Law Offices of Gregory W Kalmar II, PC

Law Offices of Gregory W Kalmar II, PC

For over 10 years, Gregory W. Kalmar and his law office have successfully represented clients in criminal, real estate, family, and personal injury matters

Operating as usual

[07/30/21]   Congrats to my friend Larry Flowers for taking on a criminal jury Trial and getting a not guilty on the top charges today. Not only did he get a not guilty he did it Pro Bono he is a attorney for the people we should all do more for justice…..

Suffolk criminal bar association president joins Sini's review panel 03/13/2021

Suffolk criminal bar association president joins Sini's review panel

I could not be more proud then to call Larry Flowers my friend..,

Suffolk criminal bar association president joins Sini's review panel Suffolk County Criminal Bar Association president Larry Flowers has been appointed to the Independent Review Panel, the three-member body that advises District Attorney Timothy Sini on cases presented


Congratulations to all of the graduates. Please do not drink and drive.

[06/10/20]   We did a appearance at the courthouse today. The courts are still not fully operational but it felt good to be back in a suit and arguing on our clients behalf.

Stay Safe

[04/11/20]   The Law Offices of Gregory W. Kalmar II P.C. would like to offer our legal services to all first responders and health care providers on the front lines. Basic Wills, Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, and Basic Contract Review’s will be provided Pro-Bono. Please call or text Greg Kalmar directly on his cell, 516-446-0163. We are here to listen and provide you advice and comfort during these difficult times.

[03/30/20]   The Law offices of Gregory W Kalmar are open for all your Civil, Criminal, Real Estate and Title IX needs.


If your in a accident we can help get you the representation you need

If you are buying or selling a house our fee’s are more then reasonable

If you need a will or Health Care Proxy we can help

Last but not least:

Word is that police are not arresting people or bringing them in to be arraigned it is important that if you have police contact and the officer issues a Desk Appearance Ticket you contact an attorney ASAP.

Stay safe and healthy.

[03/16/20]   Do you have a Will,DNR or Health Care Proxy.

If you find that you have some extra time and want to address these hard to speak about topics.

The Law Offices of Gregory W. Kalmar II P.C. have put together a model to do remote preparation of these documents and house calls for ex*****on of these documents.

Be safe and stay healthy!!!!!


We are here to help you understand your rights if you or a family member has been accused under Title IX...


Note from PD

If you find yourself in a situation The Law Offices of Gregory Kalmar are here for you....


Just because bail reform is going into effect does not mean these crimes are not serious make sure if you are charged with a crime you contact an attorney and review all of your options. Here at the Law Offices of Gregory Kalmar II pc we are here to answer your questions.


Please be careful.....

[11/15/19]   It is holiday party time please do not drink and drive. If you find yourself in a situation where arrest is about to occur ask to speak to an attorney and call the Law Office of Gregory W. Kalmar II p.c 24/7 hotline at (631)261-6666 and we will advise you to the best actions to take. Be safe and happy holidays....

[10/01/19]   Not just criminal, family law and Title IX.

At The Law Offices of Gregory W.Kalmar II p.c we can help you recover for the negligence of others including slip and falls, car accidents, dog bites, trampoline accidents and assaults. We are your full service law firm.


They are out in force....
If you find yourself in a predicament call (631)261-6666 and we will use our 15 years of experience to help you.....

[09/06/19]   Had a big Title IX appeal win today... Remember to educate your college students that the school provides a code of conduct and they should become familiar with it because not knowing is not a defense....If you have a college student and don’t know what Title IX is I suggest you google it and tell your child to do the same....

[08/11/19]   Kids are about to go off to college. Parents please make sure your student understands what title IX is and the way they act towards others can put them in risk of being expelled from school.

The Law Offices of Gregory Kalmar has been fighting vigorously for students in IX trouble for years now and the one recommendation we have is making sure all students understand the schools code of conduct and what title IX is.

Good luck students and parents just because they have made it to college doesn’t mean the job is done. There is no parental degree but you always have to continue to teach....

[06/14/19]   It’s High School Graduation time please remind your Seniors that Drinking and Driving is not an option and that any trouble they get in during this summer of celebration can ruin their future. Celebrate wisely and congratulation from the Law Offices of Gregory Kalmar II P.C..


Sunday Title IX hearing prep in Poughkeepsie NY. This is a reminder before your seniors go to college they need to understand the schools code of conduct and what title IX is....


Please be careful this weekend our office is here for all of your Criminal, Title IX and Personal Injury matters 24/7


I remember my first case like it was yesterday!!!!


Thank you Suffolk County Bar Association your recognition is very much appreciated...

[03/08/19]   Our new fight is for those who have become addicted to opioids because of careless Prescription writing. We have been very successful with civil law suites in Suffolk county and are here for you and your family members. Please contact our office for a free consultation.


Just leaving the tundra known as Rochester dealt with a client who got in trouble at SUNY Genesseo. College cost to much to have to pay an attorney to handle troubles it is suppose to be fun but please make sure they know they are in school for a reason....

[03/01/19]   FYI I have been doing a increased number of Title IX cases mostly young men being accused of inappropriate behavior with females if you have a college student please sit them down and explain to them that the phone is a great tool but can also destroy your dreams colleges will not hesitate to discipline you or even expel you if you violate the schools code of conduct....


Personal injury jury trial starting Monday The War Room is taking shape.....


Write up on our most recent win!!!We are here for all your criminal, personal injury, family law and real estate needs.

[12/28/18]   New Years is coming

Make a resolution not to drink and drive

Law Offices of Gregory Kalmar legal hotline is 24/7 we are here for you .....

[12/22/18]   This is a great time of year do not mess it up by driving with alcohol in your system. Uber is cheap compared to attorney fees....

Happy Holidays and put our number in your cell in case of emergencies (631)261-6666

Criminal, Personal Injury and Real Estate we are here for you

[11/21/18]   Did you get locked up...It’s the biggest party night of the year....If you have trouble with law call our 24/7 attorney at (516)446-0163.

If you get pulled over asked to call this number before answering any questions

If you get arrested for anything call this number before you to talk to the police.

We are here for you


It is Thanksgiving weekend please do not drink and drive. There are companies like or safe travels designated drivers that will pick you and your car up and bring you home.

If you know someone that needs legal help the Law Offices of Gregory Kakmar are here for you (516)446-0163. 24/7

Be safe this Thanksgiving!!!!

[11/06/18]   The Law Offices of Gregory Kalmar encourage you to get out and vote tomorrow. Bring your kids and explain to them what it means to vote and explain how men and women are fighting to protect that right and no matter what they hear on TV this is not about hate it’s about democracy and not just making yourself great again but making sure all are safe and cared for...

This office doesn’t care what party you are we just ask that you get out and vote.....

[10/20/18]   We had 4 new retained DWI arrests this week this is a sign that the police are out in force please don’t drink and drive and if a problem arises The Law Offices of Gregory Kalmar are here to help.....


Trial starting Monday bicyclist hit by a car, Suffolk supreme War room is coming together.....Kalmarlaw here for your criminal and personal injury needs.


Ulster county preparing for closing statements in a personal injury case. The jury should have the case by this afternoon....It’s been a long haul in this Residence Inn war room....



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