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Last month, the Nassau County Bar Association recognized the pro bono work of its members. Pro bono work generally refers to work performed by attorneys at no charge for low income clients. The firm is proud that partner Matt Weinick was one of the lawyers recognized for his commitment to pro bono programs. Matt regularly participates in the Bar Association's pro bono open house and, since the start of the pandemic, has volunteered with the association's COVID-19 task force, providing free legal consultations for workers with pandemic related employment issues.

Last month, the Nassau County Bar Association recognized the pro bono work of its members. Pro bono work generally refers to work performed by attorneys at no charge for low income clients. The firm is proud that partner Matt Weinick was one of the lawyers recognized for his commitment to pro bono programs. Matt regularly participates in the Bar Association's pro bono open house and, since the start of the pandemic, has volunteered with the association's COVID-19 task force, providing free legal consultations for workers with pandemic related employment issues.


Wow, the great reviews are rolling in this week! Thanks Jim!

Wow, the great reviews are rolling in this week! Thanks Jim!


Another happy client! Thanks for the review Mark!

Another happy client! Thanks for the review Mark!

linycemploymentlaw.com 04/01/2021

Employment Lawyers Ask Supreme Court to Review Due Process Case — Long Island Employment Law Blog — April 1, 2021

Moments ago, the firm filed a petition with the Supreme Court of the United States asking the court to take up a case concerning the due process rights of public employees. If successful, the case could close a legal loophole which allows public employers to avoid their constitutional duty to provide pre-deprivation due process to permanent employees. The loophole exists in this jurisdiction, but not in eight other appellate jurisdictions across the country. Read more about it in today's Long Island employment law blog.

linycemploymentlaw.com On April 1, 2021, Long Island employment lawyers Famighetti & Weinick PLLC filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the United States Supreme — April 1, 2021

linycemploymentlaw.com 03/30/2021

Firm's Religious Discrimination Case to Proceed to Administrative Trial — Long Island Employment Law Blog — March 30, 2021


linycemploymentlaw.com On March 26, 2021, the New York State Division of Human Rights issued a determination of Probable Cause in a firm's religious discrimination case. Today's — March 30, 2021


We love happy clients! Thank you Tasha!

abcnews.go.com 03/24/2021

Fired West Virginia teacher loses suit over bigoted posts

Be careful what you post on Facebook! Most employees who work in the private sector are not protected at all by the First Amendment and can, in most cases, be lawfully fired for social media posts. Public employees may have First Amendment protections for some speech, but not all, as was the case with this West Virginia teacher. Questions? Give us a call at 631-352-0050.

abcnews.go.com A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit of a West Virginia teacher who was fired for her social media posts

linycemploymentlaw.com 03/03/2021

Judge Rules Firm's Case Against Long Island Fire Department Can Proceed — Long Island Employment Law Blog — March 3, 2021

5 alarm decision! The firm defeated a Long Island fire department's attempts to have a discrimination and retaliation case filed against it dismissed.

linycemploymentlaw.com In November 2020, the Long Island employment law firm Famighetti & Weinick PLLC filed a federal lawsuit against a Long Island volunteer fire — March 3, 2021

linycemploymentlaw.com 03/01/2021

EEOC Publishes 2020 Statistics — Long Island Employment Law Blog — March 1, 2021

The EEOC's 2020 statistics were published. Today's employment law blog examines the numbers, particularly New York's numbers.

linycemploymentlaw.com The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the federal agency charged with investigating and regulating workplace discrimination. Before filing a — March 1, 2021

linycemploymentlaw.com 02/25/2021

New York City Requires Just Cause to Terminate Fast Food Workers — Long Island Employment Law Blog — February 25, 2021

New York City is changing the at-will employment rule for some fast food workers. What do you think about these changes? Should they be expanded to cover more employees? Is the law too burdensome? Let us know your thoughts.

linycemploymentlaw.com New York State is generally considered an at-will employment state. Employment at-will means that employers can fire employees for any reason or no reason — February 25, 2021

hollywoodreporter.com 02/11/2021

'The Mandalorian' Star Gina Carano Fired Amid Social Media Controversy

We've been receiving many calls from employees who were similarly terminated because of posts on social media. Sometimes these terminations are legal, but sometimes they cross the line into unlawful terminations. We've been studying these cases and are available to discuss the particulars of each situation.

hollywoodreporter.com This is not the first time 'The Mandalorian' actress has been the focus of social media ire for her political comments.

linycemploymentlaw.com 02/10/2021

FW Wins Arbitration Ruling — Long Island Employment Law Blog — February 10, 2021

Very strong work from employment lawyer Peter Famighetti who conducted a hearing and submitted written arguments concerning the arbitrability of his client's claims. If the employer won, the case would have been dismissed and the employee would not have had his "day in court." Spoiler alert, Famighetti's client gets his day in court!

linycemploymentlaw.com Long Island employment lawyer Peter Famighetti has won a ruling on a threshold issue concerning an arbitration for a faculty member of Nassau Community — February 10, 2021


Thank you for the review! We're so grateful for attorney referrals. This happy client posted anonymously but we know that the client was referred by a law firm which defends many of the lawsuits which we file. That our adversaries refer their contacts to our firm, we believe speaks to the reputation we hold in our employment law community.


