ACE Payroll Services

ACE Payroll Services

Our Corporate Offices is located in Melville, NY with Regional Offices in Chandler Arizona, Sparks Nevada, Boca Raton Florida and Chico, California.

Operating as usual 04/20/2020

Discover your options for funding payroll and operational expenses during the coronavirus pandemic 04/13/2020

Webinar Recap: What You Need to Know About PPP, SBA Loans, and Tax Credits During Today's Economic Climate 04/25/2019

Do You Know Your Lookback Period for Payroll Taxes? Your lookback period dictates your federal payroll tax deposit schedule, so "lookback period" is terminology that you should know. Click through to learn more about how lookback periods work, and how they affect payroll tax deposits. 02/20/2019

What Is Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation?

Are you taking advantage of a pay per cycle workers compensation strategy? Traditionally, employers pay their workers' compensation premiums by making estimated payments. However, a new trend has emerged in the form of "pay as you go." Click through for insight into this nontraditional payment method.


#AcePayroll recognized for the 2nd year in a row at the #iSolved sales conference as the partner company who added the most companies to the platform Nationwide. Very proud of the team!! 01/31/2019

Reasons to Integrate Time and Labor With Payroll Employers must pay employees for the time they put in at work -- which makes the relationship between time-labor and payroll mutually inclusive and calls for a united solution. Click through to see why these functions should be integrated.


Alan Klein, President and CEO, Ace Payroll Services, Inc.

At Ace Payroll, we offer in-depth knowledge and experience in payroll and payroll tax laws, in addition to Human Resources support and benefits administratio...


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[06/11/14]   Dear Client, Business Associate;

Thank you for all your years of loyalty towards Payroll Systems.

Effective on or about July 1, 2014 Payroll Systems will be operating under the name of Ace Payroll Services.

In 2005, we acquired Payroll Systems of Nevada and shortly thereafter we acquired Jaguar Payroll in Arizona both of which have been operating under the Payroll Systems name. In addition, since 1994 we have owned and operated Ace Payroll Services with offices in both New York and Florida.

We have determined that it is in our best interest to no longer market under two separate names. Changing our name will allow us to operate and market under a single name in the future.

We felt it important that you are made aware in advance and that you understand that the name change is not a result of the sale of Payroll Systems but rather just a consolidation of our brands. You will continue to receive the same excellent service by the same staff who have been servicing your needs.

We are grateful for your business and the confidence you have placed in our service. We look forward to continuing to meet your future payroll needs.

Please feel free to reach out to your representative if you have any questions.


Alan S Klein President 04/08/2014

Employee Background Checks: Avoid the Pitfalls But, like most aspects of business, the handling of background checks is subject to government rules. 04/08/2014

Has Your Company 401(k) Plan Made These 11 Mistakes? Abusive or prohibited transactions can put the tax-favored status of your company's 401(k) plan in jeopardy and result in expensive penalties.

[02/06/14]   Thought of the Day: People may and will dislike you for being different and not living by societies standards, but deep down, they WISH they had the COURAGE to do the same!

[01/22/14]   LinkedIn is Great for Business – er, I Mean SMART Business. --Jeffrey Gitomer

I am NOT a LinkedIn expert, but I do have more than 15,000 LinkedIn connections. Do you?

I may have more visibility and notoriety than you do, but we are equal in exposure and linking possibilities. And 98.5% of my LinkedIn connections are the result of people wanting to connect with me.

I do not accept everyone. I click on everyone’s profile before connection. Many are impressive. Most are average or less. Some are pathetic.

How’s yours? How many connections do you have? How are you communicating with your connections? How are your connections helping your sales or your career?

Your LinkedIn profile is one more social media image. And you choose exactly what it is. When others search for you on Google, LinkedIn is one of the first links they click on. You have a chance to make a positive business and social impression.

THE GOOD: When I realized the business significance of LinkedIn, I immediately sought professional help. I hired Joe Soto at One Social Media to help me with the keywords, layout, and what to include on my profile page. He also recommended what and how to post.

It must be working. In the two years since I hired him, I have added more than 9,000 organic connections. Or should I say, more than 9,000 potential customers. Huge opportunity. At an acquisition cost of ZERO.

REALITY OF LINKEDIN: I receive requests to link and I also get messages. Some are very nice, some are self-serving, some are insincere, and some are stupid (very stupid). And ALL messages are a reflection of the person sending them. That would be you.

