PETAL cupcakery

Cupcakes and comestibles, in West Friendship, MD. A home bakery business, providing beautiful buttercream flower decorated cupcakes for your special occasion.

Just west of Ellicott City, 15 minuts NW of Columbia MD Perfect for Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Girls Nites, House Warming, Event Centerpieces, Tailgates, Anniversaries, Holiday Centerpieces, Desserts Anytime. We do not have gluten free, sugar free, or vegan options. Our current flavors are Vanilla-Almond White Cake, and Dark Chocolate.

Operating as usual


Sunflower cupcakes made last year, posting now in solidarity with Ukraine and its lovely people.

I do appreciate the links I'm being sent for long term housing but with the competition from much renters with much better renting qualifications, it isn't worth trying. Maybe this winter, when supply is higher than demand. Right now I am helping to care for my father, who has dementia and needs just a little oversight and assistance.

PETAL cupcakery updated their business hours. 01/21/2022

PETAL cupcakery updated their business hours.

PETAL cupcakery updated their business hours.


Can't believe I almost missed #nationalcupcakeday

Looking at all the beautiful photos in my feed, it now feels like it was all a dream.

Unfortunately I suffered another round of Covid-19 in September - October, so I have not made any progress in getting back to baking. I so wish I could just click my heels together, and have a home and a kitchen and be trotting down my stairs to greet you, boxes and bags filled with happiness in hand.

I think of you all often and hope that you are well.


I've made a decision
I will be staying in Howard County MD for the winter. Even though it will take a good deal of work to ready a place to produce cupcakes, I am so much less anxious just having this settled. As much as I miss you all, and regret the opportunities I will miss to network and collaborate - my rental experience in OCMD was so unexpectedly traumatic that I can't seem to make myself rent again. This is just the right thing to do for now.

Next week as the temps go down, work will begin in earnest on my setup. I will be out of town mid-September. I'm confident that I'll be baking by October if not before.


With summer waning day by day - I am making one last attempt to come back to the area. Looking for safe, legal, mold-free housing (1BR is even okay) where I can live and bake within 30 minutes of downtown OCMD. (Not Salisbury...)

My bounty is still up - anyone who finds me a place gets a cupcake order for free every month I'm there.

My place needs to be convenient to my clients to pick up from. I don't have landlord references and my credit was damaged by the recession 10 years ago, so I'm looking for that special property owner who *really really* wants the best cupcakes in OCMD to come back!

I miss all of you. I've been doing balloon twisting and face painting at Food Truck Nites in the area to pass the time, but nothing gives me the pleasure I got pleasing hearts and palates of the most wonderful people in the world


I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. It was lovely to get a bit of sun along with all the other weather this weekend ☀️😍😉☔❄️😎🤣


Had a little hiccup in my Howard County kitchen facility hook-up. Working on a Plan B, it will be another week I'm sure, before I can even think about production.

Just wanted to check in, I know I'm disappointed to not be making Mother's Day goodness this year, for sure. Apologies to all who were waiting for orders to open.


Good news, Petal Pushers!

Looks like I've got a place to bake in Howard County, MD now. And... It's a commercial kitchen! That means I can branch into fillings, liquor infusions, and be able to use my Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing recipe if I so choose. (and make more money...)

Of course I would appreciate it if my OCMD contingent could look out for a nicely situated off-season rental for me, so I can serve you more conveniently. Right now - it's good to be "home" amongst the green trees.

Trying to come up with a feasibility plan to do deliveries but it will be tough. (six hour round trip, gasoline, trailer purchase...). I have an entertainment gig up here on May 8th, Mother's Day weekend, so will be unavailable to deliver on the weekend.

I will open orders again as soon as I have an agreement in ink, next week.

Thank you!


There is a possibility that I may have to switch pages. (I am having password issues on my personal account, and I am the only administrator on this page and cannot add another).
Please go through the website for correspondence,, rather than Facebook Messenger.
My alternate business page is Bramble Hollow Baked Goods, if you must use Messenger.

Thank you!

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Tomorrow is my absolute last day doing cupcakes down here, then I'm trundling back to HoCo on Thursday. Glad it's not raining!

Wish me luck. Tomorrow I have to do a 12 cupcake bouqcake, a dozen boxed, and four 7 cupcake bouqcakes... and be packed and out by 9am Thursday.

Photos from PETAL cupcakery's post 04/24/2021

Getting a little verklempt, at the kindness and generosity of my clientele here in OCMD.
Making the most of my final week here


Due to a tremendous response in the last 24 hours - orders are now closed. Thank you!

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Special order. I felt a tad rusty today, but this turned out well!


**orders are now CLOSED**
Final call - I will be here through Wednesday, April 28th and am opening orders. Yes, if you get cupcakes on a Wednesday and keep them cool, they will be fine for the weekend ;).