Unexpected visitor in the office this week. A lawyer can't get up for a cup of coffee without a Senator jumping in his chair.

We had to get in on the fun!


U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Employers are required to display notices about federal laws that prohibit job discrimination. The EEOC offers the information in free, printable posters. https://www1.eeoc.gov/employers/poster.cfm

law360.com 01/13/2021

2nd Circ. Upholds NY Cops' Loss Over Bribery Probe Firings - Law360

We've been pursuing a case on behalf of four former high ranking NYPD officers against the City of New York. Yesterday, a federal appellate court affirmed the trial court's dismissal of the case based on a 1984 precedent of the court. The 1984 case conflicts with the law of at least five other appellate jurisdictions in the country, but the Second Circuit rejected our arguments in a remarkably brief summary order. Law360 interviewed my co-counsel about the case. In brief, he told Law360 that because the decision reflects a split among circuit courts, the case should be heard by the Supreme Court and we're considering that option. https://www.law360.com/employment-authority/other/articles/1344041/2nd-circ-upholds-ny-cops-loss-over-bribery-probe-firings

law360.com Four former New York City cops can't revive their suit claiming they were illegally forced out of their jobs and scapegoated over a 2016 corruption probe, a Second Circuit panel ruled Tuesday, finding that they failed to prove their due process rights were violated.


Concentrating on procedural issues which bear on unpaid wage cases, these are admittedly not the most exciting topics to most, but partner Matt Weinick's article about important issues relating to attorneys fees and offers of judgment in unpaid wage cases was published today in the Nassau Lawyer. The article is at Page 7.https://www.nassaubar.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/NL-01-2021-WEB.pdf

linycemploymentlaw.com 12/17/2020

Do I Get Paid for a Snow Day?

Seems like a good day to re-visit one of our most popular blogs.

linycemploymentlaw.com Today's Long Island employment law blog discusses pay issues related to weather emergencies and snow days.

linycemploymentlaw.com 12/16/2020

Do Covid Vaccinations Implicate Employment Law Concerns? — Long Island Employment Law Blog — December 16, 2020

With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out, everyone's wondering, can employers lawfully compel that employees get vaccinated? The federal government has issued guidance and we've summarized it for you in today's employment law blog.

linycemploymentlaw.com On December 14, 2020, the country's wait for a COVID-19 vaccination came to an end as the first vaccines began to be administered to America's health care — December 16, 2020

mailchi.mp 12/15/2020

Famighetti & Weinick 2020 Year End Newsletter ❄

Our year end newsletter should be in your inbox today. Missed it? Read online here https://mailchi.mp/b9097dc35da1/famighetti-weinick-2020-year-end-newsletter


linycemploymentlaw.com 12/02/2020

SCOTUS Rolls Back Deference to State COVID-19 Regulations — Long Island Employment Law Blog — December 2, 2020

Recently, we blogged about New York's federal appellate court upholding state COVID-19 regulations as constitutional. Last week, SCOTUS pushed back against those regulations and signaled the court is ready to strike down restrictions which infringe on religious liberties. Today's blog briefly discusses the decision.

linycemploymentlaw.com Followers of our civil rights blog will know that since the early days of the pandemic, our interpretation of existing law led us to conclude that most — December 2, 2020


In a challenging year, we're thankful that our F&W family is safe and that our clients have continued to trust us with their employment law cases. Happy Thanksgiving from Pete, Matt, and Elisa!

linycemploymentlaw.com 11/12/2020

New York Appellate Court Re-Affirms Constitutionality of Coronavirus Restrictions — Long Island Employment Law Blog — November 12, 2020

UPDATE: SCOTUS has reversed this decision. Our December 2, 2020 blog discusses the case.