Here are some THINGS about LinkedIn to make you think, re-think, and act:
• Your picture is NOT an option. Show a professional, but approachable, image. Be proud of who you are.
• Have a LinkedIn profile that gives me insight, not just history. Not just what you’ve done, but also who you are. Your profile is your pathway to connection.
• DANGER: DO NOT USE stock LinkedIn messages. It shows your laziness, lack of creativity, and overall lack of professionalism. Standard LinkedIn messages need to be replaced with your own. EVERY TIME.
• If you’re looking for a job, or working a lead, tell me WHY I should connect. (Where’s the value?)
• If you’re looking for leads, use the keyword feature (rather than the job title option) in the “advanced search” link to the right of the search box. It’s free, and you’ll find hundreds of people in your industry or in your backyard that you never knew existed.
• Why are sending me an e-card on Easter? I’m Jewish, not a good move. Three words to ask yourself with any message you send or post: WHERE’S THE VALUE? E-cards are a total waste, unless it’s family.
• If you’re asking me (or people) to join your group, TELL ME WHY I SHOULD.
• If you’re asking me to connect you with a 2nd level connection, DON’T. The only way to ask is from 1st to 1st. And tell me in a sentence or two WHY you want to connect.
• Asking for a recommendation or endorsement is BAD. If you’re asking your connections for a recommendation: DON’T. It is perhaps the dumbest, rudest thing on LinkedIn. Think about it, you’re asking people to “please stop what you’re doing and tell me about ME.” Two words: GO AWAY. If you have to ask, it’s probably because you don’t deserve. Think about that.
• Don’t tell me you “found something interesting” in your group message, especially if the link is to join your MLM down-line or attend your “free” webinar.
• Allocate 30-60 minutes a day to utilize this vital business social media asset.

[01/13/14]   The Difference Between Presentation and Communication.

How do you communicate?
How good of a communicator are you?

If you want to make a winning sales pitch, it takes a combination of your presentation skills and your
communication skills. It’s the little known sales skill: How to get others to listen to you. Or better stated, WANT
to listen to you.
SALES TRAINING REALITY: Time is spent on presentation skills, and the presentation itself, but very little
or no time is spent on communication skills. Until now.
All your life you heard the lesson: It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.
Presentation is what you say.
Communication is how you say it.
The best way to clarify communication skills is to ask you to think about the teachers and professors you had in
school. Sometimes the most brilliant ones were the worst communicators – and as a result, left you short of both
education and inspiration.
Then think of the teachers you loved. You couldn’t wait to get to their class, and you hung on their every word.
In fact, you still remember him or her and you talk about them. They were great communicators.
In sales, great communication skills are one of the lost secrets of success. Sales messages focus around “value
prop” and “value add” and other sales drivel. You get a slide deck from marketing, that’s both boring and
Here are several “wake up” questions to get you thinking about your communication – and I’ll throw in
a few challenges:
• What is the clarity of the meaning behind your message? What’s your motive?
• How clear is your delivered message? Not clear to you, clear to them.
• How understandable is your message? Would I get it, and agree with it?
• What’s the attitude behind your spoken words? What’s the tone of your words? How do they sound?
• Are your gestures in harmony with your words and your delivery? Do your gestures indicate and confirm a
relaxed, confident style?
• How succinct is your message? Short and sweet or way too long?
• Does your message or your words sound scripted or insincere? Conversational is the best communication
• How organized is your message? Are you fumbling or on a roll?
• Does your message have a start and a finish? A finish that ends in a commitment from the prospective
• Do you make solid and consistent eye contact? Especially when asking for the sale or confirming the offer.
• Are you making statements or asking questions? Who are the questions in favor of? NOTE WELL: Questions1/13/2014 2/2
create interactive dialog, and will tell you, both by body language and gestures, the level of genuine connection –
the smiles, the willingness to talk and tell the truth.
• How transferable is your message? Does the prospect “get it,” and agree with it?
• Are you asking for confirmation that what you're saying is completely understandable?
• Can anyone/everyone define exactly what you mean to say?
• Do you talk too fast? Only your recording will tell you that.
• Are you using industry buzzwords that could create misunderstanding? Classic example of miscommunication.
• Are you using acronyms that everyone understands, or are you just showing off? Another classic example of
And the ultimate self-tests of communication:
• Have you ever recorded your message so you can hear your own communication skill level? Most salespeople
have not.
• Have you played your message for others? A huge opportunity for coaching and improvement of your
communication skills.
I TWEETED THIS: A passionate message without clarity will fall on deaf ears. #gitomer #communication
The object of communication, especially sales communication, is for others to UNDERSTAND your message,
AGREE with your message, and then TAKE the correct ACTION. Buy.
If you’re really interested in better communication skills, take a course in it. Dale Carnegie
( offers the best programs. All of them are based around the 75-year-old business book
classic, How to Win Friends, and Influence People. It doesn’t get any better than that.
If your communication skills are the heart of your sales message, maybe it’s time to uncover just how strong they

[12/17/13]   QUESTIONS: Who's going to win the next Super Bowl? Who's going to win the next World Series? Who's going to win the next Masters Tournament?

