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The attorneys of the Law Office of Russell I. Marnell, P.C. concentrate their practice in divorce, complex divorce, custody, and all areas of family law.

Providing superior representation in divorce, custody, neglect, and family law proceedings to the residents of Long Island & New York City since 1985.

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Marnell Law Group updated their phone number. 05/06/2021

Marnell Law Group updated their phone number.

Marnell Law Group updated their phone number.

[10/19/20]   Russell I. Marnell offers advice for divorced parents on how to handle their children’s educational needs for the school year. Read more on the press release:

[09/28/20]   Russell I. Marnell of #MarnellLaw offers advice for victims of intimate partner abuse in recognition of #NationalDomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth. Read the press release here: 05/11/2020

Domestic Violence Cases Grow During Covid-19 Lockdown |

Domestic Violence on the Rise on Long Island.
Learn more: News of interest to the residents of Huntington, NY 01/17/2020

This Is Why January Is the Biggest Month for Divorce

Russell Marnell was recently quoted in the Reader's Digest article entitled "This Is Why January Is the Biggest Month for Divorce".
#Divorce #Marriage #Separation #DivorceLawyer

Click on the link to read more: Here's what legal experts say drives couples to divorce in January. 12/11/2019

Best of Long Island Voting - Best Of Long Island

Russ Marnell has been nominated to Long Island Press' Best of Long Island for Best #Lawyer & Best #DivorceLawyer!

Voting for #BOLI2020 ends on December 15th - Vote Today! Vote for the Bethpage Best of Long Island today. 12/05/2016

Family In Turmoil After Woman Sends Bikini Selfies To Divorce Lawyer She Claims Seduced Her

Highly unprofessional conduct typically leads to drama. #divorce The affair happened as Atesa and Anthony Pacelli were in the midst of reconciling.


Offices of Russell I. Marnell, P.C » The Pope weighs in on Catholic divorce

For Catholics there is hope for a more speedy annulment post-divorce. #divorce In our practice, we’ve experienced how deep the impact of religious beliefs and practices not only on individual and couples when it comes to divorce. All faiths, Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism and others, are guided by historic doctrines, rules and books outlining how individuals not only practice… 11/16/2016

Prenups for Ideas Are All the Rage With Millennials

Millenials believe they must legally protect their "big ideas" in legal marital agreements. #divorce Bloomberg Prenups for these 18- to 35-year-olds can focus on intellectual property such as software and apps. 11/16/2016

What Is Dissipation Of Assets In Divorce And What, If Anything, Can You Do About It?

This is a worthwhile read for women who may be weary about getting their "fair share" of the marital assets. #divorce Forbes What Is Dissipation Of Assets In Divorce And What, If Anything, Can You Do About It? Some couples divorce amicably. They recognize that their marriage is best ended, and they work to come to a fair resolution as soon as possible so they can get on with their lives. For other couples, divorcing is mu... 11/14/2016

Divorce Is Destroying Retirement

Divorce worries for Baby Boomers "Gray Divorce" are mostly financial. #divorce Bloomberg Baby boomers suffer disproportionately from its financial fallout—especially women. 11/14/2016

Filing For Divorce On Social Media Seems To Be Wave Of Future

Do you think divorce should be done digitally through social media? #divorce In 2015, a New York woman became the first person to legally file for divorce using Facebook. 11/14/2016

Dads' rights: the rise of firms for fathers going through divorce

Are family law practices specializing in "men's divorce" necessary? #divorce The Guardian Many men feel they get a raw deal from the family court system when it comes to custody and access to their children. But are specialist lawyers the answer? 11/04/2016

When Parents Divorce, the Children Get the House

"Parents are drawn to the ease of slipping out of their marriage without making hard choices about custody or selling the house." #divorce The Wall Street Journal Exes shuttle back and forth to the family home to provide stability to the children after parents divorce, but therapists warn of the downsides. 11/04/2016

Prenups for ideas are all the rage with U.S. millennials

Prenups are on the rise. #divorce Instead of focusing on alimony and inherited cash, prenups requested by millennials aim to protect intellectual property such as films, songs, screenplays, software, apps, and even ideas for technology concepts yet to be executed 10/26/2016

