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hello everyone. My coloringbook is now available on amazon if your interested. Go check it out.

Cancer Tarot Reading 08/25

Your life is evolving. You’re determined to pursue som**hing you feel good about. You’re taking it seriously and foolishness won’t be tolerated. It could be about helping others in a compassionate way. This is possibly the path you’re here to follow.
Reject your idea of who you used to be. That version of yourself doesn’t exist and never did. You’re possibly too hard on yourself and believe your past mistakes define you, they dont. You must learn to love that you are unable to just conform to what society expects of you. You will make your own way in life.
You are capable of much more than you believe you are. Your potential lies just below the surface. Release all the fears surrounding your success. None of the anxiety has a basis in reality. If you become overwhelmed, ask for help, no one will step up if they don’t know you need them.
If you don’t already know. You will learn that loss and failure are a necessary thing for you to grow and evolve. You will make new opportunities for yourself with every setback. don’t give up. Learn everything you can from every experience.
Gemini Tarot Reading 08/24

you followed through on your commitment to self-development and have achieved your goals.
The need for power, you don’t have to win every argument, your need to be right could make you end up alone.
Stay in the moment. Enjoy your happiness while you have it. Nothing lasts forever.
You’ll be able to balance responsibility and pleasure and achieve abundance for yourself and those who live after your gone.
Ta**us Tarot Reading 08/24

Someone may have needed to loose what they had to realize how important it was to them. They learned their lesson and are finding it hard to ask for forgiveness.
Believing you need to be in a relationship to be happy.
Truth will bring two parties back together in a committed romantic relationship.
Someone will hold on to heartache, and that is the beginning of the end of the relationship.
Aries Tarot Reading 08/24

There is calm and peaceful energy in a nurturing romantic relationship

Feeling the need to control the balance of emotion your feeling

Learn a new way to handle your emotions.

You’ll be prepared to communicate your truth from all perspectives, and abandon anything that no longer serves you.
Come check out all that My Happy Place has to offer. We are also doing $10 card readings outside!
Fun Day Friday !

It’s been awhile since we have mentioned My Happy Place.
We had a few of their beautiful crystals at our salon on top of our shampoo bowls.

( creek photography )
Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift id recommended this planer its trakes emotions so find out where your trigger. It also has pages in the front to write goals and so much more
Come cheack out my happy place you qont regret working with Lucinda McAley she great at reikki and helping you with energy and health mind set!!!!
For months I haven't been remembering any of my dreams. Lucinda McAley did a quick shortened version of access bars on me on Friday and I've remembered 3 dreams since then! Amazing!!
Eightness on TikTok 12/02/2022

Eightness on TikTok

Eightness on TikTok proof of the human soul #30


Just because you go to church once a week that doesn't forgive all the judgement and negative words and energy you have put on your neighbor, brother , or sister. God is Unconditional Love which is the answer to every thing. Loving all of you Unconditionally🙏❤️😇


Who feels this ?


Hello Everyone, Exciting News I had My first client in My new space.


Hello all you beautiful people!! I know you haven't heard from since closing the Store Front. So many changes since then. I no longer work at the Hannah Center, don't have the store. I have had alot of time to think and feel where I'm supposed to be. So as many of you have been waiting for Me to come back to healing I had to do some of My own first. So I hope to be putting more posts out. Hopefully exciting new news. So please keep Me in Your prayers and continue to push light and unconditional Love on Me as I begin to open new doors.

Photos from My Happy Place's post 08/20/2022

Check out the craft and Vendor fair in Dexterville starting at 9 am Today.

When I tell people I have a blessed life this is what I mean. I'm surrounded by beauty I see God's Magic every day. Let Me give a shout out to Taylor , She has been a friend of Mine for a few years we meet as friends of friends. When I tell you I have seen beauty from Ashes This wonderful Women while raising twins, single parent, working Full time and holding that job down for years. Has Managed with a friend to build a business. Using som**hing that brings her joy putting Love into her products.

Photos from My Happy Place's post 08/20/2022

Check out Zar Tay's New products at Dexterville from 9am -3 pm today Saturday.
This is their first Public Sale so check out their cool , beautiful Zen like gifts.
I have been blessed to watch this business grow from just a thought.

