Highland Company LLC

Highland Company LLC


Thanks for letting us get some pictures today, Matt Keller!
Highland Company LLC has a job opening. Machines Operator.
Applicant must have mechanical experience (gears, belts, bearings, etc.). Operating a lathe, drill press, and Flexo printing machine a plus. Must be detail oriented with good hand eye coordination. Cross-training on additional machines. Flexible with occasional 2nd shift hours. Physical requirements; heavy lifting, bending, kneeling, twisting, and standing. Qualified applicants send resume, with references, and hourly wage requirements to [email protected].

Highland Company LLC provides personalized custom printed barricade/safety tapes, message flagging, tree tags/flagging and custom razor slitting services.

Photos from Highland Company LLC's post 05/24/2020

Photos from Highland Company LLC's post


A dream I’ve had is starting a recycling center. If I ever get to do that, I’ll have a great place to buy my cardboard cores, boxes, and plastic film for our tags and tape. How cool would it be to clean up my neighborhood and turn the garbage into a product that I’ve already got a great market for?!


So many opportunities right now.


We’re almost to 1,000 likes😊! Let’s grow the page even more! $300 giveaway! Share this post, like the page, and you’re entered to win! We can print you custom tape or cut a check


We are rich when we buy local. It’s like when you start to understand love. Be good to what’s closest to you, always. Because what’s good for your neighbor is good for you.


To all our valued customers: The covid event has been extremely difficult for us in many ways. I’m sorry to any of our customers that have experienced longer than normal wait times. We have added a new feature to pay your invoice by check or CC online to free up some of my time to better help our customers. Thank you guys, I love you! You are so important to me and all of highland company thanks you too! We are growing and expanding! I don’t believe giving up! This will be a slingshot effect:)

Custom Caution Tape - Highland Company LLC 05/04/2020

Custom Caution Tape - Highland Company LLC

MADE IN USA: There are so many challenges to running a small business. You can’t be good at everything, it’s really an opportunity to learn what you are and what you are not. Add a little pandemic on top and you’ve got an interesting scenario going on. We lost all of our normal sales for events so, it was get creative, or die. It’s also kinda like moving out of the way before getting hit by a Mac truck, it just makes sense. The founder of my company bought local and I admired that. I even had another entrepreneur telling me that I was an idiot for not buying my film overseas and spending less than a quarter of the money. I argued that it’s ethics. I didn’t get my point across but now... I seem to be getting the point across pretty well. Buy everything local and if you use caution tape or need printed tags (cation tape material) we do awesome customer work here in Marion, Mi! We never sold to many large, inc. construction companies before because they would often buy the cheapest they could. But now things are changing! Might as well have us print your name and logo on your tape, get a cool color film and proudly boast MADE IN THE F****NG USA!


Custom Caution Tape - Highland Company LLC Order Custom Caution Tape printed up to 3 colors on any of our 17 different color films. Get your proof today. Made in U.S.A. Fast Shipping!


America is buying local now! This is doing great things for my company and my vendors that are also local. I’ve been proud to boast about our materials and supplies coming from here in Michigan for years. I, ethically, did NOT buy China film to compete with the large corporations. This just paid off big and I’m quoting bigger and bigger jobs:) I can’t even sleep more than 4 hrs before I go back to work lately. It’s great calling the local companies that I buy from to let them know we’re stepping it up a notch. It’s not about money, personally, I’m kinda broke from this covid BS but the value I’m creating is real, plus, we are getting great results from google searches now. There are only a few links on the first page that isn’t me or a dealer of mine.


Highland Company LLC is now on the first page of google for our main product search “custom caution tape” not just once, but 5 times including our dealers and distributors. When I bought the company we were on page 3 and had to pay google to run ads for us. Mic drop, and I’m looking for investors because I’m slammed and I’ll need a new facility soon.


We sell our regular caution tape at cost to us. It pays overhead and employee wages and nothing more but that’s still a valuable thing! I hope local contractors start buying our tape vs the stuff from China that you can get in any convenience store. The cores, film and 98% of our supplies come from within Michigan. And if you’re using caution tape, you might as well get a quote for some custom tape with your logo and number on it!


To comply with the recent order... 231-743-2466


Great use for our custom printed tape!

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My customer has copyrighted this design and wants to help bring awareness to Canadians, especially children that don't have great distancing concepts yet. Please share for some support:) He's taking all the right steps, it's ISO compliant and we're obviously rooting for him! It could bring a very big job to Marion, Mi. He already has a meeting with walmart. We are using our unique digital printing capabilities to provide him with a sample roll before any other manufacturer could even make a printing plate. ;) Very creative customer!


Running this job! 8.93 per roll. 2" 500' Good until tuesday when we run it.


We're making this for a customer. Everyone has a message!
Let us know if you'd like to add to the order for good deal.

