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We had a mutual client for the purchase of a home. The client had nothing but great things to say about Joanne, and the process was very smooth. Thank you. We highly recommend Joanne Fanizza.
Do you know Judge David Young by any chance? He's from Flordia and had a TV show here in New York for a little while.
Hooray for good hard working lawyers !!!!!
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[09/09/21]   Nassau County has lined up a series of events acknowledging and celebrating our veterans, who so selflesly served so that we may be free. The following events are planned at the Eisenhower Park Veterans Memorial:

September 17: POW/MIA Ceremony, 7-8 p.m.
October 16: Walls of Honor Ceremony, 10-11 a.m.
November 7: Veterans Day Ceremony, 10:30 a.m. to noon

Veterans who need assistance can contact the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency, located at 2201 Hempstead Turnpike, Building Q, East Meadow, or call (516) 572-6565.

Town of Oyster Bay – Town of Oyster Bay 08/10/2021

Town of Oyster Bay – Town of Oyster Bay

For my clients, friends and other loved ones who live in Town of Oyster Bay, the town has a Home Improvement Assistance Program for senior citizens and the physically disabled. This program is designed to keep seniors and the physically disabled in their homes with no financial outlay for the improvements at this time.

If you are a senior who would like to improve your home with weatherization, replacement of windows, doors, roofs, electrical and hearing/hot water systems; or if you are physically challenged and would like to install ramps, stair glides, widen doors to enhance mobility and make your bathrooms more accessible, the town has a program where it can loan you money interest-free using federal grant money.

The applicant and the home residents must meet income eligibility requirements, seniors must be at least 60 years old and the homeowner with no reverse mortgage on the property, and the owner must continue to live in the property for at least one year after receipt of the loan. The loans must be repaid when the home is sold or title is transferred.

Homeowners must use licensed contractors approved by the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, and a town representative will assist the homeowner through the process to ensure all work is completed properly.

To inquire about the program, call the Town's Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of Community Development, at 516-797-6072. You can also visit the Town's website at

Town of Oyster Bay – Town of Oyster Bay Read moreSaladino, LaMarca Invite Residents to Renew Wedding Vows on National Couples Day Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Town Clerk Richard LaMarca invite residents to renew their wedding vows at a... August 2, 2021August 2, 2021Read More

[07/12/21]   I'm back from vacation and in the office full-time, taking new matters and working on existing ones. Please call the New York office if you need anything. 631-647-9595.

Elderly Maryland woman scammed out of nearly $2M 06/12/2021

Elderly Maryland woman scammed out of nearly $2M

Stories like this break my heart -- yet they are quite common. I have a couple of these financial elder abuse cases in my office now, and it is a challenge trying to get a handle on these scammers. Often they are a family member or another person the elder entrusted with their finances, as in this case. The elder law bar has to brainstorm with other professionals to devise some sort of program to combat this type of abuse. I hate to put more work on the court system, but it seems to me that court intervention and monitoring is the most likely way to get a better handle on this problem. Even if it means setting up a committee within the court system to deal with this only.

Elderly Maryland woman scammed out of nearly $2M An 88-year-old woman was scammed out of almost $2 million by a person she trusted with the finances of her estate.

[06/09/21]   I am pleased to report that one of my clients won an important appeal today! The case involved a settlement agreement between her and the trustee of her parents' trust, which the opposing side did not abide by. We pursued the matter in the Surrogate's Court first, asking the court to enforce the settlement. While the court held that the settlement agreement was valid and enforceable, it also held that because the other side didn't comply with its terms, the settlement was, for all intents and purposes, null and void.

We took the case on appeal to the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court, Second Department, which issued its decision and order today. The court agreed with us -- the settlement agreement should not have been considered a nullity when the other side didn't comply, it should be enforced in all respects!

My client is elated with the result, as I am. I am proud of her willingness to pursue her rights and obtain the results she bargained for and was entitled to, and I was very happy to represent her at every stage of this case.

Seeing justice take place makes my work so worthwhile. Do not hesitate to assert your rights if you feel you have been legally wronged. It takes time and effort, but it is often worth it in the end.

FDA approves first drug intended to slow cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease 06/07/2021

FDA approves first drug intended to slow cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease

This appears to be great news for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease; however, it is not without controversy. This is the first drug given approval since 2003 and, as the story notes, it may have been approved by the FDA due to patients' desperation to find something to combat the disease. But it may not be as efficacious as hoped, according to critics. The pharmaceutical manufacturer has to continue conducting trials to better determine if it actually works. Let's hope it does, there are so many victims of this disease who deserve help.

FDA approves first drug intended to slow cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease It is the first drug cleared that is designed to alter the course of the disease by slowing the deterioration of brain function -- not just to ease symptoms.

Memory Loss Research Study Looking for Participants 05/13/2021

Memory Loss Research Study Looking for Participants

This might be helpful for my clients, family or friends who are interested in becoming a part of this research study.

