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Photos from Crafty Curl's post 10/22/2022

Quilt Restoration Step 5: complete!

It took just over a month to hand-quilt around the appliqués. The rest should go lots faster... Once I learn to use my new machine.

As I did the hand quilting, I realized how fragile the original purple fabric is. For the next step I plan to machine quilt the sashing and corners of the blocks to add stability.


A little paper-piecing project as I shuffle around all my sewing machines. Thanks to Lindsey K Musel for the lessons and The Fabric Stasher for the pattern!


No new pictures, but tonight I hit the 3/4 mark for hand-quilting on the restoration project. I started on August 28 with step 1. Step 5 (the one that is now 3/4 complete) was started on September 15. Each block takes approximately 2 hours to hand-quilt around the appliqué, so I figure I have about 18 hours into it right now. Three blocks to go!

I'm hoping to push through this week and finish this step, though I have a busy week ahead of me, including training on my new machine. With the delicate nature of this quilt, I plan to do some additional machine quilting.


Isn't she pretty? 😁😁😁

I can't wait until she & I are ready to roll!

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 10/04/2022

I'm adding a new tool to my sewing room! By the end of the month, I'll have longarm quilting capabilities!

But.... I desperately need to sell my current quilt frame, a q-zone, to make room! It's currently assembled, and I can offer local delivery. $800 or make a reasonable offer.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 09/26/2022

It's apple time again!

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 09/18/2022

What does your LQS (local quilt shop) have/do that the big chains don't?

Sample quilts
Coordinated fabric packs
Sew much advice
Quality fabrics
Quilt kits
Awesome patterns
And sew much more!

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 09/16/2022

Quilt Restoration, step 5.

After a bit of time off, the quilt is on the rack and the hand quilting has begun. The first of 12 blocks has been quilted.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 08/29/2022

Quilt Restoration, step 4.

Today I brought up the sewing machine and used an appliqué stitch around the blocks.

This hadn't been part of the original plan, but some of the seams were coming apart and this seemed like a good way to secure them.

Because I'm adding a new piece to something that had already been quilted, washed (fabrics & batting shrinking differently) , and was well worn, nothing really lays flatly. That means some minor puckers on the front and major puckers on the back.

Overall, I think it's coming along nicely. I expect the next step will take much more time.


Quilt Restoration, step 3.

I prewashed the new backing in hot and dried it. I used spray baste and pinned the edges before flipping it and pinning it from the right side.

Next step will be stitching around each block. I keep debating whether to do this step by hand or machine. But I think I know which I'll do. Just not tonight. 🤪

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 08/28/2022

Quilt Restoration, step 2

I've been debating the best way to do this. The original backing is extremely fragile.

I started out using fusible interfacing, but that just wasn't working well.

After doing this for one block, I took a break to think about how to continue, and decided on basting spray.

This worked a lot better, but of course there's lots of fabric missing, too.

I did consider cutting off the loose parts, but hopefully the basting spray will keep it in place until the new backing is fully quilted in place.

I think I'm ready for step 3 - - using basting spray to add the new backing before it's flipped and pinned to stitch around the blocks before hand quilting.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 08/28/2022

I've been asked to repair a quilt. I'm a novice quilter, so we talked about some ideas and options, and then I took it to a LQS (local quilt store) and got more advice along with some new backing, thread, and cleaner. Thanks to The Fabric Stasher for their advice & patience!

Today I've started the first step, removing the knit fabric "pocket" that looks like it may have been added to keep the quilt in place over the back of a chair.

The back is pretty shredded, so I'll be adding a new backing and plan to requilt over the original hand quilting. For the next step, I want to secure what I can of the original backing.

Heart Scrubbies pattern by Crafty Curl by Anne Bousselot 02/12/2022

Heart Scrubbies pattern by Crafty Curl by Anne Bousselot

First 14 people can get this new pattern for free in February, using the code "LOVE"!

Heart Scrubbies pattern by Crafty Curl by Anne Bousselot MATERIALS

Toss Some Love Around pattern by Crafty Curl by Anne Bousselot 02/12/2022

Toss Some Love Around pattern by Crafty Curl by Anne Bousselot

I created this fun little pattern a couple years ago.

Toss Some Love Around pattern by Crafty Curl by Anne Bousselot Toss Some Love Around



Design by Sarah Zimmerman, Repeat Crafter Me.

Since the plan is (at least) one design a month and I'm using bulkier yarn, I should have 3 blankets at the end of the year.



If you can still see the Crafty Curl shop, it's issues with Facebook. Crafty Curl has merged all retail items with Down Tilly Lane. Patterns are still available on Ravelry.

The Facebook Business Suite doesn't seem to play nicely with Android phones, and perhaps not with PCs, either. I've received notifications of purchases, but I can't open them. I can't get to them. I can't cancel them. I apologize for the inconvenience. It's frustrating to not be able to manage business affairs.

I appreciate the support for Crafty Curl and ask that you not let these technical issues color your view of what we strive to represent. Thank you for understanding.


Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!



Photos from Crafty Curl's post 11/14/2021

I unexpectedly ended up out of town this weekend, so I'm trying my hand at hand quilting. I've finished 2 blocks.


What happens when you cut lengths of rope for your bowls and accidentally forget it should be "yards" instead of "feet"?

