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What happened to clubhouse Rd in Merrick?

Lawrence M. Hoffman, Esq. handles all types of personal injury cases. He's been helping injured clients obtain the compensation they deserve. For 15 years, Lawrence Hoffman, founder of, has helped hundreds of fellow New Yorkers with their personal injury claims.

In Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or anywhere else in New York, Larry and his team of personal injury lawyers have been there to provide the service their clients require, while fighting for the compensation they deserve.

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2021 Suffolk County Varsity High School Hockey League champs 09/24/2020

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[09/03/19]   In August 2019 Larry was able to secure a $950,000.00 settlement for a client S.F. who was injured when her kitchen ceiling collapsed on her during breakfast one morning. She ended up needing a neck surgery for the injuries she sustained. Larry the Lawyer litigated the case in Queens County. It settled shortly after the case was placed on the trial calendar.


Uber Accident Lawyer

our commerical for Uber and Lyft accidents in New York 10/23/2018

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Trump cancels Eagles' White House celebration on eve of visit after fewer than 10 players planned to attend

Did Trump cancel Eagles visit b/c he was embarrassed only a few players were attenidng or b/c of National Anthem issue?
If most of team were attending would he have cancelled? let us know your thoughts? Team owner Jeffrey Lurie was one of a handful of people from the Eagles set to attend. 05/16/2018

Supreme Court Ruling Favors Sports Betting The case concerned New Jersey, but it has implications for other states eager to allow and tax sports gambling. Americans are estimated to annually place $150 billion in illegal wagers on sports.

[05/16/18]   US Supreme Court paves the way for legalized sports betting. Do you want legal sports betting in New York? why or why not?


Tell Congress to Protect Your Right to Safe Medical Care! | Take Justice Back

No family anticipates going through what the Ramirez family went through. When the unthinkable happens, you deserve access to justice. Tell your member of Congress to oppose H.R. 1215. Congress is pushing legislation that will make lawsuits brought by injured patients, nursing home residents, and their families nearly impossible to pursue. The so-called "Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017" [H.R. 1215] will rig the system against individuals like you and tip the scales in favor…


2017 Best of New York Law Journal Survey please click the link and go to page 4 #13 and #15 and write in vote for LH Funding. Then page 6 # 2 and #3 vote for Vic D'Ammora. Thank you Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.


Tell Congress to Protect Your Rights | Take Justice Back


March 7, 2017

Responsibility and accountability – even for the powerful – are rooted into the core of our legal system. This country’s founders knew that a democracy needs a court system that empowers people to protect themselves by holding the powerful to account. That’s why the Constitution guarantees each person the right to a trial by jury. The founders feared unaccountable power in the form of the King of England against his “subjects.” 21st Century America may not have a king, but it does have billion dollar corporations touching every part of every person’s life. These corporations now seek the kind of unaccountable power our founders sought to protect against, and they’re seeking that power by destroying your constitutional right to a trial by jury.

Politicians who are in the pockets of large corporations and insurance companies have devised a plan specifically aimed at destroying our right to hold those in power accountable for their misdeeds. Their plain is to enact laws that will all but destroy your right to use the judicial system to protect yourself. They have introduced bills which, if passed, will enact arbitrary changes to courts all across the country, including:
•Limiting compensation for injuries caused by medical professionals, including doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical device manufacturers,

to $250,000.00, regardless of how much that injury devastated your life

or the extent of malfeasance by the medical professional or company.
•Eliminating class-action law suits, which would essentially destroy the ability to bring the kinds of cases that keep us safe
•Eliminate Individual States Law regarding lawsuits and forcing all cases to Federal Court
•Allowing insurance companies to make “payments” rather than paying full compensation.

We must tell our government to put people first and stop trampling on our rights. Go to each link below and tell them NO!
•Lawsuit Abuse Week:
•Class Actions:
•Medical Malpractice: Congress is pushing legislation that will make lawsuits nearly impossible to pursue. These bills will rig the system against individuals like you and tip the scales in favor of powerful corporate defendants. We need to send a strong message to Congress that these anti-civil justice bills must fail.

