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Big firm approach. Small firm sensibility. Attention to detail. Close client relationships. Cost-effective solutions for all disputes. The GILBERT LAW GROUP is a private practice law firm that handles all Labor and Employment Law matters.

Mr. Gilbert’s experience is extensive, spanning more than 33 years as an attorney, professor, negotiator, arbitrator, and mediator involving a wide array of Labor and Employment disputes in both the private and public sectors. The firm serves a diverse range of clients. Gilbert provides daily counsel regarding employee and labor-management relations, employment discrimination and harassment of all types, discipline and discharge, contract administration and interpretation, executive compensation, severance, ERISA, human resource issues, and wage and hour disputes . Gilbert regularly supervises or handles comprehensive collective bargaining negotiations. Additional areas of practice include Education Law, Civil Service Law, Arbitration, Mediation, Collective Bargaining, and Alternate Dispute Resolution. Gilbert currently serves as an Arbitrator and Neutral Chairperson for both Nassau and Suffolk County District Courts. Gilbert has been a neutral appellate Hearing Officer on behalf of the Chancellor, New York City Board of Education in various disputes. Gilbert is a certified Labor Mediator and Arbitrator for the Employment Discrimination Resolution (EDR) and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) panels of the Nassau County Bar Association.

Operating as usual 07/21/2020

The attack on Judge Salas' family highlights a persistent but growing issue: judicial safety

I had Judge Salas on a wage and hour case for a live in caregiver for a profoundly disabled adult daughter of a couple (I represented the couple and daughter). I was admitted pro hac vice as the case was in NJ. I found her to be an excellent Federal Judge asking incisive questions, and rendering reasoned and fair decisions during the litigation, which I eventually won. RIP to her son and injured husband –It is a tragic loss that no one should have to endure, let alone a distinguished member of the judiciary.

"Profound condolences to Judge Esther Salas, United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, and the first Hispanic woman to serve as a federal judge in New Jersey, on the tragic death of her son Daniel Anderl, who was preparing to start his junior year at Catholic University of America in Washington in the fall and interested in pursuing a career in the legal field as his parents had.
The safety of the judiciary is vital to the rule of law and our democracy. " Federal judges get protection from the U.S. Marshals service but still often face threats for their work. 05/12/2020

New York State Passes Law Requiring Employers to Provide Employees Paid Sick Leave New York State Passes law requiring employers to provide employees paid sick leave. The law effects businesses differently based on a number of important variables. 08/07/2019

NY Expands Discrimination Law to Allow Students to Sue Public School Districts

Significant development regarding Education Law in New York State. Governor Cuomo recently signed a bill amending the New York Human Rights Law, New York State Executive Law § 290 et seq., to include discrimination, retaliation, and harassment claims filed by students against public school districts and BOCES.

[07/02/19]   Significant changes to NY’s workplace discrimination law to drastically impact businesses/employees.


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How to Determine Whether a Worker is an On-Call Employee - Gilbert Law Group

On-call employees are compensated for all time spent on-call whether working or not. How to Determine Whether an Employee is Considered "On-Call." How to Determine Whether an Employee is Considered "On-Call." On-call employees are compensated for all time spent on-call. 10/16/2017

New York’s Paid Family Leave Law Provides Paid Leave to Families - Gilbert Law Group

NY's Paid Family Leave Law provides paid leave to families. This is important because the FMLA does not. Learn more. This is significant because the federal counterpart, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), does not obligate an employer to provide paid leave. 09/14/2017

Second Circuit Lowers Bar for FMLA Retaliation Claims - Gilbert Law Group

It is now easier to bring an FMLA retaliation claim in New York It will now be easier to bring FMLA retaliation claims in New York. 06/29/2017

DOL Abrogates Prior Efforts to Decrease Misclassification

Trump's DOL abrogates prior regs on temp employees and independent contractors, significantly impacts businesses. DOL Abrogates Obama Administration’s Efforts to Decrease Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors and ‘Joint Employment’ Standards/

[06/16/17]   The NLRB will now allow employees who establish wrongful termination to seek out compensation for the costs they incurred while searching for a new job. 05/26/2017

New Legislation to Promote Equal Pay and Suppress Discrimination - Gilbert Law Group

New legislation promotes pay equity will likely suppress claims of discrimination at work. New Legislation to Promote Equal Pay and Suppress Discrimination 04/24/2017

2d Circuit Court Issues Blueprint for Avoiding Misclassification;...

Business owners: 2d Cir. Court declares guidance re classifying workers as employees or independent contractors. Case clarifies issues classifying workers as employees or independent contractors. Guidelines help employers avoid allegations of misclassification. 04/11/2017

In Sexual Harassment Cases, What Are We Settling For? Why it took so long to hold Bill O’Reilly to account.