You get some tiny bowls! 😂

Share this Quilt Pattern for a chance to win a Master Ruler Combo! 10/27/2021

Share this Quilt Pattern for a chance to win a Master Ruler Combo!

The Grace Company is sharing this wonderful pattern. Download your copy before October 29!

Share this Quilt Pattern for a chance to win a Master Ruler Combo! Share our Falling Stars and Pinwheels, Nine patch quilt pattern with you quilting friends. And get a chance to win our TrueCut Master Ruler Combo worth $216.15! Step 1. Sign up. Step 2. Share with your quilting friends!


I'm finally playing with my new machine and quilt rack! I think I'm going to have some fun. ;)

But, I'm going to need a new home for some yarn because I need more space!

Oh, and I need lots more practice with FMQ (free motion quilting), even if I'm tracing a drawn line.

But I did manage to make some leaders *without* going to the store. 🤪


It's looking promising!


Here's hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!


Let's talk retreats.

Who's been on a crafting retreat? 🙋‍♀️

Who would like to attend a crafting retreat? 🙋‍♀️

What does an ideal crafting retreat include?

I just may have some ideas up my sleeve if there's interest.


I got to try glass blowing while I. The Smokey Mountains! The question is, do I mark this off my bucket list or jump into yet another hobby?


Here are what the "quilts" looked like after dark!

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 10/06/2021

Quilts of Dollywood


I found space for my quilt frame!

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 09/27/2021

When fun gets in the way of fun...

I've unboxed my latest toy, but currently lack a place to set her up.

So, I'm looking to (finally) set up the Q-zone quilt frame I've had longer than I care to admit. But first I need to clear the space where I intend for it to go.

In the process I found some UFOs, one of which is our college t-shirt quilt. That will be a great practice piece when I get the frame set up.

Oh, and I should be packing for my next vacation! How much fun can one person have??!!


Not a bad workspace. What's one of your favorite unusual crafting spots?


Name a project you plan to finish before the end of the month.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 09/18/2021

6 cousins
1 aunt
1 condo
1 week
4 sewing machines
3 embroidery machines
Lots of yarn
+ plenty of ab workouts (from laughing)
= lots of memories & completed projects


This was almost a bigger bite than I could chew this week, but I think the top is done!

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 09/15/2021

It's the week of my family creative retreat! I ambitiously decided to make a queen-size quilt featuring my sister's embroidery to give to Mom for her birthday. It's already a day after her birthday and there's still much assembly required. But the center is finally complete! Only 24 of 72 or 80 blocks. Only one more day to work on it.... Not sure the top will be finished before we head home let alone finishing the quilt.

It features squares from a sheet my parents had with blue roses. The embroidery is blue roses. I made a couple of rope bowls with the sheet, and hope to eventually make a dresser scarf and a couple of quilted squares for the bedside table.

My sister also embroidered a crown with a blue rose for Mom, and I rewired and updated lamps Mom & Dad had received as a wedding gift more than 50 years ago.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 09/08/2021

Last night I was having a conversation about regifting something that already belongs to the recipient.

I'm working on such a gift right now. (I'll reveal after it's been given.) The person with whom I was speaking had swiped a previously gifted wall art/frame that hadn't yet been used, added the missing pictures, and regifted it to the original recipient.

It's not the first time I've done this. I've swiped my mother's teapot, added a pin cushion and supplies, and gifted it back to her.

What kind of regifting like this have you done?


Are you taking time to craft this holiday weekend?


I've been working on this afghan for some time now. It recently occurred to me that it reminds me of the carpet that was in my parents' bedroom from when I was a kid. 😂


What new project would you like most to try?


It started so innocently! I just carried a box downstairs, and saw scraps of a sheet I'd used for a quilt. Next thing I know I'm in the middle of a project. 🤷‍♀️


What's been your craft of choice for this week?


I really wanted this to work with 2 stakes, but I guess it needs 3. I glued the base back together after yesterday's mishap, and today I set it out. I have a feeling my bourbon piece will need 3 stakes also. It's not the end of the world, just not what I'd hoped.

How many of these pieces can I put around my own house? For testing purposes, of course. 😇 Eventually I hope to sell them.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 08/26/2021

Meanwhile, I have high hopes for these hanging garden art pieces. I adore the little girl with the umbrella. Scatter a bit of birdseed on the tray, and I hope to get some visitors in view of my window.


Back to the drawing board.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 08/24/2021

I'm back to working on these! I'd hit a little snag and then was gone working on other projects for a week, but I think I found a solution today!

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 08/12/2021

My two new pieces of garden art have been installed!

I've learned a bit, and expect to learn more.

1. Don't rush it. If you do, you'll end up needing to restart the clock.

2. Heavy pieces like this should probably have 3 stakes instead of 2.

3. Longer pieces for inserting the stakes would be beneficial.

4. Buy more glue!

5. Be open-minded to bits and pieces around.

6. Goodwill is a great place for supplies; The Create/Exchange is even better!

7. I should really take the time to find a 1/2" drill press key to see if I can get my dad's old drill press running, and learn to drill through a variety of materials.

Photos from Crafty Curl's post 08/11/2021

After today's step, I think these just need 24 hours to cure, then I can plant them outside in the flower gardens and see how they hold up to the elements. So far I'm really pleased! Hopefully this will be a new thing for Down Tilly Lane!

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