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Scientists Have Identified Four Distinct Types of Alzheimer's And What They Do to Us 05/03/2021

Scientists Have Identified Four Distinct Types of Alzheimer's And What They Do to Us

My clients, friends and other loved ones dealing with someone with Alzheimer's disease may find this article helpful.

Scientists Have Identified Four Distinct Types of Alzheimer's And What They Do to Us The more we understand about Alzheimer's, the faster we can work towards better treatments and ultimately a cure, which makes discovering four distinct subtypes of the brain disease an important one.


This is great news for New York, which was losing significant legal brainpower on the bench. Bad policy reversed!

Scott M. Karson, president of the New York State Bar Association, issued the following statement today on the state court system’s decision to allow judges who are past the mandatory retirement age to apply to remain in their jobs:

“It is indeed welcome news that New York State Supreme Court justices who are past the age of 70 will once again be allowed to apply to continue as judges. The association expressed its concerns Saturday that older justices were not allowed to remain on the bench, and they were relayed to top court officials. The announcement today by Chief Judge Janet DiFiore that this decision has been reversed will help our justice system run more smoothly and improve access to justice for lawyers and litigants.”


It's a special day for us! Be kind!

Happy #BeKindtoLawyersDay!

Arrest in deadly hit-run of LI federal judge in Florida 04/11/2021

Arrest in deadly hit-run of LI federal judge in Florida

This is very sad news. Judge Feuerstein swore me in to the Eastern District of New York bar about a decade ago. In the open federal courtroom where others were also being sworn in that day, she asked me, "Why did you come back here? Everybody leaves here to go to Florida!" I answered, "Judge, I took my retirement to Florida out of order." We got a good laugh. She was a deeply respected judge, may she rest in peace. And the obviously drug-addled defendant should get serious time.

Arrest in deadly hit-run of LI federal judge in Florida Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein, assigned to the federal courthouse in Central Islip, was a pedestrian on Ocean Boulevard in Boca Raton when she was struck, according to Eugene Corcoran, the executive of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

5 Signs that a Loved One May Need Caregiving Services 04/06/2021

5 Signs that a Loved One May Need Caregiving Services

For those of you who have aging loved ones for whose wellbeing you may be concerned, or in anticipation of their future needs, this excellent article by AARP discusses 5 important signs to help you assess the situation, with recommended resolutions.

5 Signs that a Loved One May Need Caregiving Services Upon visiting a family member or loved one there are certain signs and red flags that may indicate a loved one needs caregiving support. Something as simple as stacks of unopened mail can indicate your loved one may not be cognitively capable of dealing with everyday life business affairs.

[02/26/21]   Important notice to my clients, vendors and others who do business with my firm: FED EX has utterly failed to do its job in recent months, and further refuses to make good when it doesn't. I will be ceasing the use of FedEx and going to another carrier, and I recommend that all of you do the same.

I sent a package to Pompano Beach, FL from my Melville office on February 12th, for overnight delivery. It did not get there for 3 days! Then, FedEx billed me for Priority Overnight delivery! When I contacted them for a reduction in the fee because of the late delivery, they refused and said they have stopped giving reductions and refunds since March 2020. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE AUDACITY?

The same package had to be returned to me for a real estate closing. Clients brought it to the FedEx office on Tuesday the 16th AND IT HAS NEVER ARRIVED!

I am livid with them and will cease using their service. I recommend you do, too. And contact your Congresspersons and ask them to issue new regulations to stop this abusive practice -- being charged for a service you are not receiving! #SMH

Bethpage Contamination - Illness Claims 02/09/2021

Bethpage Contamination - Illness Claims

To all of my clients and friends who live or lived near the Grumman plant, be advised of the information below:

Bethpage Contamination - Illness Claims Information submitted will be transmitted to a law firm. This communication is intended to be an attorney-client communication for purposes of evaluating your claim and will be kept confidential by the law firm. The communication does not create an attorney-client relationship and no relationship is...

[02/05/21]   To all my clients: Yesterday I received notice from the New York State Bar Association that the New York Legislature has two resolutions pending to make lawyers Group I-B eligible for the vaccine. This is a HUGE relief to me and great news for my clients. Many of us, myself included, see elderly clients and have had to do so during the pandemic. Many of us also must go to the various courthouses, which are still open to the public on a limited availability basis. Our work has to continue, in some ways it has increased between COVID deaths and others realizing they need their estate plans in place. I am glad the Legislature acknowledges the importance of putting us in a qualification zone. And I am happy to tell my clients that as soon as I qualify for vaccine, I will be getting it.


For my elderly clients, their families, and everyone else interested in nutrition. I believe you can watch this on video.

Law Offices of Joanne Fanizza, P.A. updated their phone number. 01/04/2021

Law Offices of Joanne Fanizza, P.A. updated their phone number.

Law Offices of Joanne Fanizza, P.A. updated their phone number.

[12/22/20]   Happy Holidays from the Law Offices of Joanne Fanizza, P.A.! I wish all of my clients, vendors, colleagues, friends, family and other loved ones a (belated) Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and (early) Happy Kwanzaa! And may 2021 be an improvement over 2020's challenges.