Tim | Life Breakthrough Coach on TikTok 08/15/2022

Tim | Life Breakthrough Coach on TikTok

Tim | Life Breakthrough Coach on TikTok Master your mind master your world

that_johnmfhobbs_2.0 on TikTok 08/03/2022

that_johnmfhobbs_2.0 on TikTok

For those of you who have been wondering what's Next for me ?
I can tell you it's mind-blowing quantum wellness and healing has no limits. Watch this video and ask yourself Why ? Why doesn't everyone know about this.
I will be posting more videos on different parts of quantum wellness and healing.
Keep following Me for More.
I'm planning for Sept 1 as My launch date of this new service.
I'm so excited to share what I have known and now have the science to match it.

that_johnmfhobbs_2.0 on TikTok with wholeness wholsome soul sol sun ra 1 innerstanding understanding and overstanding as above sew to below! To convine to join to connect.. so we are earth we are god we are life we are creation energy… the laziness is choice in free will! Ofended im not....


This is the absolute truth.


I have had so many amazing people reach out and ask how am I doing?
I'm good, I don't think I would be doing as well if I didn't have other doors open recently. As some of you may know I still work at the Hannah Center a huge blessing in My life, I recently took a position as property manager for a company. Sept 1 My plan is to begin offering quantum wellness sessions witch are mind-blowing,have My classes ready to roll out and begin to focus on teaching Reiki,hands on healing, Building intuition, Positive mindset, Group Share, I'm truly excited to be able to focus on what I love and that is Teaching people Unconditional Love for themselves as well as the world. This is NOT


Good Morning Beautiful People
It's finally here The LAST Day of
My Happy Place @ 405 S. Central
EVERYTHING has to GO furniture, Decor, merchandise .


My Happy palace will be open at 3 today to shop or
If you want to help sort and pack stuff feel free to stop down
Only 3 more days


Mother shares a unique maternal bond with gorilla 😭❤️

Good Morning Beautiful People, I needed a reminder of the Love in the world and this showed up. I felt so much Love in this video.


Faith True Faith

💋♥️ Carmen P ♥️💋 on TikTok 07/23/2022

💋♥️ Carmen P ♥️💋 on TikTok

It's not always easy doing what's RIGHT !!! People get hurt feeling and but that's just because they are not ready to level up and do the work have the faith that doing what's right may not be easy but it is necessary for your growth. Lies are poison, everytime you don't tell the truth you are holding yourself back 10 fold. I would not be a good example if I didn't cut people out of my life who have stole from Me, did not love themselves and have faith to do what's right. Sending extra prays over them, because what is coming to Me for cutting them loose Is pure Healthy, healing abundance!!! I am ready I have been patience I have done My work. Know by helping yourself you are helping them even if they don't see it, many Blessings and always Love unconditionaly.

💋♥️ Carmen P ♥️💋 on TikTok


I was out of Town for training yesterday!!!
Keep watching for all the new things I will be offering.
We will be with out a store front by
Aug 1


Ohh what a beautiful place this could be. I offten talk of the damage parents don't know they are doing to their children when they tell them to over ride thier intuition. If you child feels uncomfortable hugging or kissing or talking to a person please do not force them to do these acts. Instead have a conversation with tm about their feelings and do not make them feel like what they are feeling is wrong.vapen up communication. What your doing is teaching your child to not listen to those icky feelings. So when that are adult they get those feeling and they associate thier parent thier safe person who we are to trust that what you feel is unsafe your parents tach you to walk in to that situation anyways.


My Happy Place Will open at 9am Today !


July 21
I will be taking
Appointments For
In person Sessions
Access Bars
Life Coaching
Intuitive Readings
Text or Message Me in FB.


I will be Doing Hands on Sessions
1 Day a week
I'm available for
Phone or Video any day or time.


I have a surprise for you, Special last minute deal today!!!! My marketing consultant kindly offered to work my store today, which means even bigger discounts than stated. Up to 90% off 😱 or ,have some business questions ? Come on down and get them answered free of charge.

Have a blessed day 😁🥰

Ps. Walk in and say the magic phrase, today is a wonderful day, and get a free item plus extra savings.

SHE IS | Nicole Kristan 07/05/2022

SHE IS | Nicole Kristan

Please check out Nicole's event this Weekend. She is an absolutely spectacular woman. She has such vision and works from kindness and Love.

SHE IS | Nicole Kristan Being paralyzed in your mind is far worse than being paralyzed in your body; Nicole Johnson has experience with both. Life is far from squeaky clean. It is messy, imperfect & beautiful. Nicole inspires her audience to create the life they fully dream of, getting out of the “should” to DO what th...