03/05/2017 631-630-0100:2d bldg south of LIE (Exit 49S) on east side of route 110 Melville - 4th floor, suite 405. plenty of parking. 01/28/2017

Jury Awards $51.5M in Lockheed Martin Age Discrimination Suit

Despite the " but for" standard upheld by the Judge, a jury nonetheless finds that age was the determinative factor in the employer's decision to lay off a 66 year old employee engineer resulting in a $51.5 million dollar verdict. A federal jury in Camden has issued a verdict that would require Lockheed Martin Corp. to pay $51.5 million including $50 million in punitive damages in an age discrimination suit by an engineer according to court records. 11/19/2016

New overtime law goes into effect Dec. 1, affects millions of workers

Questions, issues, problems, or comments? Contact the Gilbert Law Group, or 631-630-0100 and ask for Mr. gilbert. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A new federal law goes into effect on Dec. 1 that could potentially affect millions of workers across the U.S. Businesses have been scrambling to prepare for the onset of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which changes the threshold for overtime pay to $47,500. Salaried workers who… 07/06/2016

EEOC: Employers be Proactive vs. Workplace Harassment - Gilbert Law Group

EEOC encourages employers to be proactive and flexible. EEOC issues report calling for employers to be proactive in preventing workplace harassment and discrimination. Includes stats, risks, and...

[04/14/16]   Uber Misclassification? Uber could be in for a bumpy ride based on the way it classifies its drivers as independent contractors. 01/21/2016

The Current Legal Status on Minimum Wage in New York State - Gilbert Law...

The current legal status of the minimum wage in New York.
#minimumwage #wageandhour #fastfoodindustry The minimum wage has been risen. Learn how the change to the minimum wage may impact your earnings or your business. 01/04/2016

Teacher Loses Employment Discrimination Case Against School District -...

Teacher loses discrimination case against local school district... What is employment discrimination? When does an one have a viable workplace discrimination claim? How does employment discrimination apply to...

[12/21/15]   Learn whether a former employer can restrict a laid off employee. #noncompete #confidentiality 08/11/2015

Department of Labor Issues New Worker Misclassification Guidelines:... For help with issues related to worker misclassification: whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor, call Gilbert Law Group... 08/04/2015

Netflix Will Let New Moms And Dads Take A Year of Leave The new policy is consistent with Netflix’s larger mandate that employees should be free to figure out their own work-life balance. 07/29/2015

Does Perception Equal Reality for Title VII Employment Discrimination? - Gilbert Law Group Recent case law has expanded Title VII employment discrimination to include an employer’s perception that an employee is a member of a protected class. 07/22/2015

SYSTEMATIC WAGE THEFT BY BRONX PAPA JOHN’S FRANCHISEE LEADS TO JAIL TIME, AG SCHNEIDERMAN’S... The requirements placed on employers by the Wage Theft Prevention Act go much further than paying an employee minimum wage and time and a half for overtime. 07/07/2015

Department of Labor Proposes To Double Income Level for Salaried Exempt Employees From Overtime... Department of Labor Proposes To Double Income Level for Salaried Exempt Employees From Overtime and Minimum Wage 05/22/2015

NLRB Expands Concept of Protected Concerted Activity - Gilbert Law Group

More protections for employees. How does this impact businesses? The National Labor Relations Board has handed down a decision which expanded the theory of protected concerted activity about wages despite no group action.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Paid Family Leave (HBO)

In honor of Mother's Day, John Oliver tackles the the Family Medical Leave Act and the fact that the U.S. is one of only two countries in the world that doesn't provide paid leave for pregnant women. For more information on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which has many more applications than just pregnancy, head over to our website,

Many American companies do not offer paid leave after the birth of a child, which means they probably shouldn’t run sappy Mother’s Day ads.


New Kind of Employment Discrimination to be Banned

Ten states, the city of Chicago, and now, New York City will soon bar most New York City employers from using credit checks and credit history to deny hiring according to an amendment to the city’s human rights law. This new category of employment … 04/19/2015

Papa John's Ordered to Pay Almost $800,000 in Wage Theft Case The judgment is the latest victory against a fast food company for wage theft and another step in holding corporate owners legally liable for illegal acts of their franchise owners.


Arbitrator Holds Employer MLB Did Not Have Right To Suspend Josh Hamilton For Violating Employer’s Substance Abuse Policy

In a stunning decision laid down on April 3, 2015, an independent arbitrator ruled that baseball athlete Josh Hamilton, an outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels, would not be suspended for self-reporting a drug relapse on February 25. Major Leave …


Employers Be On Alert: Employment Retaliation Claims Are At an All-Time High

The Supreme Court will decide whether UPS violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) when it refused to provide a temporary light duty assignment to Peggy Young when she was pregnant 7 years ago before giving birth to her daughter, Triniti. The … 04/02/2015

Ask Dr. Nerdlove: Am I Being Harassed At Work? Hello, Internet! Welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the only dating column that helps you answer the call of LFG for your love life’s MMORPG. 03/28/2015

Ellen Pao Loses All Four Counts Of Discrimination Case Against Kleiner Perkins The jury ruled in favor of Kleiner Perkins on all four counts after being sent back for further deliberations due to a miscount on the final claim. 03/28/2015

Ellen Pao Loses All Four Counts Of Discrimination Case Against Kleiner Perkins The jury ruled in favor of Kleiner Perkins on all four counts after being sent back for further deliberations due to a miscount on the final claim.



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