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Storytime is back!! Starting Saturday April 2nd @ 11am
What do these books have in common?
They are all finalists for the Barnes & Noble Children's Book Award!

Come by and check out our display.
Snow days are the best reading days ❄️
It feels like Monday, but we swear it’s New Release Tuesday 📚
Many thanks to all who came to our store for our 50% Hardcover Bonanza. Just to let you know, We still have tons of 50%, 40%, 20% books and coming soon-- lots of last chance toys and games all at reduced prices.
You asked for it!! 50% Hardcover Sale extended again thru. Wednesday 12/29!!
Can you believe it? 50% Mega Hardcover Sale has been extended through Tuesday December 30th. You have another whole day to decide what great Hardcovers to buy...
Now is the time to buy, buy, buy>>>>
Join us for a wonderful reading of the timeless classic Polar Express.
Stop by Barnes & Noble in Massapequa Park and tell us you attended the virtual storytime and pick up a free Polar Express ornament, Bell, or Post Card to send to Santa! - quantities are limited.
For 35 years, the magic of the holidays has been brought home through the wonder of
THE POLAR EXPRESS and now, more than ever, we need that kind of enchantment.
To celebrate, we are hosting online through our stores on December 3rd at
11 am. Relive the magic of the classic
story on a magical trip to the North Pole with us.
Our two new favorite picture books are fun for the whole family, and pairing them with the Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Frappuccino makes you one SMART COOKIE 😋🍪 (If you need some more enticement, the teacher’s name in The Smart Cookie is Ms. Biscotti 😂 Need we say more?)

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We hit you with our Black Friday deals all weekend long ... are you ready for our deals?

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If you have a book lover in your life, we have books! Specifically Barnes & Noble Exclusive Editions. Sprayed edges, extra content - all you need to do is wrap one up.⁠

These are the gifts of which they dream!⁠

Also - when you spend $100 on gift cards in stores and online, you get a $10 gift card of your very own. Who knows what you'll do with $10?

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“I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood. And you know, nobody was expected to be a novelist—that was not a thing, that was not a choice in my neighborhood. And when I made that choice, it was very strange to people. And it was a really hard thing for people to accept and my father and my grandfather did not understand that at all. And they discouraged me. But then once I succeeded, they really claimed that and my grandfather would tell everyone…”

Listen in when Matthew Quick (The Silver Linings Playbook) joins guest host Allyson Gavaletz on Poured Over to talk about his new novel, We Are the Light, along with breaking cycles, writer’s block, connecting with people, collective trauma, running, Jungian analysis, the books and writers he loves to teach, his literary influences, what’s next for him and more.

Catch Poured Over wherever you listen to podcasts, stream from the B&N Reads blog, or wacth on B&N's YouTube channel.

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Reader Press

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Black Friday continues ...

50% off the biggest titles that someone you love is going to want to unwrap during the holidays! Come into your local B&N or hop online to get the deals that will make gift giving this season a little easier on the old wallet.

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Black Friday deals are happening! ⁠

Come into your local B&N and see the titles offered at 50% off. There are hundreds of books just waiting for you starting today and all weekend long*. ⁠

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Grab a throw, read a book, eat some pie and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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“…One of the ways you can get into my cast of characters is by leaving a very detailed written record. Because that's what we historians have to work from, you're not allowed to make stuff up like a novelist can….And of course, it skews to some extent the way history is written. Because the rich leave more records than the poor, men leave more records than women, white people leave more records than Black and so on.”

Listen in tomorrow when Adam Hochschild (King Leopold’s Ghost) joins us on the show to talk about his latest book, American Midnight: The Great War, a Violent Peace, and Democracy’s Forgotten Crisis. Hochschild connects the dots between our America and an all-too familiar America of a century ago, riffing on power and deception, Woodrow Wilson’s legacy, undercover agents, labor organizers, the espionage act, what’s next for him and much more with Poured Over’s host, Miwa Messer.

Catch Poured Over wherever you listen to podcasts, stream from the B&N Reads blog, or watch on B&N's YouTube channel.

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You ready for Black Friday? These authors are. Set your clock to 8 am and get to your stores before they sell out of these and many more of our Black Friday Signed Editions!


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…When I was a kid, I was super, super geeky, it was so nerdy. And all I read was dragon books, or ghost books, or elf books…someone tried to give me a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, and I just remember thinking, Where are the dragons? And when I went to do my doctorate in creative writing and literature—especially at the time, and even now, they kind of steamroll that out of you, they sort of train you to think that there are two things called literary and genre…if you're a good writer, and smart, you write literary. (Later on, I came to understand, that just meant realism.) And that literary was a series of conventions that had nothing to do with genre. And then I just missed—I really desperately missed [genre]—especially horror, because it's something that's able to marry the darker, more realistic, gritty parts of fiction that I love so much, with kind of the nerdy stuff like ghosts and monsters.

