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After a very busy and volatile 36 hours after the
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The U.S. #Dollar is holding on to its impressive gains seen since Wednesday afternoon and the Bloomberg dollar
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Offering fast, reliable and high quality residential and commercial real estate appraisals. Servicing Suffolk, Nassau, Queens counties.

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Our mission is to cultivate and maintain transparent relationships by delivering the most accurate and compliant appraisal reports
#appraisal #residential #realstate

Our mission is to cultivate and maintain transparent relationships by delivering the most accurate and compliant appraisal reports
#appraisal #residential #realstate

Real Estate Appraisals | Appraising Real Estate 08/07/2018

Real Estate Appraisals | Appraising Real Estate

Most of us know that when you are buying or selling a home, an appraisal is needed if the bank is involved. But did you know there are other reasons to hire a residential real estate appraiser like Connect Appraisal?
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Real Estate Appraisals | Appraising Real Estate Real estate appraising is the evaluation of property including the land, the dwellings and all the features on it. See why you should hire one.

30 Tips for Increasing Your Home's Value 07/31/2018

30 Tips for Increasing Your Home's Value

The poll results are in and it looks like the majority of you want to know how to increase the value of your home. Scroll through the link below and you will pick up some great tips in all sorts of price ranges.

** Pro Tip: If you are ready to pick a room in your house to renovate, our advice is to always start with the kitchen and/or bathrooms! We advise to not dump all your money into exterior landscaping. Though it definitely increases the curb appeal, it will most likely (always barring extenuating circumstances) NOT increase the value of your home in an appraisers opinion of value. And finally, if you are in the market for new appliances and you can afford stainless steel; our recommendation is to purchase those over the black or white standard appliances.

30 Tips for Increasing Your Home's Value Learn ways to add value to your home no matter what your budget.

The 'Coming Exodus' of Older Homeowners | Mortgage Bankers Association 07/26/2018

The 'Coming Exodus' of Older Homeowners | Mortgage Bankers Association

Hey Baby Boomers! Looks like you're wielding a lot of power! What does this all mean for the younger generations?

"With the oldest Boomers now advancing into their 70s, the beginning of a mass exodus looms on the horizon, spurring fears of a bursting ‘generational housing bubble' in which homeownership demand from younger generations is insufficient to fill the void left by multitudes of departing older owners," wrote authors Dowell Myers, professor at the University of Southern California; and Patrick Simmons, Fannie Mae Director of Strategic Planning. Further, the authors warned a "fumbled" intergenerational handoff "would reverberate through the housing market and economy."

The 'Coming Exodus' of Older Homeowners | Mortgage Bankers Association The Baby Boom generation (1946-1964) has an enormous housing market footprint, inhabiting 32 million owner-occupied homes and accounting for two out of five homeowners in the United States with an estimated value of $13.5 trillion. And when they decide to divest, said Fannie Mae, Washington, D.C., t...

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Connect Appraisal 07/19/2018

Connect Appraisal

Summer sales are happening all over the island with clients wanting to close before school starts. Theres still time to list your home but before you do that, you will want to get an idea of how much it is worth! Ask us about our brand new, exclusive, cost efficient and accurate product that can give you a valuation on your home that you can use as a starting off point or a negotiation tool- did i mention it is a fraction of the cost of a full appraisal! Even if you're currently in the process of selling, it's never too late!!! Ask us today by starting a below

Connect Appraisal Offering fast, reliable and high quality residential and commercial real estate appraisals. Servicing Suffolk, Nassau, Queens counties.

[07/18/18]   5 Things Your Home Appraiser Wishes You Knew – by Jamie Wiebe

So you thought you were in the homestretch because you accepted a great bid on your home? Think again! The closing process has only just begun—and for most sellers, the appraisal can be one of the scariest parts.

For starters, lenders often require the use of their own, FHA-approved appraiser. That means you get zero say in who’s determining the financial value of the home you’ve lived in, loved, and sunk your savings into.

Here are some things sellers can do—straight from the appraisers’ mouths—to navigate the process.

Keep in mind that appraisers aren’t magicians

The appraiser won’t know what your home is worth the second he walks in the door.

“People think we know the value of the property as soon as we see it,” says Michael Coyle, the founder of The Coyle Group in Lafayette Hill, PA.

