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UNDO almost anything
See the Desktop
System Information window

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#windows_tips, #system_information, #Undo

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FREE Windows SUPER TIPS UNDO almost anything See the Desktop System Information window Please share and like #windows_tips, #system_information, #Undo

Playing Facebook Videos in HD
Playing Facebook Videos in HD...The Quality of Facebook videos has degraded quite a bit over the last few months. I have been using 2 programs to clear up the videos and upload them in the highest possible quality. This latest video shows you how to turn on HD so you can view them in the best possible quality that Facebook will allow you at any given time. (it does depend on the time, bandwidth and how many videos are playing at any given time in Facebook). Don't forget to like our page at Website: #facebookvideos #playingvideos #uploadingvideos #facebookvideoquality

Turn off Windows 10 auto reboot after update and Chome bookmar...
How to turn off Auto Reboot after Windows 10 does an update and Remove wording on Chrome bookmark bar. Tel: 815-385-4510 or Message anytime Facebook: Website: htt:// Instagram: #windows10autoreboot #chromebookmarks #windows10 #allinonecomputerMcHenry

Update CCLEANER without opening the program
There has been some confusion on how to update ccleaner without opening it as that will cause the malware to open and infect your computer. This video will show you exactly how using CHROME. The site to download it is BUT watch the video as it will show you what to click on. You can call me 815-385-4510 or message me if you have a question. #ccleaner #allinonecomputer #computermalware #computerrepair #ccleanervirus

Google Chrome tips
Awesome #Google #Chrome #tips Use Chrome as text editor: type in address bar-data:text/html, Add link to Chrome bar: highlight text-drag to bar Don't have bar showing: click on 3 dots-bookmarks-show bookmark bar Change link name: right-click on the name-edit-change name Enlarge text: Hold Ctrl-and mouse ball up or down Do a barrel roll - type it in google search Video's are at or

Get 1000's of #Free #Amazon Books for any device including #Ki...
#Free 1000's of #Amazon #Books. Short tutorial on how to get FREE books for your #Kindle, or tablet or your phone. Watch the video and Read to your hearts content.....

Update #ccleaner faster, #clean #temporary# files
By Request How to Update Ccleaner fast.. Easy way to #update #ccleaner instead of using their update tool. This bypasses all the BUY NOW features. Visit our free page at or click on Please watch the video to see how easy it is.

How to Search a Friend's timeline or search a group
How to #Search a friend's #timeline or a #Facebook #Group.

Clean out computer by All In One Computer Repair, McHenry IL. ...
Clean out #computer #temporary #files by All In One Computer Repair, McHenry IL. Easiest way to speed up computer, stop malware and virus from exploding Check out next video on blocking ads. Share and visit our website at

#SSD Hard Drives - What you need to know when you buy your next #computer.