An urban Native of Apache/Chickasaw/Cherokee descent, writer T. Wurth joins Poured Over guest host Alyson Gavaletz to take readers behind the scenes of her fabulous new novel, White Horse, and talk about her own family’s story, clairvoyance, nostalgia, heavy metal music, finding comfort in reading horror, her favorite contemporary horror writers and much more.

Catch Poured Over wherever you listen to podcasts, stream from the B&N Reads blog, or watch on B&N's YouTube channel.

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These Black Friday Signed Editions are so good! Stop in your local store and grab a copy before they’re gone.


It’s coming on Black Friday and from B&N? That means Black Friday Signed Editions. These authors signed books and so many more will be in our stores starting Friday, November 25th. Once they’re gone though? They’re gone!


Look who also has a Black Friday Sales Edition only in Barnes & Noble?

Ralph Macchio is who!




It’s coming on Black Friday and from B&N? That means Black Friday Signed Editions. These authors signed books and so many more will be in our stores starting Friday, November 25th. Once they’re gone though? They’re gone!


It’s coming on Black Friday and from B&N? That means Black Friday Signed Editions. These authors and so many more will be in our stores starting Friday, November 25th. Once they’re gone though? They’re gone!


Today is National Absurdity Day -- absurd we know. However, the only thing to do with it is to celebrate the King of Comedy himself, Mr. Mel Brooks. You know him, you love him and if you don't? That's on you.

For anyone who loves American comedy, ALL ABOUT ME is the book for you. In it you'll get the never-before-told, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and remembrances from a master storyteller, filmmaker, and creator of all things funny.

Why are we still talking? Here's Mr. Brooks giving you the DL now.

Pick up ALL ABOUT ME in your local B&N today.

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It’s Native American Heritage Month. As a direct descendant of the Apache Tribe, I am deeply connected to Darcy Little Badger’s work. In particular as someone who identifies as q***r, I am drawn to her work. Stephen Graham Jones is another Native author whose work I adore as I’m a huge fan of the horror genre.
These are just two incredible Native writers that I’m featuring as part of Native American Heritage month. Now is a great time to discover Native authors and discover your favorites. - Mando, B&N Bellingham, WA

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Apparently today is National Have a Bad Day Day but, folks, there is no room for any kind of emotion today except for EXCITEMENT! because THE PIGEON WILL RIDE THE ROLLER COASTER!

Have you gotten your copy of latest in the Pigeon's high-jinks series by Mr. Mo Willems?

Well, do yourself a favor and grab your copy today.

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“They're rooted in our culture as well. And because of all that, I think they feel a little bit more real, even though they are fantastical magical realms…and there's also this timeless quality in a way as well….I do think also there is a lot of room for imagination to grow in these stories.”

LIsten in as Sue Lynn Tan joins Poured Over guest host Kat Sarfas to take readers behind the scenes of her latest epic, Heart of the Sun Warrior, the stunning sequel to Daughter of the Moon Goddess, from world-building, favorite characters, resilience, to celebrating the mid-Autumn festival, what’s next and much more.

Catch Poured Over on your favorite podcast app, stream from the B&N Reads blog, or watch on B&N's YouTube channel.



Beginning today and ending SUNDAY the 20th, grab some holiday (or personal) gifts now as it's VINYL WEEKEND!

We have at 10% off (in store and online), 25% off all Turntables (in store only) & if you're all, B&N, I do not want to leave my HOUSE, we have some select turntables discounted online as well. However, if you do leave your house to pick up one of our Exclusive Vinyls, you'll get a free tote bag with the purchase.

Spin those records for less!

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“We are writing our stories to the world, as opposed to just reading the old stories. And somehow, some way accidentally, intentionally, desperately on the case and caught off guard. Art is life captures this huge sweep and ends where about we are now in the present—which is an epic place as well.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jerry Saltz (How to Be An Artist) is consistently one of the smartest, freshest and liveliest voices in art criticism and he joins us on Poured Over to talk about his new book, Art is Life, and his finger-on-the-pulse perspectives of the art world, including: how art history is being rewritten, the problematic intricacies of the art market, the absolute need for museums and galleries to adapt to the current social climate, the evolution of art critique in social media and much more with
guest host Allie Ludlow.

Catch Poured Over on your favorite podcast app, stream from the B&N Reads blog, or watch on B&N's YouTube channel.


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Congratulations to all of the nominees of the 2022 National Book Awards! There were so many incredible books nominated that it seems impossible to have been able to pick out just one winner in each category.

Cheers to the winners; Sabaa Tahir, Samanta Schweblin, Megan McDowell, John Keene, Imani Perry and Tess Gunty.

Until next year!