I only have boxes for cupcakes by the dozen, and I can make bouqcakes of any size but please note that I only have a few of the deluxe gift boxes with me here as I have moved most of that back home.


I have this rogue half dozen available, 2 choc 4 white. $30 at the door.
Comment here as I don't always get notified on messenger.


Photos from PETAL cupcakery's post 04/12/2021

Today I was in the pink.
Tomorrow is back to paperwork, packing, phone calls, legal stuff... A real "Monday"! Much rather be icing cupcakes!

Photos from PETAL cupcakery's post 04/10/2021

Bleary-eyed and content, coffee in hand, after immersing myself in a decorating day yesterday. Feels like a real Saturday! (in my old life I'd have been prepping unicorns and packing the horse trailer RN).

Found this gem's worth of cupcakes still needing a home. I love this accidental color combo!



Happy Friday!
Anyone want my practice Bouqcake? Fresh and sassy and ready to party!
$40 at the door.

If you want cupcakes for tonight or tomorrow, send me a PM. I still have room.


Could anyone give a lady a hand please?
Before I leave town, I'd love to be able to get some reviews on Google (you have to be fairly local to leave a review).

It's easy! All you have to do is put "Petal Cupcakery" into Google on your web browser. On the bar under the business listing at the top of the page you will see a tab for "reviews". Click!

I'll be changing the address soon, so please leave me some stars!

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Opening orders for the next 7 days. I'm almost packed up, but I'm stuck here for another week!
That's good, right??
If no one orders, I'll be making up some to "drop" as I make them. My cupcakes freeze well!

Photos from PETAL cupcakery's post 04/04/2021

Ironic, that the holiday of rebirth and everlasting life would mark the end of my off-season stay here in OCMD.

I came here to "find myself" and heal after being brutally empty-nested/losing my living/ lease by Covid-19, and Long Haul Covid symptoms as well.

Sparing the ugly details of landlord harassment due to their "renters remorse", I was prostrated by the stress and suffered recurring sepsis and cellulitis because of it.

Then in January, I decided to play with my cake decorating kit, figuring if I couldn't heal - I could distract myself at least.

It was like a gong rang in heaven. Kismet! With every order, my faith in the human spirit renewed. Being here alone, far from family and friends, my van breaking down and then a violent crash... Cupcakes became my salvation.

So I will forge on, bouyed by your love and prayers, thoughts and cheers. I have loved being part of your stories. Your triumphs. Your generous gestures. Your good news and celebrations. I don't know the future but I remain ridiculously optimistic.

Stay tuned, my Petal Pushers! And let me know if you "know a guy who has a place". Budget is about $1100 a month (for year round).

Photos from PETAL cupcakery's post 04/03/2021

Fitting finish to a whirlwind few months. "Spring Fiesta"


How exciting to get these props tonight! I was too busy today (up and working since 5am) to get photos, myself.
No good news on the housing front. Planning on returning in October. Not sure where I will spend the summer, but will spend the spring in Howard County outfitting my minivan for full time living.


Orders are now closed. It will be an exciting few days of work through Saturday - it has taken me six hours just to build the boxes, tissue and cellophane for the bouqcakes I have in the order lineup.

Unless there is a miracle in the next few days, I will start packing to move back to central Maryland after Easter. I see some nicely priced rentals for October - May 15th coming up on the market, and that seems to be a more feasible model for a Cupcakery income to support.

Thank you all for your love and support and your business.


I'm loving this 19 Cupcake Bouqcake.
Nearly 6 lbs of cupcakey goodness.
Beautiful display which is sure the make quite the statement as a party centerpiece.

Easter orders are closed. Keep me in mind for your future events and client welcome packages.

Still looking for a long term rental to live and bake in. West O, Berlin, North Ocean City preferred, under $1400/mo. A year of free monthly Cupcakes to whomever hooks me up!

Photos from PETAL cupcakery's post 03/27/2021

Too busy to take pictures!
(good problems to have)


Hurrah! Looks like I can take orders through Easter Monday.

Let's get CUPCAKING!



let's get *cupcaking*!

Apologies if you see multiples of this post - glitchy day!


***I have a reprieve and can work through April 7th. Easter is saved!

(still ISO of a long term lease)

I got bombed with orders over the weekend, and at the same time am realizing that I need to free up my schedule in case I can move next month. I intend to fill my existing orders through Easter but don't want to take advance orders for any other dates.

If I get good news in the next week, you all will be the first to know!


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Purple cupcake bouquet from PETAL cupcakery


Cupcake Bouquets (bouqcakes) beautifully decorated with floral motifs and absolutely delicious. For any special occasion.




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