[12/07/16]   Below is an article written by Eric Turkewitz, attorney at law.
Opting Out of Uber’s Forced Arbitration (The Clock is Ticking)

Uber logo. Used without its permission.
—Uber logo. Used without its permission.

You have until December 21st. That’s it. But you can opt out.

Here’s the deal: Uber changed its terms of service to force people into arbitrations, taking away consumers’ rights to sue the ride sharing company if something goes wrong. Like plow into another car because the driver was looking at his phone to see where his next right might come from.

That kind of thing.

And compulsory arbitration is very bad for the little guy, as I’ve discussed earlier, as arbitrators would love to have the repeat business of the companies that are always involved in disputes. There is a hidden financial motivation to arbitrators to be gentle to Uber and other large businesses so that they continue to hire said arbitrators.

That is why, for example, Wells Fargo is trying hard to force claims against it for creating sham accounts into arbitration, instead of facing the wrath of juries.

So while Big Business of all stripes can pull it’s business from arbitrators who might not be as nice as they’d like, the one-and-done consumer has no leverage. None. Nada. Zip.

Advantage: Big Biz.

So, courtesy of Marea L. Wachsman, comes this easy-peasy method of preserving your rights against Uber.

Take it away Marea:
—Marea Wachsman, of Schreier & Wachsman, LLP

If a passenger is injured in an Uber vehicle due to its negligence, passengers were required to arbitrate their claims for personal injuries before the American Arbitration Association. They were required to arbitrate pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Uber contract the passenger “accepts” when using Uber.

On July 29, 2016, however, Judge Rakoff from the Southern District ruled that the Uber arbitration terms were not conspicuous enough or did not evince the users “unambiguous manifestation of ascent” to the arbitration provision and therefore the court ruled that the arbitration provision was not enforceable.

With its forced arbitration clause tossed into the dumper, Uber tried again.

On November 14, 2016 Uber sent an email to its users to undermine Judge Rakoff’s decision, announcing it was updating its Terms effective November 21, 2016 — while everyone was scampering somewhere, or doing something, in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

In that same email, Uber instructed its users to read the new Terms and expressly stated it had “revised our arbitration agreement.” The revision is with an eye to ensuring that negligence claims by passengers must have their claims for personal injuries arbitrated, and not litigated, thereby waiving the passengers’ rights to a jury trial.

Fortunately, you can reject the November 21, 2016 Uber Terms, by providing Uber with written notice by mail, by hand delivery or by email within 30 days of November 21, 2016.

If the rejection is by email, the email must come from the email associated with the individuals account and addressed to [email protected]. The notice to reject the Terms must include the individuals full name and state your explicit intent to reject the changes to the Terms.

By rejecting the November 21, 2016 Terms, the individual continues to be bound by the Terms the individual first agreed to when the individual signed up with Uber. Thus, presumably, the individual would still have the protection Judge Rakoff provided in having the claims for personal injury for an Uber passenger against Uber heard in a courtroom and not in an arbitration hall.

You can find the information buried on Uber’s legal page, in paragraph 5, reprinted in full below:
Uber may amend the Terms from time to time. Amendments will be effective upon Uber’s posting of such updated Terms at this location or in the amended policies or supplemental terms on the applicable Service(s). Your continued access or use of the Services after such posting confirms your consent to be bound by the Terms, as amended. If Uber changes these Terms after the date you first agreed to the Terms (or to any subsequent changes to these Terms), you may reject any such change by providing Uber written notice of such rejection within 30 days of the date such change became effective, as indicated in the “Effective” date above. This written notice must be provided either (a) by mail or hand delivery to our registered agent for service of process, c/o Uber USA, LLC (the name and current contact information for the registered agent in each state are available online here), or (b) by email from the email address associated with your Account to: [email protected]. In order to be effective, the notice must include your full name and clearly indicate your intent to reject changes to these Terms. By rejecting changes, you are agreeing that you will continue to be bound by the provisions of these Terms as of the date you first agreed to the Terms (or to any subsequent changes to these Terms).