Read all about the night here on B&N Reads:

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Our Monthly Fiction Pick, THE STOLEN BOOK OF EVELYN AUBREY by Serena Burdick, has everything!

Mystery? ✔️
Suspense?? ✔️✔️
Intrigue??? ✔️✔️✔️

It tells the story of literary secrets, a family curse and the lengths women will go to take charge of their future all while making you forget anything else that's going on in the real world.

It's a perfect read on the trip home as you grapple with your own family or you may decide to skip out on all your own drama together in favor of reading about someone else's.




“I'm really driven by poetry. I'm really driven by language. But also, I'm driven by a desire to connect with the people. So I could have been a teacher. I could have been a politician. I could have been anyone that communicates with people verbally because I liked that. I wound up a performer, but it was all rooted in poetry. And as a book person, I have loved books since I was a toddler.”

Writer, performer, National Book Award Winner (Just Kids), Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Patti Smith joins us on the show to take us behind the scenes of A Book of Days, connecting with readers, taking the pictures she wants to take (and leaving the rest to others), her love of mathematics, paying attention to marginalia in books, Arianna Grande and Harry Styles, Keanu Reeves (and the John Wick movies), dancing to pop music and much more with Poured Over’s host Miwa Messer.

Catch Poured Over on your favorite podcast app, stream from the B&N Reads blog, or watch on B&N's YouTube channel.



Former First Lady Michelle Obama shares practical wisdom and powerful strategies for staying hopeful and balanced in today's highly uncertain world.

Drawing from her experiences as a mother, daughter, spouse, friend and First Lady, she shares the habits and principles she has developed to successfully adapt to change and overcome various obstacles — the earned wisdom that helps her continue to "become."


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Oh, Hello!

Just your favorite book store inviting to join us tomorrow, November 15th @ 3 PM EST for our . This week, we're hosting New York Times bestselling author, Anthony Horowitz, in conversation with Lucy Foley, to discuss his fourth literary whodunit THE TWIST OF A KNIFE.

You must register on Eventbrite to join this event, the link is handily located in our 🔗 in bio! BONUS!: Anthony will also discuss the Magpie Murders TV series, an adaptation of the bestselling book by Horowitz himself that premieres on PBS MASTERPIECE.

Timeline photos 11/14/2022

An act of translation is always an act of betrayal. R.F. Kuang's BABEL has won the Barnes & Nobles Speculative Fiction Book Award for 2022!

Journey with Robin Swift throughout the world of linguistics and silver housed in Babel, a prestigious and exclusive school housed within Oxford. Robin's 19th century England is reminiscent of what you might know of it from history class: imperialism, industrialism, and class struggles plague the country. Robin and his cohort understand their intersectional identities through their study at Babel: should they let themselves be used to enjoy a comfortable life, or do they use their language skills to defy colonialism and help uplift others? Language is a futile weapon in this novel, proving itself a deserving winner of the Speculative fiction Book Award.

Thank you Ms. Kuang for showing us all this incredible world and challenging readers to understand their own a bit better.

"That's just what translation is, I think. That's all speaking is. Listening to the other and trying to see past your own biases to glimpse what they're trying to say. Showing yourself to the world, and hoping someone else understands."


Timeline photos 11/13/2022

This has been an incredible year for Indigenous writers and we've gathered the best as well as from years gone by in B&N Reads. There is poetry, fiction, non-fiction and storybooks that will give you plenty to consume as we continue to celebrate National Native American Heritage Month.

"Remember to walk a mile in his moccasins
And remember the lessons of humanity taught to you by your elders.
We will be known forever by the tracks we leave In other people’s lives, our kindnesses and generosity." - Mary T. Lathrap


Open the door and re-explore the amazing world of C.S. Lewis's THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, the second book in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA.

This classic fantasy series has been captivating readers of all ages with its magical land and unforgettable characters for over sixty years.

Whether it's your first time or your sixth, it's the perfect time to jump into Narnia.

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“It's hard to be funny, you can't really plan on—you don't know what will land with people…. absurdity just exists constantly in the world that we live in. And to my mind, the humor comes from the way different people traverse absurdity, how they try to normalize it, or how they freak out because they want to build their own weirdness on top of it. And so for me, that's where I get a lot of the humor, just the different ways that people respond to the absurdity around them.” -- Kevin WIlson on Poured Over

Kevin WIlson (Nothing to See Here and The Family Fang) is one of our very favorite writers and he joins us on Poured Over to riff on Now is Not the Time to Panic, his new novel about family, friendship and art, plus rural spaces, pre-internet life, rewriting, balancing fatherhood and career, his literary influences and much more with host Miwa Mesesr.

Catch Poured Over on your favorite podcast app, stream form teh B&N Reads blog, or watch on B&N's YouTube channel.

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"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost." -Arthur Ashe

Thank you Veterans.

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