♾ Sahndra💖Inspired ♾ on TikTok 06/30/2022

♾ Sahndra💖Inspired ♾ on TikTok

Congratulations to all of you that have been doing the very hard work on yourself. I have been so blessed to witness many of you helping others to raise their vibration as well. We have tipped the scales to 51% what does that mean it means white light is getting stronger. Keep on going and sharing your healings with others, Unconditional Love is the answer.

♾ Sahndra💖Inspired ♾ on TikTok with Sound cut out last time…but very important…please listen!


Overthinking as a positive


The is a message for who ever sees it , it is ment for you.
Warning the storm is coming. When you are grounded and solid in faith in the universe and yourself. You will know We will bend we will not break. Much like the tree of life knows it's roots and purpose so should We. The storm may take out a few weak branches or almost dead branches but it is just making room for the growth of the new ones. I will do a video on this later but had to get it in writing so I didn't forget it lol


Please don't take this as a political message,this is 100% for all of humanity. United We Stand Divided We Will fall. Unconditional Love for all is the only answer.

Luke McFarland on TikTok 06/22/2022

Luke McFarland on TikTok

Your brain is the most powerful thing in the Universe, Set it free.

Luke McFarland on TikTok Realise you've been indoctrinated.


We all know I Love the Hannah Center they all family to Me every last one of them.
I excited to share this offer with you what a deal and opportunity to support The Hannah Center and have some great family fun at the same time.
$18 ticket For July 12th game.
-1 Reserved Seat
-1 Rafters hat
-1 Hot dog
-1 Fountain drink
-1 Awesome Family Night Memories
Promo Code: HANNAH
Rafters Ticket Number


So as Many of you know Im getting out of the retail part of My Happy Place.
I'm going to promoting My services more.
I super excited to letting go of the retail, store front and focusing on New services and teachings.
With that I will be switching to a base rate for all my service not the classes unless it's private classes where I work with you one on one with you intuition.
I will be doing readings for Wedding's, Family events, company events, small groups at you home, Bachelorette parties, and as always one on one sessions.
I will be setting all services at one base rate of $77.11 / hour
Yes that is also the last 4 digits of My Phone number.


Button, Button who's got the Button ?Ok Im sure I just gave away the fact that I'm not in my 20's Lol this came to my head as I was creating this post. Who remembers that game lol

Anyways on to the reason I'm posting. I'm not sure if I put this out there.
I created some new buttons in My services.
1 Is a free 30 min consultation, or what I call a meet and greet. We meet I talk a little about what I do how it works. Which services will work best for you and answer any questions for you at that time.

The 2nd is a button to shop the store front. Please use these buttons, It's difficult as 1 person who is involved in many things. I also welcome a quick text to ask if I can meet you at the store.
I understand this isn't like a normal business,but hey We all know I'm not a normal 9-5 person or I wouldn't be doing what I do.
Love and light.


Black light tapestry $25 not part of the Clearance Items only sold through
My Happy Place Facebook

I only have 3 in stock

So in the comments below or private message Me telling Me you want one of these beautiful works of glowing art.

TexasWhenIDie on TikTok 06/19/2022

TexasWhenIDie on TikTok

This is one of the things I help you work through in Reiki sessions. Access Bars is amazing for these thought or memories.
So this was just an example of the kind of things that we remember and hold on to that We let stop us from doing amazing things.
I hope to find one of more generalized statements.
I can't tell you how many times through the guidance of spirit, and the openness of clients We work together on traumas.
You would not believe how many times 30, 40,50+ year old people can tell me the exact words said to them in their childhood typically 12 and under. They have been carrying that with them for all these years. I'm sure We can all think of a thing or 2 from our childhood that We believed about ourselves because someone told Us this.
Please be kind when you speak to others, even more so when you speak to yourself.

TexasWhenIDie on TikTok with those comments sit deep in your soul for a long time. #


How quick things can change when you open up to bigger things.

philsmypharmacist on TikTok 06/19/2022

philsmypharmacist on TikTok

philsmypharmacist on TikTok Do good be good

on TikTok 06/18/2022

on TikTok

Lightworkers everyone please watch this keep in mind the only answer is always unconditional love.

on TikTok See the Playlist for more videos on how this relates to white animals as messengers of

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Faith True Faith
Overthinking as a positive
How quick things can change when you open up to bigger things.
Welcome to My Happy Place
This totally explains Me Love how Tic-Toc knows Me better than I know Me.
Just wanted to share This , Remember it's your choice how you react to situations.





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