My office will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, to reopen on Monday, December 28th. We will be open through about 3 p.m. on New Year's Eve, then closed again until Monday, January 4, 2021.

Please do not hesitate to call if you need our services: 631-647-9595. And in the meantime, enjoy the best possible holiday season you can have under these limiting circumstances.

Factbox-What's in the $900 billion U.S. COVID-19 aid package? 12/21/2020

Factbox-What's in the $900 billion U.S. COVID-19 aid package?

Factbox-What's in the $900 billion U.S. COVID-19 aid package?


Clients, friends and other loved ones who live in New York: It is time to apply for your property tax exemptions, in order to reduce your very high property taxes. This is a good time to review your current tax bill, make sure you're receiving all the exemptions to which you are entitled, and if you may be entitled to more, to apply for new, additional ones. Following is a list of property tax exemptions available, as provided by the office of Oyster Bay Town Receiver of Taxes, Jeffrey Pravato:

1. STAR (School Tax Relief) Exemption or Credit: Homeowners may apply for ONE benefit for school tax relief, no matter how many properties they own. All primary residence owners with incomes below $500,000/year are entitled to a Basic STAR exemption. Senior citizens (65 or older) whose annual income does not exceed $90,550 may be eligible for Enhanced STAR.

If you were not enrolled in the STAR program prior to 1/2/2015, your STAR credit will be issued in the form of a refund check from New York State, rather than a reduction on your tax bill. And you must apply for this exemption with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance to confirm eligibility. or call 1-518-457-2036.

2. Senior Citizens' Real Property Tax Exemption: Seniors whose income is less than $37,400 can have their property taxes reduced by between 5 and 50 percent, depending on their income. Seniors must be 65 or older, own the property for at least 12 consecutive months, and must occupy and use the property as their primary residence.

3. Veterans' Real Property Tax Exemption: Veterans who served active duty during any declared war can file for Alternative or Eligible Funds Veterans Exemption. Those who served in combat areas or who are service-disabled will receive an additional benefit. TOBAY participates in the Cold War Veterans Exemption as well. Spouses, unremarried surviving spouses and Gold Star parents may also be eligible.

4. Home Improvement Property Tax Exemption: This is an 8-year decreasing exemption on county, town and special district taxes for permitted alterations, reconstruction or improvements that increase the assessed value of a one- or two-family home. Home improvement value must be at least $3,000 and increased market value is capped at $80,000. The project must be completed before an exemption is allowed.

5. Home Improvement Tax Reduction for Physically Disabled: Improvements that serve to facilitate the use and accessibility of a one-, two- or three-family residence occupied by a disabled resident are also subject to exemption, and remain on the property as long as the disabled resident lives there. The exemption is equal to the amount of increase in value of the property attributable to the accessibility improvements made.

6. Exemption for Persons with Limited Incomes and Disabilities: Disabled residents whose annual income does not exceed $37,400 may receive up to 50 percent reduction on property taxes. Disability must be documented, the property must be used exclusively for residential purposes and be the legal residence of the disabled person. All owners must be persons with disabilities, but exemptions are made in cases of siblings and spouses.

7. Volunteer firefighters/Ambulance Workers: Enrolled members of a volunteer fire company, department or ambulance service who live in their department's city and who have at least 5 years of certified service may qualify for a reduction in taxes on their primary residence. Members with more than 20 years of volunteer service may qualify for a lifetime exemption. The exemption equals 10 percent of the assessed value of the property.

Our property taxes are among the highest in the country. Be sure you receive all the property tax exemptions to which you are entitled! If you need more information, go to, or call the Nassau County Department of Assessment at 516-571-1500. DEADLINE FOR FILING IS JANUARY 4, 2021.

[10/30/20]   This year it is more important than ever for everyone to get a flu shot -- especially our seniors! Public health officials are recommending flu shots to keep all of us as immune as possible while COVID-19 continues to rage. This is especially important until a vaccine for COVID is granted and available for public consumption.

As you may know, flu shots are FREE under Obamacare (PPACA, or the Affordable Care Act). Many pharmacies such as Walgreen's and CVS give flu shots "on the spot" -- just walk in. (That's how I get mine every year.) The Town of Oyster Bay is offering free flu shots in partnership with NuHealth (Nassau University Medical Center) on Monday, November 2nd, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Ice Skating Center, 1001 Stewart Ave., Bethpage. No appointment is necessary.

For seniors whose respiratory systems may be vulnerable, please also ask your doctor about getting a pneumonia shot. And for those who have had chickenpox as a child, you should also talk to your health care provider about getting shingles shots.

Stay healthy this winter by doing your part!



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We are a two-state practice, with offices in , NY (primary) and Fort Lauderdale, FL (secondary). We practice in the areas of elder law, estate planning and administration, real estate, corporate and commercial law, and litigation (in NY only). Some of our specialties, in addition to the above, include civil rights litigation, First Amendment and media law. We love what we do! Please visit our website at Location and phone for the , NY, office are listed above. The Fort Lauderdale office is located at 2631 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 205, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 (954) 565-5445.

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