[11/11/16]   I am proud to announce The New York State Trial Lawyers Association chose me as it's Member of the Week. There are over four thousand six hundred (4,600) attorney members of this very important organization and I am honored to have been recognized in this manner.

"NYSTLA would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Lawrence Hoffman for his efforts on its behalf:

Since 1996, Larry Hoffman, Esq. has been successfully handling personal injury cases in the entire New York State, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, & Long Island. It is his intricate knowledge of personal injury law and experience that has made him successfully represent clients Reliable legal support is Larry’s top priority.

Regardless of whether your case is clear and straightforward or a sensitive matter with various complications. Larry’s personal service with motivation and reliability has been the catalyst in securing compensation deserved by his clients. He spares no expense in resolving a legal matter. NYSTLA is proud to honor such a determined advocate of the civil justice system." 09/15/2016

Uber wins temporary delay on New York price-fixing lawsuit (Reuters) -- A federal judge on Friday granted a request by Uber Technologies Inc and its chief executive officer to put a passenger's price-fixing lawsuit against them on hold, while they appeal his refusal to let them arbitrate the dispute. 08/18/2015

NY Car Accident Attorney | Larry the Lawyer Larry Lawyer’s personal injury law firm in New York can fight for the compensation you deserve following an accident that wasn’t your fault. 08/06/2015

Westbound LIE closed at exit 49 after tractor-trailer overturns | News 12 Long Island The westbound side of the Long Island Expressway is closed from exit 50 to 49. 08/03/2015

Sen. Charles Schumer calls on gov't to strengthen limousine safety | News 12 Long Island The senator is calling on safety officials to issue new safety regulations for limos and 07/29/2015

Police: Car hits, kills pedestrian on Long Island Authorities are investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian on Long Island. 07/28/2015

New Study Reveals Caps on Damages are Potentially Ruining the Healthcare Industry | The National... Authors of recent studies examined five U.S. states that have “caps,” as well as what is known as Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs). More recently, caps have been placed on compensation for 07/21/2015

'It Could Have Been Me': Friend of Women Killed in Limo Crash Backed Out of Long Island Party at... "She had the most unique and amazing soul you could find in a person," Dana Marie Carlino says about her friend Lauren Baruch who died in a limo accident on Saturday 07/15/2015

New York Personal Injury Lawyers Directory | Larry the Lawyer Larry Lawyer’s personal injury law firm in New York can fight for the compensation you deserve following an accident that wasn’t your fault. 07/09/2015

How driverless cars could revolutionise old age Study finds poor public transport curtails lives of almost 1.5 million elderly people in England 07/09/2015

Steps to Follow If You Are In A Car Accident | Larry the Lawyer Larry Lawyer’s personal injury law firm in New York can fight for the compensation you deserve following an accident that wasn’t your fault. 07/06/2015

Fatal Construction Accidents Are Rising in New York Eight people have died in construction-related accidents this year, as many as in all of 2014. Most in the industry agree that a simple equation is at work: The more construction, the more danger.


Video: How to See Warning Signs That a Balcony or Deck May Be Unsafe

Big safety questions are raised after the deadly balcony collapse in Berkeley, California. 06/18/2015

MTA: LIRR train strikes 2 cars; injuries reported - News 12 Long Island An MTA official has confirmed to News 12 that a Long Island Rail Road train 04/16/2015

Law Schools and Industry Show Signs of Life, Despite Forecasts of Doom Changes in the job market have led to declining enrollment at law schools, but several new studies show reasons to be optimistic about a career in law.

[03/02/15]   Crushed By My Own Reform
Frank Cornelius
(Frank Cornelius is a former lobbyist whose clients included the Insurance Institute of Indiana)

Carmel, Indiana
In 1975, I helped persuade the Indiana Legislature to pass what was acclaimed as a pioneering reform of the medical malpractice laws: a $500,000 cap on damage awards, and elimination of all damages for pain and suffering. I argued successfully that such limits would reduce health care costs and encourage physicians to stay in Indiana – the same sort of arguments that now underpin the medical industry’s call for national malpractice reform.

