017

Generational (money) gaps

Each generation faces different money challenges. What kinds of financial differences has your family seen?

ameriprise.com Learn more about the unique financial challenges different generations of your family face and actions to consider.

ameriprise.com 01/21/2017

Tax statement mailing dates

Tax filing season is upon us. Here’s when to expect your tax statements from Ameriprise.

ameriprise.com Ameriprise tax statement mailing dates vary based on accounts and investments.

cnbc.com 01/20/2017

What makes workers happy? It's not the paycheck

Some people don’t find work-life balance as important as salary. How do you advance your career and find work-life balance?

cnbc.com As pay increases, the value employees place on time with their family and friends becomes less and less important, according to a Glassdoor.


Be Brilliant | Ameriprise Financial Commercial | “Alumni Day”

When it comes to planning for college, we’re here to help. See how one family approached planning for college.

Touring college campuses? It’s easier to look forward to your child’s college experience when you’re confident about your financial plans for their future. The...

youtube.com 01/18/2017

Be Brilliant | Ameriprise Financial Commercial | “Meet Chris”

See how one couple chose to spend their retirement giving back. Whatever your retirement goals are, we’re here to help.

youtube.com Retirement doesn’t always mean stepping back or slowing down. For some, it means giving back. See how working with the right advisor early on in life can help...

marketwatch.com 01/17/2017

This is the shocking amount it will cost you to raise your child

Raising a child is expensive. How do you plan to help future generations in your family?

marketwatch.com The high cost of bringing up kids in America.

ameriprise.com 01/16/2017

2017 financial to-dos

Planning your expenses at the beginning of the new year can help increase the likelihood of meeting your goals.

ameriprise.com Looking ahead at coming year’s expenses can help you and your family prioritize what’s important and plan for unexpected bumps in the road.



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