With a resurgence of COVID-19, we're seeing new restrictions promulgated by state and local governments. With new restrictions comes the inevitable legal challenges, and we're continuing to follow them. As we predicted almost from the beginning of the pandemic, most constitutional challenges will fail in court because the Supreme Court gives strong deference to states' decisions on how to combat disease. Here's another example concerning Freedom of Religion.

linycemploymentlaw.com Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the civil rights lawyers at Famighetti & Weinick PLLC have been closely following the lawfulness of government — November 12, 2020


Last month, partner Matt Weinick participated in the Nassau County Bar Association's pro bono week. The association's newspaper interviewed Weinick about his experience. The full article is at page 15 of the link.https://www.nassaubar.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/NOV-2020-NL-WEB.pdf

linycemploymentlaw.com 10/30/2020

Does the First Amendment Protect Students' Work Assignments as Speech? — Long Island Employment Law Blog — October 30, 2020


linycemploymentlaw.com The First Amendment protects, among other freedoms, the freedom of speech. The First Amendment applies only to prohibit government conduct, not private — October 30, 2020

linycemploymentlaw.com 10/30/2020

Hostile Work Environment Verdict Examined by Appellate Court — Long Island Employment Law Blog — October 30, 2020

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a decision concerning sexual harassment claims. It reinforces some important principles including (1) pornographic material has no place in a workplace and its presence can give rise to a sexual harassment claim; (2) employers must take swift and decisive action to correct a hostile work environment; and (3) municipalities can violate the 14th Amendment by acquiescing in the existence of sexual harassment in its workplace. More information in today's Long Island employment law blog.

linycemploymentlaw.com What conduct constitutes a hostile work environment? How can a municipality be held responsible for a hostile work environment created by its employees? — October 30, 2020

linycemploymentlaw.com 10/28/2020

Long Island Employment Lawyers Selected to Super Lawyers List — Long Island Employment Law Blog — October 28, 2020

Congratulations to Peter Famighetti and Matthew Weinick on being selected to the 2020 Super Lawyers list! What does this mean and what are the partners' reactions? Read today's Long Island employment law blog in the link below.

linycemploymentlaw.com Long Island employment lawyers, Peter Famighetti and Matthew Weinick, partners of the employment law firm Famighetti & Weinick PLLC, have been — October 28, 2020

newsday.com 10/22/2020

Nassau residents can get free online legal consultations

Next week is national pro bono week. We are proud of our pro bono work, including participation with the federal court's pro bono panel. Matt Weinick has been a member of the Nassau Bar Association's COVID-19 pro bono panel since nearly the start of the pandemic and has provided free advice to dozens of workers seeking legal advice. Next week, Matt will take part in the Bar Association's "virtual open house," and will be providing pro bono consultations to community members in need. Newsday wrote a story about the program this week.

newsday.com Nassau County residents can register this week for free online legal consultations to discuss bankruptcy, family and senior citizens’ issues, employment, foreclosure, landlord-tenant law and other top


Thank you so much for the kind words!

linycemploymentlaw.com 10/05/2020

Firm Wins Special Proceeding - Client Retains Health Insurance Benefits — Long Island Employment Law Blog — October 5, 2020

No seven figure judgment, but still one of the most satisfying results we've ever received. Our client was scared and hopeless about the prospect of losing her health insurance. Our work in court resulted in this decision which prohibits the respondent from revoking our client's health insurance.

linycemploymentlaw.com On April 10, 2019, the South Huntington Water District sent a letter to Juliet Irving. The Water District had been providing health insurance benefits to — October 5, 2020

[10/02/20]   New York's Paid Sick Leave has taken effect. What does this mean for New York's employers and workers? Our quick summary of the law is available here.

newsday.com 09/30/2020

New sick-leave law offers worker protections


newsday.com New York State’s new sick-leave law will provide more protections for workers at mom-and-pop businesses and for victims of domestic violence, even if they are part-time employees. The law goes into ef


Wow! Amazing review and incredible work by Peter Famighetti and our entire team.

linycemploymentlaw.com 08/28/2020

Am I Being Paid Properly During Covid? — Long Island Employment Law Blog — August 28, 2020

Covid-19 means employees are working from home. Employees reporting to workplaces are subject to health screenings before starting work. These new circumstances are sure to raise issues about whether employers properly paying employees. Learn more in today's Long Island employment law blog.

linycemploymentlaw.com Federal and New York State laws require that employees be paid minimum wage and overtime. During "normal" times, employers far too frequently violate — August 28, 2020

linycemploymentlaw.com 08/21/2020

Firm Obtains Favorable Decision in Medical Marijuana Case — Long Island Employment Law Blog — August 21, 2020

F&W obtained an important decision in this emerging area of employment discrimination law.

linycemploymentlaw.com As states across the country, including New York, make the medical use of marijuana legal, new issues are arising in the context of employment. For — August 21, 2020

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