Today, from my wheelchair, I rue that accomplishment. Here is my story.

On Feb. 22, 1989, I underwent routine arthroscopic surgery after injuring my left knee in a fall. The day I left the hospital, I experienced a great deal of pain and called the surgeon several times. He called back the next day and told my wife to get me a bedpan. He then left on a skiing trip. I sought out another surgeon, who immediately diagnosed my condition as reflex sympathetic dystrophy – a degenerative nervous disorder brought on by trauma or infection, often during surgery.

A few months later, when a physical therapist improperly read the instructions on a medical device, I received a tremendous current of electricity through my left leg. This seriously complicated my condition.

In August 1990, another physician proposed a medical procedure, but used the wrong instrument; that left me with several holes in the vena cava, the main vein from the legs to the heart. I would have bled to death in my room if my wife had not come to see me that evening and called for help. As another physician tried to save my life, he punctured my left lung.

The cost of this cascading series of medical debacles is painful to tally:

• I am confined to a wheelchair and need a respirator to keep breathing. I have not been able to work.
• I have continuous physical pain in my legs and feet, prompting my doctor to hook me up to an apparatus that drips morphine. My pain used to rate a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Now it’s about a 4.
• Twice, I have received last rites from my church.
• My marriage is ending, and the emotional fallout on our five children has been difficult to witness, to say the least.
• At the age of 49, I am told that I have less than two years to live.

My medical expenses and lost wages, projected to retirement age if I should live that long, come to more than $5 million. Claims against the hospital and physical therapist have been settled for a total of $500,000 – the limit on damages for a single incident of malpractice. The Legislature has since raised that cap to $750,000, and I may be able to collect some extra damages if I can sue those responsible for the August 1990 incident that nearly killed me. But apparently because of bureaucratic inertia, the state medical review panel that certifies such claims has yet to act on mine.

The kicker, of course, is that I fought to enact the very law that limits my compensation. All my suffering might have been worthwhile, on some cosmic scale, if the law had accomplished its stated purpose. But it hasn’t.

Indiana’s health care costs increased 139.4 percent from 1980 to 1990 – just about the national average. The state ranked 32d in per capita health care spending in 1990 – the same as in 1980.

It’s understandable that the damage cap has done nothing to curb health care spending; the two have almost nothing to do with each other. In 1992, the Congressional Budget Office reported that medical malpractice litigation accounted for less than 1 percent of total health care spending. I doubt that the percentage in Indiana is much different.

Proponents of Indiana’s damage cap argue that doctors here pay less for malpractice insurance than their colleagues in other states. What they don’t say is that malpractice premiums are artificially low because insurers need to offer only $100,000 of coverage. Negligently injured patients who are entitled to more than $100,000 must look to Indiana’s state-run excess compensation fund.

Because that fund is supported by a surcharge on doctors, the true cost of malpractice insurance in Indiana can be calculated only by adding premiums and surcharges together. And the surcharge for the compensation fund has ballooned.

Doctors and insurers have spent millions propagating the myth that America is awash in unjustified malpractice suits and crazy jury verdicts. And apparently they have captured the attention of the President and Congress: malpractice damage caps were part of many health care measures in Congress this year, and they are sure to be back when the issue resurfaces in the next session.

The prospect that these “reforms” will be enacted is frightening. Make no mistake, damage caps are arbitrary, wholly disregarding the nature of the injury and the pain experienced by the plaintiff. They make it harder to seek and recover compensation for medical injuries; extend unwarranted special protection to the medical industry; and remove the only effective deterrent to negligent medical care, since the medical profession has never done an effective job of disciplining negligent doctors.

Medical negligence cannot be reduced simply by restricting consumers’ legal rights. That will happen only when the medical industry begins to effectively police its own. I don’t expect to live to see that day.

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