This Video by Miranda Sings About Getting Divorced Is Almost Too Painful

With so much "reality-TV" circulating, it can become more and more challenging to discern the division between true reality and "TV reality." This couple, facing divorce, shares their raw, genuine perspective in real-time via the internet. #divorce New York Magazine YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger (a.k.a. Miranda Sings) got understandably emotional. 10/26/2016

A Look at How Social Media Is Impacting Divorce Cases - GroundReport

If you believe that your digital media activity doesn't matter when amid divorce, think again. #divorce If you’re like most people these days, you’re constantly connected to some form of social media. Social media is part of your daily life. You use social media to get helpful advice on where to shop for the best deals and how to fix that weird sound coming from the pipes in your house. But … 10/12/2016

When should you shred your divorce papers?

"Make the shredder your friend if you have a lot of divorce records sitting around." SAN DIEGO, October 10, 2016 – People ask me from time to time what they should do with their divorce paperwork. It’s a common question with two answers: one from a legal perspective, and one from a… 09/30/2016

Older Americans Are Jeopardizing Their Retirement With Divorce

Americans 50 and older are getting divorced at a higher rate than younger people—and much more frequently than in prior decades. #divorce @BW Americans 50 and older are divorcing in greater numbers. 09/30/2016

The One Okay Part of Brad and Angie's Divorce Is Their 'Ironclad' Prenup

Prenuptial agreements can certainly be useful when it comes to assets. Child custody is a totally different situation. #divorce Here’s a nice bit of news for those of you who were worried about Brad and Angie’s financial situation post-divorce: both of them will remain very, very, very rich once the papers are signed, as they reportedly had an “ironclad” prenup that “details the specifics of their combined [$400 million] for... 09/30/2016

Massive backlog of divorce cases makes it hard for New Yorkers to split

Divorce delays in NY caused by changes in matrimonial law (“no-fault”) and court system budget cuts. #divorce #RMLaw Till death — or until New York’s glacially slow court system finally gets around to it — do us part. A massive backlog of divorce cases is clogging the courts and leaving unhappy couples married lo… 09/30/2016

Helping kids survive a (very public) divorce

The focus may be on the Jolie/Pitt divorce proceedings yet the lessonsre useful to all couples with children amid divorce. #divorce Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's marriage was made in Hollywood but now comes a divorce with all-too-real consequences for their six children.

[09/29/16]   "Gray divorce" is certainly taking center stage. Here are the reasons why.... #divorce

[09/29/16]   An interesting theory about divorce and religion. Washington Post 09/22/2016

Three Years After the ‘Prodfather,’ Violence Persists in Orthodox Agunah Cases

Divorce alone can be incredibly challenging, but add to that the long-standing rules of Orthodox marriage and divorce becomes much more than disappointment, lawyers and paperwork. #divorce For the second time in three years, federal prosecutors are uncovering a shady Orthodox underground where men plan violence to force a brutal end to troubled marriages. 09/22/2016

Court docs reveal Donald Trump's 'cruel' treatment of Ivana

Trump divorce documents opened after lengthy battle to keep them concealed. #divorce New York Daily News Papers full of details about the Trumps' divorce have been abruptly concealed after a Daily News inquiry — without a judge’s order. 09/22/2016

The Impact of Electronic Evidence in Divorce Proceedings

It is important to recognize the relevance of text messages, Facebook posts, and association with any social networking platform in divorce proceedings. The latest sexting allegations against former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner show the potential impact of electronic evidence in divorce cases, write attorneys Pet... 09/15/2016

You Should Read This Book About Divorce, Even If You’re Not Getting Divorced

A book not as much about divorce, as much as it is about successful co-parenting. #divorce There’s a lot to learn about parenting here.


Rabbi arrested in New York divorce scheme involving kidnapping, murder

An Orthodox Jewish woman cannot get a religious divorce unless her husband consents through a "get," or if the husband dies. (Reuters) - A rabbi and another Orthodox Jewish... 09/13/2016

Gray divorce: The dos and don'ts of dividing a nest egg

Memo to divorcing boomers:Watch your assets CNBC Breaking up in the golden years has its own custody complications: how to divide the retirement accounts.



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