That’s simply not the case. A good understanding of the appraisal process will go a long way toward comprehending how your home’s value is determined.

First, an appraiser will pull comparable listings (called “comps”) from the nearby area. These are homes similar in style, location, and footage sold within the past few years. Then, he’ll come by your house to determine its condition and quality, as well as any other factors that would affect the cost of the home, and use that information—along with the comps—to make an accurate assessment.

This usually takes at least a few days—and definitely more than a few hours.

Prep your space—and its occupants

No, the appraiser isn’t coming by to judge the cleanliness of your homestead—but it’s still good form to declutter, dust, and mop beforehand to show your home in its best light, according to appraiser Adam Wiener, the founder of Aladdin Appraisal in Auburndale, MA.

A good appraiser won’t devalue your home because it’s messy—but a neat, organized home might help you.

“Even if they’re not consciously aware of it, the appraiser might value (a messy home) a little lower,” Wiener says.

Also, make sure the occupants of your home are prepared for the appraiser’s arrival, including teenagers who tend to stay holed up in their rooms.

“And make sure everyone’s clothed,” Coyle adds. “Sometimes, they forget to tell the teenager.”

Get your paperwork in order

Before the appraiser arrives, gather all the information you have about the house and send it over. Most appraisers will ask for this upfront, either directly or through the lender or broker.

Coyle recommends having on hand a list of major improvements as well as detailed info about the age and condition of the roof, HVAC systems, and major appliances. For any DIY projects, make sure you have the original permits.

“My favorite customers are the ones who have all the information ready for me,” he says.

There’s nothing worse than an appraiser pulling comps for a 1,200-square-foot 1920s Cape Cod–style house, only to realize on the day of appraisal that your master bedroom addition adds an additional 500 square feet.

When that happens “none of my comps are any good and my values are off,” Wiener says.

And that means more work—and more time before a final assessment can be reached.

So go the full-disclosure route.

“Hand it to them on a silver platter: Here’s my neat, gorgeous house, shown in its best light, and all the things that are awesome about it,” Wiener says.

Don’t put too much stock in home improvements

We’re sure your brand-new kitchen is stunning—but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t proportionally raise your home’s market value.

Appraisers stress moderation in assuming how much your shiny, brand-new kitchen will add directly to the worth of your house. If you spent $50,000, you’re likely to see only a fraction of that returned in value. That goes double for a new pool, which “does not bring as much value as people think,” Coyle says. (This might vary if you live in a hot climate where pools are near expected.)

As for your finished basement: Sorry, but that’s even less help. Most appraisers use ANSI standards for measuring the square footage of a home, which excludes any rooms below grade. That doesn’t mean your basement has no value, but it doesn’t technically add space.

Don’t engage in listing ‘puffery’

Before listing, make sure you and your agent take a realistic look at what your home actually offers. Are you including the basement square footage in the total? Are you hoping no one will notice your roof isn’t new? Preparing yourself ahead of time with a pragmatic estimate will ease the appraisal process.

And above all else, make sure not to fudge the numbers.

“There’s an epidemic of puffery,” Wiener says.

This is particularly rampant in areas where the assessor’s information isn’t accessible online. When you know potential buyers have to actually, gasp, go in person to look up the sketches, it might be a lot more tempting to pad some square footage here and there.

After all, who will notice?

Here’s who: Your appraiser—who’s happy to go to the office and pull 20 or 30 comps. And he won’t be fooled.

The article was originally written by Jamie Wiebe over at and can be found here.

[07/18/18]   And the page is up and running! Come check in with us weekly for posts, real estate news, and advice....all things real estate. We look forward to continuing to serve our community!

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Connect Appraisal updated their business hours.

Connect Appraisal updated their business hours.

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As a certified residential real estate appraiser, I have the education and qualifications to provide the type of reliable home value that banks and major lending institutions require for home loans. With years of experience behind me, I'm prepared to handle a variety of property types. In addition to mortgage appraisals, my services are also available for Removing PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), tax assessments (reducing your property taxes), setting a homes’ sale price, legal matters such as divorce settlements, estate planning and more. My investment in technology means faster turn times for you and lower costs for everybody. I take pride in providing personalized customer service whether I'm on the phone, sending e-mail or communicating through this page and website which you can use 24/7 for placing orders or checking status. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.



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