Photos from Highland Company LLC's post 04/19/2020

That’s our tape!! Dillon (my son 6yo) was watching his YouTube shows and spotted it😂🤣 how cool!


Making this for a customer!!

Photos from Highland Company LLC's post 04/14/2020

Check our our products! So many ways to get creative with your business! Save money, and advertise your logo, name, or brand!


Who can make us some custom face masks? I’ll pay for them to be produced by hand, in a sanitized environment. I’d like them to look cool with our logo and colors. The black and green.


I want to acknowledge how everyone in my company reacted to this virus scare! The ones with symptoms of anything stayed home, the ones that wanted to work came to work even with an optional lay-off. (Max 2 in a room and 6+ feet away) When we were asked to shut down, we assessed our orders and we had a lot of orders from hospitals, emergency services, and companies needing to spread specific messages in relation to public health and safety. We are Taking the best precautions that we can while making the best ethical decisions we can. I am honored to work with these good people and friends!

Quarantine Tape - Highland Company LLC 03/24/2020

Quarantine Tape - Highland Company LLC

Highland company is open for business!! We are taking extra precautions and no one is allowed on our facility with any symptoms. We are providing PPE and warnings for biohazards and of course lost of quarantine tape.

This has really hit us hard but today’s sales had a boost!! Fortunately our low overhead that keeps our prices down also allows us to be extra safe!

If you’re local to the area please share! this could be a great boost for hcllc and I’ll be able to offer more jobs in the Marion/Tustin area if we can really get the word out. Thanks!!


Quarantine Tape - Highland Company LLC Order our Quarantine Caution Tape, Coronavirus Caution Tape, Custom Quarantine Tape, Coronavirus Quarantine Tape, COVID-19 Tape and more. Customize your caution tape for a strong message that can be viewed from a long distance and help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Help instruct people to stay awa...

Quarantine Tape - Highland Company LLC 03/20/2020

Quarantine Tape - Highland Company LLC

This is about the only thing we can think of to try and sell when no one is buying tape for events.

Please share! It could save lives too!


Quarantine Tape - Highland Company LLC Order our Quarantine Caution Tape, Coronavirus Caution Tape, Custom Quarantine Tape, Coronavirus Tape, COVID-19 Tape and more. Customize your caution tape for a strong message that can be viewed from a long distance and help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Help instruct people to stay away from high...


🙂 so cute!


This is one of our popular items right now! 1.866.996.4965


Simple marking tags! These are blank, Dark Blue tags. Pictured are 19 inch tags and we also offer 14 inch tags that can be numbered for counting product, trees, or any other special inventory needs. Simple, effective and efficient! 1.866.966.4965

We can add your company logo too:)


Get your Name and Number on the jobsite that you're proud to put it on!


We are ready to take on our busiest season!


The employees here are some strong, dedicated individuals that keep raising the bar! I’m honored to work with each one. ❤️

Photos from Marion Public Schools's post 09/08/2019

Thanks for the shoutout!!


$14.99 a roll. 500 feet per roll! The Halloween stores sell packages of 50 feet or so for about this price. Call us at 231-743-2466 to place an order.

No Hunting No Trespassing Tape - Highland Company LLC 09/05/2019

No Hunting No Trespassing Tape - Highland Company LLC

Good time to mark property lines! Our product ties on! No tools or adhesive necessary making this the cheapest way to mark your property!

No Hunting No Trespassing Tape - Highland Company LLC Heavy Duty, UV Resistant, 4 mil X 4 inch X 100 feet, No tools or nails required and safe for trees.


Does anyone have Area 51's phone number? ...I have a bid request! 1.4 million polyethylene tags, special numbered 1 thru 1,400,000. We put 200 tags on each roll of 1.5" high quality, custom printed, made in the MILKY WAY... well, body tags in this case... For this order there will be 7,000 rolls.

@$3.78 per roll, the total would be $26,460.00
Our lead-time for this order would be 8 business days unless rush is required (please ask for details).
FOB Highland Company LLC
Freight Quote status = Pending
Payment Method = net 30
Material Data Sheet = available upon request

Quotation is good for 30 days and all prices are in USD
Blind and Drop Shipping available


Advertise at every job site with our custom caution tape! Pictured is 4mil, 6 inch, 500 feet, Lime green. For reference I’ll attach a quote for the pictured product with your custom message!

Quote for: Custom Barricade Tape - 4 mil - 6 Inch - 500 Feet - 18.8 Repeat Distance - Lime Green film - Black ink - 3 Inch standard wall core.
Rolls: 6
Cost Per Roll: $29.19
Grand Total: $175.14
+ a one-time tooling fee for making and storing a printing plate.
** This quote does not include shipping. **
All prices in USD and valid for 30 days.

Photos from Highland Company LLC's post 06/30/2019

If you want someone to see your logo, how can you not buy this? Can you think of a cheaper or cooler way to advertise your logo? More glow colors coming soon!

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