ANSWER: The team or the player that's best prepared. The team or the player that makes the fewest mistakes. The team or the player that stays steady and keeps its cool. The team or the player that creates breaks and takes advantage of them. The team or the player that prepares one razzle-dazzle play, takes the risk at the opportune time, and pulls it off. The team with the most dedicated players. The team or the player with the best coach.

Same in sales.
Read more here. 12/16/2013

Jeffrey Gitomer: The Ten Traits of High Sales Performers A big benefits-management company recently conducted a survey where they asked 365 CEOs and sales-management executives, “What are the three key factors that separate high-performing sales professionals from moderate- to low-performing sales professionals?” 12/16/2013

Warning: Cover All Specifics in Memos key document in an employee's personnel file is a well-drafted written memo, if you want to strengthen your defense against an employee-initiated action. Most written warnings and disciplinary memos are inadequate because they fail to include several very important elements. 12/16/2013

Win-Win: Hire a Veteran by December 31 and Save on Taxes Can your business use a hefty tax credit? Thanks to the federal Work Opportunity Credit (WOTC), you could qualify for a credit of up to $9,600 per veteran if you hire an eligible vet by the end of the year. Of course you will need to move quickly to make it happen. 12/16/2013

Replacing Employees Costs Big Dollars A. Annual pay for the position, $18,000B. Annual benefits, taxes and insurance cost for the position, $ 5,400C. Total pay, benefits, taxes, insurance (A plus B), $23,400D. Percent of first year that new employee is unproductive, 25 percentE. Cost of unproductive time (C times D ), $5,850F. Recruitin... 12/10/2013

Buy Gitomer: A New Way to Look at Questions and Engagement: Emotionally. - Column Archive Sales training books and seminars - sales techniques to motivate your salesforce


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[11/11/13]   Great Job Scott for the Facebook Friends!! We hit 100 and you are the friendliest of all.


Everyone at Payroll Systems wishes to thank all Veterans past and present for their selfless service! 11/05/2013

Gitomer - EP Basics Asset Protection Attorney | The Presser Law Firm, P.A.

Asset Protection for the Sales Person. I imagine this is valuable counsel for more than the sales people. You decide. Don't leave your assets unprotected! Call an experienced national asset protection lawyer from The Presser Law Firm, P.A. today for more information.

[11/04/13]   "People often say that motivation don't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily."- Zig Ziglar 11/01/2013

Is Obamacare Actually Good For Small Businesses?

You decide. Sure it is. No it's not. Actually, it's complicated.

[10/30/13]   Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgement. -Will Rogers


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Workers' Comp Fraud: Tips to Clip It egitimate Workers' Comp claims can cost your business big money. Fraudulent claims can drive up your costs even more and for years ahead. What are the most likely ways employees can claim bogus Workers' Comp? Following are claims to give special attention to: 10/24/2013

Who is Liable for the '100 Percent Penalty?' What constitutes willful behavior? "If a person knows that these required actions are not taking place for whatever reason, the person is acting willfully," according to the IRS. "Paying other expenses of the business instead of paying the taxes is willful behavior."The IRS can be aggressive about s... 10/24/2013

Humor Motivates and Rewards Employees Laugh-a-Day Tips to Keep Stress AwayHave a happy hour. Take responsibility for your own ability to have a good laugh. Turn your break or lunch hour into a "happy hour." Keep a few funny videos or funny books on tape close at hand for "happy hour" entertainment.Open a meeting with a good, quick story...


Zig Ziglar - Prime the Pump Zig Ziglar explains success in life using the analogy of a water pump. You must prime the pump before you start getting wate...


Payroll Systems | Payroll Done Right!

ACA Deadline approaching! Read about it Payroll Systems was established in 1991. The company was founded on the premise that a quality, local payroll service was needed in Northern Nevada. Businesses of any size could only choose a large impersonal and expensive national provider. Since then, we have grown to provide payroll and other… 09/19/2013

Boost Profits: Give a Boost to Employees' Talents

Investing in your employees boosts profits. highly skilled workforce, given opportunities to use their talents, will use their creative abilities to drive your organization's profits higher. So, what can you do to cultivate your employees' talents and encourage them to use their creative abilities in their work? Here are seven tips: 09/19/2013

Boost Profits: Give a Boost to Employees' Talents highly skilled workforce, given opportunities to use their talents, will use their creative abilities to drive your organization's profits higher. So, what can you do to cultivate your employees' talents and encourage them to use their creative abilities in their work? Here are seven tips:




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